Monday, 27 November 2017

Llandudno...Flames threatened to spread to house after arsonists torch bin

 And yet again more Youth crime!

Firefighters rushed to the scene in Llandudno as the windows of the property began to crack
A fire spread to a shed after arsonists set a wheelie bin alight.
Firefighters were called to a property on Fairways in Llandudno just before 1.45pm on Saturday.
Two North Wales Fire and Rescue Service crews rushed to the scene where flames threatened the home after the bin blaze spread to a shed.
The heat of the fire caused the windows of the property and adjoining garage to crack.
North Wales Fire and Rescue Service spokeswoman said: “We were called to a property fire on Fairways, Llandudno, at 1.44pm on Saturday.
“We sent two pumps from Colwyn Bay and Llandudno to the scene.
“The cause of the blaze was deliberate ignition with the fire spreading from a wheelie bin to a garden shed.
“The fire caused a window on a garage and a window on the house to crack.”
Charred remains of a fence after arsonists set fire to a bin near a house in Llandudno
Charred remains of a fence after arsonists set fire to a bin near a house in Llandudno
The blackened remains of a fence remain in the garden of the property with smoke and fire damage visible to the house.
On Sunday evening, the smell of charred wood and plastic outside the empty home lingered in the air.
A neighbour said: “One of the windows to the garage was cracked because of the fire. The firefighters dealt with it quickly before it got to the house.”

Colwyn Bay...Eirias Park,Delinquents smash their way through ice-cream kiosk roof again!

An ice cream kiosk that has been repeatedly targeted by burglars has been broken into again.

You just know it was Delinquents, the park is full of them, gangs at night make it a no go area, remember the fires in the shelter, burnt out shed, vandalism, it never ends!

The would-be thieves smashed their way in through the roof of Kiosk Ali in Eirias Park, Colwyn Bay on Friday but left empty handed.
Earlier this month thieves broke in in exactly the same way, making off with some loose change.
Sabrina Ali, who runs the business, says the kiosk has been raided eight times in the last five years.
Mrs Ali said: “They came in through the roof after taking the tiles off and smashing the ceiling. I am very disappointed. I went there on Saturday and cleaned it up.
"They had opened the freezer but luckily the ice cream had not defrosted. Previously they switched off the alarm system. This time they have ruined the alarm system completely.”
Burglars have struck several times at Kiosk Ali in Eirias Park in Colwyn Bay
Burglars have struck several times at Kiosk Ali in Eirias Park in Colwyn Bay 
Mrs Ali said she will be back tomorrow “to patch up around the kiosk” and has reported the break-in to North Wales Police and Conwy Council who she lets the kiosk from.
She was critical of the lack of support she has received from the council.
“Since I have taken over, I have had almost no contact with them. It has been an absolute struggle to speak with somebody. They don’t communicate with us at all.
“The council has secured the premises but there’s no CCTV in place. My bills are always paid on time. They are quick to charge you money but not quick to make sure you’re safe.”
In July, thieves targeted a number of ice cream kiosks in Conwy county in a spate of overnight attacks when businesses on the West Promenade in Rhos-on-Sea and West Shore in Llandudno were hit, along with others in Llanddulas and Colwyn Bay.
Anyone with information on the break-in is asked to call police on 101.
A Conwy Council spokeswoman confirmed it was aware of the latest attempted burglary

Sunday, 26 November 2017

Llandudno.....The Llandudno flat used by drugs gangs from London and Merseyside

Visitors have now been banned from the property - which is near a school - in a bid to stop the problem

It's always interesting, here the "victim" a person who already had drug issues claims she was taken advantage of and threatened, but of course takes no part in the blame, or in being part of problem! If she moves in the drug circles then things like this will happen. She could have called the police. and been re settled, not sure if I agree with her not being charged. However it does say "allegedly" which might explain more about it!
Visitors have been banned from entering a flat in a seaside town for three months after it was allegedly used by “cuckooing” drugs gangs from England .
The courts granted a closure order on the one-bedroom property in Llandudnotoday.
Magistrates heard that the problems began at the housing association flat in the town’s Parc Bodnant when criminals “took advantage” of a 54 year-old who lived at the flat.
It was then used by gangs from London and Merseyside for “cuckooing” - a form of crime in which drug dealers take over the home of a vulnerable person in order to use it as a base for drug dealing.
Generic picture of Cocaine like drugs :
Legal Highs Ethylpyhenidate
The court heard the property was being used to sell drugs
Solicitor Gareth Preston, acting on behalf of North Wales Police who applied for the closure order, said the “vulnerable” tenant who had a history of problems with drugs had been exploited and threatened that her home would be firebombed unless she coperated.
Mr Preston said the flat was near a school and rugby club and that the drug dealing activities had a “considerable effect” on the local area.
“It’s a blight on the community,” the lawyer told the court.
Mr Preston said that a number of criminal incidents had happened at the property in recent months.
In September, police found a member of a London crime gang with 109 “wraps” of drugs in the property during an “anti-cuckooing” visit.
He was later jailed for 30 months.
Then in April last year a brick was been hurled through a window of the property.
On another occasion a knife had been held to the woman’s throat.
The tenant didn’t attend the court hearing but didn’t oppose the banning order.
Granting the application, court chairman Darren Campbell said: ”There’s clearly a problem there.”
The order means that visitors will be banned from coming to the flat for three months.

Saturday, 25 November 2017

Llandudno...Man jailed after being found in Llandudno with 100 wraps of drugs up his backside

Mohamed Siamino came to region to try to corner market for metropolitan dealers as part of 'concerning' new phenomena

Llandudno continues to shine!
A man who left London after being acquitted of a drive-by shooting came to North Wales and started selling heroin and crack on behalf of his criminal masters in the capital.
Mohamed Siamino set himself up in the Llandudno home of an addict and began offering drugs at better prices than local suppliers.
He event sent out text messages advertising the availability of the drugs.
When police turned up at the Parc Bodnant flat as part of a “targeted operation” in September, they found Siamino lying on a mattress on the floor with a knife by his side.
He had hid the drugs up his bottom, but refused to be X-rayed or have an ultrasound scan, so police had to wait until nature took its course.
After 48 hours, 52 wraps of heroin and another 56 wraps of crack cocaine emerged.
Mohamed Siamino was jailed after he was found with more than 100 wraps of hard drugs up his backside
Mohamed Siamino was jailed after he was found with more than 100 wraps of hard drugs up his backside
At Mold Crown Court today, Judge Niclas Parry said the trend of people from large metropolitan areas moving to smaller communities to supply drugs was a “great concern”.
He added: “These are dreadfully harmful drugs.
“Small communities in North Wales are being harmed for the sake of profit.”
Prosecutor Simon Mills said Siamino, of Collariat Court in London, had been “cuckooed” in the house of the lone, vulnerable drug user.
Duncan Bould, defending, said that he had asked Siamoni about the debt he owed which he blamed for getting involved, but told the judge “we are not going to discover the answer”.
Siamoni had lost his college course following “unfortunate experiences” earlier in the year and but for them he may not have ended up in the position that he was.
It had been, said Mr Bould, ”a steep learning curve.”
The judge said Siamino was clearly acting under direction and had been taken advantage of by others. He had admitted possession of drugs with intent to supply.
Judge Parry said that he suspected that the £3,000 debt the defendant had spoken off was more to do with the drugs rather than a university loan.
In January this year, Siamino was one of five men cleared of killing 27-year-old Oliver Tetlow in Harlesden, London.
He had been gunned down in the street in a case of mistaken identity over jewellery stolen from Siamino’s co-defendent, David Osadebay, 30, a rapper known as ‘C Biz’.
The men were acquitted after a prosecution witness changed his story under cross-examination.
All the men had denied murder.
Poor Police, what a vile job they have!

Colwyn Bay .....Armed cops surrounded car outside nursery as parents picked children up

Crowds gathered to watch officers with guns surround the vehicle in Colwyn Bay this afternoon

Colwyn Bay continues to shine in the gutter as always!
Armed police swooped on a car parked outside a day nursery as parents picked their children up this afternoon.
Half a dozen cops dressed in riot gear pointed their guns at the vehicle as a window was smashed and the boot was opened.
Crowds gathered to watch the drama just after school home time as officers shouted: “Armed police, stay where you are. Put your hands where I can see them.”
But nobody was inside the car.
The incident unfolded on Woodland Road East at around 3.30pm.
One onlooker said: “The police arrived and a couple of armed officers were standing by a parked car while another unarmed officer walked up Station Road and round to the next street.
“One police car was parked up on the pavement, then another unmarked car arrived and armed police got out and made their way to the car.
“Then a police 4x4 pulled into the road and one armed officer got out and surrounded the vehicle.
“One of them smashed the passenger window and when they opened the door, an officer checked the back seat.
“They shouted: ‘Armed police, stay where you are. Put your hands where I can see them,’ as they opened the boot, but there didn’t appear to be anyone or anything in the car.”
The witness added: “The road remained open and people with their children were passing by as staff from the nursery looked out of the window.
“There were crowds of school kids watching from the bottom of the road.
“A short while later a truck arrived to recover the vehicle.
“It was all quite dramatic to be honest.”
A North Wales Police spokesman said: “Officers are recovering a vehicle under a warrant on Woodland Road East in Colwyn Bay.”
The Daily Post understands the incident follows an earlier operation in the Colwyn Bay area.

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Llandudno....Death threat' daubed on a dog walking enforcement sign

Such a lovely place, Llandudno!

A 'death threat' daubed on a dog walking enforcement sign has prompted council chiefs to call in the police.
The menacing graffiti was put on a sign on Llandudno’s West Shore amid intensifying hostility towards the controversial use of a private security firm to enforce dog walking and fouling fines.
It is believed the sign was removed from its place, painted black and returned with the words ‘DEATH TO’ ... and the name of a senior council officer.
The news comes ahead of a planned protest on Saturday against the council’s use of Kingdom Security to carry out its environmental enforcement.
Merseyside-based Kingdom is employed by numerous UK councils to carry out environmental enforcement and security work and has sparked controversy over the payment of bonuses to staff linked to the number of people fined.
However, Conwy Council today said Kingdom had faced more opposition and hostility in Llandudno than anywhere else in Britain.
But while critics of the council - including Aberconwy Assembly Member Janet Finch-Saunders - said while no-one could condone threats being made, they said the level of enforcement in and around Lladudno was above and beyond reasonable.
Disgruntled dog walkers have accused Kingdom officers of ‘stalking’ residents in Llandudno - a claim the company strongly denies.
Four Kingdom officers cover Conwy county and council officials said, while they were facing hostility in Llandudno, councillors and residents in other areas were asking for their services to tackle dog fouling and litter issues.
A senior Conwy Council source said: “The enforcement officers are accused of being bullying and aggressive but they regularly experience abuse, aggression and threats.
“There is evidence officers are now being hunted and deliberately targeted
“All of the officers have body cams and we haven’t seen any evidence of them acting in anything other than a professional and courteous manner. However we have footage of the swearing and abuse they have received in the course of doing their job.
“We also receive a lot of fake appeals and claims which are quickly disproved when we look at the footage.
“The majority of people want us to do this but they don’t get the air time so the militant minority dominate the debate.
“Kingdom say they don’t encounter anything like this elsewhere in the UK. Llandudno is the worst.
“Yet we get other parts of Conwy asking for Kingdom. The majority of people they issue tickets to are courteous and they sometimes apologise.
“The level of abuse against officers has gone too far and enough is enough.”
Aberconwy Conservative AM Janet Finch-Saunders urged the police to investigate the threats.
She added: “There’s no call for that. I could not condone that and I’m appalled that anyone wrote such a thing. The police should follow up on it and whoever wrote it should face the consequences.”
Mrs Finch-Saunders said legitimate protest was a right that people frustrated at the use of Kingdom by Conwy Council should be allowed to express their feelings, adding: “The day they stop freedom of speech and peaceful protest is a dark day.”
But she said that the fact that there had been nearly 500 tickets issued against people who walked their dogs off leads in the Conwy area, compared to zero in 19 other authorities, showed why people were so aggrieved, adding; “We’ve had public meetings with up to 150 people there, which shows how frustrated people are that no-one is listening.”
Conwy Council first employed Kingdom under a different name in 2012, with the contract being renewed in 2016. The council says their street cleanliness score had increased in recent years.
Under council rules, anyone caught dropping litter or failing to clear up dog mess are issued a fixed penalty notice. Anyone caught with their dog off the lead in a restricted area will at first be warned before further action is taken.
The council is currently reviewing the areas in which dogs must be kept on a lead.
The company is also employed by Denbighshire, Flintshire, Wrexham and Anglesey councils.
North Wales Police have been asked for comment.

Colwyn Bay ...Thieves armed with 'angle grinder' flee with cash after breaking into ATM machine

 Another robbery in Colwyn Bay!!!
Police are investigating the raid at the Texaco garage on Princes Drive, Colwyn Bay

An angle grinder is believed to have been used to break into a cash machine at a petrol station, with an unknown quantity of money taken.
The Cardtronics-owned cashpoint was boarded up after the raid at the Texaco garage on Princes Drive, Colwyn Bay , on Wednesday night (November 8).
An employee at the filling station said: “I understand the break-in was quite a professional job. Apparently a crow bar and angle grinder were used to break into the machine.”
He added: “Money was taken but we have no idea how much.”
The cash machine which was broken into on Princes Drive, Colwyn Bay
The cash machine which was broken into on Princes Drive, Colwyn Bay
Colwyn Bay councillor Cheryl Carlisle described it as a “shocking incident”, adding: “I’m glad no members of staff were hurt. I just hope CCTV images will provide valuable clues.”
Cardtronics, the world’s largest non-bank ATM operator, has been approached for a comment.
North Wales Police spokesman said: “We were called at 6am. We are appealing for witnesses, and it’s now known how much cash was stolen.”

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Llandudno...CCTV catches thief pretending to look for job swipe bar's charity box

Christopher Roberts went into the Fountains Bar in Llandudno and stole the tin, blowing the money on vodka and heroin, (What Lovely People In Llandudno  The "Queen!!" Of Welsh Resorts)
The moment a thief went into a bar pretending to look for a job ... but swiped a charity collection box instead.
Christopher Roberts went into the Llandudno Fountains Bar and asked for an application form. While the barman went into a back room, Roberts stole a collection for St David’s Hospice.
The next day he took an RNLI box from a local hotel.
He spent the donations on a bottle of vodka and heroin. Magistrates chairman Toby Prosser said his crime was at the “lowest end of the moral spectrum”.
Roberts, of Rhyl Road Bodelwyddan, admitted two theft charges and had to pay £170 costs, £100 compensation to both St Davids and the RNLI.

He was also fined £50 for each offence, and put on a 12-month community order with drug rehabilitation.
“There’s no way of knowing what was inside the charity boxes,” prosecutor James Neary said.
Defence solicitor Nia Dawson said jobless Roberts was “ashamed” and accepted that compensation needed to be paid. He’d re-started using heroin.

Llandudno....Crumbling pavements need businesses' help for £3m repair project, says council

The local authority hope to replace the cracked and broken pavements along Mostyn Street, but face huge costs and ownership issues
The crumbling pavements of one of North Wales’ best known streets will need the help of local businesses if a £3m repair project is to be successful, says the council.
Conwy Council hope to replace the cracked and broken pavements along Mostyn Street in Llandudno but say the huge cost, coupled with ownership issues, means they will need businesses to help.
The local authority has estimated that just the first phase of works - between Gloddaeth Street and St. George’s Place - will cost more than £600,000.
Mostyn Street in Llandudno
Mostyn Street in Llandudno 
They have previously said the whole project could cost as much as £3m.
In a report, the council said: “The annual revenue budget for footway repairs across the whole county is £250,000.
“This funding has historically been insufficient to prevent the council’s footway assets from deteriorating significantly.
“The condition of the pavements on Mostyn Street in Llandudno, in particular, has been the subject of an increasing number of complaints from residents, visitors, business owners and elected members.”
The authority says it is at risk of claims for trips and falls from members of the public, but adds that it has a “good record” of defending such claims.
Plans to improve the road are further complicated as the council owns just 60% of the pavement, with the rest being owned by private firms, says the report.
The council says it has looked for external funding sources, but all were deemed not to be viable.
In order to proceed with the project, third party contributions for the other 40% of the pavement need to be secured, says the council, which hopes business owners will stump up the rest of the cash.
The council said: “There are a total of 39 properties with 30 different owners.
“Owners include Mostyn Estates and a number of individuals, as well as corporate property arms of large retail and banking companies.
“Contributions per property have been calculated based on the area of pavement belonging to each and range from £2k to £8k per frontage, with an average of £4.8k.
“It should be noted that owners of Mostyn Street private frontages are responsible for the repair and maintenance of the paving slabs within their curtilage and are at risk of claims from members of the public for trips and falls.
“Replacement of the entire width of pavement from kerb to building as part of this overall project would significantly reduce the risk of a successful claim against a property owner.”
Louise Emery, cabinet member for economic development, said: “The continued deterioration of Mostyn Street pavements is now having a detrimental effect on the ‘retail look’ of the town, as well as leading to an increasing number of trips and falls amongst our community.
“I know this is a difficult nut to crack with the variety of private interests involved, but I am determined along with [cabinet member for highways, environment and sustainability] Don Milne to get private landlords on board to stump up the cash to add to the council’s pot and get this project started.”
Cllr Frank Bradfield, local member for Craig y Don, said: “As Llandudno is the jewel in the crown of Conwy, it is crucial that the streetscape in one of Conwy’s key tourist and retail destinations is maintained to the highest of standards.
“I also suggest those businesses that have responsibilities to maintain the slabs at the front of their premises be encouraged to do so.”
If councillors agree with the proposals, work will take place to try to get business owners on board.

Colwyn Bay....Police hunt Delinquents who threw objects at vehicles from Old Colwyn footbridge

It follows a number of incidents where rocks were hurled at cars travelling on the A55
Police are appealing for witnesses after yobs were spotted hurling objects at cars from a footbridge.
The vehicles were targeted as they travelled below an overhead footbridge by the A55 between the Marine Roundabout and the Promenade in Old Colwyn.
North Wales Police have not said what the objects were.
Sergeant Tom Prytherch said: “This is very concerning. North Wales Police take these incidents very seriously and will take positive action against anyone involved.”
It comes after a driver last month told the Daily Post of the terrifying moment yobs hurled a rock at his car as he travelled along the A55, showering the inside of his vehicle with glass.
Andy Vaughan, 52, was driving his black Audi A4 along the dual carriageway towards his home in Old Colwyn when he heard a loud bang.
An object had hit one of the rear windows of his vehicle, smashing it and sending glass flying inside.
And yobs also threw stones at vehicles on the A55 in Conwy twice over one weekend in August.
The first incident was reported at 9.42pm on Friday, August 4, when a stone was thrown from the bridge at the Llandudno Junction roundabout, damaging the sun visor of a passing lorry.
In a second incident occupants of a white Seat Leon are believed to have thrown stones at a passing Fiat 500 travelling westbound in lane two near junction 17 for Conwy.
Anyone with information relating to this latest incident, which happened between Saturday, October 21, between 7.10pm and 7.30pm, is asked to contact Colwyn Bay Safer Neighbourhood Team on 101 quoting references RC17160180 and RC17160169.