Saturday, 22 October 2016

Llandudno pier .......Paedophile jailed AGAIN for sending indecent images to young girls

Registered sex offender Jamie Campbell from Towyn sent lewd Snapchat messages

North Wales PoliceJamie Campbell
Jamie Campbell
A man who sent indecent messages to teenage girls has been jailed for two years.
Jamie Campbell, 30, of Pen Lan, Towyn, admitted making contact with girls for sexual purposes.
Prosecutor Matthew Dunford said Campbell had been handed a four-year prison term in 2010 for sexual activity with a child and was a registered sex offender.
He sent a Snapchat message to a girl of 13 seeking a "nice snap" and asking if she could keep it a secret.
Jamie Campbell, a convicted child sex offender, was working at Llandudno Pier when he offended again
Jamie Campbell, a convicted child sex offender, was working at Llandudno Pier when he offended again
She was sent a further message asking if she wanted to see a “naughty” picture.
Campbell was also accused of sending an indecent image to a girl of 14 and wanting one of her bottom.
Mr Dunford said: "He was inciting them to engage in sexual activity knowing full well their age."
His previous sentence involved sex with an underage girl, the prosecutor added.
Campbell admitted two offences of attempting to arrange an offence.
Elen Owen, defending, said Campbell persuaded the young girls to put his details on their phones and then sent messages of a sexual nature.
"He doesn’t ask me to make any excuses whatsoever. He had come out of prison at a low ebb.
"He was on anti-depressants and abusing alcohol and drugs. He’s very remorseful.
"He realises this is a problem he has to address," he said.
Sentencing Campbell, Judge Philip Harris-Jenkins said: "You are assessed as a high risk of harm."
He added that there were "significant aggravating features".

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Colwyn Bay....... Skip Repair Costs (Porth Eirias) FAO request refused!

Interesting refusal from Conwy Council or Repair costs to the Skip. It appears the Council are going through some legal wrangle over who should pay for the costs of repairs, However gossip is that the council altered the design plans from the original builders, and they are refusing to pay, just gossp but does anyone know?
see the FAO below,

Dear Conwy County Borough Council, 
Dear team, please can you give the Total costs in one lump sum for the repairs on the building at Port Eirias. This will include Skip Hire, Building Materials,Machinery, Manpower, 
Architects and any further cost so far. 
If easier what is or will be the total cost or budget for the repairs on the above named building, 
Or what has the estimated cost or budget been ? 
Finally, where is this money coming from for the structural repairs? 
And if this money has come from the public purse, was there any public consultation prior to scheduling the repair work? 
Thank You.
Yours faithfully,
Carrie Fisher
Uned Llyw-Gwyb / Info-Gov Unit, Conwy County Borough Council 22 September 2016
Diolch am eich neges e-bost. Os ydych yn gofyn am fynediad at wybodaeth 
dan delerau Deddf Rhyddid Gwybodaeth 2000 cewch ymateb o fewn ugain 
niwrnod gwaith.
Thank you for your email. If you are requesting access to information 
under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 you will receive a 
response within twenty working days.
Derek O'Connor, Conwy County Borough Council 23 September 2016
CLARI 9429-16
Dear Sir/Madam
With regards to your information request dated 22/9/2016. 

The council reasonably requires further information in order to identify and locate the information that you have asked for [include explanation of why this is the case, if appropriate]. I will not be able to take this matter further without extra information from you. In particular, please advise for what time frame/period you require the information for? Please remember to quote the reference number above in any future communications. Please note, once the information you have requested has been identified, it is possible that some of the information we hold may be regarded as exempt information under the provision of the Act and you will be advised where we are unable to provide such information.
We may also ask that a fee be paid for processing and delivering the information to you, but we will notify you of any charges as soon as possible should you wish to your request to proceed.
If you have any queries about your request, please do not hesitate to contact us, remembering to quote the above reference number in any future communications.
Please ensure all email correspondence is sent to the [Conwy Council request email] email address
Uned Llywodraethu Gwybodaeth/ Information Governance Unit 
Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol CONWY County Borough Council 
E-Bost / E-Mail: [Conwy Council request email]

Carrie Fisher 27 September 2016
Dear Derek O'Connor, 
Thank you, I am sorry my request could be a deemed as a little confusing, I only want the repair costs on the current roof structural repairs, a total of the costs please. There must have been an estimate of work that was needed before the work could have gone ahead, so just the total, or the total that is estimated, or the costs so far, thank you kindly.
Yours sincerely,
Carrie Fisher
Derek O'Connor, Conwy County Borough Council 17 October 2016
Dear Sir/Madam 
Thank you for your clarification email where you advised; 
Thank you, I am sorry my request could be a deemed as a little confusing, 
I only want the repair costs on the current roof structural repairs, a 
total of the costs please. There must have been an estimate of work that 
was needed before the work could have gone ahead, so just the total, or 
the total that is estimated, or the costs so far, thank you kindly. 
It is confirmed that the council holds the information that falls within 
the description specified in your request however it is considered exempt 
from disclosure by s36 FOIA and Reg 12(4) (e) EIR. 
The precise legal position with regards to liability remains unclear at 
present and it is considered that to disclose the requested information 
before any necessary decision/s are taken would be prejudicial to the 
interests of CCBC. Both s36 FOIA and Reg 12(4) (e) EIR are subject to the 
public interest test which means that any decision to withhold the 
information is also subject to the public interest test. In such a case, 
if it is deemed to be more in the public interest to disclose the 
information, it should not be withheld. 
Whilst it is recognised that there are public interest factors that would 
support disclosure of the information such as, it could/would contribute 
to the public understanding of the issues to-date and allow public debate 
of a matter which affects people’s lives, it would also provide openness 
and transparency in the decision making processes, provide accountability 
of public money being spent and allow scrutiny of actions/advice of public 
officials in the matter. These however have to be balanced against the 
prejudicial effect that the premature disclosure of matters still under 
consideration would have in allowing for the free and frank 
internal/external discussion/s and debate to take place which will 
ultimately safeguard the interests of CCBC in the spending of public 
monies. It is my view that the public interest is best served in the 
withholding of the information at this time. Please accept this 
correspondence as a refusal notice under s17 FOIA and Reg 14 EIR. Once the 
position is resolved then the requested information may be considered 
further for disclosure upon request. 
If you are dissatisfied with the handling of your request, you have the 
right to ask for an internal review. Internal review requests should be 
submitted within two months of the date of receipt of the response to your 
original letter and should be sent to the address below. Please remember 
to quote the reference number above in any future communications. 
If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review, if you are 
unhappy with this response you may appeal to the Information 
Commissioner’s Office – Wales, 2nd Floor, Churchill House, Churchill Way, 
Cardiff, CF10 2HH 
Yours sincerely, 

Monday, 17 October 2016

Colwyn Bay.......... The Skip,"Porth Eirias is hated by the public...Now let's flatten it!

A poll of Daily Post readers has revealed Flintshire ’s Shire Hall to be the ugliest building in North Wales .
More than 7,000 people got involved with the online search to find the ultimate North Wales eyesore.
The concrete shoebox on the outskirts of Mold, which some would consider to resemble something from Soviet Russia or East Germany, houses the majority of Flintshire Council’s employees.
The original seven-storey structure was designed by the late county architect Robert Harvey, with building work starting in 1966 and opened by Princess Margaret two years later.
Shire Hall Flintshire
Shire Hall Flintshire
Often referred to as “Legoland”, the black and white office complex has been described as “a breeze block with windows”.
Having secured 32% of the weekend’s reader poll, Flintshire Shire Hall’s was comfortably the winner with its next closest challenger being the watersports centre at Porth Eirias.
Polling in second at 19%, the Colwyn Bay centre has been labelled “the skip-by -the sea”, due to its dumpster-like shape.
Porth Eirias
Porth Eirias
Despite forming part of the promenade’s new sea defences, its branded one of the six ugliest modern buildings in the UK according to Building Design magazine.
Narrowly squeezed into third place at 18% was Ysbyty Gwynedd at Penrhosgarnedd,Bangor .
Ysbyty Gwynedd
Ysbyty Gwynedd
Built in 1984, its the main hospital for north west Wales but visible from the A55 expressway, its not the most aesthetically pleasing for passers-by.
Wrexham Police Station
Wrexham Police Station
The other structures, not considered as ugly by readers, were Theatr Ardudwy in Harlech(15%), Wrexham Police Station (15%) and the Ugly House near Betws y Coed , at only 1%.
Harlech theatre
Harlech theatre
But Daily Post readers took to Facebook to suggest some other unsightly buildings, including the Plas Heli academy in Pwllheli ...
Plas Heli, Pwllheli
Plas Heli, Pwllheli
... the Hub In Denbigh...
The Hwb in Denbigh
The Hwb in Denbigh
... the Conwy civic hall ...
Conwy Civic Hall
Conwy Civic Hall

Colwyn Bay ....... Porth Eirias, "The Skip" Voted 2nd Uglies Building in North Wales !

No shock there then! Now let's get it demolished.....

North Wales may boast some of the most amazing scenery but it does have its fair share of eyesores.

North Wales ugliest buildings - which one gets your vote?

They're arguably the drabbest buildings marring the North Wales landscapes, but which one do you think is the worst of all?

This list highlights the some of the less scenic constructions dotted across the region.
Which one is your favourite - or should that be least favourite - ugly building? Take our poll at the bottom of this story.
Or, if you have another suggestion, email it to or tweet to @dailypostwales

Shire Hall, Flintshire

Shire Hall Flintshire
Shire Hall Flintshire
Top of the list is Shire Hall in Mold - hardly graced with the same beauty of the homeland of the famous Hobbits.
The black and white office complex – often referred to as “Legoland” looks more like a breeze block with windows.
Nevertheless, Cadw once considered making the 1970s civic headquarters a listed building...seriously!
The original seven-storey structure was designed by the late county architect Robert Harvey, and built between 1966 and 1968 and opened by Princess Margaret in May 1968.
A three-storey glazed extension was erected between 1970-72 until eventually there was a ‘Phase Four’ building between 1973-75. Robert Harvey was also involved in the design of the neighbouring Law Courts between 1967-69 and designed the Theatr Clwyd Cymru which completed the civic complex between 1973-76.

Porth Eirias Watersports Centre, Colwyn Bay

Porth Eirias
Porth Eirias
Part of the town promenade’s new sea defences, this has been branded one of the six ugliest modern buildings in the UK, according to Building Design magazine – the people behind architectural wooden spoon run-down, the Carbuncle Cup.
Labelled “the skip-by -the sea”, due to its dumpster-like shape, the multi-million pound development has been criticised for its “oppressive blandness” and “total insensitivity to the surrounding coastal beauty.”
The complex was originally based on a winning design in a competition run by Conwy County Council, but it underwent several changes before construction began.

Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor

Ysbyty Gwynedd
Ysbyty Gwynedd
As if having to go to hospital wasn’t depressing enough without having to endure the soul destroying sight of Ysbyty Gwynedd.
Out of place among some of the picturesque views off the A55, the concrete creation in the suburb of Penrhosgarnedd houses the headquarters of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board.

Harlech theatre

Harlech theatre
Harlech theatre
A monstrously grim example of brutalist architecture at its, well, most brutal. To say it’s a theatre, its exterior is anything but theatrical, looking more like a Soviet Union Ministry of Entertainment than a playhouse in an idyllic part of North Wales.

Wrexham Police Station

Wrexham Police Station
Wrexham Police Station
No-one expects a police station to be pretty but Wrexham’s looks like a scruffy sky scraper.
Earmarked for demolition, a new front counter service will be built at the site of the Wrexham’s Library Arts Centre’s old Oriel Gallery.
It will replace the old police tower at Bodhfryd which is due to be knocked down next year because it is too expensive to maintain and “no longer fit for purpose.”

The Ugly House

The Ugly House
According to its website, some legends say it was built by robbers and thieves, taking advantage of travellers on the old A5 as they journeyed through Snowdonia – ugly people that gave the house a fearsome reputation.
Others say the name is a corruption of the name of the river burbling away on the other side of the road, the Llugwy which flows from near Ogwen to join the river Conwy.
Or maybe it’s the big, crude boulders that give the house its name – the word ‘hyll’ in Welsh can mean rough or crude, as well as ugly.
The Ugly House is known as Tŷ Hyll in Welsh. Is this one of those ironic nicknames though?

This poll has been closed!

Which of these do you think is the biggest monstrosity?

  • Shire Hall Flintshire - 
  • Porth Eirias watersports centre - 
  • Ysbyty Gwynedd - 
  • Harlech Theatre - 
  • Wrexham Police Station - 
  • The Ugly House -