Friday, 30 June 2017

Colwyn Bay ....Baby in hospital after brick thrown through window of Old Colwyn house

A baby was injured when a brick was thrown through the window of a house in Old Colwyn

Lovely place Colwyn Bay !!!

A baby was injured when a brick was thrown through a window of a house.
The child, understood to be a one-year-old, was hit by debris during a criminal damage attack in the Old Colwyn area.
The baby had to be taken to hospital by ambulance following the incident.
Someone is also understood to have been assaulted during the incident, which happened yesterday morning.
North Wales Police said they had arrested a 29-year-old man.
A police spokesman said: “Following an incident in the St David’s area of Old Colwyn at around 9.30am yesterday June 28 , a 29 year old man has been arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and assault.”
Inspector Kelly Isaacs added: “I would like to reassure the local community that we are not looking for anyone else in relation to this incident.”
A Welsh Ambulance Service spokesman added: "We were called at approximately 9.30am on Wednesday 28 June to reports of an incident in the St David’s area of Old Colwyn.
"We sent a crew in an emergency ambulance and a young boy was taken to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd."

North Wales..Police tackling higher rates of organised crime than most major UK cities

The region is ranked sixth in UK for concentration of organised criminal gangs, with cops praised for efforts disrupting their networks (What a shock!!! Not!)
North Wales Police are involved in tackling a higher concentration of organised crime than all but five other police forces in the UK.
According to the last official figures, it ranked sixth in all police forces areas for 'actively disrupting, investigating and monitoring organised crime activity' - a higher rate than cities like Birmingham.
Today, a report by the National Crime Agency NCA) highlighted the major ‘OC’ challenges faced by British Police forces, revealing there were believed to be 5,866 active gangs operating in the UK, comprising up to 39,000 members.
And it highlights that the supply of drugs from major urban areas to rural towns and villages along so called ‘county lines’ is an area of key concern.
In North Wales, there have been a number of recent successful prosecutions of cases in which criminals from Manchester and Liverpool have been operating supply lines into North Wales, using so-called ‘graft’ mobile phones to advertise the availability of hard drugs.
In June, four men from Liverpool were jailed for their part in the death of Rhyl rival drug dealer Mark Mason , who was stabbed to death in the car park of Home Bargains in the town.
According to the last inspection of North Wales Police by Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary, in March, North Wales has a higher than normal amount of ‘OC’ activity per million of population than all but five other police force areas, with “North Wales Police actively disrupting, investigating or monitoring 65 organised crime groups (OCGs) per one million of the population.
“This compares to 46 OCGs per one million of the population across England and Wales”, according to the report.
This gang was sentenced to 20 years for bringing drugs into North Wales
This gang was sentenced to 20 years for bringing drugs into North Wales
It added: “The force has a high number of OCGs, the sixth highest per population in all England and Wales forces. This reflects the commitment of North Wales Police to tackling the threat from serious and organised crime, and to deploy its specialist resources to identifying OCGs more effectively.”
All but one of the other five areas with a higher concentration of organised crime groups per head of population - the London Metropolitian area - were in the North West of England, comprising Merseyside, Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Cumbria.
HMIC statistics on organised crime gangs per one million of population
HMIC statistics on organised crime gangs per one million of population
The NCA’s report highlighted the problem of ‘county line’ drug dealing - where substances are transported from cities to smaller urban and rural areas - as a national issue.
It said: “There are two primary features of county lines that stand out from typical retail drug supply: ordering through anonymised ‘deal line’ numbers, and the exploitation of young and vulnerable people. The former describes the use of an anonymous mobile phone number, branded to a gang or network and commonly held close to or within the urban hub, into which customers place orders which are then supplied locally. Most markets are now subject of multiple ‘deal lines’.
Rhyl man Mark Mason was killed in drugs turf war
Rhyl man Mark Mason was killed in drugs turf war
"The other key feature is the persistent and systematic exploitation of young and vulnerable persons. Children as young as 12 are being exploited by gangs to transport drugs into county markets, store and distribute them to customers. Young girls are also vulnerable to sexual exploitation.
"Debt bondage has become prevalent; by orchestrating an event where the children are robbed of the drugs they are holding, they are placed in debt for that loss and put under greater pressure to continue criminal conduct. Vulnerable adults are also exploited, particularly through a process referred to as cuckooing where the person has their home partially or entirely taken over to facilitate drug storage or supply.
“Violence, incidents of kidnap, use of weapons (including firearms), and ruthless customer debt control prevail as consequences of ‘county line’ markets. Gangs also resort to violence against each
other, when supply saturates demand and competition increases. Knife crime is a significant feature of these markets in addition to incidents of threats of and use of firearms. Increases in violent and weapons based crime have been reported in many ‘county line’ market towns.”
One drug gang that ferried crack cocaine and heroin into North Wales was jailed in September last year. They were caught by ‘Operation Baste’, a taskforce that tried to disrupt organised criminal trafficking into the region.
North Wales Police have been praised by HMIC for their efforts tackling organised crime
North Wales Police have been praised by HMIC for their efforts tackling organised crime
Operation Scorpion, the over-arching police initiative aimed at tackling organised crime in North Wales, was launched in 2014.
It had "the sole purpose of focusing on keeping our communities safe by aggressively targeting and tackling those involved in serious and organised crime."
Det Chief Superintendent Wayne Jones, Head of Crime Services at North Wales Police said, “Operation Scorpion tackles all types of serious and organised criminality including cross-border crime, armed robbery, criminal use of firearms, kidnapping or human trafficking as well as drug production, importation and supply.
"We have an excellent record of success since its inception with substantial sentences handed out to dozens of career criminals as well as taking from our streets significant quantities of Class A drugs, weapons and cash, some of which has been recovered via the Proceeds of Crime Act and is now being used to support our campaigns against those very criminals.
"One of the Operation’s aims is to keep the people of north Wales aware of the progress being made to tackle organised crime where they live, work and visit.
"Serious and Organised crime will not be tolerated in our communities and we will continue to take positive, robust action. However we can’t tackle this problem alone and key to all our work, and that of our partners, is intelligence and I cannot emphasise enough the importance of the community sharing their concerns with us."

Information can be passed to Police via the web live chat or phoning 101. If you’d rather pass information anonymously then phone Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 .’

Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Llandudno ...Mum knocked out in unprovoked Llandudno daylight attack

 Llandudno appears to no longer be "The Queen Of Welsh Resorts" Now it's more like "The Queen of Welsh Crime!"

Melanie Collins needed a brain scan after she was punched from behind and knocked to the ground as she walked through town

A woman was left needing a brain scan after being savagely attacked in broad daylight.
Melanie Collins was walking through Llandudno when she was hit from behind and knocked unconscious.
The next thing she knew she was in an ambulance surrounded by paramedics.
Miss Collins, 47, said: “I had just got off the bus and I was walking to the job centre.
“Someone smashed my head and the next thing I know I’m waking up in an ambulance.
“I hit my head and I can’t remember anything.
“I didn’t see anyone so they must have come at me and hit me from behind.
Melanie Collins needed a brain scan after she was knocked unconscious in Llandudno
Melanie Collins needed a brain scan after she was knocked unconscious in Llandudno
“I’ve got no idea why this happened.
“They didn’t steal anything from me, when I woke up I still had my handbag and my belongings with me.”
Ms Collins, from Llanrwst, was in Ysbyty Glan Clwyd for two days, and needed a CT scan before doctors would let her go home.
She added: “I have spoken to the police and they’re looking in to what happened.
“The whole thing has been horrendous.
“I’m just frightened, too scared to go out and I haven’t been eating.
“Both myself and my family are devastated by what’s happened.
Ms Collins was attacked near to Wetherspoons in Llandudno
Ms Collins was attacked near to Wetherspoons in Llandudno
“My parents don’t live far away but my dad has a heart problem and my mum has had a stroke so it’s not easy for them to visit me.”
Ms Collins’ daughter Lauren, 21, described the attack on her mum as “disgusting, adding: “We just need people to come forward with more information.
“I’d never be able to hurt anybody to that extent, it really is vile.
“It’s scary to think this could happen again, and that these people are yet to be found.”
Police confirmed they were investigating the attack, which happened on Friday morning at around 11am.
A spokesman said there had been no arrests so far.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

Mochdre.....Ranting woman spat at baby after furious row with child's mother

 Lovely place Mochdre!!!!

A woman spat towards a baby in her mother’s arms during a row in the street, the spittle landing on the child’s clothing.
Paula Louise Jones, 46, had been found guilty of assault and threatening behaviour although she was still in denial, magistrates at Llandudno heard yesterday when she appeared for sentence.
Prosecuting, Diane Williams described how there had been incidents in the street on March 13 when Jones, of Mochdre, had been screaming and shouting at the other woman, had grabbed her around the stomach and made an offensive remark.
“The defendant intentionally spat towards the child, it landed on the baby grower,” she added.
“She said ‘I wish you didn’t have a baby in your arms or I would smash your head in’.”
Following a further incident it was alleged Jones had threatened “I’m going to get a blade” and “I’m going to torch your house.”
Jones must do 150 hours of unpaid work, attend 10 days of a rehabilitation course concentrating on problem solving and anger management, and pay £805 costs, including £100 compensation.
A restraining order bans any contact with the other family involved for a year.
At a hearing next month Jones will contest an application for a Criminal Behaviour Order which would ban her from Mochdre.
Graham Parry, defending, said there was a history of bad feeling but Jones did not wish to have any further contact with the other woman.
Because she had been found guilty she had been served with an eviction notice from her home in Glan Road, Mochdre: she was now in a desperate search for alternative accommodation.
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Colwyn Bay .....'brute' repeatedly KICKED AND STAMPED on woman’s head

John Patrick Cash, 32, admitted assaulting his victim during a sickening volley of violence outside a fish and chip shop on Abergele Road
A thug who repeatedly kicked and stamped on a woman’s head in a drunken, unprovoked attack has been locked up.
John Patrick Cash, 32, admitted assaulting the mother of his two children during a sickening volley of violence outside a fish and chip shop in Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay during the early hours of May 27.
Cash, of Ffordd Gobaith, Mochdre, Colwyn Bay was jailed for 14 months.
Judge Rhys Rowlands sitting at Caernarfon Crown Court , said: “This was a nasty, brutish attack on a defenceless woman.
“It was unprovoked and sustained and involved the use of a shod foot.
”I accept when sober you are sorry and ashamed by what you did but the consequences could have been far, far worse.”
Ffion Tomos, prosecuting, showed CCTV footage from the shop to the court.
Images showed victim Helen Doran sitting on the steps of the shop and Cash nearby.
After disappearing from view briefly Cash re-appeared and lunged at the woman kicking her in the head.
Falling over Cash then stood over her and stamped her head with his left foot at least six times.
Ms Tomos said members of the public went to her aid and police and paramedics attended.
She said Cash and Ms Doran had never been in a relationship but had two children together.
“During the evening he had been drinking excessively and she had gone to fetch some food from a nearby kebab shop. He had followed her and was verbally aggressive towards her,” the barrister said.
“He was aggressive towards officers and had to be tasered before being handcuffed"
Police had received a 999 call from Ms Doran which ended abruptly. Officers called back and could hear Cash shouting in the background. It was during this call the attack took place.
“Initially she did not wish to go to hospital but later, at about 3.45am, she made a further 999 call to police and asked officers to remove Cash from her address.
“He was aggressive towards officers and had to be tasered before being handcuffed.
“It was then the woman said she felt unwell and was taken to hospital where she was found to have suffered slight concussion and bruising,” said Ms Tomos.
Cash made no comment during interview but pleaded guilty when he saw the CCTV footage.
Robert Edwards, defending, said Cash had become very emotional during the showing of the CCTV footage and asked the court to accept his remorse was genuine.
“He is absolutely ashamed by what he has done,” Mr Edwards said.
He added Cash had no recollection of the incident which is why he refused to answer police questions.
In addition to the prison term Cash will have to observe a restraining order which prevents him contacting the victim or going anywhere near her address for three years.
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Monday, 19 June 2017

Rhos On Sea.....Vandalism at Bryn Euryn Nature Reserve

Yobs have pulled out the public footpath signs and burnt them for a camp fire!

What a lovely place we live in!

Colwyn Bay...Brazen thief seen smashing windows of car

Car's on board camera records brazen thief seen smashing window of car and leaning in to take cash from inside

A brazen thief wearing a balaclava has been caught red-handed breaking into a car in Colwyn Bay broad daylight.
The thief is seen walking down Woodland Park, pulling a balaclava over his face, and using an object to break into the grey Mercedes car.
The man then leans into the driver’s seat, picks something up and then walks swiftly off. The man who is seen wearing black top, trousers and white gloves, took just 15 seconds to carry out the break in. The owner of the car Marcus Astle, says the thief managed to steal just £8 in loss change.
Marcus, 23, who runs his own driving school, said: “It’s cost me £100 to claim off my insurance but my no claims bonus is fine.
“I’m annoyed about the money to fix the car, the money I’ve lost taking today off work and also my dad’s had to hire a car as he was supposed to use mine later on this afternoon.”
The footage of the man was taken from Marcus’s father’s car which was parked in front.
Marcus added: “No harm came to me or anything it’s just a car at the end of the day I have no idea why he did it all I know is some cash was missing from my car.”
A police spokeswoman said: “Enquiries are ongoing, no arrests have been made.”

Colwyn Bay ......Attempted murder probe in Colwyn Bay

Two men charged over attack on man in Woodland Road West area due in court tomorrow
Two men have been charged with attempt murder following an incident in Colwyn Bay during the early hours of yesterday morning.
Police were called to reports of a disturbance in the Woodland Road West area.
A 23-year-old man, who is local to the area, was taken to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd by ambulance with serious injuries. He has since been transferred to hospital in Stoke and is said to be in a stable condition.
Officers arrested two men in connection with the incident and both have now been charged.
Cody James Allen, 18, who is from the Llandudno Junction area and 27-year-old Kyle Mark Rochell, who is from the Mochdre area have both been charged with attempt murder and possession of an offensive weapon in a public place.
Both have been remanded to appear before Llandudno Magistrates Court tomorrow.

Detective Inspector Jackie Downes from North Wales Police said: “We would like to thank those members of the community who have assisted us so far, and we continue to appeal to anybody who may have information in relation to this incident to contact us on 101, quoting reference number V088935.”

Friday, 16 June 2017

North Wales - Horse shot six times on Anglesey

It's getting bad here, this is sickening.

Police have launched an investigation after a horse was shot six times with an air gun.
The shocking attack took place at Dulas on Anglesey .
The injuries to the horse were only spotted when it was brought in for work on its hooves.
The injuries were only noted when the horse was brought in for work on its hooves. Happened sometime in the last 5 months. Info to 101.
North Wales Police 's rural crime team have launched an investigation into the incident, which is believed to have happened at some time over the last five months.
The rural crime team's manager Rob Taylor said: "How could anyone get gratification by shooting an innocent animal six times with an air gun?
"It is beyond belief. Shame on the offender."
Pellet recovered from horse on Anglesey which was shot six times with an air gun
Pellet recovered from horse on Anglesey which was shot six times with an air gun
One pellet was recovered by police.

Anyone with any information should contact North Wales Police on 101.