Sunday, 26 March 2017

Colwyn Bay ... F.O.I request for repair costs at the Skip! (Porth Eirias)

Dear Conwy County Borough Council,
Please can you advice the following-
You have announced today that the leaking roof is now to be repaired, so can you please provide the following information.
1, Has all Litigation around the Building now been settled? 
2,What was the outcome? (I reference this from you previous reply on the FOI, on this site, explaining that you could not at the time release any costs due to the current litigation) 
3,What has been the total cost of the litigation? 
4, What are the estimated costs of repairs to the roof and other structural work during repairs? 
5,Where is this money to come from? 
Thank You Kindly.
Yours faithfully,
Will all be revealed?

Colwyn Bay....A New Website Cataloging The Destruction Of Colwyn Bay's History

We were having a meal at the Pen y Bryn the other night when my wife and I bumped into some old friends, when we got chatting, we were told about a new blog starting up showing the Loss of Historic buildings in the area for flats (usually). So I asked if they would send me some photos, We will put the details of the new blog up as soon as it goes Live. But these houses are lovely. This shows how badly this area is in decline.

The Above photo is in Colwyn Bay, awaiting planning application, suspected demolition for flats.

Above Cedar Court in the West End awaiting demolition for flats.

Rhos on Sea, above awaiting demolition for a large block of flats.

Rhos on Sea, St Davids, very sad that it's current owner has allowed it to fall into this state, it awaits demolition for a large block of flats.

Rhos on Sea, A crime if ever there was, the current owners who are local refuse to even look at conversion despite there being ample room on the site to build around it! Right next to the Golf course which is also currently for sale, awaits a block of 12 flats. Very sad indeed.

Above, Rhos on Sea, this Art Deco Gem awaits demolition for a block of flats, sadly the stained glass has been smashed from the inside, it was done recently after workmen had been in the hose. These developers are responsible for the Carbuncle block of Flats just around the corner which is way too big, and looks a mess. It should have been half the size.

The West End, Colwyn Bay, awaits demolition for a block of flats.

Above, Colwyn Heights, This stunning building may be demolished for flats and houses, Again criminal.

Above in Colwyn Bay's conservation area, but will the council allow it to be demolished for Flats and houses? I hope not, but it's not looking too good.

Thanks For all the photos Garry.

Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Llandudno.....A flasher exposed himself to a baby and her mum at a charity colour run in Llandudno


A flasher who exposed himself to a baby and her mum at a charity colour run in Llandudno has been handed a 12 month jail term.
Jason Martin Jones carried out the indecent act on June 12 at West Shore where parents and their children had gathered to watch the fundraising race for St David’s Hospice.
Jones. 41, first exposed himself to a horrified woman and her nine-month old daughter and then to a man and his child, prosecutor Simon Mintz told Caernarfon crown court.
Jones, originally from Rhyl, but now of no fixed address did it again on June 20, when he was spotted on CCTV cameras in Conwy drunk and again exposing himself, Mr Mintz added.
Sentencing Jones, who had three previous convictions for outraging public decency, to 12 months jail, Judge Huw Rees said: “For some time you have lived a transient life with social links to London and North Wales. You must understand that the effect of your behaviour on others would have caused upset and real concern which is totally unacceptable.”
The judge said his sentencing was mitigated by the fact that Jones had pleaded guilty on the day of his trial and had been in custody since June 22 last year.
“My intention here was to pass sentence to reflect the abhorrence and concern. I want to encourage you to lead a more structured lifestyle. I am told that you have an insight into your problems,” he added.
The judge said a psychiatric report recommended that a hospital order was not appropriate.
Owen Edwards, defending, said Jones "understated his difficulties".
Jones was released at the end of the hearing as he had already served his sentence while on remand.
He was also given a five-year criminal behaviour order not to urinate or defecate in public and handed a 10-year notification order to register as a sex offender.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

Llanddulas......Post request!

A request has come from Graham Roberts of Colwyn Bay who has apparently had some fool deny that the Daily Post and other papers have ever printed reports of Dogging and Sex Crimes at Llanddulas beach!!!!! This man must live on Mars! Well We don't often bother with this sort of thing, but a challenge is a challenge, and apparently the Daily Post won't print links, which I guess makes sense, anyway here are the facts, Enjoy Graham, a dish best served cold Me thinks!! He,He!
I've contacted the two local councillors and the Mayor and they have responded:

Thanks Peter, I've passed this on to our Public Protection Dept and the police for action

The Public Protection Officer & Police will be there regularly from tonight!!

My Email to the councillors:

Sorry to bring to you the attention of at least two of our car parks gaining a reputation for being "Dogging" Hot spots.

In case you are not aware of the expression, - " Dogging is a British English slang term for engaging in sexual acts in a public or semi-public place or watching others doing so.[1] There may be more than two participants; both group sex and gang banging can be included. As observation is encouraged, voyeurism and exhibitionism are closely associated with dogging."

I know of several tourists and locals who have been propositioned at both Llandulas and Pensarn Beach car park areas.

One lady was watching the sunset and had two occasions where people banged on her window asking lewd questions. This has gone on the internet and people are being warned not to go there.

This will hit our resort reputations badly.

Pensarn had a poor reputation a few years a go with the Homosexual community using it as a meeting place and for sexual activity.

Is it possible that the council could look in to getting the police to patrol these areas??

I would hate our area to get even more bad publicity and being considered a "No Go" area 

Excerpt from the web posting: see,_gwynedd/llanddulas.html

We were in Llanddulas tonight but are moving on as it's an extremely active dogging spot. Each to their own, but we weren't to be left alone, and when a face appeared at our window (not long after a previous bloke had knocked on our door), it stopped being a bit of a giggle and began to get creepy. I won't go into detail about what the bloke was doing as we left. The people there weren't just getting on with it, they were intruding on our privacy. Possibly because as far as I could make out there was a distinct shortage of female company amongst the hopeful and desperate blokes there. The bloke who banged on our door said he'd come to "see if there was any action". He was politely declined and he informed us that the outside of our van would be "covered in bodily fluids" by the morning. Classy.

Six jailed for sex acts with girl
The six defendants left top to bottom: Craven, Farrington, Forshaw; right top to bottom, McCoy, Roche, White
The judge said the six showed no consideration for the girl
Six men have been jailed for a total of more than 17 years for sexual offences involving a girl aged 13.They took part in sex acts with the girl on beaches, in a car and in a flat after they were introduced to her by Frederick Lawlor, from Abergele, Conwy.
Lawlor, 52, described as the teenager's "evil controller", and another man will be sentenced after psychiatric reports.
The six had treated the girl like a sex object without any thought for her, the judge at Mold Crown Court said.
The court heard the police investigation into the abuse is still going on, and the girl has told officers that she has sex with about 50 men in all, organised by Lawlor, who advertised in the magazine Loot.
He offered the schoolgirl whom he controlled and corrupted and the court heard the men were too weak, and lacked the moral fibre, to resist.
Videos of men taking part in sex acts with the girl at locations including Llanddulas and Pensarn beaches in north Wales were shown in court.
 The damage which each of you have done to that girl may never be known until many years have passed. 
Judge Merfyn Hughes QC
All six men, from north Wales and the Wirral, sentenced on Tuesday admitted offences including sexual activity with a child.
Richard White, 58, of Old Colwyn, was jailed for three years six months; Eric Craven, 47, from Penmaenmawr, for four years; Ronald Farrington, 45, from Birkenhead ,and James McCoy, of Abergele, both received three year terms; Ronald Roche, 49, of Abergele, was jailed for two years and three months, and David Forshaw, of Rhyl, for one year and nine months.
Five men were placed on the sex offenders' register for life while Roche was told to register for 10 years.
Judge Mervyn Hughes QC said that for more than a year, each of the six had systematically sexually abused the girl.
He was satisfied that each man knew the girl was indulging in sexual activity under the direction and control of Frederick Lawlor.
With the exception of Roche and McCoy, the men willingly took part in the making of indecent videos and DVDs showing sexual activity with a child, he said.
Frederick Lawlor arriving in court
Frederick Lawlor will be sentenced later
"The damage which each of you have done to that girl may never be known until many years have passed.
"Each of you to a greater or lesser extent treated her as a sexual object without any consideration whatsoever for her feelings, or the consequences to her of your behaviour," the judge told the six men.
He ordered a psychiatric report on Lawlor and another man.
Lawlor admitted 18 charges including sexual activity with a child, causing a child to engage in sexual activity with another, and taking indecent photographs.
Judge Hughes said: "It is recognised by this court that abuse would not have been possible were it not for the contact of the defendant Frederick Lawlor."
Sexual gratification
Outside court, Det Insp Wayne Jones, who led the police inquiry, said: "They committed serious offences against a weak, vulnerable victim.
"They've all had an opportunity when they were first introduced to the victim to say no and to report the matter to the police but they decided not to.
"The overriding factor for all of them was their own sexual gratification."

There are more, I remember Daily Post articles on the Tunnel and one of the councillors was complaining at all of the used condoms as people were going there for sex, and the Dogging as they then closed off the bottom car park there. 

But I haven't time to look now, but I'll add to the list in time, but yes Graham you are right it's notorious, Sex,Dogging and Drugs and some anti social stuff in the picnic area also. 
Most locals won't go down there at night! But I'll as Dave and Bill if they can remember the headlines!

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Mochre....Mochdre stabbing

Colwyn Bay,North Wales - Man flown to hospital after Mochdre stabbing


A man was flown to hospital after being stabbed in broad daylight on Monday evening.
North Wales Police and ambulance crews were called to Ffordd Mynach, Mochdre , near Colwyn Bay, shortly after 6pm.
Local reports said the victim was attacked by a gang of five men.
Air ambulance in Mochdre following reports of a stabbing
Air ambulance in Mochdre following reports of a stabbing
North Wales Police put up a cordon over a grassy area on the corner of Ffordd Mynach and Ffordd Euryn. One man is believed to have been arrested and the cordon was removed at 8pm.
A Welsh Ambulance Service spokeswoman said the man was flown to Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor , but could not reveal what his condition was last night.
North Wales Police declined to comment when approached by the Daily Post on Monday evening.

Rhos on Sea... The woman should never be allowed behind the wheel of a car again!

Llandudno,North Wales - A driver banned after she drove through railings and onto Rhos on Sea beach


A woman has been banned from driving for two years after she drove her car through railings and landed on the beach at Rhos-on-Sea.
Paula Stephanie Meredith , 48, was told by a judge today she must passes an extended driving test before she can get her licence back.
Meredith, of Coed y Glyn, Llandudno admitted a charge of causing serious injury by dangerous driving when she appeared at Caernarfon Crown Court .
The incident happened in October 2015 with the rescue of the three people in the car involving paramedics, coastguards, two helicopter crews and police.
The car that landed on the rocks in Rhos on Sea
The car that landed on the rocks in Rhos on Sea 
After hearing submissions from Meredith’s barrister the judge, Mr Recorder Petts, said he was satisfied this was an exceptional case which could be dealt with by means of a driving ban and unpaid community work rather than a prison sentence.
She must also carry out 100 hours of unpaid work during the next 12 months.
The court heard the crash happened when the Citroen C3 smashed through railings and landed on the beach near St Trillo’s Chapel shortly before 2.30pm on October 28.
Paula Meredith outside Caernarfon crown court
Paula Meredith outside Caernarfon crown court 
Meredith was taken to Ysbyty Gwynedd, Bangor by helicopter along with two other women – a teenager with serious injuries and an adult less seriously injured.
The court heard both injured women have recovered from their injuries.
Simon Killeen, defending, said Meredith accepted the court had the power to order a disqualification and retest but argued the case was “wholly exceptional” citing her mental health as a major issue.
The car after it crashed through railings and onto rocks at Rhos on Sea
The car after it crashed through railings and onto rocks at Rhos on Sea
Inviting the judge to hand Meredith a conditional discharge he said she accepted there had been discussions about the state of her mental health before the incident and she had arranged to see her GP later that day.
She has since been receiving treatment and a package of support measures are now in place he said.

Noting it was an unusual case the judge said Meredith had carried out a “very dangerous manoeuvre”.

Llandudno....Ysgol Tudno assault!

Llandudno,North Wales - Attack outside Llandudno school 'leaves man with head injuries'


A man was allegedly attacked outside a Llandudno school this afternoon.
North Wales Police were called to Ysgol Tudno on Trinity Avenue at 3.20pm.
One man was reportedly assaulted by another before the attacker fled the scene in a van.
A witness told the Daily Post: "There was a confrontation. One man suffered head injuries."
A spokesman for North Wales Police said: "At 3.20pm, we received a report of a man assaulted outside Ysgol Tudno. The suspect left the area.
"No one at the school is thought to be involved.
"A silver van and a white Transit van were seen in the area at the time."
The attack was witnessed by lollipop ladies outside the school, the Daily Post understands.
North Wales Police are asking anyone with information to call the force on 101 and quote reference number V035346.
The Welsh Ambulance Service were not called to the scene

Colwyn Bay......RAIDERS forced their way into undertakers and hair salon

Colwyn Bay, North Wales - Thieves target Old Colwyn undertakers and hair salon

It's getting bad in the area, just in case none has noticed!


Thieves broke into an undertakers and a hairdressers in Old Colwyn on Sunday night and made off with cash and other valuables.
Break-ins were reported to North Wales Police at Caprice hairdressers and Dilwyn Tudor Davies' funeral directors, which are both off Abergele Road.
The raiders are understood to have forced their way into both businesses and made off with cash and broke into a safe at the funeral home.
A spokesman for North Wales Police said: "We were called at 9.13am on Monday to reports of a break in at Dilwyn Davies funeral directors on Coed Coch Road.
"Cash was taken from a safe and crime scene investigators have been at the business.
"The offenders forced their way through the door."
At 10.26am police were contacted about a break in at Caprice hairdressers nearby on Cefn Road.
Again the thieves forced their way in and stole cash.
The spokesman added: "Police are keeping an open mind into if these break ins are linked."
The police crime reference number for the break in at Dilwyn Davies funeral directors is V035140 and the reference number for the burglary at Caprice hairdressers is V035198.

Friday, 10 March 2017

Colwyn Bay..... The Victoria Pier Update

These are the new plans unveiled following the packed out meeting on Wednesday at the town. I don't often throw praise at the council but they clearly have confirmed their support for the Pier and are supporting the New plans along with Cadw and Wag.
Well done to the trust for all their hard work, and the Town Council and the Council. What I will is that not one of the Press teams turned up, despite being invited, they appear happy to often print less than factual articles, but when there is a chance to get the facts they are nowhere to be seen!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Llandudno....And the Crime Spree Continues!

Police searching for information following burglary at Llandudno leather shop

Published date: 09 March 2017 | 
Published by: Staff reporter
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Police are appealing for information after eight Kiplin handbags and a window was smashed at a Llandudno leather shop.

The burglary happened at overnight at the Leather Craft shop on Mostyn Street on Tuesday March 7.

District Inspector Kelly Isaacs said: “It is upsetting for the victim and our wider business community to see a local independent retailer suffer crime. Leather Craft has been part of Llandudno shopping for many years and we hope the community will support the victim and the police by coming forward with information about this offence.”

Anyone with information relating to the burglary is asked to call Llandudno Police
station on 101 quoting reference RC17032008.

Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111 or contact the control room direct via the new web live chat

For more news from across the region visit

Colwyn Bay.....Colwyn Bay man threatened to smash women's heads with baseball bat and 'blow up their house'

What Ghastly people live in our Community!!!!!!!

Published date: 08 March 2017 | 
Published by: Staff reporter
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A 31-YEAR-OLD man threatened two women by mobile phone that he would “smash their heads with a baseball bat and blow up their house,” a court was told.
James Neary, prosecuting, said this when Shaun Brooks of Pen y Binc, Mochdre, Colwyn Bay, pleaded guilty to harassment in which the sister of his ex-partner and a woman living with her at Kinmel Bay were threatened with violence.

The mobile calls to the pair had been made on four occasions on December 29 and it had been assumed the threats arose from a family rift.

Craig Hutchinson, defending at Llandudno court on Monday, claimed it had been an isolated incident and that nothing had happened since. Brooks, a commercial diver, was genuinely remorseful.

Court chairwoman Grainne McDonagh announced that “given the gravity of the offences” Brooks would be sent to the crown court for sentence. He is already on a suspended sentence for a drugs charge, the court heard.

He was bailed to Caernarfon crown court but must not contact the two women or enter Cader Avenue, Kinmel Bay.

Llandudno.....From bad to worse!!!

A man who bought petrol for an arson attack during which a man was hit by a fireball and left critically injured, has been jailed.

Llandudno man jailed for buying petrol for arson attack in which victim was hit by fireball

Kyle Daniels of Maesdu Place, admitted a charge of arson just moments before his trial was due to begin at Caernarfon

Kyle Daniels, 28, of Maesdu Place, Llandudno, who bought the petrol from a garage, admitted a charge of arson moments before a trial was due to begin at Caernarfon Crown Court today.
He had initially been charged with destroying by fire the front door of a property in Ffordd Las , Llandudno last September intending to endanger the life of Robert Lehart or being reckless whether life would be put in danger.
A jury were directed to formally find him not guilty of these charges.
James Coutts, prosecuting, said the blaze was spotted by a passer-by late on September 29 and the alarm was raised.
“The occupants of the flat above were alerted and made their way out of the property via the rear door.
But Mr Lehart, believing the fire not to be serious, had decided he could tackle it himself and opened the front door.
“With the rear door also open a fireball ensued and he suffered serious burns,” he said.
Initially these were believed to be life-threatening and Mr Lehart required surgery in hospital.
He has since recovered but is still suffering the after effects the court heard.
In a victim personal statement summarised in court Mr Lehart said he couldn’t stop thinking about the events of that night and what the consequences might have been if the blaze had spread before the alarm was raised.
Two men wearing hooded tops were seen to leave the area but these have not been traced Mr Coutts said.
Daniels was arrested and questioned and he told officers he had been asked by the two men, who were said by Daniels to be drug dealers from Liverpool, to do them a favour and buy the can and fuel.
A burnt door at Ffordd Las
A burnt door at Ffordd Las 
He owed them £20 for illegal drugs and would be paid a further £20 for carrying out the task the barrister said.
“The two men remained out of sight of the CCTV cameras while the defendant went into the petrol station some 45 minutes before the alarm was raised,” he said.
Mr Coutts said the prosecution accepted the case against Daniels was limited to the account he gave police.
Matthew Curtis, defending, said Daniels accepted a jail sentence was inevitable.
The damaged door of the flat at Ffordd Las, Llandudno
The damaged door of the flat at Ffordd Las, Llandudno 
He told the judge Daniels’ life had been blighted by the abuse of illegal drugs.
Jailing him for 16 months Judge Huw Rees said: “You purchased the petrol for one reason and one reason alone, that these men were going to set fire to something, somewhere.
“You played an effective but indirect part in the offence.”
Daniels had also admitted stealing a laptop and camera from a LLandudno hotel and was handed an eight-month prison sentence to be served consecutively making a total of two years behind bars.