Monday, 26 March 2018

Colwyn Bay...New Carbuncle Council Offices are Taking Place!

The £35m Conwy council office development continues to take shape ahead of its opening later this year.( How much is the many millions overspend again?)
The council are PROUD of this Carbuncle yet local people don't want it nor the ugly Skip on the Prom, (Porth Eirias) and 700 people will not be working there at one time, it is remote ports and shared desks so no more people will be there than when it was a Tax office and Housing! And who will be paying the millions in overspend back, and how? Well guess it will be the poor tax payers who will also be losing a bin collection. I like many can't wait until 2026 for Denbighshire to take over Conwy Council. Sadly this Carbuncle will then be left stuck in the middle of our town! Lets hope it's demolished then.
Construction firm Bowmer & Kirkland is building the 100,000 square foot headquarters which will house up to 700 Conwy council staff in Colwyn Bay.
The project is on track to open this October - providing a regeneration boost to the seaside town.
Conwy Council’s project manager for the new offices Bleddyn Evans said: "As a Council, we’re really pleased that the Coed Pella project is progressing well.

Conwy County Borough Council's new office block in Colwyn Bay

"A number of internal and external stakeholders have visited the site over the last few months and have been really impressed when they’ve walked the floors, and got a better understanding of the space.
“Coed Pella is more than just a building project, it complements improvements in IT, new HR policies, and how we intend to deliver modern, sustainable services for everyone in Conwy.
These new offices will offer a better environment for collaboration between departments, bringing innovation, efficiency and improved productivity.

A view of the top floor of the multi-storey car park at Conwy County Borough Council's new building on Abergele Road in Colwyn Bay.

"When we move-in this Autumn, we’re improving the quality of the workplace for our greatest asset - the people who work for us."
The project has been funded through a deal with developer Muse and M&G Investments.
Muse is the development partner and will build the site which will then be leased by the local authority for 40 years - at a cost of around £1.45m a year.

THe said: "Staff working in Social Services and Education, who are currently in some of our poorest quality buildings, will have one of the most modern and collaborative workplaces in the region.
"Doing nothing was not an option due to the risks with existing accommodation, in particular at the Dinerth Road Offices in Rhos on Sea, which could have caused significant detriment to our ability to deliver services.
Part of the multi-storey car park at Conwy County Borough Council's new building on Abergele Road in Colwyn Bay
"There were no other buildings in the region, let alone in Conwy, that could have accommodated our needs. So, at Coed Pella, we’ll be renting a modern building that will be fit for purpose, with flexibility and resilience built-in.”he view along Abergele Road from Conwy County Borough Council's new building in Colwyn Bay.

It will leave a total cost of around £58 million over the four decades.
The offices have come under fire for the final cost but Mr Evans said standing still was not an option (Demolition however should have been!!)
North Wales firms have benefited from the multi-million pound project.
Mr Evans added: "Two significant contracts currently ongoing on site are being undertaken by North Wales based companies.
"Mochdre based Poppleton specialise in ventilation sheet metal ductwork which is manufactured at their nearby site and have some 12 installers on site. The electrical installations at Coed Pella are being fitted by Penrhyndeudareth based Falconers."

Rhos On Sea....Dad-of-six jailed for raping woman who thought she'd got into a taxi

A chef convicted of the horrific rape of a drunken teenage girl who he picked up in his car late at night has been jailed for nine years.
A judge described the ordeal it as every woman’s worst nightmare.
The victim aged 19 was wearing Halloween face paint following a night out when she got separated from her friends.
She got into the vehicle believing it to be a taxi.
But she was driven to an isolated spot at Rhos-on-Sea where she was subjected to a degrading sexual assault by the defendant, a complete stranger, which culminated in rape and violence.
Defendant Jie Xiang Guan, 39, a father of six, of Heol Dirion in Colwyn Bay, admitted a sex assault upon her but denied raping her in the back of his vehicle in October 2016.
But a jury of nine women and three men found him unanimously guilty at Mold Crown Court in February.
The Judge, Mr Recorder Wyn Lloyd Jones, ordered him to register with the police as a sex offender for life.
In a victim impact statement, read by prosecuting barrister Elen Owen, the young woman said she suffered nightmares and flashbacks after the attack, she had missed lectures in university and there was an obvious concern it would affect her grades.
When she started going out again she did not enjoy herself, was scared to drink and kept in touch with her mother.
She now always carried a personal attack alarm when out which was something she felt “stupid about” and added “why should I have to carry an alarm?”
It had taken her a year or so to be able to get into a taxi alone and when she did so was terrified.
She said it was always in the back of her mind and when out was worried about becoming separated.
The victim also revealed that as a result of the attack she had to suffer the indignity of attending a sexual health clinic for blood tests and injections.
Defending barrister Mark LeBroq said that his client, who had no previous convictions, had a wife and six children and it was clear that those completely innocent people would suffer as a result of his inevitable imprisonment.
He said it was an isolated, impulsive offence, there was little planning and he was a low risk of committing a similar offences. He was not a dangerous offender who required an extensive sentence, he said.
The judge Mr Recorder Wyn Lloyd Jones said that all the victim had done was to go out and enjoy herself on Halloween which she was entitled to do.
In a nightclub she had a great deal to drink, was asked to leave, shared a taxi with a young man she knew but because she was sick the driver was not prepared to take her any further and left her at the side of the road.
The victim was still drunk and very vulnerable, Guan had seen her in the club and as he drove home he saw her and stopped in his people carrier.
“What happened thereafter is every woman’s worst nightmare,” he said.
He stopped and put her in the back of the car, she thought it was a taxi and that her male friend was with her and she was taken by the defendant to be sexually abused for his own selfish gratification.
“Alone and highly vulnerable she had no means of escape or to protect herself,” The Recorder said.
He stopped the car in a quiet location , went to the back, put her to the floor and straddled her.
The attacker pulled down his and her lower clothes, pulled up her bra and top and repeatedly squeezed her breasts and tried to kiss her before he raped her.
He was not wearing a condom.
“She was crying and screaming , it was obvious to you that she was resisting, but no one was going to hear her in your vehicle in that quiet location,” he said.
Bravely, she put up a struggle but he repeatedly used violence on her and punched her.
“Having sexually abused her and finished with her, you then discarded her, adding to her humiliation, you opened the door and pushed her out.
“You were thinking only of your own self and your selfish sexual lust.”
The Recorder said that before the jury he tried to avoid responsibility, called her a liar, and had shown no remorse.
And another Rape in the same area!

Colwyn Bay....“People probably wanted to sell up so they could get the f*** out of there”

Maybe The Truth Hurts!

A media group has apologised for an “inappropriate” and “unacceptable” error that insulted two North Wales towns.
The Independent online this morning revealed the 10 fastest moving property hotspots in the UK - which included Colwyn Bay and Wrexham.
But this positive news was undermined by the url on the top of the story.
It read: “People probably wanted to sell up so they could get the f*** out of there” - leaving estate agents fuming and the Independent red-faced.
They have since issued an apology and are launching an investigation.
An insulting web address appeared on the Independent website
Leigh Hayward, at Wrexham estate agent Wingetts, said the url was very unfair to the town and completely wrong.
He said: “Whoever wrote this should be in big trouble this morning.
“They are very wrong as well because for homes to sell there has to be strong demand, this is not about people wanting to leave Wrexham, it is about people wanting to come here to live.
Wrexham, North Wales' largest town
Wrexham, North Wales' largest town 
“Demand is very strong which has seen prices go up 5 to 10 per cent in the last six months and new homes are being built all the time and developers want more land.
“Homes that are realistically priced are selling in two to four weeks so I’m not surprised the town is on that list.
“The URL is very unfair to the town and our experience shows people have faith in the future of the town.”
Richard Edwards, from Wynne Davies estate agent covering Colwyn Bay and Rhos-on-Sea, said it must have been a “bad day at the office”.
He said Colwyn Bay was a well priced area and sales could be made quickly when vendors listened to valuing advice from agents.
Station Road in Colwyn Bay
StatiOn the error, he said: “That is a bit crazy but I suppose these things happen.”
A spokesman for The Independent said: “The appearance of this inappropriate url was an unacceptable error.
“We apologise for the offence it has caused and are conducting a full investigation to establish how it came about.”on Road in Colwyn Bay
He said: “Prices are very reasonable in Colwyn Bay which makes the town popular but it is all about price.”

Colwyn Bay .....Boy, 7, treated for Hepatitis B after accidentally puncturing his hand with junkie's used needle

Devastated mum claims son found syringe near housing association flats and they face four month wait to find out if he has the infection
A seven-year-old boy is being treated for Hepatitis B in Colwyn Bay after he accidentally punctured his hand with a drug addict’s used needle.
The unnamed boy told his mother he was out playing “doctors” with his friend when he found the syringe in the grounds of a block of North Wales Housing Association flats in Sea View Road, Colwyn Bay.
The accident happened on Friday but he didn’t tell his mother about it until Sunday night, as he was worried he’d get into trouble.
The devastated mum, 29, who asked not to be named, took her son to A&E in Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, Bodelwyddan where she was told she would need 12 months of treatment for Hepatitis B as a precautionary measure.
Sea View Road, Colwyn Bay where a mum claims her son pricked himself with addict's needle
“He has to have a load of injections. I was feeling overwhelmed when the micro biologist told me all this at the hospital.”
She will not know for four months whether her son will develop the disease, that can develop problems such as scarring of the liver (cirrhosis).
The virus is found in the blood and bodily fluids of an infected person.
The mum who has lived in the Sea View flats for the last four years, says she has complained to North Wales Housing on “numerous occasions” telling them there are problems with drug addicts living at the property.
She has asked in the past to be moved to other accommodation, as she does not feel safe living at the address.
The boy’s mother said: “When he told me and I saw the red mark on his hand where the needle had punctured his skin I didn’t know what to do, I felt like screaming I was so upset.”
“My son is traumatised, he doesn’t like showing me his hand. I just want to move away from’s just not a nice environment for my son, it’s also obviously not a safe one.
A spokeswoman for North Wales Housing said: “The safety of our tenants and their families is of the utmost importance to us, and we take matters like this very seriously. We have had contact the boy’s family since the incident and we will continue to liaise with them.
“Regarding her request to move this is a matter for us to discuss directly with our tenant.”

Thursday, 22 March 2018

6,000 fly-tipping incidents in North Wales ... And it's only going to get worse!!

With our ever increasingly Dumb council now bringing in 4 weekly bin collections and the recycling centres being run with brute force this will only get worse, yet the council have wasted over 20 million on the overspend of the new Carbuncle council offices in the Bay, but no cutbacks there!
We have heard a Rumour that a group of like minded people are grouping together to drop litter all around the county over the next few years to ensure that the clean up costs more than the cuts will save! Just a Rumour mind, but even with the evidence below, this is total madness to cut bins.

Shocking figures reveal that despite nearly 6,000 incidents of fly-tipping in North Wales last year, local councils only brought three prosecutions.
In 2016/17 there were 5,975 recorded cases of waste being dumped illegally but only three offenders were brought before the courts.
Across the whole of Wales over the same period there were 69 prosecutions out of 38,580 recorded incidents.
Janet Finch-Saunders AM, said it was up to local councils to bring in measures to tackle the problem.
She said: “These figures speak for themselves. Welsh local authorities just cannot successfully prosecute fly-tipping offenders.
“A problem which is getting worse as the number of prosecutions have fallen by almost 40% since 2014-2015, and 10 authorities failed to prosecute a single offender.
“For obvious reasons, prosecuting fly-tipping offenders is extremely difficult, therefore it is incumbent on local authorities to take measures which will not exacerbate the Wales wide problem.”
Janet Finch-Saunders AM, in the Senedd, Cardiff Bay
Janet Finch-Saunders AM 
Mrs Finch-Saunders pointed out in Conwy, where many residents are already on monthly bin collections, fly-tipping has increased from 1,078 incidents in 2015-16, to 1,351 in 2016/17.
The AM who opposes monthly bin collections believes there is a link to this increase.
Last week North Wales Police Rural Crime Unit launched an investigation after a huge pile of waste made up of an old roof was dumped on a country lane between Llanelian and Bryn y Maen in Conwy. Much of the dumped material was asbestos.
Conwy Council only prosecuted one fly-tipping offender in 2016/17.
A council spokeswoman told the Daily Post: “Environmental Crime is unacceptable and the authority will investigate such incidents thoroughly and take appropriate action. Where there is a realistic prospect of prosecution we can pursue cases through the courts.”
Wrexham, Gwynedd, Flintshire and Anglesey local authorities recorded 4,624 fly-tipping incidents but no one was prosecuted.
Gwynedd Council defended themselves saying fly-tipping is often dealt with littering fixed penalties rather than prosecution.
A spokeswoman for the authority said: “Historically, fly-tipping incidents in Gwynedd tend to be mainly small scale, which can often be dealt with littering fixed penalties rather than prosecution.
“The Welsh Government has recently introduced new legislation (The Unauthorised Deposit of Waste (Fixed Penalties) (Wales) Regulations 2017) which gives councils powers to issue a specific fixed penalty of up to £400 for minor fly-tipping.
“The aim of this legislation, which reflects the Welsh Government’s Strategy “A Fly-tipping Free Wales”, is to simplify the enforcement process and make it easier for Councils to penalise offenders.
“In the case of low level tipping the net effect of this is likely to be more fixed penalty fines and fewer prosecutions.”
Meanwhile the company Kingdom, which recorded profits of £9m last year, hands out fines for littering and dog fouling across Flintshire, Wrexham, Conwy, Denbighshire and Anglesey.
A spokesman for Denbighshire County Council said: “Environmental crime has a detrimental impact on the quality of life for residents and the council takes it seriously.
“The 1004 figure quoted includes things like one bag of rubbish left on the street and this is what we are required to report by Natural Resources Wales.
“We understand that some councils have different reporting methods, so figures may well vary county by county.
“The number of successful prosecutions depends on what evidence is available, we cannot proceed to conclusion without it.
“Whilst there were 2 prosecutions for fly-tipping last year, for February / March this year we already have five case files ready to be submitted to the courts”.

Monday, 12 March 2018

Rhos On Sea....Legend of Welsh Prince Madoc's discovery of America could boost tourism???? Doubt it!

Firstly Rhos On Sea, or OAP on Sea as it's known is no longer a resort. The Pier was torn down, all of the hotels have been torn down for flats. There is nothing there, and as for the Launching area of his ship it's now under a road, and part will soon be under a block of flats, so what will bring tourism in? If the had left the Old House and turned it into a Cafe and Museum maybe, but now? Get real. 

 Odstone House Demolished for this ugly pile of crap below, right on the very site!

All the Hotels have been demolished

The Pier Demolished and the Cafe and Entrance now stand abandoned.
North Wales could see a surge in tourism through a bid to capitalise on the legend of Prince Madoc who according to folklore discovered America, say a business group.
According to Welsh mythology the adventurer prince sailed from Rhos-on-Sea in 1170, on a ship built in Abergele, and ended up in Mobile Bay in Alabama, three centuries before Columbus crossed the Atlantic.
It means North Wales could follow the lead of Iceland - presently enjoying its highest-ever visitor numbers - as Americans and Canadians make the trek to see where, according to Norse sagas, Lief Erikson set sail for the New World.
Archaeological digs recently proved that the tales were true and Vikings had settled in North America in the 10th century.
Queen Elizabeth I reputedly used the legend, detailed in a poem, as the basis of her claim against Spain that Britain should rule America.
Now Colwyn BID, the business enterprise tasked with bringing more visitors to the area, has thrown its support behind promoting the story of the voyages of Prince Madoc and his brother Rhiryd - sailing the Atlantic at least four times.

Colwyn BID promoting the myth of Welsh Prince Madoc pictured at Rhos on Sea with historian Graham Roberts, Cllr Roger Parry and project manager at Colwyn BID Anna Openshaw 

Project manager Anna Openshaw is hoping that the Welsh Government’s 2018 Year of the Sea tourism initiative will capitalise on the resort’s historic American links.
BID may also use its own funds to promote the Madoc legend - with the possibility of a modern bandstand on Rhos promenade in the shape of Prince Madoc’s ship Gwennan Gorn already discussed.
Anna said: “We are fully supportive of the idea to promote the story of Prince Madoc in Rhos-on-Sea.
“We need to tap into this legendary tale to attract visitors from far and wide.
“It’s a unique selling point for the area and something that should be marketed much more than it currently is.
“There is an opportunity here to bring in more tourists, particularly from America where we have a link through the story of Prince Madoc, and that can only benefit our businesses.
“Hopefully we can get more organisations and stakeholders on board so we can all work together to find the best way of promoting the legend of Prince Madoc and the possibility that he discovered North America.”
Mobile has a Madoc Society and the influential US heritage movement The Daughters of the American Revolution laid a memorial plaque in the town in 1953, marking the spot where he reputedly landed, with a twin stone also laid in Rhos.
The American plaque was recently restored and moved to a more prominent spot, following a petition by Americans with Welsh heritage.
It reads: ”In memory of Prince Madoc, a Welsh explorer, who landed on the shores of Mobile Bay in 1170 and left behind, with the Indians, the Welsh language.”

Colwyn BID promoting the myth of Welsh Prince Madoc pictured at Rhos on Sea with historian Graham Roberts, Cllr Roger Parry and project manager at Colwyn BID Anna Openshaw 

Parts of a 1,000-year-old quay were found during excavations at a house called Odstone, between Penrhyn Bay and Rhos, discounting claims that the seafront was too shallow for an ocean-going ship to set sail.
Conwy county councillor Roger Parry and local historian Graham Roberts believe the story of Madoc’s epic voyage is “feasible” - though they discredit tales of Welsh-speaking Mandan Indians - and that the seaside village should be promoting it to attract more visitors.
Cllr Parry wants Rhos to leverage the myth in the same way that Beddgelert makes the most of its association with the legendary dog Gelert.
He said: “It’s very feasible that Madoc sailed to America and I would love to see the story promoted. I hope we can get it off the ground.
“It will generate money if it’s done properly and attract a lot of visitors. Hopefully we’d get people coming over from America.”
Thank you to one of our readers for the foreword and article.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Colwyn Bay.......Man accused of headbutting pregnant girlfriend avoids jail

A man accused of headbutting his pregnant girlfriend after drinking too much at her Christmas staff party was ordered to learn about “respectful relationships”.
Ashley Court, 27, who gave an address in Bryn Celyn, Colwyn Bay , an assistant manager at a tyre centre, was placed under a twelve months community order with a rehabilitation requirement and must do 200 hours unpaid work and pay £285 costs.
Llandudno magistrates chairwoman Hilary Owen told him: ”You were very close to custody.”
Court admitted common assault on Samantha Lloyd at her home at Eglwysbach in December.
Prosecutor Diane Williams said police had been alerted after two neighbours were disturbed in the early hours, and the defendant had been aggressive. The victim appeared upset and frightened and had a cut lip.
Miss Lloyd said he had gone “mental” and shouted and screamed when they returned home.
Graham Parry, defending, said the victim was in court and didn’t support the prosecution. The couple now lived in Llandudno Junction.
Mr Parry said Court didn’t normally drink and his memory of what happened in the house was “very limited.”
The lawyer added: ”No-one knows precisely what happened.”
He said: ”Whether or not there was a headbutt, the defendant doesn’t know. Miss Lloyd says she tried to get between the dog and Mr Court and felt there was a clash of heads.”

The defendant was remorseful, the solicitor added.
How Lovely! What a nice man! And to think he risked the life of his girlfriend who(Let's hope has ditched him) but also the unborn child! Yet this thug avoids Jail! INSANE!!!!

Sunday, 4 March 2018

Colwyn Bay....Human Blood On Snow!

You just have to love Colwyn Bay don't you? Today my wife and I went for a stroll to town and just by the cashpoint a pile of human blood in the snow! How lovely, Another Murder or Assault perhaps? Some things will never change in this town.