Friday, 27 April 2018

Colwyn Bay...'Monster' jailed for raping teenager after party

A 68-year-old ‘monster’ from North Wales has been jailed for raping a girl after a party 35 years ago.
David Crook, now of Albert Road, Old Colwyn, but formerly of Tamworth, Staffordshire, was found guilty of raping the 15-year-old girl in Tamworth, Staffordshire, in 1983 following a four day trial.
Recorder Jason MacAdam, who sentenced him to 13 years, told Crook: “You were a man of positive character, but you became a monster.”
Staffordshire Police revealed the court had heard the victim had attended a party in Tamworth around Bonfire Night.
There was nowhere for her to sleep in the house where the party took place, so she went to another house nearby.
While at this house Crook came into the room where she was sleeping and exposed himself to her. He then took her to a nearby van and raped her.
David Crook, 68, formerly of Tamworth, was sentenced at Stafford Crown Court on April 19 after he was found guilty of raping a 15-year-old girl in Tamworth in 1983.
David Crook, 68, formerly of Tamworth, was sentenced at Stafford Crown Court on April 19 after he was found guilty of raping a 15-year-old girl in Tamworth in 1983. 
A friend of the girl said she had been told about the incident, but it was only many years later that she called the police on the victim’s behalf.
Following the report Crook was arrested and interviewed and brought back to Staffordshire.
Recorder MacAdam said: “You have shown no remorse and responsibility has not been taken. Your act has inflicted a lifetime of misery on this complainant.”
Detective Constable Chris Alford, of Staffordshire Police, said after the case: “This offence took place more than 30 years ago, but thanks to the courage and determination of the victim Crook is now behind bars.
“We will always do whatever it takes to bring offenders to justice, while ensuring victims and their families are offered the support they need.”
Anyone who has suffered sexual abuse, or suspects others may be subject to sexual abuse, is urged to contact Staffordshire Police on 101.
Alternatively, the independent crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers can be contacted anonymously on 0800 555 111 or through the Crimestoppers website.

Denbigh..The Wrong Developer chosen to redevelop Denbigh hospital site!

Although Denbigh is not an area this blog usually covers, it is with deep regret that Denbighshire councils brain dead morons have decided to reject the above development by Signature Living which would have seen all of the historic buildings restored and 450 jobs created, as well as bringing wealth and class to the town, instead they have opted to choose the Princes Trust that will see 80 percent of the listed buildings destroyed and the remainder turned into flats and new houses built on the site. Now Rhyl is a clear example of what sort of Morons in the council do to a town, and this is a grave mistake. So sadly Denbigh will remain a dead end town you only go to if you have to, and no one else will come along and try to make an investment of this kind again. Very sad news indeed. Editors Voice.

A millionaire's plan to turn a former asylum into a hotel has been snubbed by Denbighshire Council.
Denbighshire Council’s cabinet this afternoon announced that Jones Bros, in partnership with the North Wales Building Preservation Trust (NWBPT) are the preferred developer and will take ownership of the North Wales Hospital site in Denbigh, once the Compulsory Purchase Order is concluded.
Lawrence Kenwright, chairman of Signature Living expressed his disappointment claiming he wanted to salvage most of the building and create 450 jobs.
The scouse mogul has attracted controversy in recent weeks, firstly by stating the North Wales Hospital could be redeveloped as a hotel themed around its history as a Victorian asylum with guests greeted by men in white coats, or a ghost theme.
Just last week, he hit the headlines again when a video emerged of him being bitten by a dog as he trespassed onto the site to assess the damage caused by a recent fire.
The footage sparked a backlash after an altercation with 81-year-old key holder of the site, Elwyn Pierce, saw Mr Kenwright bitten by German Shepherd, Kaiser.
Speaking about today’s announcement, he said: “Good luck to them. I hope it works out well.
“It’s going to mean knocking down most of the building, but the decision has been made and I wish them well.
The old Denbigh Hospital the morning after a fire that lasted several hours
The old Denbigh Hospital the morning after a fire that lasted several hours 
“We wanted to create 450 jobs, but the council is abreast of what the area needs and they clearly feel that it’s best for them to knock it down and not create the jobs we wanted to create.”
NWBPT is a charitable body created for the purpose of saving historic buildings for the public benefit and were set up with the support of the Prince’s Regeneration Trust.
Jones Bros, based in Ruthin, is one of Wales’ leading civil engineering companies and has a strong, proven track record for major projects and developments. They are proposing a predominantly housing led redevelopment on the site.
Meanwhile, the council is continuing to go through the Compulsory Purchase process which is expected to conclude later this year.
Leader of Denbighshire, Councillor Hugh Evans said: “This a significant milestone in the history of the former North Wales Hospital site. We have made a firm commitment from day one to protect this historic Grade 2* listed building and that commitment has not changed.
“The council has spent a significant amount of time, effort and money over the years, to protect the site from further dereliction, such is the importance of the site
The fire-hit wing of North Wales Hospital caught on drone footage
The fire-hit wing of North Wales Hospital caught on drone footage 
“The council has been committed to obtaining the land/buildings through the CPO process, so that we could transfer the land to a suitable developer. As the CPO process is in its final stages, it is appropriate to identify the developer now, so that detailed plans can be finalised and a planning application submitted.
“We fully recognise the importance of the site to local people and we want to ensure that the development of the site provides the most important listed buildings with a sustainable future whilst benefiting both the economy and local community in terms of jobs, housing etc.
“We thank all parties for taking part in the process”.
Drone footage shows the scale of the fire damage to a listed part of the former North Wales Hospital
Drone footage shows the scale of the fire damage to a listed part of the former North Wales Hospital
A spokesman for the partnership of the North Wales Building Preservation Trust and Jones Bros Civil Engineering UK said: “Our first step will be to conduct site investigations to improve our understanding of the site, and perform initial steps to make the site more secure.”
“The findings will help the partnership to finalise a development plan and planning application for the site.”

Cabinet also agreed to recommend that the council’s planning committee authorise the serving of a General Vested Declaration, the latest step in the CPO process. This will be discussed at the Planning Committee on May 23.
The CPO process is expected to be completed within the next few months

Monday, 23 April 2018

Colwyn Bay.....40s Festival Flop!!!!!

Oh dear, it would seem that the town and the public have bored with this years annual event!
These photos were taken at noon today. Completely different from last years buzzing town festival. In fairness, it is all the same thing over and over each year, nothing new. Time to scrap it before it becomes an embarrassment.

Also noticed today The pier trust shop in town has gone down considerably. Last year they made an effort for the 40s festival, this year the window display looks like it has been thrown together, and most of it not 4os Vintage, more earlier, some even victorian.
And a man working there was dressed in a 1960s Train uniform!!!!
Come on get your act together.

And even worse most of the shops in town haven't even bothered to do their windows?

Friday, 20 April 2018

Colwyn Bay, Some Good News! Trust excited about the future of the Colwyn Bay Victoria Pier

The Colwyn Victoria Pier Trust is entering exciting new ground as the plans for the listed landmark continue to evolve.
The trust held its AGM on Wednesday, March 28 where discussions were held around the development of the ongoing scheme for the Colwyn Bay Pier, progress with the dismantling and the working relationship with the Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC).
A number of guest speakers also took to the stand at the AGM including CCBC's senior consulting officer Huw Davies, who spoke about the developing relationship between the council and the trust; and architect Rob Chambers who told attendees how positive the scheme is and how it now needs to be evolved further.
Chairman of the trust, Mark Roberts said the feedback he had received from the AGM had all been very positive.
He said: "It was all very, very good. Even the other speakers were encouraged by what they heard. The questions from the floor were very good as well.
Mr Roberts said the trust felt like it could now draw a line under the past and was looking forward to moving forward.
Mr Roberts said: "We need to evolve now as a trust. We can't stand still, we need to look deep within ourselves and be ready for any changes there may be.
"The whole ball game is changing and we will make sure we tick all the boxes the best we can before making any major decisions."
The scheme, which was one of the major talking points of the AGM, Mr Roberts said is progressing nicely. While it was still in the initial phase, he said he was hoping to put it to public consultation as soon as possible as the next step.
Mr Roberts said: "At this stage it's just a concept scheme, which is the initial phase. Once we have something concrete we can go to public consultation because we need all the responses from residents so we can put it into the final scheme.
"That way the public will have confidence in our plans.
"It's not just going to be a long, empty plank, we need to have things in place that people want to use and can enjoy."
Once the scheme is through that phase it will require funding which he said the trust had already been in talks about.
Despite a complicated history, the dismantling of the Pier is now underway and the trusts scheme is progressing.
Mr Roberts said the trust is in a new place with clear skies ahead.
He said: "It is exciting, we have got to a place we haven't been to before."
A video of the AGM is available on the Trust's website:

Colwyn Bay......Man who was jailed for sexual abuse approached victim in nightclub six years later

A 47-year-old man who admitted approaching the victim of his sexual abuse when they were in a Llandudno nightclub has avoided a prison sentence.
Barry Sheridan Hardern, of Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay, had been banned from any contact after being convicted by a crown court jury of sexual activity with a child six years ago and jailed for four years.
He was then placed on a Sexual Harm Prevention Order prohibiting him contacting the victim indefinitely.
However in September Hardern had encountered his victim, now an adult, in the nightclub and had gone up to him.
John Philpotts, prosecuting at Caernarfon crown court on Wednesday, said Hardern had spoken with the man and stroked his cheek.
Added Mr Philpotts : “There then followed a minor incident of disorder and the man was ejected from the club.”
Hardern at first stated the man had approached him but later admitted breaching the court order and a charge of assault.
Simon Killeen, defending, accepted that prison normally followed such charges but urged Judge Huw Rees to consider alternatives.
The judge said he was satisfied the encounter had occurred by chance and that there had been a lengthy gap between the order being made and the breach taking place.
He told Hardern: “You have been here before and you are aware a Sexual Harm Prevention Order was made and is still in force.
“Last September there was a chance meeting with your victim and you approached him, spoke with him and made an affectionate remark and stroked his cheek.
“You must keep away from him, chance meeting or not. If he approaches you then you must turn away.”
A two-year community order was imposed, with courses organised by the probation service, and he was ordered to pay costs of £200.

Colwyn Bay....Delinquents in rooftop police stand-off get 'yellow card warning' from cops

 A busy roof! And only a yellow card! What a crime, softly softly, lets not upset the little darlings!

Youngsters who sparked an hour-long rooftop stand-off with police have been warned about their actions.
The two boys were seen on the roof of Peacocks on Station Road in Colwyn Bay on Sunday afternoon, shouting at passersby.
Police officers and the fire service were called to the scene in order to deal with the incident, and they agreed to come down at about 6pm.
North Wales Police spokesman said: “They were given a yellow card warning by officers.
Man in rooftop standoff with police in Colwyn Bay for an hour on 15/4/18
The boys were on the roof for an hour 
“One was taken home by his family. Officers took the other boy home.”
Firefighters used a ladder to climb onto the rooftop before carrying the youths to the ground.

The card system is a scheme which aims to tackle low-level anti-social behaviour.
If a youngster continues to misbehave in the future, it could see them arrested.

Colwyn Bay...Man in hour-long rooftop stand-off with police

 A man was involved in an hour-long rooftop stand-off with police.
North Wales Police were called to the roof of a property near the Ivy Street Car Park in Colwyn Bayafter the man climbed on top and would not come down.
Firefighters also attended the scene.

An eyewitness said the man was stood on the roof for an hour refusing to come down, before eventually agreeing to come down from the height.
Firefighters used a ladder to climb onto the rooftop before carrying the man to the ground.
Man in rooftop standoff with police in Colwyn Bay for an hour on 15/4/18
Man in rooftop standoff with police in Colwyn Bay for an hour on 15/4/18 
A fire service spokesman confirmed they were called at around 5.10pm today to assist the police, but said they could not provide any further details.
The nature of the incident is not known.
Man in rooftop standoff with police in Colwyn Bay for an hour on 15/4/18
Man in rooftop standoff with police in Colwyn Bay for an hour on 15/4/18 
North Wales Police could not be contacted for comment.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Llandudno...Police to visit hotels in bid to combat modern slavery

It all happening in Llandudno! No point them visiting Colwyn Bay or Rhos on Sea, all of the hotels have been flattened for flats!

A police operation to raise awareness of modern slavery in the hospitality trade will see hotels visited by the force.
North Wales Police will be visiting hotels in Llandudno as part of a drive to combat modern slavery within the trade - which can include forced labour, commercial sex and other involuntary services that aid a trafficker’s profit or personal benefit.
It comes as part of the police’s “Do Disturb” campaign, which provides hotels and guest houses with information about how to recognise the signs of modern slavery.
The force have said that they will be taking to social media through the week to share posts about modern slavery.
A spokesman said: “Do Disturb aims to raise awareness of how hotel and guest house premises can be used for sexual exploitation, forced criminality and to accommodate victims as part of the human trafficking journey.
“On Wednesday, North Wales Police are visiting hotels in Llandudno as part of #DoDisturb to raise awareness of modern slavery in the hospitality trade.”
The force said hotel employees are often in the best position to observe potential indicators of modern slavery offences, especially since their duties give them access to most areas of the properties.
The spokesman added: “Traffickers utilise all available resources to carry out their crimes, including hotels.
“Traffickers take advantage of the privacy offered by hotels, they are able to operate at a low risk because hotel staff and community are not aware of the signs of human trafficking.
“ North Wales Police aim to change this by making hotel staff aware of the indicators of modern slavery and asking them to question whether it is possible for trafficking to occur in their work places unnoticed.”

Colwyn Bay....... Crime Statistics for February 2018

Colwyn Bay, Conwy, LL29 8LG. 130 Crimes in February 2018