“When Pattinson fell to the floor Rochelle was seen to run up to him and, as one witness described, plunge the knife repeatedly into his stomach area.
“Pattinson cannot say precisely who did what when he fell to the floor; he certainly recalls Allen trying to hit him with the chain and Rochelle striking him,” the prosecutor said.
Cody Allen arrives at Llandudno Magistrates accused of attempted murder in Colwyn Bay.
Cody Allen arrives at Llandudno Magistrates accused of attempted murder in Colwyn Bay. 
He later said ‘there were blows coming in from all angles’
Allen got to his feet and began swinging the chain towards others. They moved a wheelie bin in an attempt to protect themselves.
Pattinson managed to get to his feet, realised he had been stabbed repeatedly.
“Allen was still behaving aggressively with the chain while Rochelle, by now without his top, was in the doorway,” the prosecutor said.
Eventually, both defendants re-entered the flat.
Pattinson was bleeding heavily and at Glan Clwyd Hospital a doctor found signs of trauma around the head and six or seven penetrative wounds to the right side of his chest, and a collapsed lung. He had fluid around the liver which was also injured and was transferred to the trauma unit in Stoke.
Pathologist Dr Brian Rogers said the victim sustained six stab wounds to the chest and four incised wounds to the head.
He said deeper penetration could easily have caused more serious and life-threatening bleeding.
In a victim impact statement, Pattinson told how he had been in immense pain, recovery had been slow, and he had moved from the Colwyn Bay area after the attack, with no intention of returning.
“I know I will never look or feel the same as I did before the attack,” he said.
“It is not an exaggeration to say that my life changed completely that night.”
Simon Killeen, for Rochelle, said his client was lightly convicted.
His mental state had changed massively since the attack.
He accepted that he needed medication for depression and that the drugs he had been taking at the time did not help his mental health.
Duncan Bould, for Allen, who had no previous convictions, made the impulsive mistake of going out with the chain to scare and used it as a weapon.
He was taken to the floor and the evidence suggested that he was under Mr Pattinson as the incident developed. He had no idea that Rochelle had a knife.
Rochelle, 27, of no fixed abode, was originally charged with attempted murder but his guilty plea to wounding with intent to cause GBH was accepted at an earlier hearing.
He was jailed for nine years.
Allen, 19, of Woodland Road in Colwyn Bay, admitted ABH on the same victim when the attempted murder charge against him was dropped. He received 14 months youth detention.
Investigating Officer DC Andy Edwards at Central CID said: "The defendants in this case have received sentences which reflect the seriousness of the assault on the victim, particularly Kyle Rochell who used a knife during the assault.
"If people are prepared to use weapons to assault others, then they should expect to receive the most severe sentences. The victim, who was stabbed multiple times during a frenzied assault is still recovering from the after effects of this incident.
"North Wales Police want to tell people it is unacceptable to habitually carry and use knives in public places. Knife crime is something which is treated very seriously by the police and the courts."