Friday, 26 May 2017

Colwyn Bay ... Another Robbery, Another Day!!

A man was arrested by armed police last night after an attempted robbery in Colwyn Bay.

Man arrested after attempted robbery in Colwyn Bay

Armed police swooped after reports from Woodland Road East
North Wales Police were called to the Spar convenience store on Woodland Road East at at around 10.50pm.
Less than an hour later a local man in his 30s was in police custody.
He will be quizzed by officers today.
No one was injured in the incident.
A spokesman for North Wales Police said: "At approximately 10.50pm we received a report of an attempted robbery having taken place earlier in the evening on Woodland Road East in Colwyn Bay.
"As a result of the police response, less than an hour later a local man aged in his 30s was arrested.
"He remains in custody.
"Anyone who may have seen the incident or has information should contact North Wales Police and quote reference number RC17075046."

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Llandudno ....Discovery of murdered child's body still haunts Llandudno man after more than 20 years

Discovery of murdered Sophie Hook's body still haunts Llandudno man after more than 20 years

Gerry Davies found the seven-year-old's body on the beach near the paddling pool at Llandudno’s North Shore in July 1995
The discovery of murdered seven-year-old Sophie Hook’s body more than 20 years ago continues to haunt the Llandudno man who made the gruesome find.
Gerry Davies, who is now in his 70s, found the body on the beach near the paddling pool at Llandudno’s North Shore in July 1995.
On the morning of July 30, the youngster, who was from Budworth in Cheshire, was taken from a tent in the garden of her uncle’s house nearby and raped and murdered by Howard Hughes, (in the garden of house on the end of Roumania Drive opposite Roslin,) he then dumped her body on the beach, he was later given a minimum 50-year jail term.
She and her family were visiting relatives in Llandudno to celebrate her cousin’s birthday, but her body was found by Mr Davies while he walked his dogs at about 7am.
Sophie Hook
The decades since the brutal crime have done nothing to alleviate Mr Davies’ anguish at finding the body, which he initially mistook for a tailor’s dummy.
“I’ll never forget finding her,” he said.
“Nothing like this had ever happened in Llandudno before. I was so shocked and upset but could do nothing about it.
“I tried therapy at the beginning, but it didn’t help.
“My wife has had to put up with a lot over the years.”
Howard Hughes who was convicted of the murder of Sophie Hook
Howard Hughes was convicted of the seven-year-old's murder
Following Sophie’s death, a brass plaque was erected on the beach in her memory.
Llandudno Town Council recently restored the plaque, which had become badly corroded.
Mr Davies said it was important for the town to remember Sophie.
“She was just a little child,” he said.
A plaque near Craig y Don paddling pool in Llandudno in memory of Sophie Hook who was killed in 1995.
The plaque in Sophie Hook's memory in Llandudno 
“We mustn’t forget her. Her murder affected everybody at the time.
“It’s good that Llandudno Town Council have renovated it and are looking after it.”
A spokeswoman for the town council said: “We’ve renovated the brass plaque as it had been exposed to the elements and needed to be refurbished.”
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Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Llandundo,North Wales ....Two men arrested at paddling pool on suspicion of 'carrying a bladed weapon'

It's getting worse by the day in Llandudno...

North Wales Police were seen at North Shore and two men were detained
Two men were arrested at Llandudno paddling pool this morning on suspicion of carrying a bladed weapon.
North Wales Police swooped at North Shore, close to the new lifeboat station, shortly before 10am today.
A large police presence has been reported in the area and one man was seen being led away in handcuffs.
A spokeswoman for North Wales Police said: "At Llandudno promenade this morning, close to the paddling pool, two men were arrested on suspicion of being in possession of a bladed weapon."
The Daily Post understands they are currently on their way to custody.
The Welsh Ambulance Service have been asked if they were involved in the incident

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Ched Evans ........Warns women about getting too drunk as there's 'genuine rapists out there'

Ched Evans

Is anyone else sick to the back teeth of this man? I know many who are, sadly the daily post no longer allows comments on its Evans posts due to a high number of negative responses. Sadly you have to be so careful what you say, however I have my own thoughts on the matter as many do, and they differ greatly from the article above!
The Rhyl-born striker, who recently re-signed for Sheffield United, has also hit out at police over his rape case
Rhyl-born striker Ched Evans has warned women they are putting themselves in danger by drinking too much because there are "genuine rapists out there".
The former Wales striker was found not guilty in October of last year of raping a 19-year-old woman at a hotel in Rhuddlan in 2011, following a second trial in which prosecutors had argued the woman was too drunk to consent.
He was originally found guilty of rape following a trial in 2012 and sentenced to five years in jail, but the conviction was quashed by the Court of Appeal and a retrial ordered.

Footballer Ched Evans and partner Natasha Massey outside Cardiff Crown Court after he was found not guilty of rape
Footballer Ched Evans and partner Natasha Massey outside Cardiff Crown Court after he was found not guilty of rape 

Evans, who recently re-signed for Sheffield United, has accused North Wales Police of having pursued the case because of his fame as a footballer.
In an interview with The Times, he said: "A lot of work needs to be done in relation to consent because I definitely think that the police have an agenda to find ways to charge people and the easiest one is the drunk one."
"I also think that women need to be made aware of the dangers they can put themselves in because there are genuine rapists out there who prey on girls who have been drinking."
The woman at the centre of Evans' case has had to move home multiple times after being named on social media.
Evans, who is a father with fiancee Natasha Massey, is now believed to earn around £10,000-a-week having been re-signed by Sheffield United.

Ched Evans 

He said: "I feel like we were both victims."
The Attorney General suggested in October that the law could be changed to give greater protection to alleged rape victims following the Evans case.
In a rare move, the jury in the retrial heard evidence from two men who had sex with the complainant around the time of the rape allegation.
The decision sparked concern that women will be put off reporting sex assaults to the police, and former solicitor general Vera Baird warned the case put Britain back "probably about 30 years".
Jeremy Wright QC said the subject is of "concern" and suggested the law and guidance around the admission of a complainant's sexual history in criminal trials could be reformed.

Llandudno....Two men arrested after guns and drugs found in car near Great Orme

Llandudno is becoming the drug capital of North Wales! Maybe we should start calling it "Llandudno The Queen Of Welsh Drugs!"

A 'substantial' amount of drugs, cash and illicit tobacco was also found during searches of three properties in Llandudno Junction and Colwyn Bay
Two men have been arrested after firearms and suspected drugs were found in a car.
North Wales Police pulled over a vehicle in the early hours of this morning following reports of air weapons being fired on the Great Orme in Llandudno.
Officers arrested two men, local to the West Conwy area, at the scene on suspicion of drug and firearms offence.
They remain in police custody where they are being quizzed by detectives.
Subsequent searches of three properties in Llandudno Junction and Colwyn Bay saw officers sieze a “substantial amount” of drugs, cash and illicit tobacco.
North Wales Police spokesman said: “Following reports of air weapons being fired on the Great Orme in Llandudno police stopped a vehicle in the early hours of this morning, Tuesday May 16.
“As a result two young men, local to the West Conwy area, were arrested and are currently in custody after drugs and firearms were found in their car
Further subsequent searches of three properties in Llandudno Juntion and Colwyn Bay resulted in the seizure of a substantial amount of suspected drugs, cash, and illicit tobacco.
PC Dan Ball said: “The recovery of these items today further underlines the determination of North Wales Police to target those few in our communities who cause the most harm.
“It is vitally important we listen to concerns from our local communities and where necessary take proportionate and positive action.
“We would encourage anyone with information relating to the sale or supply of drugs to contact us either directly via 101 or anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”

Colwyn Bay....Man accused of sexually assaulting teenager denies being infatuated with her

Colin Leonard Cureton, 67, of Colwyn Bay, is alleged to have committed the offences as he and the girl watched television
A man accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl has denied being infatuated with her.
Colin Leonard Cureton , of Llanrwst Road, Colwyn Bay, is alleged to have committed the offences as they watched a football match on television in April last year.
The 67-year-old grandfather denies charges of sexual activity with a child and is on trial at Caernarfon Crown Court .
Giving evidence he agreed he had treated the girl like a granddaughter buying her presents and giving her money but rejected a suggestion by prosecutor Andrew Green he was flattered by the attention the girl had given him.
The jury heard the pair exchanged dozens of text messages each week.
“You were flattered by the attention, you enjoyed it and you were attracted to her. You had developed an infatuation,” the prosecutor said.
“Not at all,” said Cureton.
He added with hindsight he admitted his behaviour towards the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, may be regarded as inappropriate and suggested he may have been “naive”.
Quizzed further by Mr Green Cureton was unable to explain why forensic experts had found traces of his saliva on an item of the girl’s clothing.
He told the jury while watching the television he had fallen asleep and had a tendency to wipe his lips while dozing.
“I woke up and she was holding my hand so my saliva may have got onto her hands,” he suggested.
The dad-of-three was arrested after the girl’s mother alerted police the day after the televised football match.
Cureton told defence barrister Owen Edwards he had told officers the truth during an interview at St Asaph police station and insisted nothing had happened between him and the girl.
The former council painter and decorator was highly regarded by his colleagues, friends and family.
One former council official described him as “honest and hard-working”. One of his children said he was “very generous” and always saw the best in people.

Colwyn Bay ......Man accused of sexually assaulting teenage girl while watching TV

Colwyn Bay again.....
A man is on trial accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl as they watched a football match on television.
Colin Leonard Cureton, 67, of Llanrwst Road, Colwyn Bay, denies four charges of sexual activity with the girl who was aged 13 at the time of the alleged offences.
A jury at Caernarfon Crown Court heard the offences were said to have been committed in April last year.
Mr Cureton is alleged to have watched the televised match with the girl partly in a pub in the Llandudno area and partly in the girl’s house.
Police were alerted after the girl’s mother realised what had happened between them and had confronted Mr Cureton.
The mother, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told the jury that during that meeting he had admitted what he had done to the girl.
Giving evidence over a videolink the woman added Mr Cureton had then pleaded with her not to contact the police.
She was asked by prosecutor Andrew Green what exactly he had said to her about the alleged incident.
“He said “I did it” and then pleaded with me not to call the police. He said it would ruin his life,” she said.
The woman added she hadn’t suggested what he is alleged to have done to the girl to Mr Cureton.
“He knew what he’d done, he didn’t need me to tell him,” she went on.
But defence barrister Owen Edwards suggested she had not spoken to her daughter about what had happened before confronting Mr Cureton.
“You accused him before you spoke to her,” the barrister said.

Sunday, 7 May 2017

Rhos On Sea ...Church Masturbator Jailed!

 It's all happening in Rhos on Sea!

Mark Jones
Mark Jones
A man who went into North Wales churches to perform “sacrilegious” lewd sex acts has been jailed.
Homeless Mark Jones was seen carrying out a sex act by a woman he called into St Trillo’s in Rhos on Sea. And when police were called he went on to expose himself to a female officer who told him to cover himself up.
And only a week before he’d been seen performing a lewd act in St Thomas Church in Rhyl, Caernarfon crown court heard, before then exposing himself to another woman just afterwards.
The 35-year-old, currently no fixed abode in Rhyl , was today jailed for 14 months for his crimes. Judge Huw Rees told him he “carried out a selfish act in a highly inappropriate manner in an inappropriate place”.
“In my view this was akin to an act of sacrilege,” the judge said.
The incident at St Trillo’s Church happened at about 2pm on January 20 this year.
Jonathan Austin, prosecuting, said: “The woman attended to pray at St Trillo’s on a regular basis. It’s only a small church but popular with local people and tourists.
“As she entered the church she saw the defendant in a seat on the right and immediately smelled cannabis.
“She describes being taken aback. She said to the defendant ‘I’m praying now’.”
When she looked up he was still acting indecently and she left and called police.
An officer attended and he exposed himself to her. She reminded him he was in a church and told him to pull up his trousers.
“Jones had said “I’ve nowhere to live so have to do it somewhere,” added Mr Austin.
On January 12 neighbours saw Jones in the grounds of St Thomas’ Church carrying out what appeared to be an indecent act on himself as he sat in a doorway. Police were called and he was asked to move on but not before he was seen chatting to two teenage girls.
Mr Austin said later that day he was in a sleeping bag outside a charity shop in Prestatyn High Street.
“A woman sympathised with his homeless situation stopped and spoke with him. During the conversation he began making remarks of a sexual nature. At one point he exposed himself to her.
“She was disgusted by his behaviour and walked away. He shouted after her making another crude remark,” the barrister said.
Jones was arrested but made no comment at interview save to suggest his drink had been spiked.
The court heard Jones had seven previous convictions including one for indecent assault on a girl and two for indecent exposure.
St Thomas Church, Rhyl
St Thomas Church, Rhyl
Defence barrister Kevin Jones said his client was beginning to understand the effects of his offending and argued the sentence could be suspended.
He said Jones had had a troubled upbringing and had issues with drug and alcohol abuse.
In addition to the prison sentence Jones’ name will be on the sex offenders register for 10 years and he must observe a Sexual Harm Prevention Order for seven years.

Colwyn Bay .... Drug Dealer Smiles Leaving Court!!!

And with such a "cushy"  sentence who can blame him?

Colwyn Bay cannabis grower who threatened to 'blow up home' of terrified women avoids jail term

Shaun Brooks in 'state of shock' after receiving an eight month prison sentence suspended for 18 months
A man who threatened to blow up the home of two women has narrowly avoided being sent to prison.
Shaun Brooks from Colwyn Bay made “serious, intimidating and frightening threats of violence”, while he was on a suspended sentence for growing cannabis.
As well as threatening to blow their house up, Brooks, 31, said he would come to the women’s bedroom at night with baseball bats and smash their heads, leaving his victims terrified, Mold Crown Court heard.
Prosecuting barrister Gareth Roberts said the women, Freya Simmons and Jennifer Plumb, were in a relationship.
Miss Simmons’ was the sister of Brooks’ former partner and she received a phone call from him in December.
He told her: “Don’t put the phone down on me, I want to talk to you.”
She put the phone on speaker and both women heard his threats.
When Miss Plumb asked Brooks why he was saying such things, he mentioned 30 men going to their home.
There were a further four calls of a similar threatening nature, said Mr Roberts.
The victims feared the defendant would carry his threats out.
Arrested, he admitted making the calls and said that he wanted to scare them.
He pleaded guilty to two charges of harassment at magistrates court in March.
Brooks of The Old Highway received an eight month prison sentence suspended for 18 months and was ordered to do 200 hours unpaid work.
Brooks, who turned up in the dock with a case ready for custody, shook when a suspended sentence.
He turned and asked a custody officer if he was going down?
Judge Niclas Parry said that he could see the defendant was in a state of shock.
The harassment of the two women put him in breach of a 14 month suspended sentence for cannabis production handed down in 2015 which is why his case had been sent to the crown court for sentence.
The tone and content of the threats were terrifying and the victims were left in real fear, said Judge Parry.
They were threatened with violence, with the use of weapons, and one suffered stress to such an extent that she lost work because of it.
He said the real mitigation was that he had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity in the magistrates’ court, he had expressed remorse, was working and he had enhanced his CV by gaining qualifications to assist in his employment.
Defending barrister Sarah Yates said that Brooks’ calls were made on the day he returned home from the funeral of an uncle to whom he was close.
If he was sent to prison he would lose his employment and he would have to repay the cost of the courses he was on.
He was full of remorse for what he had done.
As well as the suspended sentence the judge sent Brooks on a thinking skills course and he was ordered to pay £500 compensation to each of his two victims.
Brooks was ordered to pay £250 costs.