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Llandudno ...Block Of Social Housing Flats By Historic Railway Station Given Green Light

Bland, ugly-looking buildings, but at least they don't have those awful fake balconies! I wonder if all of these flats will be going to local people??????? (and yes I know what it says!)

PLANNING consent was yesterday (January 12) approved by Conwy County Borough Council for the development of affordable homes in Llandudno.

The application, presented by ClwydAlyn, will allow the build of 77 one-, two-, three- and four-bedroom homes at Builders Street, providing a mixture of homes for families as well as over-55s.

Craig Sparrow, executive director of development for ClwydAlyn, said: “I’m delighted that our planning application for the development of Builder Street, Llandudno has been approved and we’re looking forward to taking the site forward.

“The development will provide 100 percent affordable homes for local people, in an area where there is an independently identified shortfall.

“Our partnering contractor, Lane End Construction, has earmarked a section of land, which will be marketed for commercial development, in keeping with the current commercial restrictions on the land.

“The planning committee approved our plans back in March last year, and Welsh Government has decided not to call our planning application in.

“We are really pleased that we’ve got the green light to proceed on a development which will bring over £12.7 million of local investment, and support over 100 job opportunities in the area.

“Work on site is likely to start at the end of March 2022.

“This is a great step forward for us as we continue with our program to deliver a further 1,500 new homes in North Wales by 2025 at an investment of £250m, bringing the total number of homes in management to over 7,500.”

Scott Ashall, land director of Lane End Group, added: “We are thrilled with the approval of our plans for the development of much-needed affordable housing in Llandudno and are looking forward to delivering the new homes to ClwydAlyn on this project.

“The team has worked very hard to get this project over the line.

“The design and the high standard of the build will ensure that the homes are not only stylish and comfortable but fit for the future.

“We are delighted that the development on Builder Street will be our first project in North Wales, which is an area of growth for the group moving forward in 2022.

“We have a further 230 affordable houses currently in planning within the area and are actively seeking new land opportunities throughout North Wales to continue this growth.

“As a group, Lane End is committed to creating homes that enhance communities and this development will also include various social value initiatives under our Lane End New Beginnings Scheme, such as charity and community group donations and local labor provision, which all helps us give back to those communities in which we build.”

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Llandudno ...Bin worker's trash talk caught on cctv calling residents 'dirty bas*****'!

Nice to see the public supporting this guy. Being a bin man must be hard work, and when people put the food in the wrong places or rubbish, they have to move it!

And this person filming needs to get a life!

A woman has captured a foul-mouthed council worker's early morning tirade on CCTV.

A bin man emptying the recycling bins in Penrhyn Bay can be heard shouting 'I've told you dirty bas***** before, I'm not emptying it' at a house after looking inside their blue bin on collection day.

Shortly after, the bin man is heard again, shouting 'Empty your food bin, smelly' before heading down the street with the bin wagon.

A council spokesperson said they have been in touch with the resident to provide an update and apology

Jade Ashleigh caught the man mouthing off on her family’s CCTV system, which she has now sent to the council along with a formal complaint.

The tirade was discovered after Jade was checking back on her CCTV to see how her bin was damaged
The tirade was discovered after Jade was checking back on her CCTV to see how her bin was damaged 

Speaking to North Wales Live Jade said: "This isn't the first time the bin men have been heard hurling abuse at residents.

"Normally I wouldn't check back on the CCTV but I checked it as my food bin and recycling trolley had been damaged so I wanted to see.

"I heard him shout that he had previously said he wasn't emptying the bins before, and called someone 'dirty bas*****' across the street, then go to his colleague and mutter something else.

"The CCTV camera was able to pick up some of it but we are unsure of who he was talking about as the person shouting is off-camera.

"It was just over the contents of a bin and all he had to do was leave a note saying they couldn't empty the bin, but even at that - it's a bin. I don't get what he is expecting to be in there.

"After muttering on to his work colleague he continued to walk along the pavement with a truck and can be heard again shouting telling someone to Empty their food, before calling them 'smelly'."

She added: "Since posting the footage on Facebook I have had several neighbors message me telling me this isn't the first time it's happened, and that it's about time they are reported for their behavior.

"One resident has told me that one of the bin men called him a tw*t, followed by another saying the bin men always break their bins due to being heavy-handed.

"No matter how 'bad of a day they are having, we still pay council tax so we should not have to deal with the abusive language being shouted across the street.

"I complained to the council about this and they said they'd look into it, but they're not going to be able to tell me if they actually do anything."

In a comment, Conwy Council's Environment, Roads and Facilities Service said: “We received a call from a resident in Penrhyn Bay and logged her complaint, which is being looked into by the manager.

"Council staff are expected to carry out their duties in a professional and respectful manner. We have been in touch with the resident to provide an update and an apology.”

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Colwyn Bay .....Rail Company Promises to invest in repair work inbetween the Skip and Old Colwyn

I don't know why they just don't save money and let the Skip at Porth Eirias fall into the sea! All the locals would be glad to see it happen!

A rail company has defended the lack of investment at a stretch of land frequently battered by waves but promised to invest in the future.  

 Plans for multi-million-pound coastal defenses at Colwyn Bay and Old Colwyn were submitted by Conwy to its own planning committee last week. 

The application seeks permission for the sea defenses between Porth Eirias in the west and Splash Point in the east. 

Plans for major sea defense work across the county have followed funding from the Welsh Government.  

But last week Cllr Cheryl Carlisle criticized Network Rail for not investing in the seafront. 

Cllr Carlisle also said climate change and frequent bad storms were a risk to the promenade, the A55, and the main sewage line to the area.  

The rail company, however, claim they do not own that section of the promenade but said it would be investing inland on the seafront in the vicinity in the future. 

A Network Rail spokesperson commented: “Network Rail is not responsible for the maintenance of this section of the sea defense in Colwyn Bay – although, of course, we welcome this major Welsh Government investment. 

 “For the section of sea defense that we do own and maintain in Old Colwyn, we’re planning to invest £1.6m this funding period (2019-24) so it can continue to protect the railway for future generations.”  

The Welsh Government-funded coastal defenses will feature a rock revetment or sea wall 32m in width and 630m in length between the bottom of the east promenade to Porth Eirias. 

Pedestrian and cyclist access to the beach will be included as well as ramps and steps, a picnic area and an outdoor classroom. The promenade will also be heightened by around two meters and widened to better protect the coastline and offer a greater amount of space. 

Other work on the promenade will include new benches, planters, trees, bins and a picnic area with seating. There will be new lighting, handrails, new street furniture, improved roads, and parking, and pedestrian crossing points 

The total cost of the work is £35m.

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Snowdon, North Wales ....Graffiti sprayed on walls of historic Snowdonia mine!

An odd place for any protesters to put Graffiti and in old English too! I would have thought at the very least in Welsh, however, this could be no more than the work of vandals using the current climate to wind people up.

A historic mining site in a North Wales forest has been defaced with anti-vaccination graffiti.

The Hafna Mine located in Gwydir Forest Park, near Llanrwst, played a vital park in the region's rich mining culture, sourcing lead and zinc throughout the 1800s until its last known use in 1919.

However, the once well-preserved mine, in the heart of the Snowdonia National Park, has been vandalized with what appears to be an anti-vaccination sentiment.

Written in white spray-paint at the mine's entrance, is a message which reads, "Vaxx ye not be deceived."

A passer-by was saddened when she spotted the graffiti at the popular walking spot, close to Betws-Y-Coed.

In a post on Facebook, the woman, who didn't wish to be named, said: "Everyone's entitled to their own opinions but was sad to see Hafna Mine had been defaced."

The spray-painted message which reads, "Vaxx ye not be decieved."
The spray-painted message reads, "Vaxx ye not be deceived." 

The vandalism comes as the number of coronavirus cases in Wales reaches an all-time high and people across the region are being urged to get vaccinated.

The Hafna Mine was once one of the most important lead mining areas in the United Kingdom and has since been restored to allow visitors to learn about its history.

The ruins were preserved and now feature as part of the Hafna Miners’ Trail, where visitors can explore the long-abandoned caves and mining shafts, hidden along the Gwydir hillside.

Visitors are also invited to listen to an audio recording, commissioned by Natural Resources Wales, which tells the fascinating stories of the Gwydir miners, across multiple generations.

The site also includes the remains of a stepped mill, incline, smelting house, and round plan chimney dating back to 1889.

Nicola Maysmor, a senior land management officer at Natural Resources Wales said: "Wales is home to some of the most beautiful outdoor areas and while we encourage everyone to get out and enjoy them, we also expect visitors to respect these areas leave this sites as they find them.

"We are working in partnership with CADW to assess the damage on-site and the graffiti will be removed as soon as possible."

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Colwyn Bay ... Conwy Council accused of plundering £307,000 from schools!

Is anyone really shocked here! Come on now, Conwy Council do what they like, when they like with little or no regard for anyone else...There is a word but I just can't think of it!!!

Conwy’s cabinet has been accused of undemocratically ‘plundering’ £307,000 from schools’ reserves to fund a teachers’ pay rise the council failed to plan for.

The accusation was made at Monday’s scrutiny committee, following Cllr Anne McCaffrey calling in a cabinet decision to be re-debated over schools footing the huge bill.

And a letter from Conwy’s schools backed up Cllr McCaffery’s claims, suggesting democracy had been undermined.

In November, the scrutiny committee had voted for the debate to be deferred and revisited – once key financial information was provided, detailing schools’ financial situations.

But the cabinet instead voted at their meeting to take the money from schools without returning to the committee for further discussion.

“It’s not right that cabinet closed down scrutiny on this matter,” said Cllr McCaffrey.

“The cabinet witnessed the vote for deferral by this committee. It’s disrespectful in my view to prevent us from fulfilling our role and our responsibilities.”

A letter was read to councilors during today’s meeting from Ysgol Aberconwy’s headteacher Mr. Ian Gerrard on behalf of Conwy’s school budget forum. Mr Gerrard raised several concerns, citing the huge costs and accusing the cabinet of not following the proper process.


Saturday, 15 January 2022

Llandudno ...‘Tragedy’ as demolition confirmed for Rhos-on-Sea art deco property

A total crime, well done to the three Cllrs Who voted against, however, my concerns are as follows.

1, Cadnant planning is paid by the developer to get an application through planning and are not independent, and that early suspect report should have been looked upon which gave a clear guide to their impartiality.

2. Cadnant planning claimed the building was no longer structurally sound, yet submitted no evidence to back this.

3, The Planning panel (most of them just agree to this despite there being no evidence!) However, Cllr Stott did raise there was no evidence to support Cadnant planning's claims, but this fell on deaf ears!

4, A number of the nine Cllr who voted for demolition claimed or agreed that the building was structurally unsound, despite having no evidence and even more worrying not being qualified to make such a statement. (can non-qualified people claim to be structural engineers? It would seem so)!

5, Also some Cllrs made ridiculous statements that had no bearing on the application, such as Replacing the windows would cost a fortune and heating the building! Both of which had nothing to do with the application.

6, Carbon emissions or embedded Carbon were completely ignored in the meeting!

Evidence has come since forward that the Colwyn Foulkes family believes the house was built by Colwyn Foulkes and not Mr Williams who bought the building in 1935, as the building had already been built!

Also, the building was requisitioned during the 2nd World War as a lookout post!

This is very sad indeed, however, I must say Rhos on Sea is becoming one large flat complex with very few historic buildings remaining. It will soon be the case that a Historic building will look out of place in the town that was once a tourist resort.

CONDITIONAL planning permission has been granted for the demolition of a 1930s art deco house in Rhos-on-Sea.

Developers Commercial Development Management announced proposals in October for the property, at 57 Marine Drive, to be knocked down and replaced with five flats and a car parking space.

At a planning meeting on January 12, members of Conwy County Borough Council voted 9-3 in favor of the demolition, despite widespread objections to the plans from elsewhere.

The discussion regarding the building at the planning meeting is available at: (starts at 57:30).

An attempt to have the property become a listed building previously failed after Cadw, a Welsh Government service protecting historic buildings and structures, found it did not meet the full listing criteria.

At the meeting, Martin Austin, who set up the Conwy County Heritage Watch group, spoke against the demolition, calling for the building to be preserved and locally listed.

He said: “The heritage report produced by Cadnant Planning (which largely formed the basis for Cadw's report) has been criticized by a number of heritage groups including The Twentieth Century Society for seriously undervaluing the significance of the building.

"Cadnant Planning had two heritage reports. The first one, they withdrew when we criticized that it was, in fact, in favor of the developer. They edited it and submitted the second report, which is currently being used.”

Eleanor Carpenter, senior planner and heritage consultant at Cadnant Planning, spoke in favor of the building's demolition at the meeting.

She said: “Despite some of the comments made publicly, the Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) is based on a significant amount of archival research, and does contain a factual report on the building and its condition.

“The building has suffered considerable lack of repair and maintenance by the previous owners over many years. Neglect of the building has, unfortunately, meant that all-weather protection offered to the building has failed.

"This is not an acute issue with a short fix. It's been happening for many years and is irreversible at this stage of this building's life.

“The HIA identifies that, while of an interesting form, the house has unfortunately lost most of its character, both internally and externally.

“On balance, the heritage report identifies that it is appropriate, unfortunately in this instance, to demolish the property and erect a replacement in an art deco style, which it very much is now.”

The art deco house was also subject to a visit from council representatives the previous day (January 11).

Councilors Ken Stevens and Ifor Lloyd both took part in that visit, and both spoke in favor of its demolition.

Cllr Stevens (Pant yr Afon/Penmaenan ward) said: "I found it rather sad yesterday when we went to see this building.

"It's quite clear that, sometime in the past, it was an iconic art deco building, but I think it’s a long time since that train left the station.

"What we saw was a husk. The inside has been gutted, the ceilings are falling down, there are cracks in the rendering everywhere.

"I think the time when this could have been saved has long gone."

Cllr Lloyd (Betws yn Rhos ward) added: "I, too, was on the visit yesterday, and it does make my heart bleed when you see an iconic-looking building like this so dilapidated.

"I saw the structural cracks from the foundations as well, so it does break my heart, but this kind of building is unsafe.

"On health and safety grounds, if nothing else, we'd have to look at doing something with it, and if it's to be replaced with five properties, so be it."

Councilors Trevor Stott and Pauline Heap-Williams were among the three members to vote against its demolition.

Cllr Stott (Rhiw ward) said: “While I agree there were some problems with the internal (of the house), we’ve still got to remember the overall appearance.

“This is a heritage asset. It’s been supported by all the heritage consultees that have been approached, and if you look at the objections to this application, they are all to do with the demolition of a heritage asset. This building is of importance.

“This would be a very, very sad loss to Rhos-on-Sea and to Conwy if this building was allowed to be demolished. Therefore, I cannot support an application that includes the demolition of a heritage asset.”

Cllr Heap-Williams (Gele ward) added: “I agree with Cllr Trevor; I do think it’s a heritage property. It probably comes as no surprise to the planning officers, because I am a historian, and try to protect our buildings.

“There has been no report of the structural (issues) even though people say it appears to be falling down. Whether it is, we don’t know for sure.”

Clwyd West MS, Darren Millar, who has been supporting plans to save the property, expressed his disappointment that planning permission was granted for its demolition.

Mr Millar had also previously sent a letter to the Welsh Government’s deputy minister for arts and sport, Dawn Bowden, asking her to intervene to prevent the building from being lost.

He said: “It is a tragedy that, despite the strong case put forward for this prominent local building to be safeguarded, permission has now been granted to knock it down.

“As I stressed to the deputy minister for arts and sport, while the building is not yet listed, as few 20th-century buildings are, it is included on the National Monuments Record of Wales (NMRW), which indicates the importance of the property to both local and national heritage here in Wales.

“This has been totally disregarded and I, like many others, am saddened that Rhos-on-Sea will now lose this iconic, much-loved building.

“We should be doing everything we can to protect such architecturally impressive buildings, not bulldozing them.”

The property, a large art deco private home, is situated on the route of the Rhos-on-Sea Heritage Walk on the promenade.

After a full Cadw inspection took place on November 10, the report also found that the building it was more likely the design of Mr. William Evans, a builder who acquired the property in March 1935.

Previously, it was considered the work of architect Sidney Colwyn Foulkes, who was born and raised in Colwyn Bay, but the assessment could not find evidence to support this.

The Twentieth Century Society, a charity campaigning for the preservation of 20th-century architecture, also submitted a written objection to the plans to Conwy County Borough Council.

Mr. Austin started a petition to try and save the house, which earned 790 signatures (

The Welsh comedian, writer and presenter, Griff Rhys Jones OBE, and Baroness Joan Bakewell, had also shared their support for the campaign to preserve the building.

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Friday, 14 January 2022

Colwyn Bay....A man stole £13k from neighbour's bank account while he was in hospital

What a delightful character, he does look ravaged by drugs, but even so what an awful thing to do!

Glad to see he was jailed.

When his neighbor went into hospital for five months and gave him keys to hand to the landlord a 37-year-old Colwyn Bay man raided his bank account for £13,400 in what a judge described as “callous, despicable offending.”

Lee Robert Lloyd, of Mostyn Road, Colwyn Bay, pleaded guilty to fraud at Mold crown court and to an earlier offense of the theft of two items of heavy machinery and was jailed for 26 months.

The machinery had been stored outdoors at Penrhyn Bay and Lloyd offered them for sale, implicating two innocent people, the prosecution said.

While he was under the separate police investigation he targeted his 62-year-old neighbor, said Judge Niclas Parry, carrying out 52 separate transactions to get money from the bank account.

Mercifully the victim had been compensated by his bank, said the judge.

The neighbor had been in hospital for five months and when he was released became aware that the money was missing.

In an impact statement, the victim said he no longer felt safe with Lloyd as a neighbor.

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Llandudno... Elderly, Disabled & Residents on Benefits struggle with bus service cuts!

I wonder how all of the homeless living in caves on the Orme will manage to get back and forth to the spar and to the post office to withdraw benefits?

Elderly residents in Llandudno are struggling to get out due to bus service cuts, causing Conwy to write to the Welsh Government about a national driver shortage.

An e-petition was set up by residents living on the Great Orme to reinstate the number 26, a vital bus service that has suffered 65 percent cuts, due to the pandemic and problems recruiting bus drivers.

Bus operator Arriva had hoped to fully reinstate the service by January 2022, but that date has now been pushed back to February 13.

Arriva said it is struggling to train drivers quickly. Consequently, Conwy’s cabinet today (Tuesday) voted to write to Lee Waters MS, the Welsh Government’s deputy minister for climate change, as well as Aberconwy’s MP Robin Millar to see how the situation can be improved.

Speaking at the meeting, Cllr Louise Emery said elderly residents living on the Great Orme were struggling to get out and about.

“The bus service is very well used by residents,” she said.

“It is a vital service getting up and down to your house on the Great Orme. The views may be good, but the steepness is a problem for more elderly residents.”

Cllr Phillip Evans is Conwy’s public transport champion and proposed the council also write a letter to Aberconwy MP Robin Millar, in the hope of persuading the UK Government to act.

“The issue is further exacerbated by the need for drivers who may have been in contact with (COVID) cases to self-isolate, and that is another problem that the operators are facing,” he said.

“One issue, particularly with Arriva, they have been trying to recruit drivers valiantly. But there seems to be a delay in getting the drivers through the regulatory procedure for them to qualify to drive the buses. That is nothing to do with the Welsh Government. That is an issue for the UK Government.”

Conwy discussed The Bus Emergency Scheme in January 2021, a Welsh Government scheme committed to protecting services up until 31 July 2022. Conwy’s cabinet member for environment and transportation Cllr Greg Robbins will now send out the correspondence.

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Colwyn Bay ....Man fined more than £600 after fishing without rod licence

I have to say I had no idea you needed a license to fish in the sea! Off a Pier or Private Lakes yes, but not the sea.

A MAN from Colwyn Bay was fined after fishing without a rod license.

Colin Griffiths, aged 56, of Cynfran Road, was found to be fishing without the correct license at a junction of the Rivers Clwyd and Elwy, near St Asaph, on June 30, 2021.

On January 6, Cardiff Magistrates’ Court ordered Mr. Griffiths to pay a fine of £440 for the offense.

In addition, Mr. Griffiths was told to pay a victim surcharge of £44, and court costs of £127.30.

This amounted to a total of £611.30, for which Mr. Griffiths was given until February 3 to pay.


Llandudno .... Train Journey From To Llanduno to Bangor ended up costing man £670.10!

Well, it would have been far cheaper to just pay the fare! It ended up being a very expensive journey!

A MAN from Llandudno was fined after traveling via railway without having paid his train fare.

Jonathan Burgess, aged 23, of Vaughan Street, was traveling between Llandudno Junction and Bangor on October 7, 2021, despite not having paid his £7.10 fare.

On January 7, Cardiff Magistrates’ Court ordered Mr. Burgess to pay a fine of £440 for the offense.

In addition, Mr. Burgess was told to pay £7.10 in compensation, as well as a victim surcharge of £44, and court costs of £179.

This amounted to a total of £670.10, for which Mr. Burgess was given until February 4 to pay.

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