Friday, 25 August 2017

Llandudno ...'Menacing' thief jailed for 'terrifying' robbery at newsagent's

Shop keeper, who had only just returned to work from maternity leave, feared Andrew Duncan, 50, was armed with a knife
A terrified shop assistant feared for her life when a man threatened her with what she believed to be a knife and ordered her to open the till.
Lucia Peters told a judge at Caernarfon Crown Court she was “absolutely terrified” during the incident at the Clifton House newsagent's in Upper Mostyn Street, Llandudno.
She described Andrew Duncan as “menacing and confident” who knew exactly what he was doing when he demanded cash during the robbery on March 1.
The 50-year-old, of Ty Gwyn Road, Llandudno, admitted robbery and was jailed for four years.
Reading her Victim Personal Statement Mrs Peters said the day the incident happened was her first day back at work following the birth of her daughter.
“He appeared to be holding a weapon and I feared for my life. I was panicking my baby daughter, then just five weeks old, would be left alone without a mother. It was absolutely terrifying,” she said.
Mrs Peters, 24, urged the judge to impose a sentence on Duncan that would reflect the way the incident had affected her life.
Judge Huw Rees thanked her for attending court and told Duncan he had a poor record which included a similar offence of robbery in Llandudno 12 years ago.
“You should have learned your lesson from that,” he told Duncan.
Prosecutor Ffion Tomos said Mrs Peters had seen Duncan loitering outside the shop at about 10.50am on March 1.
“She was working alone in the shop which is owned by her mother.
“The defendant came in and approached her. He had his face concealed by a tightly drawn hooded top and she told him to back off. He had an item in his hand inside a white plastic bag and he demanded she open the till.
“He took £120 from it and asked where the rest of the money was. Told he had it all he turned his attention to the tobacco counter and took a handful of cigarette packets worth £76 and left.”
The incident was reported to police and an investigation launched.
Duncan’s movements around Llandudno, the court heard, were followed on CCTV cameras and he was seen to have removed some of the clothing he was wearing. He was identified by officers and arrested at his home after being found hiding in a wardrobe.
Ms Tomos said Duncan had 176 previous offences, mostly for theft and dishonesty.
Andrew Duncan, 50, has been jailed for four years for robbing a newsagents in Mostyn Street, Llandudno
Andrew Duncan, 50, has been jailed for four years for robbing a newsagents in Mostyn Street, Llandudno 
Dafydd Roberts, defending, said what he had to say did not minimise the effects the incident had had on Mrs Peters.
“This is a serious offence and a lengthy custodial sentence must be imposed and he accepts that. He wishes, through me, to apologise for what he has done,” he said.
The barrister added Duncan was a user of illegal drugs and offended to fund his addiction.
Acknowledging the sentence Det Sgt Dean Jones praised local businesses for their assistance in providing CCTV which was an integral part of the prosecution case.
“The support from the local community, and business community in particular, was significant in contributing to a successful prosecution.
“Andrew Duncan subjected innocent people to threats of violence and today’s sentence will, I’m sure, bring a sense of relief to the local community, as well as his victims and demonstrate we will relentlessly pursue those who commit the most harm in our communities.”

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Colwyn Bay .... New Council Office Carbuncle Takes shape!

A view from the Park and Rydal! How the hell did this ever get past planning? Oh yes that's right, it's being built by the council, for the council, who also decide the outcome of their own planning applications, so that's why! Just awful, what a mess, haven't the council done enough damage to Colwyn Bay already?

Colwyn Bay .... Sunny Towers, Another Bad Review!

 Thank you to Mrs S who recently stayed there and sent in this review of the Holiday "Cottage"

Hi there I've just come across this. We had booked to stay at ST last week! The reviews on Sykes seemed ok!!! How wrong were they! It was awful! 
You could tell it's an awful area as soon as you pull up. The owner was very odd showing us round & it was absolutely filthy! I complained to Sykes & sent photos, they got in touch with the owner who sent a Lithuanian cleaner round who couldn't understand a word I said! 
Anyway long story short there was no where else for us to go as it's summer holidays everything was booked, my baby is 1 & has breathing issues but we had to stay in the mouldy stinky house for the week! 
We spent all day everyday out and only slept there. I'm complaining and have asked for half the money back which ilI feel is lenient! 
Could I ask if you booked through Sykes as they're saying all their feedback is good & no one has complained! I find that very hard to believe as the dirt wasn't just a weeks worth it's months worth!
I think that the other person who also sent in the review also booked through them, however sadly many companies won't print bad reviews, The Travelodge just down the road removed a load of bad reviews and now vets them! If you have photos, then go to trading standards as if other people have evidence also, you could sue Sykes for failing to allow a fair and balanced review, which had you seen, you could have chosen to risk it or not. 
Please see the comments section for a link to the other review leaver, click on the name and leave a message, then maybe you can both take action, Good luck, and thanks for contacting us. Please keep us informed. Mrs Colwyn Bay.

Rhos On Sea ....Man 'behaved like untamed animal' during attack on dog walker who later needed stitches

Never a dull moment in Rhos!

A 24-year-old man who attacked a stranger on a seafront and spat in the face of a passer-by who stopped to help has been told he had “all the hallmarks of an angry young man.”
Judge Huw Rees, sitting at Caernarfon crown court, told defendant Adam Clarke: “What someone like you needs is to be on the rugby field for the full duration of the game and then we would find out how much of a thug and a bully you are.”
Clarke, formerly of Ffordd Dawel, Colwyn Bay, but now living with his father at Llangoed, Anglesey, pleaded guilty to causing actual bodily harm to Mark Adamson, who needed 17 stitches in his lip and could have a small scar, and common assault on Matthew Jones, the spitting victim.
Judge Rees gave him a 12-month sentence, suspended for 18 months, but warned he would reserve the case to himself should there be any breaches of conditions, and a lengthy jail sentence would result.
He told Clarke: “You behaved like an untamed animal, you’re not a young boy any more, you purport to be a man.”
Brett Williamson, prosecuting, described how the incident had taken place on January 10 on the promenade at Rhos-on-Sea as Mr Adamson and his wife Jane were walking their dogs.
After Clarke raised his fists towards Mr Adamson his wife ran to the nearby Cayley Arms for help.
Before Mr Adamson had time to react he was punched in the face. Mr Adamson grabbed Clarke by the coat and they both fell to the ground.
Jogger Andrew Bale, who was out with his wife, got between the defendant and Mr Adamson who was being kicked and punched while curled on the ground.
A woman, believed to be Clarke’s partner, was crawling on the ground shouting “babe, babe” – both of them drunk.
Mr Jones told the defendant to calm down and was punched towards the head then Clarke “spat fully in Mr Jones’ face.”
Clarke had been wrestled to the ground and kicked out at a cyclist, and when police arrived continued to be violent.
Mr Williamson said: “Mr Jones feels degraded, more affronted at the spitting than the punch.”
Dafydd Roberts, defending, said Clarke realised he needs to change his ways.
The barrister said it was a straight choice between Altcourse prison or a suspended sentence which would give an opportunity for rehabilitation, and an approved programme to assist.
Judge Rees told Clarke he had an appalling list of previous convictions and he could have no complaint if sent to prison for as long as the law allowed.
Mr Adamson and his wife had been merely walking their dogs, “but I suspect if anyone looks at you the wrong way it would set you off.”
Clarke had a lack of discipline and self control. He owed a debt of gratitude to a senior probation officer who had considered “there may be a glimmer of hope.”
Clarke, who hopes to join his father as a fisherman, must carry out 200 hours of unpaid work, attend 25 days’ rehabilitation and a 35-session “thinking skills” programme, with £140 surcharge to be paid.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Fight To Save Colwyn Bay Pier Is Not Over..

Some great news at last, however the council should have done this years ago, but well done to the trust and all involved, the Pier restored will bring so much to the prom, the Skip and the Flats do nothing, but the Pier will be lovely, well done to all who have worked so hard.

Rhos-on-Sea, Llandudno....Ice cream kiosks hit in 'destructive' Conwy break-in spree

Do the crime sprees ever end? It just seems continuous, every day almost!

Thieves targeted a number of ice cream kiosks in Conwy county in a spate of overnight attacks.
North Wales Police said businesses on the West Promenade in Rhos-on-Sea and West Shore in Llandudno were hit, along with others in Llanddulas and Colwyn Bay.
The raids took place overnight between Monday and Tuesday.
Kiosk Ali in Eirias Park was one of the businesses broken into, although owner Sabrina Ali said those who targeted her store left empty-handed.
“I did hear that other places had been targeted, but I don’t know if that is just coincidence,” she said.
“This is the fifth time they have tried to get in but, because we have an alarm system, it has always stopped them.
“It is just angering. It is a waste of everybody’s time: having to have insurance come out, police coming out and us having to pay out money.
“They have kicked the door in and they completely wrecked the bolts, so they must have had some sort of bolt cutters.
“The top locks were taken away and the handle was completely broken.”
Ms Ali said the intruders made their way into the kiosk and opened one of the fridge doors, but left with nothing.
“If they have tried to get into the till, they were wasting their time because we don’t leave any money,” she said.
“It is just malicious, destructive behaviour.”
Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101.

Man with sword arrested on Great Orme in Llandudno

North Wales Police were called after receiving reports of an armed man at beauty spot

Another nail in the coffin for the fading "Queen" of welsh resorts! Strange but this is absent from today's paper, or online page, seems this major story is being kept under wraps for some reason? Very strange. 

North Wales Police have arrested a man for possession of a sword following an incident on the Great Orme

Reports of a police incident around lunch time on Thursday 17th August Llandudno Ski and Snowboard Centre on the Great Orme. 

North Wales Police have arrested a man said to be armed with a sword on the Great Orme. It is understood the force received calls from the public around 12 noon yesterday

Scene on Great Orme, Llandudno after man with sword arrested

Llanddulas......Doggers target popular Conwy beach amid crackdown on outdoor sex acts

This has been going on for years there, why the interest now? It's the same in Llandudno's West Shore beach.
A popular Conwy beach carpark has become increasingly popular with doggers it has emerged - just weeks after police announced a crackdown at another site popular with voyeurs.
Local residents say their lives are being blighted by amorous couples performing sex acts in their cars at all hours of the day and night.
Holidaymakers and locals alike have complained that they have even propositioned by the exhibitionists looking for outdoor flings.
Llanddulas Beach early morning 

The problem has become so bad at Llanddulas Beach that County Councillor Keith Eeles has called in the police to help reduce the nuisance.
Earlier this month, patrols were increased in Flintshire as the police launched an operation to deter kinky couples from Prince’s Wood in Penymynydd.
Councillor Keith Eeles said: “It’s a long standing issue. There’s instances where people have been going down to the beach and have been subjected to propositions.
“Earlier this year a couple of holidaymakers who were with their grandchild saw two gentlemen engaged in the activity.
“This behaviour is generating a lot of complaints from residents and visitors to myself and North Wales Police. But I am working with officers to help crackdown on the issue.

“PCSO’s and officers when not on an emergency call are frequently patrolling the area. They drive down and move people on.
“Most people will move on but there are some cheeky enough to move from one of the car parks to another.
“I’ve been on a house call and even seen people in the act in the toilets in the middle of the afternoon. It’s been on-going for years now.”
Inspector Kelly Isaacs from North Wales Police said: “We are aware of these issues in Llandulas and are patrolling the area.
"Sexual activity openly taking place is an offence and positive action will be taken if offences are identified.”

The car park and adjacent beach at Llanddulas is a notorious outdoor sex spot, and is even rated on a popular swinging website as a hotspot for couples hoping to engage in the act.
Several users have reviewed the area, advising other doggers who are on the lookout for new locations.
One female user said: “We go when we can but it’s a bit cold there in the winter lol.”
Another anonymous user commented: “After dark a few couples !! Loads of gay men as well.”
One rated the spot for its privacy, saying: “The beach at Llanddulas is quiet and secluded.”

Friday, 11 August 2017

Colwyn Bay...F.O.I 58 Million Carbuncle!!!!!!

H Spencer 3 May 2017
Dear Conwy County Borough Council,
Further to your response to FOI 9955-16, could you please confirm what the cost to the taxpayer for this is?
Are the offices to be rented from M&G, and if so, what is the monthly/annual cost for the rent? Is this for the full 40 year term? If not rented, then how is it being paid for by Conwy County Borough Council?
Yours faithfully,
H Spencer
Uned Llyw-Gwyb / Info-Gov Unit, Conwy County Borough Council 3 May 2017
Diolch am eich neges e-bost. Os ydych yn gofyn am fynediad at wybodaeth
dan delerau Deddf Rhyddid Gwybodaeth 2000 cewch ymateb o fewn ugain
niwrnod gwaith.
Thank you for your email. If you are requesting access to information
under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 you will receive a
response within twenty working days.
Derek O'Connor, Conwy County Borough Council 22 May 2017
Dear Mr Spencer
The total cost to the Council as a consequence of its financial agreement with M&G is in the order of £58million; other occupation costs (rates, utilities etc) are in addition. These costs are less than the ‘do nothing’ option. By undertaking the project, as you will be aware, the Council will be modernising and de-risking its estate,and costing 58 million in the process!!! and it is part of a wider programme of modernising facilities for staff, visitors and customers and assisting with the regeneration of Colwyn Bay.......!!!!!!! Really........M&G will be the landlords on practical completion for a 40 year term with a put and call option at the end, whereby CCBC can acquire for £1.
If you are dissatisfied with the handling of your request, you have the right to ask for an internal review. Internal review requests should be submitted within two months of the date of receipt of this response and should be sent to the address below.
Please ensure all email correspondence is sent to the [Conwy Council request email] email address.
If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review, or if you are unhappy with this response you may appeal to the Information Commissioner’s Office – Wales, 2nd Floor, Churchill House, Churchill Way, Cardiff, CF10 2HH.
Uned Llywodraethu Gwybodaeth/ Information Governance Unit
Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol CONWY County Borough Council
E-Bost / E-Mail: [Conwy Council request email]
 What a crap answer, a bit like the crap new office block!

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Llandudno ....'Sick' thieves smash mobility scooter and leave disabled 81-year-old stranded

A new Low Even for The "Queen" of Faded resorts Llandudno!

Hilda Taylor relied on the scooter to get out and about until it was taken from the Moorcroft care home in Craig-y-Don
A disabled 81-year-old who relied on her mobility scooter to get around has been left devastated by “sick” thieves who took it from her care home and smashed it up.
Hilda Taylor, who lives at the Moorcroft home in Craig-y-don, had no idea the scooter had been stolen until North Wales Police called the home to say it had been found in Llandudno.
The grandmother had a stroke 17 years ago and said the mobility scooter gave her independence and allowed her to get out and about.
Hilda Taylor, is upset that her mobility scooter has been stolen from her residence at Moorcroft, Care, Home, Fferm Bach Road, Craig y Don, Llandudno.
Hilda Taylor 
She said: “I feel dreadful. I feel really upset.
“I can’t go out, I can’t walk - my scooter is my legs.
“It was new, quite a flashy one because my son bought me it. I am really upset by it all.”
It is not known exactly when the scooter was taken, but Mrs Taylor last used it on Wednesday and police found it broken on Friday.
Her son Andy Taylor said: “It is just awful that someone could do that. She is totally disabled down one side and can only walk a few steps at best.”
Mr Taylor, who lives in Colwyn Heights, visited the police station to see the broken scooter and said there was no way it could be repaired.
“Who would be sick enough to steal a disabled 81-year-old’s only means of transport and smash it to bits for entertainment?” he said.
“It is all smashed up with no plastic at the front. It’s just not nice for my mum.”
The next step for the family is to replace the mobility scooter so Mrs Taylor can get out and about again.
Mr Taylor, 41, had bought the scooter for his mum on eBay.
When the bike was discovered, the number of the seller was still attached and police used it to trace the scooter back to the care home.
Mr Taylor added: “If nothing else, I would hope to convey the fact that people in the area need to be vigilant of theft.”

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Llandudno Burglar on trial.....

28 year old Trevor ward has been sent for a Crown Court trial following a series of night time burglaries , one at the Kings Arms pub above and one at a block of flats in Bodafon Street in the town.
Ward will remain in custody until the trial.

Llandudno Man Vandalised Three Vans!

 A 39 year old man from Llandudno attacked 3 Parked Vans whilst under the influence of Alcohol. Victor Da Silva of Queens Road Llandudno attacked and broke windows, claiming that he was unhappy that commercial vans were parked on his street.
The Vans were not parked on his land but public property.
Silva admitted criminal damage and was ordered to pay £785 in fine, as well as costs and compensation.

Llandudno .. Chef accused of Rape!

A Llandudno chef from Colwyn Bay is accused of raping a woman at The Cayley Embankment In Rhos on Sea.
 Above the Cayley Embankment

Jie Xiang Guan 39 from Heol Dirion Colwyn Bay denies the charge, however he has been bailed under strict conditions, which include a midnight to 7am, curfew, until the trial.

Llandudno ....Police conducted a 'series' of Drug raids in Llandudno

Large amounts of drugs and thousands of pounds of cash seized by police in Conwy drug raids

Officers conducted a 'series' of raids in Llandudno, Llandudno Junction and Glan Conwy on Monday
Large amounts of drugs and thousands of pounds of cash have been seized by police after drug raids by police in Conwy .
On Monday officers from the West Conwy Pro Active Team executed search warrants in Llandudno , Llandudno Junction and Glan Conwy as part of a crackdown on illegal drugs.
Officers seized large amounts of suspected class A and B drugs along with thousands of pounds in cash and weapons including knives and an imitation firearm.
Cash and weapons seized by police in Conwy as part of crackdown
Cash and weapons seized by police in Conwy as part of crackdown 
No one was arrested but two further drug suspects have been identified by police.
PC 3112 Liam Jones at North Wales Police said: "The West Conwy Pro Active team have conducted a large number of warrants in recent weeks which we believe have significantly disrupted the supply of drugs in the area.
"We have seized assets including thousands of pounds of cash. We have also recovered and disposed of thousands of pounds of equipment used to produce and process illegal drugs.
"These seizures not only help in providing evidence of criminal activity but they also help to protect the public in the longer terms and harm the ability of people concerned in illegal drugs supply in continuing to ply their trade.
"We will take every opportunity to pro-actively hunt down and prosecute those in our society who feed off of the vulnerability of those at most risk within our communities."
The warrants form part of a wider investigation into the production and supply of illegal drugs in West Conwy and the surrounding area.