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Llandudno..A Lovely Photo Taken By A Visitor!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says..I think this photograph sums up Llandudno in many ways! Thank you E for the photos

Colwyn Bay..Shock As The Mixed Review Skip Bistro (Bryn Williams Porth Eirias) Gets Michelin Guide 2019 award!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says..
Having eaten at this awful place I can tell you that it is a shock to many that The Skip Bistro has been awarded anything!
Apparently Mr Williams the TV Chef doesn't even work there! It's billed as over expensive which it is and local people are unclear as to what Mr Williams is paying in rent at the Skip!
A freedom of  information request for the cost charged for rent was refused by the council, I don't know how true this is but it is alleged that The Skip Bistro get free rent from the council on the agreement that they take Llandrillo students at the place! Regardless the food appears hit and miss and it is not highly regarded by many locals so it is a shock that it has won! A big shock!

26 % of it's reviews are average or below!

Reviews from Trip advisor like

Reviewed 6 June 2018
We called evening Meal, despite a somewhat empty place, we waited some time to be served. The choices are fine, but the costs are difficult to understand, as you have to order vegetables as an extra, and of course there is a cost! A simple meal for two can set you back a staggering 45.00 plus, so for that amount you would not expect small portions, and to leave still feeling hungry. The venue itself is cold and has no charm or atmosphere and at times is very noisy. Also with members of the public traipsing in to use the shared community toilets inside the cafe it really quite difficult to call this an enjoyable dining experience as it wasn't. We can only say the food was ok, small and overpriced, nothing special, for the price you would expect so much more."

"Reviewed 13 June 2018
On arriving after a lovely hot walk along the front we decided on someone cold and wet to drink. First we are greeted with over 20 kids on skate boards and scooters jumping off the walls attached ( nearly running into us ) and swearing !!
Tried to look past this and sit as one of the outside table that are labelled for customers only.
Me and my friend decided on a alcoholic drink which we send our husbands in for.
5 minutes later they returned to say it would have to be in a plastic glass .... not a snob but not drinking a G&T out of plastic so we opted for a coffee. In trotted our patient husbands again to come out a second later to tell us that a coffee would have to a take out one so in a cardboard cup !!
At the prices and the money this place has had put in to it I`m and sure it is not too much to ask for a glass or a mug.
I have never sat in a beer garden and not been served the correct way.
Will never return !!!"

"Reviewed 12 June 2018 via mobile
We visited for lunch, the menu was very limited, was hoping for a nice salad but ended up ordering a starter which was a tiny portion for £9. Didn't feel that it was family friendly, I asked two staff members if they could get me some hot water so I could prepare a baby's bottle, the first waiter at the bar area said he would assist but he was rather busy and never got back to me and our table waitress did eventually get some hot water but she was most unfriendly, this was during the whole sitting. I'm afraid I won't be coming back."

"Reviewed 11 June 2018
We visited on a very busy Saturday evening. The service was reasonably prompt, except for the desserts, which took at least 20 minutes or so to arrive. The menu here is quite small, with only 8 items as starters and main courses.The food was ok, but not brilliant, we choose fish fingers and chips which at £15 is quite pricey for what you get. Side orders are all extra. The seasonal veg turned up as a bowl of peas cooked in lardons! Some of the staff seemed as if they didn't want to be there; no welcome and certainly no smiling! The bill came just short of £100 for three of us, no starters and two desserts. This is our third occasion here, and is probably the last."

"Reviewed 10 June 2018 via mobile
3rd visit to this establishment, where it has been closed due to wrong information on website with opening times in correct!!! Very disappointing would expect so much more from a celebrity chef!!! Closed in summer season on a Sunday evening, Monday and Tuesday, what sort of work ethics are these!"

Reviewed 9 June 2018 via mobile
Omg !! What is it with this Nuclear Bunker.
Beautiful day to sit out in the sun. But not with plastic beakers, thank you.
Can't even order a Cup of Tea / Coffee at the same time, at the bar, you have to move to another part of the " Bunker" to order,
Sod it, why waste your time, my advice is, " go elsewhere" !!!!!!

And so they continue, It's amazing it still has 4 stars!

The Award see below

Llandudno...Homeless man fined for assaulting policeman outside Asda superstore

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says.. I bet the lowlife wanted to go to jail!

A HOMELESS Lithuanian man accused of kneeing a PC to the thigh while drunk and causing a nuisance outside a Llandudno supermarket was fined £80 for assault.

Magistrates at Llandudno also ordered Tadas Marciukaitis, aged 34, to pay £50 compensation and £285 costs.
He admitted assaulting PC Benjamin Smith outside Llandudno’s ASDA superstore on Conway Road.
A four-week suspended jail term was imposed after the defendant also admitted being drunk in charge of a child at Pwllheli and failing to surrender to custody.
Llandudno Magistrates Court chairman Toby Prosser said Marciukaitis recognised his mistake with the child.
“We have some sympathy,” added Mr Prosser.
Alex Fitzgerald, defending, said Marciukaitis, a qualified welder, had struggled to find work as a welder while in the UK.
His life had started to “unravel” and he moved to Llandudno and lived in a tent.
The assault was “reckless.”

North Wales...Jail for burglar who targeted house as recently bereaved owner slept!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says..Vile human being, glad he is off to jail.
A man burgled the home of a recently bereaved man in the middle of the night - by mistake.
Lee John Clayton had gone to the property believing it to be the home of someone he claims had sent him threatening text messages.
But the 31-year, of Parc Felin Dwr, Llaingoch near Holyhead , had entered the wrong house in Llanynghenedly near Valley after finding the door unlocked and stole items from inside.
As he headed back to Holyhead he was seen to drive on the wrong side of a roundabout and towards another motorist. Damage was caused to roadside bollards and the vehicle he had taken without the owner's permission.
The marine engineer admitted charges of burglary, dangerous driving and driving without permission when he appeared before a judge at Caernarfon Crown Court. He also admitted drug driving and possessing illegal drugs.
Burglary victim David Hughes told police the incident on October 11 last year had caused him anxiety and followed a recent bereavment.
Jailing Clayton for a total of 20 months Judge Timothy Petts said the effect on Mr Hughes was the "very real impact of burglary".
"In all the circumstances the proper punishment for a nighttime burglary is one of immediate custody," the judge added.
In addition to the prison sentence Clayton was disqualified from driving for 12 months and must take an extended retest. The ban will start when he is released from jail.
Lee Clayton, of Holyhead, has been jailed. He admitted charges of burglary, dangerous driving and driving without permission when he appeared before a judge at Caernarfon Crown Court. Clayton also admitted drug driving and possessing illegal drugs.
Lee Clayton, of Holyhead, has been jailed. He admitted charges of burglary, dangerous driving and driving without permission when he appeared before a judge at Caernarfon Crown Court. Clayton also admitted drug driving and possessing illegal drugs. 
Gemma Gordon, prosecuting, said Mr Hughes was asleep in bed and woke the following morning to find the front door open and items, including a laptop, a mobile phone, some cash and an ipad, missing.
"During the night police received reports of a vehicle being driven dangerously in the Holyhead area. It was traced to the owner and police attended and found the vehicle damaged and the front tyres deflated.
"The defendant was in his bedroom but escaped through the window when his mother called him," the barrister said.
Police searched the room and found a small quantity of cocaine, an illegal drug, and some drug taking items. The stolen items were found in the car.
Arrested later Clayton told officers at interview he had been receiving threatening text messages from a man and had decided to confront him about the matter.
"He believed the address to be that of the man but he was mistaken," she added.
Richard Edwards, defending, said Clayton was the father of two children and had contact with his baby son but this had ended abruptly and the text messages told him to stay away.
"He believed the property was where the man lived. Approaching the property late at night was his first mistake. Entering was the second mistake.
"Under the influence of drugs he was not thinking rationally," he said.
Mr Edwards said Clayton showed genuine remorse and urged the court to consider suspending the jail term.

Colwyn Bay...Enforced Four Weekly Bin Collections Leaves Mum 'petrified' baby will catch diseases from rat infestation in her house!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says.. And it's going to get a lot worse!

A mum of four woke up in the middle of the night to feed her baby and to her horror discovered half a loaf of bread had been eaten by rats.
Frankie Hamlet first discovered a rat in her kitchen cupboard two weeks ago, at her home in Gadlas Road, in Llysfaen, near Colwyn Bay.
The distressed 29-year-old, who has children aged eight, four, 16 months and eight weeks, immediately contacted Conwy Council. The local authority swiftly dispatched a pest control officer to her home, which is in shared ownership with Clwyd Alyn Housing Association.
But despite two visits from the pest control officer the rats are still very much at large, leaving Frankie at the end of her tether.
"I just don't know what to do any more and I'm absolutely petrified my children will catch something from the rats," said the tearful mum.
"We can't hear the rats in the daytime as there's so much noise in the house, but at night I can hear a rat underneath our floorboards."
She continued: "When I came downstairs at 2am this morning to make a bottle for our baby, I couldn't understand what all the crumbs were and thought my partner, Anthony, had been making a sandwich but then I saw the wrapper had been shredded and then knew it was the rats."
Frankie blames the rat problem on Conwy's controversial bin collections. The local authority has just introduced monthly bin collections but Frankie said her large household were already struggling to cope with three weekly collections.
Introducing monthly bin collections would save the cash-strapped authority in the region of £400,000. In the same week Conwy rolled out the monthly collections for the whole county, for the first time it was revealed the cash-strapped local authority could put council tax up by as much as 11%.
Frankie says 'enough is enough'.
"Both of my neighbours have problems with rats on either side, they've had to put black boxes in their gardens filled with bait, we've done the same but obviously it hasn't worked," she said.
"We are having to put our rubbish by the side of the house until they are collected.
"I've asked for another bin, but was told that I needed to send birth certificates to the council to prove we have six people living in the house, I haven't got the time to do all that," said Frankie.
Conwy Council spokeswoman said: "Conwy’s Regulatory Services are currently treating Ms Hamlet’s property. There was nothing found to suggest a link between this unfortunate instance and the frequency of the council’s refuse collection.
"The council is here to help make the recycling service a success. We have visited Ms Hamlet to provide advice and we are offering her extra assistance."

Llandudno...Three Female friends fought in the street after getting drunk on Vodka!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says.. What classy Llandudno Ladies!

Three young women friends fought in the street after getting drunk on vodka, a Llandudno court was told.

It was a kicking, punching hair-pulling “free-for-all,” which ended on the ground, said Wyn Jones, prosecuting at Llandudno on Friday.
Two women pleaded guilty to a public order offence in Parc Bodnant, Llandudno, on June 28 and apologised to the court, blaming the vodka.
Amy Louise Barlow, aged 30, of Parc Bodnant agreed that her behaviour was unacceptable and embarrassing, said her solicitor Simon Sargent. She maintained that she had tried to get between the two other women but lost her temper when dragged to the floor. What happened was out of character.
Natalie Violet Watts, 31, Carmen Sylva Road, Craig y Don, who works at a seafront hotel, said: “I apologise for my behaviour, I’m in my thirties and shouldn’t be doing this type of thing. I feel I was provoked, I was punched first - we were arguing.”
Barlow was ordered to pay £235 in a fine and costs, and told by charwoman Jean Bryson she had been open and honest about what happened.
The case against Watts, who the chairwoman said had also shown remorse, was adjourned until Wednesday to obtain a probation report.
Claire Rowlands, 30, of Parc Bodnant, is also accused, but was unable to attend yesterday and her case will be heard in a week.

Conwy,North Wales ...Over 700 food hygiene warnings handed out by inspectors!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...Worrying, very worrying!

More than 700 written warnings were handed out to businesses in Conwy for food hygiene issues over the last year, due to problems such as cleanliness and separation of foods.

Data from the Food Standards Agency shows the results of food hygiene intervention inspections in the local authority, over the 12 months to April.
The businesses inspected are mostly restaurants, but include any establishment which handles unpacked food including farms, manufacturers and catering companies.
Inspectors assessed 1,617 businesses and handed out 732 written warnings in Conwy.
Any breach of food hygiene regulations can lead to a written warning. Breaches include problems with cleanliness, training of staff, record keeping, washing facilities and separation of cooked and raw foods.
Officials consider the seriousness of the case, as well as the co-operation of the business, before deciding on what action to take.
As well as the written warnings, in Conwy there were three voluntary closures.
No businesses in Conwy were categorised as high risk, which would mean they would need to be inspected again within six months.
This rating is different from the 0 to 5 score that restaurants and takeaways display in their windows, as it is an indicator of when officials need to assess the business again.
A business which gets a high risk rating is "highly likely" to have breached food hygiene regulations, according to the FSA.
However it could also be because of its trade, such as large scale manufacturers with lots of customers or businesses that carry out specialist procedures.
In total there were more than 150,000 written warnings handed out in England, Wales and Northern Ireland in 2017-18, and 267 successful prosecutions. Scotland collects its data separately.
Nina Purcell, director of Regulatory Delivery at the FSA, said: "It’s encouraging that local authorities have made improvements in the percentage of interventions achieved and are continuing to target their activities at food businesses where food safety risks are the highest or where food fraud is more likely."
An FSA spokeswoman encouraged people who see bad food hygiene to report it to the council.
In a statement, she said: "You can report poor hygiene practices in a restaurant, store or other food outlet to the business's local authority at"

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Llandudno...Police hunt 'dangerous' dog's owner after boy attacked on bike ride

An appeal for information has been made after the incident in Deganwy

A child has been attacked by a "dangerous dog" while out riding his bike in Conwy .
The boy, who was out cycling with his dad along the coastal path in Deganwy , was bitten on the leg by a brown Doberman as he passed the animal.
It happened just past the signal box at Deganwy Railway Station on Saturday, September 15.
North Wales Police are now appealing for information about the attack.
The attack took place near Deganwy station 
PC Janette Stott said: “We are keen to hear from anyone who saw the dog attacking the child.
"The dog was on a red lead and had a red collar.
"The woman walking the dog is described as being in her 40s, of slim build with long dark hair.
"She was wearing a blue hooded top with a sleeveless padded jacket over and dark leggings."
Anyone with information is asked to contact PC Stott via the North Wales Police live webchat, quoting reference 18300095646.

Llandudno.... Fuss Over Poundland selling Plastic Glow In The Dark 'knife' to Children for Halloween

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...What a silly fuss! Anything to do with Monsters or Halloween is about horror and death! And considering that knife crime among children in the area is so high see below, People should be more worried about the children carrying real knives not fake glow in the dark one's! Get a life people.

The glow-in-the-dark item has been criticized for looking too realistic

Parents have reacted with fury to the news that Poundland is selling realistic-looking knives for £1 ahead of Halloween.
The retailer has decided to sell the glow-in-the-dark items as part of their Halloween range, but concerns have been raised that the toys send out the wrong message in the midst of the UK's knife crisis.
According to the Office for National Statistics, from the period of April 2016 to March 2017, there were a total of 34,700 police recorded offences involving a knife or sharp instrument.
In August, the Daily Post reported that 309 knife crime incidents have been reported to the force since January 2018. As a result, 189 arrests were made and 65 people were charged with knife-related offences.
"It's actually marketed as a weapon - that's what horrified me," said Rob Evans, 40, a dad-of-one from Conwy.
"It's absolutely disgusting. There's enough problems with knives and young people without encouraging more They are just £1 as well and most children have £1 in pocket money they could use to buy this now."
Poundland in Mostyn Street, Llandudno, are selling this £1 toy knife as a 'Glow in the dark weapon' for Hallowe'en. An identical product has sparked concerns that it sends out the wrong message to children in places plagued by knife crime such as Nottingham. Image: David Powell
The toy knife is being sold at Poundland 
Mr Evans added: "Knives are everywhere these day. It's so irresponsible. Poundland should hang their heads in shame."
Sarah Humphreys, a mum-of-two from Ruthin, said: "It just looks too realistic. If it looked more comic book with blood pouring down it or something like that, and if the blade looked more blunt then I don't think people would be so upset.
"But the knife looks sinister, and an old lady opening the door to trick-or-treating children would be terrified seeing this knife."
However, one dad who didn't wish to be named, said: "What would people prefer, that kids go out on Halloween with real knives?
"I think we should be focusing on getting real knives off the streets than having a go at Poundland."
Poundland in Mostyn Street, Llandudno. Image: David Powell
Poundland in Mostyn Street in Llandudno 
Poundland defended its right to sell the replica knives, stating it was playing its part in handling Britain's knife crime epidemic.
A spokesman for the company said: "We share their concern on knife crime. That’s why no-one is doing more than Poundland.
"By the end of this month we’ll be the only high street retailer to completely remove kitchen knives from all of our stores nationwide.
"This, however, is just a glow-in-the-dark yellow plastic toy for Halloween."

Anglesey,North Wales....'HIt and run' leaves police officer seriously injured!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...I hope the police officer will be okay and this criminal jailed.

A man has been arrested following the incident at a petrol station in Anglesey

A police officer was seriously injured in a "hit and run" on Anglesey .
The plain clothes officer was taken to hospital with serious but non-life-threatening injuries following the incident on a petrol forecourt in Llangefni.
A 47-year-old man was later arrested on suspicion of grievous bodily harm and a number of motoring offences.
A car was also seized.
Police said the incident was not linked to terrorism.
North Wales Police said: "At 2.57pm today, a plain clothes police officer approached a VW Golf on the forecourt of the Texaco filling station on Glanhwfa Road in Llangefni.
"The officer was subsequently knocked down and the car made off."
A police officer was seriously injured following a "hit-and-run" at Heron Services in Llangefni
A police officer was seriously injured in the incident 
Emergency services arrived at the Heron Garage shortly afterwards and the officer was taken to Ysbyty Gwynedd .
Detective Chief Inspector Brian Kearney said: “This was a shocking incident.
"We would like to thank the staff at the filling station and passersby who went to the assistance of the officer.
"We are appealing to anyone who witnessed this serious incident to contact Llangefni CID, quoting reference W137054.”
Police investigate after man hit by car at Heron Garage in Llangefni on September 25. Image: Eryl Crump
Police at the Heron Garage in Llangefni 
Investigators remained at the scene on Tuesday afternoon gathering evidence into what took place.
Superintendent Richie Green added: "The officer was conducting a normal routine stop of the vehicle and the incident developed thereafter.
"This highlights the risks posed to police officers on a daily basis.
"The investigation is at an early stage. However, I can offer reassurance that this incident is not linked to any form of terrorist activity."
Police added that the officer’s family are aware of the incident.
Heron Garage and Spar at Llangefni
A man has been arrested 
A spokesman for the North Wales Police Federation said: "Awful news to receive this afternoon about one of our members, injured whilst doing his duty.
"We will work with North Wales Police to make sure our colleague is well looked after."
Witnesses at the scene said they saw the officer, wearing a stab vest and radio, put his hand out to stop a vehicle before it drove into him and he was catapulted over the car.
It drove away in the direction of the A55 , they said.
Staff at the petrol station forecourt rushed out to help the injured officer before emergency services quickly arrived on the scene.
There were reports the Wales Air Ambulance attended the scene, but the ambulance service did not confirm whether the officer was flown to hospital.
The owner of the filling station declined to comment.