Sunday, 29 July 2018

Llandudno...Grim discovery on Llandudno's "Great" Orme!

Hardly Great Anymore! Drug needles everywhere, crime, litter, vandalism, homeless, drugs, caged off caves! The list is endless from the Fading Queen of Welsh Resorts! So why the dead birds? Who knows what sickos go up there! Maybe they were feeding them to eagles or just killed them because that's the sort of sick things going on in the area at the moment. I hope they are found and jailed.
A NUMBER of pigeons have been found dead on Llandudno's Great Orme.
North Wales Police's Rural Crime team tweeted: "If you have witnessed how they got to be there or have any info to provide please get in touch."
Telephone North Wales Police on 101.

Colwyn Bay....Appeal after fight on Train

Editors Thoughts, We travel on the trains to London a lot, and over the last few years have noticed a huge increase in Police presence on the stations and on the trains.Sad that it's needed. They need to ban these criminals from travelling for life on the trains if they cause any problems.
AN APPEAL has been launched following an incident on a train.
British Transport Police detectives are appealing for witnesses to a fight involving three men on board a train from Chester to Colwyn Bay on July 14.
The incident is believed to have happened at about 9.20pm in the middle/rear carriages of a busy Arriva Trains Wales service, near Colwyn Bay.
A man was left with minor injuries to his face as a result of this incident. The fight happened on board the 5.21pm service between Cardiff Central and Holyhead.
British Transport Police has said this was a busy service and a number of passengers on board would have witnessed what happened.
Anyone who has information can call 0800 40 50 40 or text 61016 – quoting 253 of 27 July.
Alternatively, ring Crime stoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Rhos-on-Sea...Taxi driver who lost his livelihood after sex assault allegation regains his licence

Editors Thoughts....Correct me if I'm wrong but under the new powers even being accused of a crime can stop you working with vulnerable adults or children. Here he hasn't been cleared but not charged, which should mean that the alleged victim could be sued if he was proven not guilty, as it is he can do nothing. He may be guilty, he not be, but nothing else can be done! Not what I would call justice either way. I wonder why they won't bring in lie detector tests? If I was accused and had not done anything I would beg to take it, and the person accusing should also have no problem either! But as it stands no evidence means just that, so the accuser is not being called a liar, There is just not enough evidence to charge! What a minefield, and innocent people accused can have their lives destroyed or guilty people never charged!
A taxi driver who lost his livelihood after allegedly misleading councilors over an investigation into a claim that he had sexually assaulted a passenger has had his licence returned.
After a successful appeal at Llandudno magistrates’ court Tony Scott said he was angry at the way his case had been handled by Conwy County Borough Council.
“The last nine months have been terrible,” he said. “I lost my job and managed to keep my house only because my mother helped me out. My wife, who stayed with me, had to take a part-time job while I looked after our children.”
His ordeal began in October last year when a student at Llandrillo College told a tutor that Mr Scott, who held a contract to take her and other students to and from college, had assaulted her on a couple of occasions as he drove her alone.
The 20-year-old alleged that he questioned her about the sexual activities she enjoyed with her boyfriend and told her what he and his wife did.
She also claimed that he squeezed her breast on top of her bra after he had asked her to open her blouse, and put his hand down inside her trousers.
The woman, who cannot be named, told her tutor: “Why did he do this to me? He is so nice.”
The college reported the matter to the police and to the council as licensing authority.
Mr Scott, of Marine View, Rhos-on-Sea, was suspended and when interviewed by the police denied that anything had occurred, commenting: “This is totally ridiculous. It is absolute lies.”
He said that student had been upset and tearful going into college that day because he had told her off for not wearing her seatbelt., but that the following morning everything was normal again.
On the day that the licensing committee was due to consider what action to take Mr Scott surrendered his licence, and he said he did so on the advice of licensing officer John Donnelly who said he could re-apply when the police investigation was concluded.
In February Mr Scott was informed by the police that no charges were being brought because of a lack of evidence, so he re-applied.
When he appeared before the committee in May he told members that the police had found no evidence, but the official explanation by the police was that there were “evidential difficulties” .
Solicitor Delyth Crisp told the court that that “misrepresentation of the truth” was one of the reasons by the committee refused his application, considering he was not a fit and proper person to hold a licence.
“What the police had said was that there was insufficient evidence to bring criminal prosecution, for which there is a high threshold, not that there was no evidence. ” she said.
“A licence holder requires a very high level of trust – trust in the person and in the licensing regime,” she added.
It was also the council’s policy not to grant a licence to anyone within three years of a licence being surrendered, but Mr Scott said he had not been told that by Mr Donnelly when advised to surrender it.
Asked by Mr Scott’s barrister Amy Stroud why he had not told him of the “three-year ruling”, Mr Donnelly replied: “I was merely answering questions.”
In evidence Mr Scott said he had not deliberately misled the committee, adding: “I feel I am the has been a big slur on my character.”
Upholding Mr Scott’s appeal against the council decision, chairman David Davies said Mr Scott had not received written confirmation of the police decision and the reasons for no prosecution until after the licensing committee meeting.
“We find therefore that he is a fit and proper person,” he said.
Referring to the policy not to grant a licence within three years of surrendering, he commented: “He surrendered it on legal advice and was not told of the consequences.”
The Bench refused an application by Ms Stroud for costs to be awarded against the council.

Colwyn Bay...Police abandoned pursuit of speeding driver because of danger to the public, court heard

Editors Thoughts...
Should have jailed the little prick for endangering life, what a piece of scum!

An experienced police driver gave up the chase of an Audi because of safety fears as it sped along the main road through Colwyn Bay, a court heard on Friday.
Ben Hill-Roberts, aged 21, of Glan Conwy but said to be living rough in Snowdonia, was told by Judge Huw Rees at Caernarfon crown court: "You have been very lucky. You could have gone into custody.”
The defendant admitted dangerous driving, driving when banned and being uninsured. A nine months suspended jail term was imposed with a 15 months ban and extended test ordered.
Hill-Roberts must undertake a rehabilitation activity and do 150 hours unpaid work.
Prosecutor Ffion Tomos said that at 11.30am on March 21 he’d been seen on the A55 Expressway at Old Colwyn and failed to stop for police.
The Audi A3 left the A55 and headed towards the Marine roundabout and on to Abergele Road, passing the police HQ, overtaking vehicles and reaching 52mph in a 30 limit during a mile-long pursuit.
Sarah Yates, defending, said Hill-Roberts wasn’t employed but had been an army reservist briefly. He had been taking a friend to collect her children and was “misguided.”
The lawyer said Hill-Roberts had his own health difficulties.
Judge Rees said it was “appalling” driving and told the defendant: "It’s about time you grew up.”
The offences occurred within two days of a driving ban expiring

Colwyn Bay....Details sought on Old Colwyn dance floor assault

Editors Thoughts...Hands up who would never go out in Colwyn Bay or Llandudno at night?
INFORMATION is being sought following a dance floor incident earlier this month.
Police are appealing for information after a man was seriously assaulted on the dance floor of an Old Colwyn pub.
The assault, which left the 45-year-old man needing hospital treatment, happened around midnight on July 14 at The Plough Inn.
PC 3284 Dan Owen said: “This appears to be an unprovoked attack.
"As yet, no-one has been arrested and we are keen to hear from anyone who may have witnessed the assault or anyone who has information relating to the incident.”
Anyone with any information should contact PC Dan Owen at Colwyn Bay Police Station via the web live chat quoting reference 18300075243 or by calling Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Saturday, 28 July 2018

North Wales ...Police Officer Attacked and Bitten By Deranged Man!

Editors thoughts....How awful, who bites someone? No normal person does! Let's hope the officer has not been infected with any disease and lets hope this psycho is locked up!
A North Wales Police officer faces months of worry after he was hospitalised following a “deplorable” attack by a man believed to have hepatitis C.
Officers were escorting a detained man to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd for treatment just before midnight on Thursday.
While at the hospital, the man became aggressive and violent towards officers, and bit PC Mike Gray on the arm.
Following the incident, he wrote on Twitter: “Not the way any officer wants their shift to end and certainly not how I imagined mine ending. 4 hours late home. Assaulted doing the job I love.
“Although a very low risk, a few months of worry ahead! #ProtectTheProtectors Thank You to the Staff at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd ED.”
Mark Jones, of the North Wales Police Federation, said: “I am so angry to hear of, yet again, another dedicated police officer being violently attacked whilst doing their job.
“This incident is just another in a long line of assaults on police officers who are out there protecting and serving our local communities.
“I repeat again that assaults on emergency service workers are completely deplorable and we demand that those responsible for such actions face the full weight of the law when it comes to sentencing.
“We are still seeing shockingly pitiful sentences being handed out by courts for those convicted of attacking police officers and will robustly challenge and highlight those situations where victims have been clearly let down.”
The attack follows a number of other recent assaults on officers in North Wales.
Just last week, five North Wales officers were spat at, punched and kicked, while assisting staff at Ysbyty Gwynedd and Ysbyty Glan Clwyd.
A 46-year-old man remains in police custody.
If left untreated, hepatitis C can cause serious and potentially life-threatening damage to the liver over many years.
Infection spreads via contact with the blood of an infected person.
However, it is usually possible to cure the infection, and most patients will have a normal life expectancy.
It is estimated there are around 215,000 people in the UK who have hepatitis C

Llandudno...Travellers set up camp in Llandudno supermarket car park

Editors thoughts...
To be honest there are always Mobile homes parked there overnight, can't understand what the fuss is about!

The group arrived early this morning and store bosses have asked them to move on
Travellers have pitched up on a supermarket car park in Conwy.
Three caravans and vehicles took over a section of the Tesco car park in Llandudno Junction during the early hours of this morning
A customer visiting the store at around 8am reported that two dogs, believed to be owned by the Travellers, were running loose around the car park.
North Wales Police were notified but did not attend.
Tesco have asked the group to move on, although it is understood they are still there.
A Tesco spokesman said: “Three caravans parked in the car park of our Llandudno Junction store in the early hours of this morning.
“We have asked the owners of the caravans to remove them from our site.
A spokeswoman for North Wales Police, said: “We were called by someone who reported that three caravans set up camp in the cark park in Tesco, Llandudno Junction.
“They were advised to speak to the local authority.”

Colwyn Bay....Laptop stolen from Colwyn Bay garden!

Editors Thoughts....Living in Colwyn Bay people should know that nothing is safe to be left unguarded, even for a few seconds!
AN ACER laptop in a bag has been stolen from the garden of a property in Colwyn Bay.
The laptop had been left behind a bin in the front garden of the house on Belgrave Road while its owner had quickly gone inside. When he came out of the address, the laptop had gone.
The incident happened between 5.10pm and 5.20pm on Friday July 13.
Police are making an appeal for to anyone who might have information relating to the laptop and are asking them to contact the Managed Response Unit quoting reference 18300074864 via the web live chat or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Conwy County Council...Visits to porn websites by Conwy council staff

Editors View.....No wonder the council never get any work done! They should sack these perverts!
MORE than 1,500 attempts to visit pornographic websites by Conwy County Borough Council staff at work were blocked by the authority.
The figures for the year 2017/18 were revealed in response to a freedom of information request by AM Janet Finch-Saunders, who had asked the same questions of all Welsh local authorities.
She said: “Some of the figures are truly startling. They do raise concerns about the use of publicly procured IT equipment. Blocked sites are blocked for a reason, often security related. Attempts to access these have the potential to compromise the confidentiality and integrity of data held by an authority.
"I trust the local authority is taking the appropriate action. It should ensure its IT security and monitoring systems are up to date so to protect the data it holds. If it is found council owned IT equipment is being deliberately misused by staff, I would expect a full and proper disciplinary procedure to take place.”
She added there is a possibility that it could relate to people using council equipment who are not staff.
A spokesman for Conwy County Borough Council said: “In 2017/18, around 300 million websites were accessed by council staff. Of these, 1,575 clicks to blocked adult material, either unintentionally or intentionally, this equates to 0.0005% of all the web addresses visited.
“Legitimate sites and pages may contain ads or links to content which is blocked, and these will show up on our reports even if they are not accessed.
"In 2017/18, around 300 million websites were accessed by council staff. Access to inappropriate content from any device could be considered as misuse of the internet and is covered by the council’s policies. It is normally managed by corporate filtering software.”
The council’s internet policy states staff must not use their internet accounts to create, download, upload, display, print or access knowingly, sites that contain pornography or other unsuitable material that might be deemed illegal, obscene, derogatory, defamatory offensive, or anything that may be construed as harassment or disparagement based on race, colour, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, or religious or political beliefs.

Wednesday, 25 July 2018

Llandudno 15th highest crime rate out of 104 England and Wales postcode areas!

Editors Thoughts...Oh dear, It just gets worse for the ailing town! 
Info from...

Llandudno violent crime rate comparison map
Postcode sectorCrime rate vs. ENG & WLS rateCrime rate per 1000 workday peopleTotal number of crimes
LL11 1223%62268
LL11 2111%31278
LL11 371%20156
LL11 4189%52376
LL11 5155%43188
LL11 6207%57254
LL12 085%24176
LL12 7158%44261
LL12 861%17105
LL12 998%27128
LL13 058%16128
LL13 7194%53549
LL13 8306%85798
LL13 9123%34521
LL14 1188%52209
LL14 2441%122756
LL14 3158%44242
LL14 4100%2888
LL14 570%19100
LL14 6169%47161
LL15 160%17121
LL15 221%617
LL16 3163%45311
LL16 471%2083
LL16 542%1239
LL17 078%21142
LL18 1574%158856
LL18 2206%57446
LL18 3165%45263
LL18 4155%43333
LL18 5115%32427
LL18 6101%2877
LL19 7171%47278
LL19 8142%39214
LL19 9177%49252
LL20 778%2278
LL20 8108%30103
LL21 064%1850
LL21 984%2368
LL22 7177%49352
LL22 882%2397
LL22 9170%47214
LL23 776%2180
LL24 050%1428
LL25 071%208
LL26 065%1876
LL27 076%2112
LL28 473%20168
LL28 580%22116
LL29 671%2028
LL29 7156%43250
LL29 8150%42307
LL29 9178%49270
LL30 1143%39437
LL30 2156%43392
LL30 367%1866
LL31 981%22204
LL32 884%23157
LL33 0103%2898
LL34 6115%3299
LL35 039%1110
LL36 094%2632
LL36 973%2064
LL37 247%136
LL38 280%2214
LL39 1116%328
LL40 1100%2873
LL40 257%1635
LL41 3139%38114
LL41 464%1852
LL42 1137%3892
LL43 268%199
LL44 266%1816
LL45 248%138
LL46 233%916
LL47 651%146
LL48 649%1434
LL49 985%24126
LL51 933%96
LL52 041%1130
LL53 5137%38189
LL53 688%24124
LL53 759%1650
LL53 834%1030
LL54 571%2054
LL54 6152%42149
LL54 770%1957
LL55 1124%34243
LL55 2135%37276
LL55 385%2358
LL55 488%24138
LL56 451%1433
LL57 1251%69498
LL57 264%18265
LL57 3149%41169
LL57 456%16120
LL58 846%1343
LL59 574%2098
LL60 664%1851
LL61 558%1635
LL61 679%2257
LL62 5103%2837
LL63 5128%3537
LL64 599%2721
LL65 1142%39191
LL65 2157%43365
LL65 375%21126
LL65 452%1439
LL66 044%123
LL67 079%2245
LL68 0116%3231
LL68 9102%28115
LL69 988%2414
LL70 928%82
LL71 779%2210
LL71 852%1413
LL72 8225%6240
LL73 888%245
LL74 858%1632
LL75 895%2631
LL77 779%22180
LL77 8102%286
LL78 7496%13713
LL78 898%277

Llandudno violent crime rate rank

Violent crime rate is 34.6 crimes committed per 1,000 working people per annum. It's 15. highest crime rate out of 104 England and Wales postcode areas.


highest crime rate out of 104 postcode areas


annual crime rate per 1k workday people
Llandudno violent crime rate rank

Llandudno violent crime rate compared to other areas

The total volume of violent crime is 18.2k and has increased by 43.9% when compared year-over-year in the period of June 2017 - May 2018. In the graph below postcode area are compared by crime rate and crime rate percentage change. Crime rate % change compares the postcode area crime rate between June 2017 - May 2018 to the postcode area crime rate in the previous 12 months. Size of the circle determines the number of total crimes committed. The bigger circle means the higher crime volumes committed in the postcode area.


annual change


annual crime rate per 1k workday people


crimes committed

Llandudno violent crime rate compared to other areasCrime rate percentage change
Crime rate per 1000 workday people

Llandudno violent crime rate

Annual crime rate per 1000 workday people

Llandudno violent crime rate

Llandudno violent crime seasonality

Llandudno violent crime seasonality