Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Llandudno......Conwy Council Planning permission F.O.I Interesting!

One Rule for one and another for us Mick!

West Shore.

Mick Roberts made this Freedom of Information request to Conwy County Borough Council
We're waiting for Mick Roberts to read a recent response and update the status.
Mick Roberts 23 May 2018
Dear Conwy County Borough Council,
I learn there are big plans for boats etc on the West Shore pond and an ice cream vehicle already in place. 
When was the permission given and by whom for the van van to be permanently positioned here? 
Has Planning permission been granted as the previous person was told she was not allowed to sell ice cream or drinks. 
Why the change and who decided this please. 
Will the concession be adversely on a yearly basis to keep the rent competitive? 
If not why not ?
Yours faithfully,
Mick Roberts
Uned Llyw-Gwyb / Info-Gov Unit, Conwy County Borough Council 23 May 2018
Diolch am eich neges e-bost. Os ydych yn gofyn am fynediad at wybodaeth 
dan delerau Deddf Rhyddid Gwybodaeth 2000 cewch ymateb o fewn ugain 
niwrnod gwaith.
Thank you for your email. If you are requesting access to information 
under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 you will receive a 
response within twenty working days.
We don't know whether the most recent response to this request contains information or not – if you are Mick Roberts please sign in and let everyone know.

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Rhos On Sea LL284EH...Dog Poo,Broken Glass & Graffiti! What a lovely Promenade!

We just decided to take the dogs out for a walk in Rhos On Sea, and what a run down dump it is becoming! So much dog poo, litter and Graffiti it's untrue! You would think with all of these flats being built that the place would get more money spent on it, but it's looking worse than it ever has!

Broken bottles just smashed along the front, they looked like beer bottles, to be honest there was so much Dog Poo and Glass that I couldn't be bothered to photograph it all!

Llandudno....A Man pleaded guilty to two charges of assault involving on two bouncers at the Club 147 nightclub

We know many people who have dealt with loss and in some very tragic ways including murder, yet non of them have ever gone out and assaulted other people! 
A man's “biggest source of shame” was being behind bars within a week of the death of his sister after he assaulted two bouncers.
Marc Williams, 30, of Maes yr Orsedd, Llandudno, pleaded guilty to two charges of common assault involving an attack on two bouncers at the Club 147 nightclub at Llandudno in March in which they were pushed and threatened.
Caernarfon crown court heard on Friday that his sister had died in the last week aged just 39 years.
Defence barrister Gareth Roberts said: “It’s had a profound impact on him that he finds himself unable to help his family.
Judge Niclas Parry expressed the sympathy of the court “at a very sad loss at a young age.”
Marc Williams, 30, from Llandudno has been jailed for assaulting two bouncers 
Williams assaulted the bouncers just six weeks after he was given a six-month prison sentence, suspended for a year, at Caernarfon crown court for causing actual bodily harm to a former woman partner during a row at a friend’s house, picking her up and causing her to fall into a bath.
She may have lost consciousness temporarily, and suffered afterwards from blurred vision and tenderness, said William Hingston, prosecuting.
In March 2015 at Mold crown court he had been jailed for eight months for another assault causing actual bodily harm.
Williams appeared on Friday via video link from Altcourse prison and was jailed for eight months – two months for the night club assaults, with the six months suspended term activated.
Judge Parry told him: "This was persistent, violent, threatening behaviour in a public place, in a volatile situation in licensed premises.”
The judge added that it was fortunate that injuries were not more serious.
Mr Hingston stated that at one stage Williams had picked up a 3ft pole outside the door of the club and threatened to hit the two doormen.
Mr Roberts said Williams accepted that it must be prison but wished to apologise. He had written to the two victims expressing his remorse and regret and was undergoing a course of rehabilitation.

Llandudno....Teenage girl stabbed in back refused treatment from doctor because he was black

Llandudno has such a variety of interesting residents don't you think?

A woman taken to hospital with a stab wound to her back refused to be treated by a doctor because he was black.
When the doctor tried to clean the wound Zena Edwards shouted: “You can’t clean it; you are dirty yourself.”
At Llandudno magistrates’ court District Judge Gwyn Jones told the 18-year-old: “A doctor working in hospital should not have to be subjected to such appalling behaviour.”

Edwards, of Abbey Road, Llandudno, pleaded guilty to a racially aggravated public order offence, two charges of assaulting police officers and one of possessing a small amount of cocaine.
James Neary, prosecuting, said that Detective Constables Gemma Smith and Kelly Taylor-Jones, executed a search warrant at a flat in Palace Avenue, Rhyl, on May 6 and found Edwards asleep in a bedroom.
She had a stab wound to her back and, having clearly been drinking, became abusive when the officers stopped her going for a drink of water.
As they tried to put handcuffs on her she spat in the faces of both of them and threatened to headbutt them.
Edwards was taken to St Asaph police station and then to the emergency department at Glan Clwyd Hospital, where the abuse continued.
“Other patients were clearly alarmed,” said Mr Neary.
She then made the racist comments to the doctor who tried to tend her wound.
Andy Hutchinson, defending, said that Edwards had been at a party and had somehow been stabbed in the back although she did not know how because she was under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
“Nobody knows how she sustained the wound,” he said.
Edwards, he said, wished to apologise to the doctor and others present.
Glan Clwyd Hospital where Zena Edwards, of Abbey Road, Llandudno, hurled racial abuse at the doctor trying to help her 
“She is not a racist but it was a poor choice of words,” he added.
The District Judge said an immediate custodial sentence was justified as spitting in the officers’ faces was an extremely unpleasant act.
Edwards was given a 12-month community punishment and ordered to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work.
She was also fined £250 must pay the doctor and police officers £150 each in compensation as well as £85 in costs and an £85 surcharge.
What a delightful young lady! 

North Wales ..Senior judge warns carrying weapons in North Wales is almost endemic

A senior judge warned today that carrying weapons in North Wales is almost endemic.
Judge Rhys Rowlands, sitting at Mold Crown Court, said people who came before the court for offences involving the possession of weapons, brandished in dangerous circumstances, could expect immediate custody.
“The message has to go out,” he said.
The senior circuit judge for North Wales was speaking after he watched CCTV footage of a disturbance in Connah’s Quay High Street.
During the incident involving three men a metal bar, a rock and a dumbbell were used
Judge Rowlands said it was “a frightening incident of disorder” shortly before 9am on Saturday, January 27.
Maurice Taylor, defendant, was seen brandishing a metal bar before he retreated into a newsagent’s shop where he was struck on the head with a piece of rock.
Taylor, 45, of Fisherman’s Wharf, Connah’s Quay, admitted possessing the dumbbell bar as an offensive weapon, and he was jailed for 27 weeks.
Co-defendant Billy Perks was knocked to the ground by Taylor and he ended up throwing a rock at the shop.
Perks admitted a affray charge.
The 27-year-old, from Butler Street in Shotton, was jailed for nine months.
David Mainstone, prosecuting, said a third man, who is yet to be sentenced, went into the shop and struck Taylor on the head.
he court heard there had been an earlier incident that day and then in the evening Taylor, with another man, went out with the metal bar.
As they were walking along the High Street a further confrontation took place.
Judge Rhys Rowlands was sitting at Mold Crown Court
Judge Rhys Rowlands was sitting at Mold Crown Court 
The judge said it started off with Taylor being the aggressor and Perks ending up on the floor.
It continued into the shop, staff were clearly frightened and did not want them there.
Perks threw a sandbag and then a rock from some roadworks at the shop.
It was then the third man, not currently before the court, struck Taylor to the head inside the shop with a rock.
Dafydd Roberts, defending Taylor, said there had been an earlier incident between his client’s brother and the co-defendant.
He said Taylor went out armed with the bar to protect himself and it was his case that Parks jumped out of a window at them.
Taylor accepted pushing him, causing him to fall to the floor, and his client accepted producing the bar to threaten, but not to inflict any violence.
He accepted producing it trying to scare two men away.
Taylor retreated to the shop where he suffered a significant injury.
Simon Mintz, defending Perks, said his client did not accept that he jumped out of the window.
He saw himself as the victim when he was thrown to the ground.
But he accepted he “went over the top” and completely over-reacted.
He had thrown a piece of masonry but was not responsible for the most serious violence, carried out by another man who was yet to be sentenced.
“He knows he did wrong. He went over the top but he did not start this incident,” he said.

Colwyn Bay.....Bryn Williams Police called As Yobs Disturb A few Customers at the Skip!!

Well it seems I'm not the only one who loves reading all of the bad reviews at the skip, Aka Porth Eirias, but I missed this one! Thanks to Val for letting us know. It seems that Yobs causing problems ended up with doors being locked and the police called! Colwyn Bay, some things never change! Here is the review on Trip Advisor!

Reviewed 19 April 2018
Haven't been here for a while, a friend wanted to take us for a birthday treat. She booked on line and was only given a 6.30pm option, which was slightly early, but thought it was a good sign that it would be busy. It was a beautiful evening and it is in a pretty situation, with a spacious car park. I ordered an Aperol Spritze, it's a really popular drink but no one had heard of it , but was offered apple juice.....I settled on a glass of rosé, which was delicious as was our smoked salmon started. I had the gnocchi, which was shaped into long rectangles of potato, an unusual twist, but very tasty. My husband's steak was ok and my friends smoked haddock was also good. We shared the rhubarb baked Alaska, which consisted of a huge portion of meringue and one tiny piece of rhubarb. Unfortunately by now a large group of teenagers were making themselves known outside. One of them not adding to the view by urinating against a wall. There didn't seem to be anyone in charge to go outside and move them on.....A group of people were struggling to get into the restaurant, trying every door, most of which are locked after 5pm. They did eventually gain access, looked at the menu and left. By now the yobs were banging on the window, so I couldn't really blame them. The service is what I would expect in a seaside cafe, which is at odds with the upmarket food. A trip to the loo revealed a sink full of sand. I do wonder what possessed Bryn Williams to have his restaurant here. Oh and there were less than 6 tables occupied, so their online booking system needs a tweak. As we left a Police car was patrolling the car park, the yobs ad long gone, no doubt to return on another sunny evening. A fairly depressing experience.....

Oh Dear! 

Monday, 14 May 2018

Conwy..... Councillors reject Denbighshire merger plans! But Others May Disagree!

I wonder why? Most of the public want rid of Conwy Council, Reduced Bin Collection, The Carbuncles The New Council Buildings in Colwyn Bay, The Skip, AKA Porth Eirias, and the Fiasco over The Pier, But of course Councillors and staff will lose their jobs and money! Bring it on, the sooner the better We Say!

Councillors in Conwy have voted to reject Welsh Government plans that would see the number of local authorities in the country slashed.
In March the government brought back plans to merge councils in a Green Paper it published at the time.
The proposals would see Wales go from having 22 county councils to 10. This could include plans that could see Conwy merge with Denbighshire to form one county.
But the reponse from councillors in Conwy to the scheme, at a meeting of the full council,  was scathing Council leader, Gareth Jones said: “I do feel that this reform does not address the huge problems that face us here in Conwy and other councils in Wales.
"The fact that we have to do more with less resources we need an answer to that problem. And as we know this year we’ve found £11m to address that deficit, we’re looking for at least £13m next year. That’s the problem, how do you address that?
"We still need to ensure that we provide the best services but there are less and less resources for that. The answer is not in reform, looking at a map or boundaries here and there.  What is important is what is done within those boundaries. This Green Paper does not do that.”
This is the second time in four years that the government has proposed cutting the number of councils.
Denbighshire and Conwy had been the first counties in North Wales to move towards a voluntary merger under previous plans but this was rejected by Cardiff in 2015.

Llandudno...Lifeboat station wins building award! (It should have won a Carbuncle Award)

Ask most local people and they will tell you that it's ugly and a Carbuncle! The two wings do nothing and are just high ceilings and when entering Llandudno from the Penrhyn Bay side, this Carbuncle block the view. There is nothing like self paise within  an industry or council! (North Wales local authority building control awards)

LLANDUDNO’s lifeboat station has won a prestigious building award.
It was declared the best small commercial project in Conwy county; and was also the overall 2018 North Wales winner, in the North Wales local authority building control awards.
Abergele based Wynne Construction built the station for the inshore and all weather lifeboats, including a new rock revetment and launch ramp.
The competition judges said: “The location was a difficult build for the contractor due to an extremely challenging and exposed environment next to the sea.
“The contractor worked well with the local authority building control team and good lines of communication were set up for regular site inspections.
“The contractor has been a regular to our awards in the past and continues to produce a high standard of build.”
Marcus Elliott, Llandudno lifeboat operations manager said: “All of the volunteers at the lifeboat station are extremely pleased with the new boathouse. After many years of waiting, the new building is fulfilling its promise to be a fine home for our new Shannon class lifeboat and has finally placed us where we need to be which is at the beach. We are happy that Wynnes have received this much deserved award.”

Llandudno......Taxi driver victim of nightmare attack in Llanrwst (Historical Crimes Revisited)

Dreadful incident from 2009.
A TAXI driver is too traumatised to work at night following a vicious attack by a man who tried to choke him and steal his takings.
The driver thought he was going to die in the assault in Llanrwst during the early hours of Sunday.
“I’ve got four children and I honestly believed I wasn’t going to see them again,” said the 30-year old Llandudno man who asked to be named only as Tony.
“He grabbed me from behind in a headlock and was strangling me, I started to go dizzy.”
And the self employed cabbie is warning other drivers to be on their guard when they pick up late night fares.
“This is the second time in a few months that a Llandudno driver has been attacked and I want to warn others to be very careful who they let into their cabs,” he said.
Tony said he had no inkling when he picked up two men outside the Broadway Boulevard nightspot in Llandudno that the night would end in violence.
“They paid me half the fare to Llanrwst and said they’d get the other half when they got there,” he added.
“They chatted on the way there and seemed OK, but when I stopped in the square in Llanrwst one jumped out and did a runner.
“I pressed the lock so the other one couldn’t get out and said I wanted the fare. The next thing he grabbed me from behind around my neck and went wild, headbutting me and trying to bite my ear, saying he wanted my takings.
“I was terrified but I didn’t want him to take my night’s takings because that’s the money to feed my kids, so I slammed my foot on the accelerator and got onto the A470 towards Betws-y-Coed before slamming on the brake hard.
“He let go and jumped out of the car and I phoned the police. At that point his mate came back so I started reversing down the road with them chasing me.”
Tony says his nightmare only ended when a passing ambulance stopped and the crew got out.
“The lads ran off, but one came back and said he was sorry and apologised for his friend, but it was a bit late for that,” he said.
Tony was left with a bruised neck, a bruised and bloody nose and a black eye after the attack. But he says the psychological damage is worse.
“At the moment I don’t want to work at night, but I’ll have to do it eventually because that’s when we make our money – I can’t afford to lose the income.
“I work hard to keep my kids and I fought back as best I could because I didn’t see why they should suffer because of a yob,” he said.
North Wales Police is appealing for anyone with information about the attack to contact their local police statioN.

Llandudno....Armed police arrest four after Llandudno assault!

Four men were picked up by officers from North Wales and Cheshire in connection with the incident

Four men have been arrested after a man was assaulted in Llandudno.
The man suffered minor injuries after he was assaulted on Gwydyr Road in Llandudno at 11.15am on Tuesday.
The men made off in a vehicle and were later arrested in the Merseyside area by armed officers from Cheshire and North Wales.
The men remain in custody.
Sergeant Rob Mahoney of North Wales Police said: “We are keen to hear from anyone who may have information relating to the assault yesterday morning.”
A Cheshire Police spokesman said a 39-year-old man from Liverpool, a 24-year-old man from Bickershaw, a 30-year-old man from Netherton and a 53-year-old man from Birkenhead were arrested in connection with the incident.
Anyone with information is asked to call St Asaph CID on 101 quoting reference W059734.

Conwy....Who Hates MP Guto Bebb??????

What an absolute mystery! Someone in Conwy/Llandudno Junction appears not to like Mr Bebb! This was sent in by a friend of our who had gone to photograph the sad demolition of the Crosville depot by the bridge for another superstore. They then noticed that every single window had this written on it! So they knew who to send it to! If anyone knows what this is all about please get in touch. We promise total confidentiality. It may be that people just don't like him, what do you think?

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Llandudno.....Man Arrested At Extravaganza for abusing members of the public!

Another incident in the town now known as The "Fading Queen Of Welsh Resorts" ! Well the press kept this little incident quiet! Members of the public who bothered to attend the event were left shaken and some terrified after Mr Wyn Davies, 46  of Woodland Rd,West Colwyn Bay! (hand in glove) who was apparently well oiled and a regular consumer of alcohol, shall we say, Shouted and swore at members of the public in the most obscene way, including in front of children! What a guy!

Davies who was already on a criminal behaviour order was found guilty of a further breach and has been jailed for just 12 weeks.
During the court case it was also stated that davies had been carrying a bottle of cider, and had attempted to punch a security guard!

Davies apparently has a record of 181 know offences, (wonder how many more are unknown). Davies claimed during the trial that he had no memory of the incident!

Thank you to one of our Llandudno readers for this.

Conwy County Council...Illegal Detention by Social Worker! F.o.i request!

Illegal Detention by Social Worker

Donald Saunders made this Freedom of Information request to Conwy County Borough Council

We're waiting for Donald Saunders to read a recent response and update the status.
Donald Saunders 6 May 2018
Dear Conwy County Borough Council,
An approved social worker who is based at Roslyn Community Mental Health Team by the name of N.P recently sectioned a woman in Colwyn Height on a section 2 of the mental health act.
The Social worker agreed with the section 2 being put in place, however there were apparently no beds available in the county or out of it, so the social worker instructed the sectioned ladies two friends to sit and watch her all night and not let her leave her house. This is a proven fact.
Following this and the families upset a second social worker by the name of G.E, was sent around to calm the family down.
What I want to know for the request is...
Can the mental health act be used to keep someone in their own home under section two, and have two untrained friends who don't live there instructed to watch the patient overnight and not let her leave? Was this lawful?
Yours faithfully,
This is very worrying, I saw this last night and my sister is a nurse so I asked her about the Mental Health act, she stated that this was very poor practice if not illegal! So why did it happen? The poor lady and her family, if this is true they need to take legal action as soon as possible.