Thursday, 28 July 2016

Colwyn Bay Victoria Pier Trust ....... Fantastic Night Fundraising at the Station last night

A big thank you has to go out to the Colwyn Bay Victoria Pier Trust fundraising team who put on a Quiz night at the Station Hotel in town, as well as a donation from The Station themselves.
 The place was packed out, and clearly a lot of money was raised.
If only the council took note at what the real community want rather than their own ego's.
 And below the future plans of the Pier
Again a great night and well done to all.
Pier trust link ..
and ...

Colwyn Bay ...... No Mention of the Pier Restoration being included then!!!!!!!!!!

What an utter disgrace!

Phase two of Colwyn Bay Waterfront Project due to begin in August

Published date: 27 July 2016 | 
Published by: Steve Craddock 
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WORK on phase two of the Colwyn Bay Waterfront Project is due to get underway next month - with almost 1km of existing promenade to be transformed over the coming year.
The waterfront project combines upgrading coastal defences with environmental improvements to the promenade, with phase two set to take place between the Pier and the eastern end of the Cayley Embankment.  
The work - expected to take a year - will include widening, realigning and raising a section of the existing promenade, improving parking, new landscaping and improving the promenade finishes and facilities.  
A spokesperson for Conwy County Council said the design and materials will be in keeping with the work completed in 2014 between the Pier and Porth Eirias.
Cllr Dave Cowans, Conwy’s Cabinet Member for Highways, Environment & Sustainability said: “I’m pleased that work will soon be underway on the next part of transforming the promenade in Colwyn Bay.  
"The Waterfront Project is a key part of the Baylife Regeneration programme and the town is already seeing the benefit of the work that took place in 2014."
The road between the Pier and the junction of Marine Road will be closed from 6am on Thursday, August 11 onwards with diversions to be signposted.  There will also be some restrictions to beach access while the work takes place.
Cllr Cowans added: “We realise that closing this section of promenade will cause disruption, but I urge everyone to think of the long term benefits that the project will bring to Colwyn Bay, and I’d like to thank everyone in advance for their patience.”
Information will be updated regularly at

Colwyn Bay ..... The Crime spree continues!

Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Rhos on Sea ....... Art Deco Gem to be raised for more Flats!

This is really sad,Rhos just like Colwyn Bay prom is losing everything, this time a wonderful Art Deco house, to be flattened for flats.
The area is looking more and more like an 80s Council estate every day.
I thought the council was stopping more flats being built.
A friend of ours is going to be driving around each town photographing all of the flats, and putting them on a Website. She's got a hell of a job on!

Notice the family crest in the Stained Glass, I wonder why Property developers hate history so?
Or does greed blind them to the damage?

Llandudno Junction .......... Getting worse by the day!

Moment hooded vandal slashes tyres at Glan Conwy garage

Police are investigating the incident captured on CCTV at Riverside Garage during which 35 vehicles had their tyres damaged

 Police are investigating after 35 car tyres were slashed during a three minute rampage in broad daylight at a Glan Conwy garage
CCTV footage captured three men walking to Riverside Garage, Llanrwst Road in Glan Conwy, at 8.43pm on Sunday night (July 17).
One man dressed in a grey hoodie can be seen slashing the tyres on 16 cars as he tries to cover his face with the hood.
Two other men are also seen in the footage captured by eight CCTV cameras located around the forecourt.
The toilet block was also vandalised and pot plants were thrown around during the incident.
The men were on the property for less than three minutes according to the timings on the CCTV footage.
North Wales Police have confirmed they are investigating.
Steve LewisKaren Parri with two of the 4x4s that have had tyres cut at Riverside Garage
Karen Parri with two of the 4x4s that have had tyres cut at Riverside Garage
Karen Parri, a receptionist at Riverside Garage said: “We were alerted to what had happened late on Sunday night.
“It was shocking to see so many slashed tyres.
“The toilet in the toilet block has also been taken off the wall, so there was water spouting everywhere.
“My pot plants were also ruined.
“I’m furious because my own car is on sale on the forecourt, and two of its tyres have been slashed.
“It’s going to cost me about £180.
“All in all it’s going to cost the business around £3,000 to replace the ruined tyres.
“And it’s not just the cost, it’s the inconvenience.
“Somebody just wanted a test drive in one of the cars, but I had to ask them to come back when we’ve got new tyres.”
Steve LewisSome of the cars which had tyres slashes on the forecourt of Riverside Garade in Glan Conwy
Some of the cars which had tyres slashes on the forecourt of Riverside Garade in Glan Conwy
Karen added: “It makes me angry as Riverside is just a small business employing local people.”
A spokeswoman from North Wales Police said: “We received a report of an incident in Glan Conwy on Monday morning, and we are investigating the matter.”
Anyone with information can call police on 101.

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Porth Eirias,Colwyn Bay ....... More money wasted on the Skip!

It needs to be demolished now, rather than drain the tax payer of Further Millions!

Investigation underway into Porth Eirias leak

Published date: 13 July 2016 | 
Published by: Staff Reporter
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Work has started on trying to find out why water has been leaking into the £3.7 million Porth Eirias complex.
The controversial building on the seafront at Colwyn Bay houses TV chef Bryn Williams’s restaurant and a watersports centre.
Conwy council was asked how much repairs would cost and who would pay.
A spokeswoman responded: “We are carrying out detailed investigation work into the isolated areas of water ingress at Porth Eirias. 
 “Whilst the work takes place, roof access from the western side (Rhos-on-Sea) of the building will be fenced-off for public safety.
“We have been looking into and monitoring the situation for some time, but this is the first opportunity we’ve had to carry out this detailed investigation work, due to pre-planned events.
 “We don’t expect the work to impact on the operation of the building and we’re looking forward to another busy summer season for Colwyn Bay Watersports and the Bryn Williams at Porth Eirias bistro/bar/cafĂ©.” 
Clwyd West MP David Jones said: “I will be interested to see the causes of the water ingress.  
”Porth Eirias was constructed by a highly reputable firm of civil engineers, so I would be surprised if the workmanship was to blame.
”However, it was a very expensive building, so it is important that it be restored to watertight condition as soon as possible.”

Rhos on Sea,...... Another Art Deco Building to be flattened for flats!

Will it only stop when there is nothing left? I thought the council had decided to clamp down on this some years ago, seems not. Now the whole area is becoming flats!

Former Rhos on Sea care home could be demolished for flats

Published date: 12 July 2016 | 
Published by: Steve Craddock 
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DEVELOPERS want to pull down a former Rhos on Sea care home and replace it with flats.
A planning application received by Conwy County Borough Council –  for the former St Michael’s Care Home in Marine Drive – requests permission to demolish the existing residential home building, erect five new apartments and widen the existing site access.
The application also requests permission for an increase in car parking spaces from three to seven, an increase in cycle spaces from two to ten and a decrease in light goods vehicle/public carrier vehicle spaces from one to none.
A consultation response from a Conwy County Borough Council senior conservation officer includes the following: “The proposed site is outside any designated conservation area, but is adjacent to the listed church.
“I have no issues with the principle of modern buildings, but they need to make reference to what’s around them and not to jar too much.
“Scale and massing of neighbouring properties need to be taken into account as well as the location of the building within a site and how this could and will have an effect on the vicinity.” 

Llandudno .... Beach Fiasco, Wonder how much this will cost the Tax payers

Oh what joy! Another cock up by Conwy Council! And we all have to pay!

Stones removed from Llandudno's North Shore

Published date: 13 July 2016 | 
Published by: Steve Craddock 
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Picture: Kerry Roberts 
WORK to remove larger stones from Kiddies’ Corner on Llandudno’s North Shore is underway.
The area west of the short jetty will be riddled and the larger material removed beyond the end of the slipway as well as the lower beach where the donkey rides operate.
The sand next to the short jetty will be graded up to the line of the Cenotaph, to improve access and make it easier for the pleasure boats to operate and the area will then be surf-raked, with any excess material moved to the steps to help the donkeys get onto the beach. 
Routine beach profiling will also take place between the two jetties on North Shore.
Alison Shields, of the Restore Our Beach campaign, said: “It is something Restore Our Beach had been asking for as an interim measure, and making the beach accessible, along with other members of the coastal forum.
“The beach couldn’t remain in the state it was, with sea defences taking over.”
Cllr Carol Marubbi, mayor of Llandudno, said: “Anything that tidies up that corner has to be a good thing. I’m 100 per cent behind it.”
The work, which began last week and is expected to take 10 days, will take place between 8am and 8pm – subject to tides - and is expected to be completed before the start of the school holidays.

Saturday, 9 July 2016

Llandudno Travelodge...... F.O.I , Homeless housed in Travelodge request

Travelodge Llandudno

Mick Roberts made this Freedom of Information request to Conwy County Borough Council
Currently waiting for a response from Conwy County Borough Council, they must respond promptly and normally no later than 2 August 2016 (details).

From: Mick Roberts 


Dear Conwy County Borough Council, 
How many people have been put up in Travelodge Llandudno as emergency accommodation? 
How many nights in total have these been people put into the hotel for?
Yours faithfully,
Mick Roberts
We all know it happens, A few years ago a request went in to the council regarding the Colwyn Bay Travelodge, and the council did admit to using the budget hotels services for the homeless, so Llandudno will be no different, however Colwyn Bay's Travelodge does have a large amount of workmen using the hotel, but let's be honest, who in their right mind would want to book a holiday in Colwyn Bay?

Conwy County Council ....F.O.I, Number of Deaths of any person who used the care service

Elderly adult care/nursing home safeguarding concerns, investigations, etc..

Sam Rahmani made this Freedom of Information request to Conwy County Borough Council
Currently waiting for a response from Conwy County Borough Council, they must respond promptly and normally no later than 3 August 2016 (details).

From: Sam Rahmani 


Dear Conwy County Borough Council,
Please provide figures for:
1) Number of Safeguarding concerns received 
2) Number of Investigations conducted 
3) Outcome of the investigations conducted. (e.g. substantiated, not substantiated, partially substantiated, etc.) 
4) Number of Deaths of any person who used the care service 
5) Number of Incidents reported to or investigated by the police 
6) Number of Pressure Ulcers of any grade reported by the provider or external medical staff or family, etc. 
7) Total number of elderly care/nursing homes within your local authority.
Please provide these figures in the following way:
1. Name and address of each home.
2. Breakdown of the above for years 2013, 2014, 2015 and for 2016 between January and May if available.
Please provide these figures in an excel spreadsheet or word document table format.
Yours faithfully,
Will the council release this information? I have a feeling it will be a far shorter list than requested.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Colwyn Bay ,,,,,,,,,,,, Rhos on Sea homeless man still living in bus shelter.

Some residents have criticised the mess at the spot which is currently being occupied by 48 year-old Jonathan Hughes

A homeless man is still living on a promenade bench a month after he was served with an eviction notice.
Now Conwy County Council is facing questions why the order has not been imposed.
Jonathan Hughes, aged 48, has been sleeping on a bench in a shelter at Rhos Point, in Rhos-on-Sea , Conwy , for three months.
Rhos Point is in a prominent spot in the village, which is busy with tourists, and the shelter is opposite a popular children’s park.
The bus shelter currently being occupied by Jonathan Hughes
The bus shelter currently being occupied by Jonathan Hughes
The park will soon be packed with children when schools break up for the summer holidays in two weeks time.
A Conwy County Council spokeswoman said: “Legal proceedings are underway to evict Mr Hughes from this location.
“Mr Hughes is known to Conwy Housing Solutions and we will continue to try and work with him as best we can.”
The council’s response does not impress Sian Evans, from Penrhyn Bay , who walks her dog to Rhos on Sea every day.
Sian said: “My husband and I walk past the shelter every morning, and it’s disgusting that in this day and age this man is allowed to continue to live like this.
“I can’t understand why somebody from the council hasn’t been to clean all the rubbish, you actually have to go almost on the road to avoid it there’s so much of it.
“His rubbish has taken over the pavement.
Mr Hughes was served with an eviction notice last month
Mr Hughes was served with an eviction notice last month
“There are empty cans everywhere, and plastic bags full of rubbish.
“What’s unfair is how he gets away with it, if I dropped some rubbish I’d get a £75 fixed penalty notice.
“It’s just a mess, and it’s not fair for business owners and tourist operators in Rhos, who are gearing up for their busiest time of the year.
“What kind of message is this sending out to people, it makes the local authority look completely inept.”