Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Llandudno ....Hotel chiefs apologise after memorial plaques at Llandudno hotel were painted over

Do these people not have a life? Well done to the hotel for painting the benches, all they needed to do was clean the Plaque, not ring the news paper! Sad.

Guests at the Iris Hotel had complained after discovering the plaques in memory of Margaret Myfanwy Davies had been covered in paint

A couple were 'disgusted' to find two plaques on memorial benches painted over at a seaside hotel.
Sharon Holdstock was on holiday with her husband David when they noticed the plaques on the benches had been covered with white paint.
The memorial benches, in the smoking area of the Iris Hotel in Llandudno , are in memory of a lady named Margaret Myfanwy Davies.

The plaque on a memorial bench has been painted over at a Llandudno hotel
The plaque on a memorial bench has been painted over at a Llandudno hotel

Speaking to the Daily Post, Mrs Holdstock said: "It is absolutely disgusting. It looks like people have tried to scratch the paint to see the name.
"A family has paid for that. There were two benches both with the same name.
"We tried to see the name but it has blatantly been painted over.
"It is awful, you just have to put it into perspective if that was your grandma."

Memorial benches and plaque painted over at the Iris Hotel, Llandudno
Memorial benches and plaque painted over at the Iris Hotel, Llandudno

Hotel bosses said painting over the plaques was a mistake and have apologiesd.
A statement issued by the manger read: "The owner of the hotel said when he bought the hotel 12 years ago, the benches had already been there.
"One of the maintenance (workers) had painted over the benches.
"We are aware a guest was upset and we have now removed the painting from the plaque.
"It is a mistake from our maintenance, and we didn't realise he had done that and it has now been sorted."

Llandudno....Drink-drive mum who kicked cop banned from driving

 What a classy Lady!!!!

Drink-drive mum who kicked cop banned from driving

Amy Jane Wynne, 30, of Conway Road, Llandudno, pleaded guilty at Llandudno magistrates’ court
A single mum who was caught drink-driving hurled a torrent of abuse at the police officers and struggled so much that reinforcements had to be called.
Amy Jane Wynne refused to give a specimen of breath at the roadside but after being arrested was found to have 73 microgrammes of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath, just over twice the legal limit.
Wynne, 30, of Conway Road, Llandudno, pleaded guilty at Llandudno magistrates ’ court to driving with excess alcohol, having no insurance or driving licence, damaging a police car and assaulting PC Bradley Sunderland, whom she kicked several times.
Wynne, a mother-of-two, told police she had drunk two bottles of wine with her sister and had driven only a short distance before being caught in Conwy Road in the early hours of October 14
District Judge Gwyn Jones imposed a 7pm – 7am curfew for 12 weeks and banned her from driving for 20 months.
She was also fined £120 and ordered to pay £100 for the damaged car, £200 to PC Sunderland, £85 court costs and an £85 surcharge.

North Wales ....Children launching hundreds of sex attacks on child victims new figures reveal

 Very worrying indeed!

Kids launching hundreds of sex attacks on child victims new figures reveal

Figures obtained by The Daily Post under the Freedom of Information Act reveal a growing number of sex attacks are taking place in schools
Hundreds of sex attacks have been launched by children against fellow youngsters - with dozens taking place in schools.
North Wales Police have received reports about 714 sexual offences including rape, sexual assault and voyeurism carried out by children where another child was the victim since January 2014.
More than 70 offences took place on school grounds over the past four years, according to data obtained from the force by the Daily Post under the Freedom of Information Act.
Figures reveal a growing number of cases are taking place in schools.
In 2014 officers recorded 10 school-based offences, nine in 2015, before a sharp of 38 in 2016 with 20 recorded so far this year.
Some 24 of the suspects in recorded cases were aged just nine years old or younger - below the age of criminal responsibility.
Data shows the number also appears to have risen, with two suspects aged under 10 in 2014 and three in 2015 with a rise to nine in 2016 and 10 in 2017.
Detective Inspector Stephen Williams, of North Wales Police, said all offences involving children are investigated by specialist child protection investigators jointly with Social Services in line with the All Wales Child Protection procedures.
He said: “Every case is assessed by each agency and outcomes are agreed on a multi-agency basis.
“Criminal investigations that reach the required threshold will be referred to the CPS for their consideration.
“Some offences will be managed by the youth offending teams who have a range of intervention programmes at their disposal.”
Of the 714 offences recorded, a total of 179 were rape offences.
The number of reported cases is rising, with 133 crimes in 2014, 161 in 2015, 211 in 2016 and 209 in 2017.
Within the four years, only 36 individual charges have been brought against those suspected of sexual assaults.
In most cases, there was a lack of support from victims or a lack of evidence to pursue the cases, according to police.
On other occasions, action was deemed not to be in the public interest, or suspects were dealt with using other means such as cautions or community resolutions.
Children’s charities expressed concern over the findings.
A spokesman for NSPCC Cymru said: “Schools should always be safe places and where offences have occurred while a child is in the care of adults, a review of safeguarding procedures must accompany any criminal investigation.
“Sexual violence will inevitably have a profound impact on a child’s life both in the short-term and in later life, and it’s absolutely critical that all possible support is offered to those who’ve been affected.
“Efforts must also be made to ensure all children know how to stay safe, speak out and seek help when there are cases of abuse.
“No child should be victim to any kind of sexual assault and it’s shocking that nearly 100 offences have been recorded on school grounds in the last four years in north Wales.”
Welsh Government spokesman added: “All schools have a duty to ensure that learners are cared for in a safe learning environment.
“We have issued ‘Keeping learners safe’ to all schools to support them in responding to welfare concerns and working with other agencies when necessary.
“We have also issued the ‘All Wales Sexually Harmful Behaviour Protocol’ as well as e-learning modules and case studies developed with schools to support effective multi-agency safeguarding practice.”

Monday, 30 October 2017

Colwyn Bay Travelodge..... Vodka Anyone?

Classy place Colwyn Bay! One of our contacts just sent us this photograph of the lovely Colwyn Bay Travelodge with a large bottle of Vodka on the wall outside the door today at 1.40pm.
Now we are of course in no way suggesting that an occupant of the facility left it there, or anyone from the Hostel across the road, but you would think that staff would have bothered to just move it into a bin wouldn't you?
Somethings will never change in Colwyn Bay. Sad really. Thanks for the photos D.A.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Llandudno........ The Grand hotel dubbed the worst chain in Britain

Owner of Llandudno's The Grand hotel and Pontins in Prestatyn dubbed the worst chain in Britain

The Britannia owned sites have also been savaged by guests on TripAdvisor
The chain that owns The Grand in Llandudno and Pontins in Prestatyn has been dubbed the worst large hotel brand in Britain.
Britannia has come bottom in a Which? Travel survey of large hotel brands in the UK.
Which? asked its members to rate UK hotel chains on everything from bed comfort to cleanliness.
From a total of more than 4,000 responses, the survey found that Britannia, which has 54 hotels across the UK, was judged as the worst.
The Grand Hotel, Llandudno
The Grand Hotel, Llandudno 
It failed to muster more than two stars in any category, receiving ‘poor’ scores in areas including cleanliness, customer service and value for money.
One of their hotels is The Grand in Llandudno which despite its stunning location on the seafront in Llandudno does not live up to its name.
On TripAdvisor it is ranked as the 58th best hotel in the resort - out of 60. Nearly a quarter of those staying there rated it as terrible.
Comments include: "This was the worst welcome I have ever had in a hotel." and "This motel is one of the dirtiest and most poorly maintained I have ever been in."
Britannia also owns Pontins in Prestatyn where the reviews are even more damning.
More than 1,500 people have branded their stay at a North Wales holiday camp as “terrible” on review site, TripAdvisor.
One man called it “the most vile place” he’s ever stayed.
Overall the customer score for Britannia in the Which? Travel survey was 33%, well behind the second-from-bottom Days Inn Hotel (49%)
Premier Inn came in at top with 79%.

Top Five hotel brands in Britain

  1. Premier Inn - 79 per cent (overall customer score out of 100)
  2. Ibis Budget - 71 per cent
  3. 3= Radisson-Blu - 70 per cent
  4. 3= Crowne Plaza - 70 per cent
  5. 3= MacDonald - 70 per cent

Top five worst hotel chains in Britain

  1. Britannia - 33 per cent (overall customer score out of 100)
  2. Days Inn/Hotel - 49 per cent
  3. Old English Inn/Hotel - 55 per cent
  4. Mercure - 57 per cent
  5. Radisson-Park Inn - 58 per cent

The categories looked at in the Which? Travel survey

  • Average price paid for a one-night stay (including all room types)
  • Cleanliness (including bedrooms, bathrooms and communal areas)
  • Quality of the bedrooms (including furniture, air conditioning, heating, facilities)
  • Bathrooms (including fixtures and fittings, lighting, towels, toiletries, shower or bath)
  • Bed comfort (including quality of mattress, pillow and duvet)
  • How well the description of the hotel matched the actual experience
  • see.....http://www.dailypost.co.uk/business/business-news/britannia-grand-hotel-llandudno-book-13810018

Colwyn Bay ... Chavs Causing Havoc in Town Centre!

Colwyn Bay is a s rough as a bears arse, lets not pretend, We had just come back fro a Theatre show and decided to walk the dogs before bed at 1pm in the bay. We headed to the Queens Park Gardens,

which we know can be full of drunks and drug users from time to time, but in fairness it was empty, but full of litter. We could hear shouting, and there walking in the middle of the road was a gang of 7 to 8 chavs shouting and banging safety cones on cars and shop doors, no police around.
We were intimidated and I said to my husband "Let's go".
The chavs clearly were having a ball vandalising things, so we cut up a road to miss them.
Terrible when you don't even feel safe walking the dogs!

Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Llandudno ...A hotelier and leading member of Llandudno’s hospitality association racially abused and assaulted a taxi driver

 Above Evans Hotel Llandudno, 

Pillar of the community chased cab driver with golf club after racist rant

Peter Hibbert, 55, of St Mary's Road, Llandudno, was said to have 'completely overreacted' following a conversation in the taxi

A hotelier and leading member of Llandudno’s hospitality association racially abused and assaulted a taxi driver – before running after the cab brandishing a golf club.
Peter Hibbert’s lawyer told a district judge at Llandudno that he had “completely overreacted” following a conversation in the taxi, which had taken him home from the town’s North Wales golf club.
Prosecutor James Neary said Hibbert had got out of the taxi and went to his front door.
After being asked to pay the £6 fare, the 55-year-old had called Iraq-born taxi driver Jubrael Braymuk a “f****** P*** b******” and a “Muslim b******”, it was alleged.
Mr Neary said Mr Braymuk dialled 999 on his mobile phone, but Hibbert tried to grab the phone, causing a small cut, and at one stage pushed the driver.
The victim waited for police to arrive, but Hibbert emerged from his house waving a golf club and chased after the taxi with it.
Mr Neary said the driver was “shaken up” by his ordeal.
A witness said Hibbert had also shouted: “F*** off back to your own country.”
The defendant disputed using the term “f****** P*** b******” when quizzed by police.
But the hotelier admitted racially aggravated common assault and threatening behaviour and received a 29-week suspended jail term.
Hibbert, of St Mary’s Road, Llandudno, must also do a rehabilitation activity and 160 hours of unpaid work, as well as paying £600 compensation and £200 costs.
District judge Gwyn Jones said: “This type of behaviour isn’t something we ordinarily associate as behaviour emanating from the local golf club, but no doubt it may have something to do with a copious amount of alcohol you may have consumed on that night.”
Hibbert had become “extremely offensive” and had gone into the house to collect the club, he said.
Defence barrister Ffion Tomos said it was out of character.
Hibbert was a successful hotelier, had been chairman of committees and helped raise money for charities, she said.
He sponsored local sports clubs and helped organise various events.
“The offence was out of character for him,” said Ms Tomos.
“He is remorseful. He told me matters got completely out of hand and his behaviour wasn’t acceptable.
“He accepts what happened was wrong and falls on the mercy of the court. He had been drinking.”

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Llandudno ....Teenagers arrested in Llandudno drug raids

Teenagers arrested in Llandudno drug raids

Thousands of pounds in cash and a 'substantial' amount of Class A drugs were discovered by officers
Two teenagers were arrested during a string of drug raids in Llandudno.
Several operations in Conwy in recent months have led to the seizure of thousands of pounds and a “substantial quantity” of Class A narcotics.
Officers from the West Conwy neighbourhood tasking team made the Llandudno discovery as part of ongoing efforts by the force to combat organised crime groups operating in North Wales.
The two males from Merseyside, aged 16 and 18, were quizzed by detectives and have since been released on police bail.
PC Carl Barlow said: “West Conwy neighbourhood tasking team have conducted a large number of warrants and address checks as part of Operation Flight in recent months which we believe have significantly disrupted the supply of drugs in the area.
We have seized assets including thousands of pounds of cash and disposed of thousands of pounds worth of equipment used to produce and process illegal drugs.
“These seizures not only provide evidence of criminal activity, but they also help to protect the public and disrupt the ability of criminals concerned with drugs supply to continue plying their illegal trade.”
The latest arrests are in line with Operation Scorpion, the force’s programme to tackle serious and organised crime.
Anyone with information about drugs supply or organised crime in North Wales is asked to call police on 101 .
If anyone prefers to give information anonymously please call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Llandudno,Colwyn Bay,.....North Wales Police to launch knife amnesty in bid to cut crime

 Above a double stabbing at Ffordd Dulyn, Llandudno.

North Wales Police to launch knife amnesty in bid to cut crime

The week-long campaign allows people to dispose of unwanted blades

Police have launched a week-long knife amnesty in the on-going battle to take lethal weapons off the streets.
From Monday October 23 anyone who hands in a blade in at a police station will not be punished.
Special disposal bins will be placed in stations in Wrexham , Mold, Rhyl, Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, Bangor, Caernarfon and Holyhead.
Officers said they hope the campaign will educate people about the dangers of knives.
Inspector Julie Sheard said: “Our focus will be on targeting those who habitually carry and use knives, tackling the supply and access to weapons, engagement with the public to increase awareness of the consequences of carrying knives and providing opportunities to surrender weapons.”
She added: “We take a robust approach to anyone found to be illegally in possession of a knife or bladed article on the streets.
“I would encourage anyone in possession of such articles to take this opportunity to rid themselves of any illegal weapons.”
Anyone handing a knife in is asked to first wrap it in cardboard, making sure the tip is completely covered.
North Wales Police held a knife amnesty in July , this year, which saw 380 items handed in over one week.
If you know of somebody carrying a knife report it to North Wales Police on 101 or in an emergency always dial 999.
Alternatively contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

What is the law?

  • It is illegal for any shop to sell a knife of any kind (including cutlery and kitchen knives) to anyone under the age of 18.
  • It is a crime to carry a knife in public without good reason – for example, if you work as a chef.
  • The maximum penalty for an adult carrying a knife is four years in prison and a fine of £5,000.
  • It is illegal to carry, buy or sell any type of knife banned by the Government.
  • Knives with folding blades, like Swiss Army knives, are not illegal as long as the blade is three inches long (7.62 cm) or less.
  • If any knife is used in a threatening way (even a legal knife, such as a Swiss Army knife), it is regarded as an ‘offensive weapon’ by the law.
  • Any sharp instrument – even a screwdriver – can be viewed by the police as an illegal offensive weapon if you do not have a good reason for carrying it.
  • see....http://www.dailypost.co.uk/news/north-wales-police-launch-knife-13778383

Colwyn Bay ... Delinquents caught climbing along Old Colwyn viaduct ledge

Another classic example of the sort of Yobs we have in Colwyn Bay, If I had been there I would have been shouting, "Jump, Jump" sadly the tax payers have to pay for increased police presence, whilst other crimes don't even get a visit. And where are the parents?

Police are to step up patrols in the area following the 'dangerous incident' involving three youngsters
Police are to step up patrols near a railway viaduct after children were seen climbing along its dangerous narrow ledge.
Eyewitnesses looked on in fear as the three children, thought to be aged around 11 or 12, were spotted shuffling along the Old Colwyn archways high above the road below on Wednesday afternoon (October 18).
The six arched limestone viaduct, which marks the eastern end of the Promenade in Old Colwyn , was built in 1847.
Craig Sheehan, who spotted the trio, said: “It’s a miracle no one fell.”
He said: “Between 4.30pm and 5pm, a group of school children climbed up the bank towards the train track, and then preceded to cross the archways, across a small six inch ledge.
“The incident attracted a crowd of people, and cars slowed down to watch.
“People were shouting at them to get down.
“In the end they calmly did so, with no apparent awareness of the danger they had placed themselves in.”
The children climb along a ledge on Old Colwyn archways
The children climb along a ledge on Old Colwyn archways 
Police says patrols will be stepped up in the area.
Sgt Tom Prytherch said: “This a particularly dangerous incident which could have cause serious injury or death and also posed a danger to other members of the public.
“This has been added to our local patrol plan for officers to check.”
He said the pictures of the youngsters have been forwarded to British Transport Police.
Old Colwyn Cllr Cheryl Carlisle said: “This shocking incident has long been feared by myself and Cllr Brian Cossey as local Councillors, and by the Old Colwyn Residents Group.
“We have repeatedly asked Network Rail to fence this area off safely, as the old, broken fencing was an accident waiting to happen.
“The fencing was finally replaced, after years of lobbying, but it is obviously not high or strong enough.
“We will again go back to Network Rail to ask for urgent safety works, and will also work closely with Insp Kelly Isacs and her team to get the safety message across in our local schools.”
A Network Rail spokesman said: “Trespassing on the railway is extremely dangerous and puts lives at risk. It can cause disruption to train services directly affecting people going about their daily lives, such as getting to and from work, visiting family and travelling to hospital appointments.
“Working with Arriva Trains Wales and British Transport Police, we do all we can to minimise disruption to passengers and we would urge people to stay off the railway and infrastructure.
“Our engineers will be visiting this site tomorrow (Friday) to make an assessment.”

Monday, 16 October 2017

Colwyn Bay...Pier to be fully dismantled, restored and returned after Welsh Government approval

Interesting this, this article was originally called "The Final nail in the coffin for the Victoria Pier, a complaint was lodged by a member of the public with Trinity News, and the editor agreed that the headline was not only biased but incorrect so it was altered. The Pier is not being demolished, but dismantled, restored and will be returned in staged, the 1st part is already funded. The dismantling will also see an attempt made to rescue the Ravilious paintings. The sad thing is that The Daily Post have been challenged many times on biased or inaccurate news articles about the Pier and complaints have been lodged on many occasions by members of the public. This recent complaint has gone to the Broadcasting standards team.
Sadly the Daily post were invited to attend joint meetings with the Council and the Pier Trust but failed to turn up or even respond, yet they then went on to print untrue rubbish. A little birdy tells me that legal advice has now been sought and that the next time legal steps will be taken. The thing is although some couldn't care less about the Pier or any other historic or listed building, many do, and when incorrect articles are printed it can be very upsetting for people who's lives and the Pier have evolved over many years.
The Pioneer newspaper also printed "Pier faces the end of it's Days" again the pioneer is usually quite good for fact, but it has now issues an apology for this misleading and incorrect headline. The problem is people often believe what they read in papers, so what has gone unchallenged in print that might not actually be factual? This is very worrying.

Thank you to one of our readers for sending this email in,

Colwyn Bay Pier to be fully dismantled after Welsh Government approval

The decision means the Victoria Pier can be dismantled by Conwy council ahead of proposed redevelopment
Colwyn Bay's pier can now be pulled down after consent from the Welsh Government.
Conwy County Borough Council has received permission to dismantle Victoria Pier after a long running battle over its future.
The Listed Building Consent from the Welsh Government allows the Council to dismantle the structure and redevelop a truncated pier.
They will have to record and store elements of heritage and/or structural value in a safe place for potential re-use in a future restoration by a third party.

Latest image of Colwyn Bay's partly-demolished Victoria Pier.
Latest image of Colwyn Bay's partly-demolished Victoria Pier. 

The structure began to collapse in February after being closed since 2008.
Engineers at Conwy council, which owns the pier, say the collapse had weakened large sections of the pier and the seaward end was dismantled over the summer.
Council Chairman, Cllr Brian Cossey, said: "We’d like to thank the Minister for giving the application the careful consideration needed to reach this decision.
“Over recent years the Council has been quite clear about the deteriorating state of the pier and the significant risk it posed to public health and safety.
"Today’s decision means that we can now take action, but any work to dismantle the structure will need to be carried out in a safe, carefully planned and controlled manner."

Latest image of Colwyn Bay's partly-demolished Victoria Pier.
Latest image of Colwyn Bay's partly-demolished Victoria Pier. 

In preparation, the Council has gone out to tender for a contractor to dismantle the pier. The submitted tenders will be subject to the usual procurement process.
A report will be presented to Cabinet and Council in mid-November, and the contract for dismantling could then be awarded following those meetings.

Colwyn Bay ....Delinquents throw Rock at Cars on A55!

Driver's shock at A55 yob rock attack

(Lovely Place Colwyn Bay!) Somethings just never change,Colwyn Bay is one of them. It just continues to supply a certain class of people, just like these, who feel endangering human life is just a bit of fun, and tossing stones and other items off this and the Rainbow bridge have been a staple diet of the town for years. One day someone will die. But nothing ever gets done. Rarely someone is caught. What sort of damaged, deranged individual gets kicks from doing this? Clearly some Colwyn Bay residents do!

Police probe after the inside of Andy Vaughan's Audi was showered with glass as it drove under flyover at Colwyn Bay
A driver spoke of the terrifying moment yobs hurled a rock at his car as he travelled along the A55, showering the inside of his vehicle with glass.
Andy Vaughan, 52, was driving his black Audi A4 along the dual carriageway towards his home in Old Colwyn when he heard a loud bang.
Mr Vaughan was shaken by the incident - which is now being investigated by police - but said he was just relieved his granddaughter wasn’t with him at the time.
He had dropped her off a few hours hours earlier. Had she been in the car, she would almost certainly have been showered with glass, he said.
Mr Vaughan, who works at a builders merchants in Llandudno Junction, said: “I got as far as the flyover opposite the Colwyn Bay train station and when I came out from underneath there was a loud bang and my rear passenger door window went in. It was not a pleasant experience to say the least.
“I couldn’t see what had happened so I pulled over onto the hard shoulder and went to see. A camper van was behind me and I thought the driver may have seen something but it drove straight on.
“I could see the damage and drove onto the prom where I called the police straight away. I’m just waiting on them getting back to me with an update.”
The incident happened at around 8.45pm on Saturday night.
It comes after two incidents back in August when vehicles were hit on the A55 in the Llandudno Junction area.
Police appealed for drivers with dash cam footage that might help them identify the culprits to come forward.
Mr Vaughan added: “It is the side (of the car) my two-and-half-year-old grandaughter sits in her chair when she in the car with me.
“I put her there so I can keep an eye on her. And she’d been with me most of the day until about six o’clock, but had gone home by then.”
After getting home he called his insurance company who organised a recovery truck to take the car away for repair.
North Wales Police confirmed they are investigating the incident.