Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Colwyn Bay..... Civic Society, calls by public to disband ailing organisation!

Below is what the society states it does,
Colwyn Bay Civic Society was established in 1972 and has a watching brief over the town and seeks to protect the towns natural and built heritage.
We are a non political Society and are affiliated to The Civic Trust in Wales an organisation through which we can link with other Civic Societies in making our voice heard on national issues.
View across Colwyn Bay
View across Colwyn Bay

What We Do

  • We are consultees on planning applications and appeals in the Colwyn district submitted to the Conwy County Borough Council
  • We campaign for the protection of Colwyn Bay’s built and natural heritage and seek to influence opinion in favour of good planning practise
  • We act as a repository of local historical information
  • We aim to stimulate public interest and debate in Colwyn Bay and it’s heritage
  • Having been a member and now stopped, along with many others who are sick of the bile and hatred exhibited by this organisation we seem hell bent on attacking trusts and charities who are trying to Save, Restore, Keep, our history etc, this organisation seems to revel in hatred. 
Let me explain, For example I have lived in this area as have many others who help with this site and other sites, we have over the years tried to save buildings, trees, stop developments, yet this Civic Society has never got involved or helped in anyway.
Now it seems they want to attack the Colwyn Bay Pier trust who have now secured Saving Colwyn Bay Pier, and have provided a business plan that Cadw,The Welsh Assembly Government and The Council are happy with, securing the dismantling of the Pier and rebuilding of the Historic structure.

Yesterday saw yet another venomous attack on the trust describing them as "Fanciful Dreamers" yet what's more shocking is the fact that this trust has done more or achieved more than the society ever has. What campaign have they ever lead that saved anything? Oh a few plaques were buildings once stood, Bravo!

Shame they didn't stop the Colwyn Bay hotel being demolished for those awful Princess court Flats, Or The Art Deco Cinema, and many more, yet the Society claim the Town is no longer a tourist town, which is a real kick in the teeth for the hotel owners, The Zoo and other places in the area that rely on tourism.

It would seem that this outdated society needs to wrap up it's vile hateful comments and organisation that clearly has now past it's sell by date, (if it ever had one!)

Decent people and organisations don't vengefully attack people trying to save or campaign for something, they admire them, even if they don't support the cause. Armchair critics like the Civic society are the worst kind, they just sit back and bitch at other people trying to do something, whilst they do nothing.

One of the main things about people campaigning is unity, you may not care if they are building houses on a field a mile away, but the residents fighting there may be trying to stop the development for whatever reason, rather than mock them or attack them, like The Civic society has a relish to do, just don't sign, but they are doing nothing wrong, and it could be a field next to you the next time, A church, Historic House, Playground etc, The last thing people need is Malice like The Civic Society clearly enjoy, Colwyn Bay is the way it is because The Council and others wouldn't listen. Our conservation area continues to be destroyed as do the large victorian houses on it, but not a peep from The Civic Society, Strange!

It's also an insult to say Colwyn Bay is not a tourist town, what is it then "A piece of Shit?" 

The reason for this blog and many like it is due to the fact that citizens become powerless and it's their only way to fight back. 
It would be nice that Organisations such as The Civic Society worked with the people not against them. 
The sooner their small group ends the better for everyone. The Civic Society is long overdue to be thrown in the trash.Good riddance!

This article was sent in by one of our readers who often contributes articles for this site and others.

And I have to say he's spot on, what an Nasty, spiteful Organisation they are.

Thank you.

Colwyn Bay....New Parc Eirias football pitch sparks cancer fears

I would have thought, just living in Colwyn Bay could reduce anyone's life expectancy Greatly, but now this! What ever next!
Fears have been raised the new 3G football pitch at Parc Eirias, in Colwyn Bay, could cause cancer.
The new pitch is currently being developed following a cash boost of more than £2 million from Conwy County Council and the Welsh Government.
However, critics argue the pitches could be carcinogenic .
Artificial 3G pitches are created by inserting synthetic grass-like blades into a thin base layer of sand.
Blades are supported with small pieces of rubber from reclaimed automotive tyres known as rubber crumb or astro-dirt, which some fear could be rife with carcinogens.
Sian Wellings from Colwyn Heights, in Colwyn Bay , told the Daily Post she is worried about the new pitch.
The mother-of-two teenage boys said: “Whenever my boys play on a 3G pitch they come home with and all these tiny pellets on their clothes and bodies.
“They go to Ysgol Eirias but I really won’t let them play on the new 3G pitch when there’s this risk.”
She said she was concerned that Conwy Council were allowing the pitch at Eirias Park to be laid using rubber crumb infills.
Sian said: “I contacted our local AM Darren Millar who raised my concerns to Conwy Council, citing recent press articles claiming that 3G pitches are linked to causing cancer when rubber crumb infills are used on the pitches.
“The council have replied by stating they are fully aware of the recent press coverage and concerns regarding rubber crumb in artificial pitches.
“They then go on to state that they have examined the results of independent scientific research and are satisfied that the rubber crumb to be used on the 3G pitch at Colwyn Bay does not pose a health risk.”
She said the Ajax Academy De Toekomst in Amsterdam have now removed their 3G pitches with rubber crumb infills after cancer fears were sparked.
Sian, who said said the Government in Holland is conducting further investigations into a possible cancer link, said: “I don’t understand why Conwy Council would risk our children’s lives if there is the slightest doubt into the safety of using rubber crumb infills.
“Why not use the safer more natural surfaces such as the fibre from cork and coconut shells that do not pose any health risks?
“Surely when risk assessing a building, the council has a duty of care to the health and safety of the public and especially our children.
“Do they really want to risk our children’s lives when there is still an element of doubt into the safety of using rubber crumb infills on 3G pitches?”
Conwy Council have been approached for comment.

Colwyn Bay.....What lovely people live in Colwyn Bay!

Colwyn Bay,North Wales - Man 'bit finger off in row over £20 mobile phone'

A row over a £20 mobile phone saw a man's FINGER bitten off, a court heard.
Wesley Sluddon said he was also bitten on the back of his hand and his right shoulder during the bust-up in his garden.
He and Liam Jones, 23, had been at odds for several months when Jones turned up at his home on the Maenan estate in Old Colwyn and started shouting at him, prosecutors told Caernarfon magistrates court.
Jones had gone round to his home to confront him after hearing rumours Mr Sluddon had been saying things about him behind his back, he said.
Giving evidence, Mr Sluddon removed a black glove he was wearing and approached the jury to show the injury he’d been left with.
He told them: “He stormed into the garden shouting. I asked him to go away because the children were in the garden but he took a swing at me."
The punch missed and Mr Sluddon punched him back and both fell to the floor.
Jones is then said to have gripped Mr Sluddon’s left index finger in his mouth and despite a struggle continued to hold onto it with his teeth.
Mr Sluddon said he asked him to let go several times until he eventually released the finger.
“He then started taking chunks out of my left hand and my shoulder. At that point my friend pulled him off.
“I shouted that’s enough and showed him my finger. I told him you’ve bitten my f****** finger off,” he added.
Jones is then alleged to have jumped on his bike and pedaled away.
The police were alerted and an ambulance called and Mr Sluddon was taken to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd in Bodelwyddan and later transferred to Whiston hospital in Liverpool.
Jones was arrested and questioned and claims he acted in self defence.
He told officers Mr Sluddon had thrown him to the ground and was holding him in a “bear hug” and he had no choice but to bite him.

He claimed at one stage Mr Sluddon had poked him in the eye with a thumb and he had seen his friend approach with a crowbar.
Mr Sluddon had to have surgery at hospital in Liverpool for his injuries.
Jones, of Colwyn Bay , denies causing grievous bodily harm with intent.
The trial continues.

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Llandudno..... Evil Llandudno man throws Kitten in Pond!

Magistrates said Richard Thomas Davies, 32, of Cae Mawr, Llandudno was "horrific and callous"

A man who flung a kitten around by the tail before hurling it into a pond and letting it drown, has been spared jail.
Richard Thomas Davies, 32, of Cae Mawr, Llandudno, admitted causing unnecessary suffering to an animal last summer at a pond near the adventure playground in Rhydwen Close, Rhyl.

Prosecutor James Neary told Llandudno magistrates that a young girl saw the kitten in the water.
“She immediately took off her coat and went in the pond to save the kitten’s life,” he said.
“The defendant grabbed her by both arms and he was laughing and said ‘you will not have a kitten ever again’.”

Richard Thomas Davies, 32, of Cae Mawr, Llandudno threw a kitten into a pond and let it drown
Richard Thomas Davies, 32, of Cae Mawr, Llandudno threw a kitten into a pond and let it drown

Children pulled the kitten from the water and tried in vain to save it.
“The defendant seemed to find the whole situation amusing. He had a smug look on his face,” Mr Neary said.

The kitten had been promised to a girl who had already chosen a name for the pet and when seen by the police she was very upset, the prosecutor added.
Court chairman Brian Cossey told Davies: ”This was very horrific and callous. We are appalled by what we have heard. You probably traumatised a very young vulnerable person.
“We have considered an immediate prison sentence but we have stepped back.”
The case had previously been adjourned for an all-options pre-sentence report.

A 12-week suspended jail term was imposed with alcohol treatment for a year and rehabilitation.
Davies was banned from keeping an animal for five years and ordered to pay £50 compensation to the distressed girl and £735 costs.

Richard Thomas Davies, 32, leaving Llandudno Magistrates Court. Pleaded guilty to causing a kitten unnecessary
Richard Thomas Davies leaving Llandudno Magistrates Court. Pleaded guilty to causing a kitten unnecessary 

A probation officer said Davies felt “sick” about his behaviour, having made no attempt to save the kitten. He was on state benefit.

Defence solicitor Dafydd Roberts said: ”This was a particularly mean offence. He’s gutted about what happened that day. It was in drink. The defendant has been blighted by alcoholism.”

However, he was now “very different” from the man who committed the unpleasant offence last August, the lawyer added.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Colwyn Bay...... New Homes

It may be said that Macbryde Homes Ltd are highly disliked, however, it's interesting to see Bob Squire opening his mouth again, Strange he hates people living in flats, supported housing and now new builds! I wonder where Squires wants people to live?

The decision to build 42 new homes in Old Colwyn ‘condemned’

Published date: 17 February 2017 | 
Published by: James Wilde 
Read more articles by James Wilde 

The decision to build 42 residential houses on a greenfield site in Old Colwyn has been condemned by residents and councillors.

Despite objections concerning speed, traffic calming measures, over subscribed secondary schools and potential extra pressure on GP surgeries in the area, developers Macbryde Homes Ltd will provide 24 homes in phase one – which relates to the two fields adjoining the boundaries with Dolwen Road and Bro Elian – and 18 homes in phase two, which pertains to the area to the south of phase one.

The new houses will be across the road from another Macbryde Homes Ltd development which has seen 76 homes built.

Gail Jones, who has campaigned against the development, said: “The residents here know only too well how dangerous this road is and the high speeds at which vehicles travel, we witness near misses on a daily basis.”

With the recent closure of Rashmi surgery in Old Colwyn leaving 1,200 patients without a GP and now the potential of more residents coming to the area, Mrs Jones fears that already lengthy waiting times for an appointment will be even longer.

She said: “You have to wait weeks to get an appointment at Cadwgan surgery already. Even if they had another doctor there wouldn't be any improvement in waiting times.”

Eirias ward councillors Bob Squire and Dave Cowans have long fought both developments back to 2012.

Cllr Bob Squire said: “It’s a disgrace. It is so wrong destroying our countryside to build homes. The speed on the proposed pedestrian crossing is so dangerous, there will be accidents.”

Cllr Dave Cowans says he will not appeal the decision.

”The blame for this development rests completely with the Welsh Government letting developers go wherever they want. We’ll never overturn the decision because they have the power, it’s pointless.”

Concerns have also been raised about another development in Old Colwyn on Plas Gwilym Quarry due to the planned closure of a road.

Renew Land Developments (RLD) Ltd have said they welcome feedback from residents.

The proposed development is in a pre-consultation period allowing residents to have their say on the proposals and potentially influence the outcome of this brownfield site before plans are submitted to Conwy County Council.

Macbryde Homes were approached for comment.

For more news from across the region visit newsnorthwales.co.uk

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Llandudno....Sex offender films children on Llandudno beach

This is really Scary!

Llandudno pensioner who filmed children on beaches shopped to police by computer repair man

Published date: 08 February 2017 | 
Published by: Staff reporter
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Glyn Davies 
A JUDGE yesterday (Tuesday) awarded £150 to a computer shop expert who unmasked a perverted pensioner.

Glyn Davies, 74, of Mostyn Broadway, Llandudno, had taken his laptop in for repair to a small computer shop at neighbouring Colwyn Bay, Computer World in Abergele Road, where shocked Paul Jackson realised there were porn images and told police.

Jailing Davies for 26 months at Caernarfon crown court Judge David Hale praised Mr Jackson, in a family business with his uncle, for his action. “He did exactly the right thing,” he said.

The judge remarked that Davies had the cheek to complain to police that his privacy had been infringed – when in fact he had done that when taking 50 indecent movies of children on beaches at Llandudno. The images were of Category C, the least indecent, although there was no suggestion he’d spoken to them or touched the youngsters.

Emmalyne Downing, prosecuting, said offences came to light last September when Davies went to the Colwyn Bay shop to have the laptop repaired and cleaned.

When police searched his home they found two more laptops. They discovered 16 images of Category A, the most serious, 24 images and movies of Category B, and nearly 2,400 of Category C.

They found more than 100 which had been taken by the defendant, including the 50 of children in bathing wear on beaches at Llandudno. There were 25 different girls or groups, ages ranging from three to about 13, taken on 18 different days.

The charges say the activity was between 2007 and last September.

Davies pleaded guilty to five charges involving child porn and a sexual harm prevention order and sex offender’s order will remain for his lifetime.

Simon Rogers, defending, said the real mitigation was his plea. Davies was in poor health, having suffered two heart attacks a few years ago and having Type 2 diabetes.

Passing sentence Judge Hale said Davies had been jailed for four years in 1989 for offences of indecency involving teenage girls in which he had taken photographs of some of them. “You didn’t learn your lesson,” declared the judge.

Referring to the beach photographs the judge said : “You couldn’t resist taking photographs of them with the zoom lens of your camera, invading their privacy.” He then had “the brass neck” to complain his own had been infringed by the shop.

Category A images he had downloaded would have shown young children “being openly abused somewhere in the world – for your pleasure.”

At the computer shop at Colwyn Bay 31-year-old Paul Jackson, father of a little boy, was delighted when told about the award and the judge’s remarks.

“I’m just pleased that he’s been caught,” he said. “A small thumbnail preview led to the images, and when we realised what they were we told the police.”

When Davies appeared before magistrates at Llandudno in December it was stated he had taken the 50 indecent movies on the North Shore in the town, West Shore and Craig y Don paddling pool. 

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Colwyn Bay.... Dispersal order to tackle teenage yobs

Police have clamped down on misbehaving teens after incidents including a woman being spat on

Just another day in Colwyn Bay!!!

A 48-hour dispersal order was issued by police in Colwyn Bay over the weekend to tackle anti-social behaviour by a group of teenage yobs.
Over the past month a group of around five teenagers, aged between 14 and 17, have been causing problems around Colwyn Bay and Old Colwyn.
The dispersal zone covered the area from Wynn Gardens, Old Colwyn, to King’s Road, Colwyn Bay.
The order gave police power to disperse groups of two or more people where their presence has resulted, or is likely to result, in a member of the public being harassed or distressed.
West Conwy Coastal Inspector Kelly Isaacs at North Wales Police said: “The group of teens have been misbehaving, and we will not tolerate this behaviour.
“They are from various schools and are not all from the Colwyn Bay area.
“A woman in her 50s was walking home from work, and she was shouted at and spat on by this group of teenagers.
“The spit landed on her jacket, and she was obviously distressed and shaken up by the incident."
She added: “There has also been bad behaviour in fast food outlets including KFC in Colwyn Bay, where food has been thrown around and bad verbal behaviour.
“Parents and their kids should be allowed to enjoy a KFC in peace.
“The teens carrying involved in this behaviour are well known to us.
“We have increased patrols in the area. No arrests were required this weekend.”

Monday, 6 February 2017

Colwyn Bay..... Another Monday,Another Filthy Town Centre!

  Boxes of empty larger cans tell the on going story of Colwyn Bay's continued decline into the gutter, Sad but photographed today,these are the facts.