Saturday, 30 June 2018

Colwyn Bay...Vandalism Of Former Telephone Exchange!

Nothing is safe in Colwyn Bay, I wonder how long before it's burn out? The children from the block of flats next door have been breaking in and smashing the place up, but nobody cares, especially the parents!

Llandudno...Crime Watch UK were live in the town!

Well the crime watch team were live in The Fading Queen of Welsh Resorts Llandudno today, driving around discussing all of the crime.
Did anyone manage to see it or has anyone recorded it? If so get in touch, Thanks

Colwyn Bay...Dumber and Dumber! Not Only drove down a one way street but then parked!

Sent in by one of our keen readers today. They said that the woman brazenly drove down the one way street and then parked!
Where are traffic wardens when you really do need them!

Friday, 29 June 2018

Colwyn Bay....Exciting times ahead for the Colwyn Bay Pier!

A rare positive story in Colwyn Bay, great to see the Pioneer being so supportive.

Dismantling work on the Colwyn Bay Pier has been completed and all that remains are nine stantions in the sand.
With this phase completed a lot of people are asking: "what come's next for the Pier?"
Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) are soon to reveal the successful bidder for the tender process to build a truncated pier on the site while designers are hard at work coming up with proposals of what that will look like.
Meanwhile, the Victoria Pier Trust are looking at the next step and expanding the Pier once the truncated version is installed.
Original concept plans have already been drawn up have been on display in the Trust's Colwyn Bay store and online - although are set to change thanks to public comment.

Victoria Pier Trust chairperson, Mark Roberts, said these were exciting times and plans for a new Pier in Colwyn Bay had never been so advanced.
Mr Roberts, in an exclusive interview with the Pioneer, said: "It's an exciting time. We have never been this close or had council onboard until recently.
"We have come a long way in such a short space of time."
The trust are investigating extension plans and examining the pieces of the pier that have been dismantled and stored as to whether they can be used again or whether new, similar looking pieces will be required.
Mr Roberts said: "We don't want to put a pier there that is going to be just a plank of wood. We want to entice people onto the pier.
"We want to re-build the pier to its complete length, but it is not just going to happen over night, it's going to be done in phases.
"We are going to think really carefully about the nature, the mix of uses and what is going to be included in each of the phases."
The Trust are currently in search of funding to be able to bring these plans to life.
They have applied to Heritage Lottery Funding and are in talks with the Colwyn Bay Town Council.
Mr Roberts said they had received individual donations from all over the world, which were greatly appreciated, but needed more.
He said: "I' don't know what the total cost is going to be, but it will be in the millions."
Along with the next phase of plans the Victoria Pier Trust is looking to become a charitable incorporated organisation

Rhos-on-Sea,Colwyn Bay....'Jealous and controlling' man put ex-partner in fear of violence

A "jealous and controlling" man escaped jail on Wednesday after inflicting months of fear on his ex-partner.
"It's a pattern of appalling behaviour for which you should be thoroughly ashamed," Judge Timothy Petts told 32-year-old Graham Parry at Caernarfon crown court.
"The complainant has behaved patiently in the face of extreme abuse and provocation."
Parry, a Welsh Water worker of Llwyn Onn, Rhos-on-Sea, pleaded guilty to a charge of putting a person in fear of violence by harassment.
He had been a month in prison on remand which the judge said should have served as a short, sharp shock. Instead of returning him to jail he imposed an 18-month community order, with 20 days of rehabilitation activity and 35 sessions of a "building better relationships" programme.
In addition he must carry out 100 hours of unpaid work and pay £800 costs.
A restraining order bans him from approaching or communicating with his victim or being in the Colwyn Bay street where she lives, and he must not approach her place of work. Also, he must not post any communications or pictures on the internet about her.
Karl Scholz, prosecuting, said Parry had continually turned up at her home or lurked outside, despite being told not to do so. He had also spat in his ex-partner's face. There had been as many as 30 phone calls a day and "she felt vulnerable and scared." He'd called her names and once pushed her by the hair. Parry had told her: "let the games begin".
In an impact statement the victim stated she felt she'd been "controlled and mentally abused".
Elen Owen, defending, said Parry had spent a total of £4,000 intending to have two family holidays with their two children - for which he would get none of his money back. "He is realistic that the relationship is well and truly over," declared Miss Owen. "It appears she has another partner."
A probation officer told the court that Graham had shown tendencies of a jealous and controlling manner and it was a concern that he continued to minimise and justify his actions. His victim had encountered fear and intimidation. Intervention by the probation service would seek to prevent similar behaviour in any future relationship.
The judge said the five-year relationship had broken down last summer and Parry had plenty of opportunities to stop his behaviour, being warned by the police.
"You have come within a hairsbreadth of going back to custody," added Judge Petts.

Colwyn Bay....Man imprisoned for 20 weeks after being spotted drinking cider in Llandudno

A swig from a bottle of cider cost a 47-year-old man his freedom.
Richard Davies of Woodland Road East, Colwyn Bay, had been spotted by police drinking in the street at Llandudno when banned from doing so by a criminal behaviour order.
It was the latest of many breaches, District Judge Gwyn Jones was told at Llandudno court.
Davies, who pleaded guilty to the breach, was sent to prison for 20 weeks.
“It’s a flagrant and persistent breach of the terms of the order,” the judge told him.
“Members of the public expect that orders are made with the purpose of ensuring that the streets of Llandudno are free of this aggressive drunkenness.

Llandudno..Men sentenced for terrifying knife robbery at convenience store

Another day another armed robbery In Llandudno! It's happened twice here in as many years!

Two young men who carried out a terrifying knife raid which left a shop worker fearing for her life have been locked up.
Darren Pomeroy, 21, and Matthew Ward, 22, struck at the Premier Broadway store at Penrhyn Bayon May 3 stealing nearly £500 from the tills and four bottles of Jack Daniels whiskey.
Judge Timothy Petts, sitting at Caernarfon Crown Court, said such shops which served local communities “deserve protection”.
Richard Edwards, prosecuting, told the court Pomeroy, of Maes Refail, Henrhyd, Conwy , had approached shop assistant Judith Hughes asking to buy Jack Daniels.
But when she the 67-year-old asked him if he had any proof of age he replied “I haven’t any” and pulled out a kitchen knife with a 12 inch blade from beneath his clothing.
“He pointed the knife at her and shouted at her to give him the money from the tills and four bottles of Jack Daniels”, Mr Edwards said.
Darren Pomeroy, 21, of Maes Refail, Henrhyd, Conwy, has been jailed for three years and four months after pleading guilty to robbery at the Premier Broadway store in Penrhyn Bay.
Darren Pomeroy, 21, of Maes Refail, Henrhyd, Conwy, has been jailed for three years and four months after pleading guilty to robbery at the Premier Broadway store in Penrhyn Bay. 
The pair were arrested 10 minutes later half a mile away and still in possession of the haul.
Pomeroy, who was on licence after serving 28 months for a robbery in 2016 in which a wrench was used, told police he had “a raging drugs habit” and wanted to go back to prison.
Ward, of Chapel Street in Penmaenmawr, who last year been given an eight month sentence for burglary, maintained he did not know Pomeroy had a knife.
Matthew Ward, 22, got two years and eight months after pleading guilty to robbery at the Premier Broadway store at Penrhyn Bay.
Matthew Ward, 22, got two years and eight months after pleading guilty to robbery at the Premier Broadway store at Penrhyn Bay. 
Mrs Hughes, in a victim impact statement, told how said she’d been terrified during the ordeal, feared she she might die and wondered if she would see her grandchild again.
Sentencing the pair, who both pleaded guilty to robbery, Judge Petts said: “I have to bear in mind the effect you had on the shop assistant, who is unsure whether she wants to remain in work.”
He sentenced Pomeroy to three years and four months in prison and Ward to two years and eight months.
Defending Pomeroy, barrister Matthew Dunford said he was extremely remorseful. He had a troubled childhood and had been diagnosed with ADHD. He’d been expelled from school, had difficulties reading and writing and at one stage drank two litres of vodka daily. He suffered from depression and had mental issues.
Simon Killeen, representing Ward, said a doctor had described him as an extremely vulnerable young man with mental health issues. (Excuses,Excuses!)

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Colwyn Bay....Market Hall site advertised for possible hotel, leisure or retail development!

Sadly this building was demolished by the council who ignored the towns wishes who wanted this restored as a Market, sadly the council just demolished it. It was prior to being a Victorian Garage a small park with a fountain! That would be nice put back, only it would probably only get vandalised! 
Shame the council waste so much money. It would be nice to give Wetherspoons a bit of a garden next door, but I bet we will get Offices, Flats or another Grubby Budget Hotel!! 
But why a hotel with an empty Hotel just a stones throw away!

The Imperial Hotel is a Grade II listed building, but despite it being empty and Colwyn Bay not being a tourist town the council seem to think building another hotel would be a good idea! If they had any brains they would move the Travelodge to this hotel with parking across the road, that would be a great idea, too clever for the council though!

Developers are being invited to express an interest in regenerating a former market hall site.
The Market Hall in Colwyn Bay was demolished in 2013 as part of plans to revamp the town centre.
Now Conwy County Borough Council want to gauge interest in the land by inviting expressions of interest from developers and occupiers
The former Market Hall site and adjoining buildings along Princes Drive were identified several years ago as a strategic site for the Council to acquire and redevelop under the Strategic Regeneration Area (SRA) initiative.
ForCllr Sam Rowlands, Cabinet Member for Finance & Resources said: “Market Hall is an important site to be delivered over the coming years.
“We must engage with the open market to ensure the most sustainable opportunity is brought to the site and therefore to the town of Colwyn Bay.”
The process will involve inviting expressions of interest; informal discussions with interested parties to learn more about their proposals; and finding opportunities and issues.mer Market Hall site in Colwyn Bay
However, the site wasn’t put to the market place in case it was needed during construction of the new council offices - as either a temporary relocation site or a compound.
The council is now able to advertise the town centre site to the property market.
They said it could provide an opportunity for hotel, office, leisure or retail use.
Cllr Louise Emery, Cabinet Member for Regeneration, said: ‘We need to test the market looking at all avenues for this site, but it’s important to note that this isn’t a resolution to dispose of the site at this stage, merely to engage with the market to explore what opportunities exist.”
A report will then be presented to Cabinet with the feedback and a strategy for taking the site forward.

Llandudno....Giant North Wales tidal lagoon will cut off views from Llandudno!

I really hope this goes ahead, it will cut off all of the views from the reams of flats along the prom! Serves them right, can't wait.

he company behind plans for a North Wales tidal lagoon that could create 20,000 jobs and generate more than £11 billion for the regional economy has vowed to press ahead with the scheme.
Henry Dixon, the chairman of North Wales Tidal Energy (NWTE), the group leading the project, said he was not deterred by the UK Government’s decision to reject a tidal lagoon project in Swansea.
In announcing the decision, Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark said the Swansea scheme was not value for money.

Acceleration of Tidal Lagoon energy projects
AMr Dixon said: “At long last, the UK Government has come off the fence and delivered its decision on the Swansea Bay tidal lagoon.
North Wales Tidal Energy chairman Henry Dixon
North Wales Tidal Energy chairman Henry Dixon 
“That it has made the wrong decision on the development of the pathfinder lagoon in South Wales is tragic but cannot and will not stop North Wales Tidal Energy & Coastal Protection Ltd (NWTE) continuing to develop and promote a North Wales tidal lagoon.
cceleration of Tidal Lagoon energy projects

According to Mr Dixon, the numbers do stack up for the £7 billion North Wales plan which would generate more energy and more revenue than the shelved Swansea lagoon.
He believes the lagoon, which would stretch from Llandudno eastwards towards Talacre, could be built and begin generating power within 10 years.
It could pump 2.5 gigawatts of electricity into the National Grid every year - and provide power to more than a million homes.
Project leaders also say it would also safeguard homes, businesses and infrastructure along the North Wales coast from flooding
As recognised by the Minister himself in his statement and by MPs questioning his decision, tidal energy and tidal lagoons offer many advantages to Wales and the UK including energy security, renewable energy and jobs in key areas of the country.
“NWTE’s initial proposals demonstrate that the performance of a North Wales tidal lagoon will significantly surpass the projected output from Swansea.
“The enhanced power output and revenue generated delivers a business plan that we believe will meet many of the Minister’s concerns.”

North Wales ....Yobs' community centre rampage leaves volunteers 'saddened and disgusted'

What the hell is wrong with these delinquents? They should be locked up.

ampaging yobs broke into a community centre and trashed it using materials belonging to a craft club.
Volunteers from North Wales Superkids , which organises events and raises money for disadvantaged children, were left “shocked, saddened and disgusted” after the incident at Bodelwyddan Community Centre, which is used by the group.
At some point over the weekend, the thugs forced open two filing cabinets containing stationery and craft items, and smeared paint all over the walls and floor at the centre, which is currently undergoing refurbishment.
The charity only found out when pictures were posted on social media by Bodelwyddan county councillor Richard Mainon.
Jade Storey, volunteer and trustee for North Wales Superkids , said: “While the community centre is being refurbished, we are holding our weekly craft sessions at the nearby Eat at the Green at the golf club, but we had two locked filing cabinets at the centre which were full of precious resources that we spent a lot of time fundraising to purchase.
Bodelwyddan Community Centre was broken into and vandalised by yobs who used items from North Wales Superkids craft club to trash it
Volunteers were left “shocked, saddened and disgusted” by the vandalism
“It’s heartbreaking because the children who attend our club are always so careful not to use too much at the risk of wasting them, because they understand how valuable these things are to us.
“I can’t believe that some little scrotes have decided to break in and cause this amount of damage.
“What a shame for our community and our craft club.”
Ms Storey, who helps to run the craft sessions, said she will be visiting the venue to see if anything can be salvaged from the mess, but claimed that the filing cabinets will be no use if they can’t be secured.
She added: “We struggle at the best of times to find funding to keep our craft club going and we try to make it the best we possibly can.
Bodelwyddan Community Centre was broken into and vandalised by yobs who used items from North Wales Superkids craft club to trash it
Items from the North Wales Superkids craft club were used to trash the centre
“We run two-hour sessions once a week for 12 children and we like to get their families involved too, creating some amazing pieces of art.
“We bring in other artists who can show the children how to do lots of different things, and we even offer volunteer placements for children doing Duke of Edinburgh.
“I was shocked, saddened and disappointed to see pictures of the mindless vandalism on Facebook using our paint and stationery that cost us hundreds of pounds.
“We’ve since had lots of people offering to help and make donations, which is lovely.
“It’s just sad that this has happened in the first place
The community centre is there for everyone and we should all use it and respect it.”
Cllr Mainon posted on the Bodelwyddan Environmental Group Facebook page: “Work has started to refurbish our community centre.
“It needs heating, hot water and updating so that we can use it for meetings, for our children to play, for people to receive help when it’s needed, and so that groups have somewhere to come together.
Bodelwyddan Community Centre was broken into and vandalised by yobs who used items from North Wales Superkids craft club to trash it
Graffiti at the community centre 
“Over the weekend the centre was broken into (again). The one room that didn’t need much doing has been ransacked leading to additional cost.
“The only two sets of drawers left in the place belong to the craft club and the criminals stole the children’s paint to do mindless damage.
“This comes after the council took a huge leap of faith and voted to remove the shutters, security fencing at the front and to reinstate more windows.
“We wanted the hall to shout out that our village is loved and that we are all proud.
“Now the builders are screwing doors shut and want to discuss scaling back the nice stuff in favour of prison-like security. We are so disappointed.
“Your council don’t want to waste your money refurbishing the centre just to create a target for vandalism that will keep on costing for years to come. Is that really where we are at?”
A spokesperson for North Wales Police said: "We received a call on Monday morning, reporting that the community centre, which is currently under refurbishment, had been vandalised over the weekend.
"If anyone has any information relating to the damage, we would ask them to call 101, quoting reference W085546."

Llandudno......Drugs, cash and phones found as three arrested in police raids

Lovely place Llandudno, it just gets worse by the day!

Police carried out a series of raids in Llandudno this morning, resulting in a teenager, man and woman being arrested
Three people have been arrested on suspicion of drug offences following a series of raids.
A 17-year-old male from Merseyside was arrested on suspicion of possession with intent to supply class A drugs, while a man from the Merseyside area and a local female were arrested on suspicion of possession of class A drugs following the raids.
Warrants were carried out by police on Ffordd yr Orsedd and Kings Avenue in Llandudno .
PC Liam Jones said: “These intelligence led warrants were part of the continuing work being undertaken under Operation Scorpion, in response to our communities concerns relating to drug supply and its consequences.
Police incident at Llandudno on Wednesday at Ffordd Yr Orssedd
Police incident at Llandudno on Wednesday at Ffordd Yr Orssedd 
“It is yet another example of where we have listened to concerns and acted upon them.
“We have seized assets including hundreds of pounds of cash.
“We have also recovered drugs paraphernalia, mobile phones and a small quantity of what is believed to be class A and C drugs.”
A police raid took place at properties on Ffordd yr Orsedd and Kings Avenue and three people were arrested on June 27.
A police raid took place at properties on Ffordd yr Orsedd and Kings Avenue and three people were arrested on June 27. 
One marked police car and two unmarked vehicles were at the scene, with a sniffer dog seen entering one of the houses.
A police officer left the property with a brown package which was put into the back of a police car and the officer returned to the property.
Then a few minutes later two police officers exited the property and left the scene.
PC Jones added: “Possession and distribution of controlled drugs will not be tolerated in our communities and we will continue to make determined efforts to disrupt this activity.”
Ambulances were also seen on nearby Ffordd Elisabeth around the same time, but an ambulance service spokesman said this was due to an “unrelated incident” where a male was taken to Glan Clwyd Hospital in Bodelwyddan.

Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Colwyn Bay..Mans Jaw & Eye Socket Broken In Town Centre Attack!

The Victim suffered a broken Jaw and Eye Socket following a brutal attack in Colwyn Bay the court heard.
The Attacker Lewis Powell age 20 of Minafon Council Flats Old Colwyn pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm to the victim on 20th Of May 2018 at Abergele Road Colwyn Bay.

Above Abergele Road.

Powell also admitted in court that five days following the attack that he had carried an offensive weapon in a public place which was Bay View in the town.

Above Bay View
Powell was seen carrying a wooden plank from an estate agents board.
Powell has been remanded in custody and will appear before Caernarfon crown court next month.

Let's hope the lowlife spends some considerable time in prison..

Monday, 25 June 2018

North Wales...'Concern' over dozens of children being treated for sex diseases including Chlamydia, Herpes, Gonorrhea & Syphilis

Welcome to North Wales.....
Dozens of under-aged children have been turning up at North Wales hospitals with sexually-transmitted diseases.
Since the start of 2006, 76 youngsters under the age of 16 have gone to the region’s hospitals and medical facilities with infections transmitted through sex.
The figures were revealed under a Freedom of Information (FOI) request.
Betsi Cadwaldr University Health Board did not provide a full break down of the diseases contracted - otherwise known as STDs - but they can include chlamydia, herpes, gonorrhea and syphilis.
The FOI request said: “We can confirm that there have been 76 patients aged 16 and under who have contracted a sexually transmitted infection between 1st January 2006 and present day.”
Teresa Owen, executive director for public health for BCUHB, said sexual health was a confidential service and all tests were done “through a unique number system with no personal names, addresses etc included.”
That is so no-one other than clinic staff can identify who is being tested, she said.
Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria
Chlamydia trachomatis bacteria 
Ms Owen added: “All young people under the age of 19 have a risk assessment completed by the clinician to investigate if there any concerns regarding child sexual exploitation and safeguarding
“We have very close links with the BCUHB Safeguarding team - any concerns are discussed with the safeguarding team and advice taken as to whether it needs to be referred to Social Services, or other agencies.
“This approach is used for the under 19s and also for vulnerable adults.”
Zoe Couzens, sexual health lead for Public Health Wales said: “Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) occurring in under-16s are naturally a matter for concern.
“Where under-16s are being diagnosed with an STI then they are already in contact with the relevant services that will help them and ensure that they receive appropriate guidance and safeguarding.”
In 2014 an outbreak of syphilis in North Wales saw cases rise more than fivefold in less than a year from about an average of seven in 12 months to 39 cases.
Earlier this year there were reports of an infection dubbed super-gonorrhoea, which was resistant to antibiotics, was spreading.