Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Colwyn Bay....Enforced Monthly Bin Collections are looking good!!!!!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says.... It is not looking good, The Carbuncle Council Box Offices just up the road are wasting electric and tax payers money, yet the cuts to our services are showing! Such a shame that this is what's happening.

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Colwyn Bay...Cash Strapped Conwy Council Leave Lights Ablaze All Weekend At New Carbuncle Offices!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says....These photos and a video were sent in by an eagle eyed reader! It was 11.30 pm on Saturday night, no one at home, no staff, cleaners, workers nothing yet these lights were left on last weekend and this weekend! Now considering this is our money and services are being cut you would think the council would take great care not to be so wasteful in these hard times! Clearly this is not the case! The council have also delayed there moving in date yet again! Just what the hell is going on?

Llandudno...Wife who stabbed husband in chest Jailed For Two Years!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...What another delightful Llandudno Resident!
A wife who stabbed her husband in the chest mouthed 'I love you' to him as she was sent down.
Margaret Lithgoe Butler Cowan had plunged a kitchen knife into husband Stephen after she'd been drinking all day.
They had rowed at their home in Alexandra Road, Llandudno, after he noticed £20 was missing from his wallet.
He feared heavy drinker Cowan might be going out to buy more booze, and managed to get the money back from her.
But somehow she managed to get out and buy a bottle of vodka.
When he found out. Mr Cowan gave her small amounts of it to try to keep an eye on how much she was drinking, but later on as he was going up the stairs he hear her behind him.
When he turned round, he initially thought he'd been punched.
But then he realised he'd been stabbed, prosecutor Richard Edwards told Caernarfon crown court
Mr Cowan ran from the house and police and paramedics were called. Cowan was arrested a short time later hiding in bushes in Trinity Avenue.
Since the attack on May 18, Cowan had been in custody.
Mathew Curtis, defending the 54-year-old, said she had spent several spells in hospital over it.
Mr Curtis said: "This has given her an insight into her mental health. They have been married a long time and there is still a great deal of love towards her husband and she looks forward to resuming their relationship."
Sentencing her, Judge Rhys Rowlands said prison was the only course of action because of the aggravating features.
He said: "You armed yourself with a knife and used it to inflict a wound which caused a significant blood loss.
"This cannot be said to be out of character as you have previous convictions for affray and threatening a carer with a knife."
Cowan was jailed for two years.

Colwyn Bay....Jail for man who set off for fight with samurai sword 'as long as his leg'!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...Yet another delightful Colwyn Bay Resident!
A man who set out to a fight with a samurai sword "as long as his leg" has been jailed.
Kieron James Cahill had been sent text messages about the showdown, telling him he should bring a weapon too.
Witnesses saw Cahill, 44, with the sword, but he told police when they arrested him he'd only taken a baseball bat.
They found the sword and the bat - which had the words Good Night written on it apparently in reference to one wielded by comic book villain Harley Quinn - at his house on the Pentraeth Estate in Llysfaen near Colwyn Bay.
At Caernarfon crown court today, his defence solicitor said Cahill had been drinking all day and when he got the messages, he was in an agitated state.
But "reality set in almost as soon as he stepped out of the door. He is remorseful and ashamed of his actions".
Neighbours saw him carrying the bladed weapon, which they described as being "as long as his leg".
Prosecutor Gemma Gordon said at least one neighbour panicked when they saw Cahill holding the weapon.
Cahill, who had previous convictions for assault and possessing weapons, had been hoping for a suspended sentence.
But Judge Rhys Rowlands said the incident on August 8 deserved prison.
He said it was a "fearsome weapon", adding: "I have listened with care to what has been said on your behalf and give credit for your guilty plea.
"Your counsel has suggested I could draw back and suspend the custodial sentence. But I'm afraid I disagree. This is far too serious to be dealt with in any other way other than immediate custody."
Cahill was jailed for eight months. The judge ordered the sword and the baseball bat to be forfeited and destroyed.

North Wales...1,000 bags of plastic and litter collected from rivers and coastline!

A LARGE-SCALE litter picking project to tidy up beaches and rivers across north Wales has been hailed a success.

More than 230 events took place across the country for the All Wales Beach Clean between September 14 and 30, organised by Keep Wales Tidy, the charity for environmental preservation and improvement, with community groups, schools and businesses joining the two weeks of action.
Lesley Jones, Chief Executive of Keep Wales Tidy said:
“It was great to see so many people from North Wales joining forces and getting involved in the All Wales Beach Clean – it was a fantastic example of what communities can achieve when they work together.”
“We want to show the rest of the world that Wales is rising to the challenge of tackling marine pollution. Because everyone can play their part to make a positive and lasting difference to our marine environment."
Marine litter poses a growing threat to coastal environments - in 2016, 200 plastic bottles were found per mile of UK coastline.
The All Wales Beach Clean is being supported by McDonald’s. The campaign has also received funding via the Regional Tourism Engagement Fund (RTEF) and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD).

Prestatyn,North Wales ...Man tried to rob pharmacy with gas powered gun to pay off drug debt!

A man used a gas powered gun in bid to rob pharmacy to pay off a drug debt.
David Phillip Norman, 22, used the imitation firearm during the attempted heist on Pritchard's Pharmacy, Prestatyn on September 22.
Norman of Rhodfa Padarn, Prestatyn, appeared at Mold Crown Court via a live television link from Altcourse Prison in Liverpool.
He pleaded guilty to a charge that on September 22 he attempted to rob a member of staff and that at the time he had with him an imitation firearm, a gas powered pistol, with intent to cause the victim to fear that unlawful violence would be used against her.
Norman also admitted four earlier shoplifting offences and his barrister Simon Mintz said that his client would like to be sentenced immediately.
Police cordoned off Pritchards Pharmacy on Victoria Road, Prestatyn following an attempted armed robbery
He would not be asking for a pre-sentence report and he said a prison sentence was inevitable.
But Judge Timothy Petts said that while he would sentence if that was possible - because he appreciated that he and his family would want to know his fate - there was insufficient time on the link facility from custody.
He was remanded in custody to be sentenced next week.
The court was told that the defendant had come under pressure from drug dealers who said that they wanted their money.
Prosecutor David Mainstone while the defendant may have come under pressure over a debt it had been up to him how he got the money.
He had not been told to try and rob the premises.

Conwy,North Wales...Conwy Has The Highest Registered Sex Offenders Living In The Area!

Conwy has the highest number of registered sex offenders out of all North Wales counties.
Figures released by North Wales Police show there are currently 866 people on the sex offenders register within the region - with 184 of those in Conwy.
Wrexham is close behind with a total of 175 registered sex offenders.
The area with the least number of offenders is Anglesey, where there are 85 people on the register.
North Wales Police said the number of these people who are considered to be dangerous is low.

Sex offenders by county

020406080100120140160180200Number of registered sex offendersJS chart by amCharts
Anglesey: 85Gwynedd: 133Conwy: 184Denbighshire: 149Wrexham: 175Flintshire: 140
North Wales Police
Detective Superintendent Gareth Evans said: "Sex offenders living within our communities will always be an emotive topic.
"People should remember though that this classification covers a large area of offending and that the number of dangerous and predatory offenders is small.
"Registered Sex Offenders are managed and monitored under MAPPA (Multi Agency Public Protection Arrangements).
"MAPPA brings together responsible authorities namely the prison, police and probation services as a team to manage offenders either in the community or in custody.
"These agencies work in partnership with a range of others that have a duty to cooperate, such as housing or mental health services in order to reduce re-offending and protect the public."
According to figures released by the force under the Freedom of Information Act, the area where the highest number of sex offenders have committed more crime is in Wrexham.
In total, 242 people on the register had re-offended, with 62 of those in Wrexham.
However, these were not necessarily sexual offences as police only provided details of registered sex offenders who had re-offended with both sexual and non-sexual offences.
Det Supt Evans added that sex offenders are regularly monitored in a bid to prevent further offending.
He said: "All registered sex offenders living in the community are monitored and visited in line with statutory guidelines by specialist teams located across North Wales with geographic responsibility for monitoring those living within their areas.
Overall management of those teams sits centrally to ensure teams are adequately resourced.
"Resources can be moved to meet any identified threat and monitoring can mean anything from an annual visit for the lowest risk to 24 hour surveillance for the highest risk.
"A shared database is used nationally to ensure we work with colleagues in other forces and agencies to maintain supervision of any registered sex offenders moving across force boundaries."
He added that anyone with specific concerns should contact police on 101, or via the webchat here.
Alternatively, information can be provided anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Thursday, 25 October 2018

Colwyn Bay..New Carbuncle Conwy Council "Box" Offices Waste Even More Money Burying Time Capsule!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says..... Apparently the council hope the time capsule will be opened in 2118! Can anyone actually see this Ugly, Cheap Looking Pile of Crap coined "The Box" not being demolished long before then? Let's hope so!! And what a waste of money too. 

Time capsules have been buried on the new Conwy Council office grounds in Colwyn Bay as it nears its official opening.

The time capsules were buried by Conwy County Borough Council chairperson, cllr Peter Lewis, with the help of local school children from Ysgol Eirias and Ysgol Llandrillo-yn-Rhos last week.
Time capsule
Time capsules buried at Coed Pella
The two capsules are filled with snippets of local history and have been marked for opening at different times – 50 and 100 years from now.
Cllr Lewis said: “Coed Pella has been built to stand the test of time, enabling us to provide the best possible services for the people of the county and bringing a disparate workforce into one place.
"A wide range of departments and more than 750 staff will be based there, allowing the council to better help, support, and advise those who need us most, in offices fit for purpose.
“But as we move forward, it’s important to recognise and remember history and the time capsules capture some of that.
"From Bay of Colwyn Town Council minutes to a book of staff comments, the items unearthed in years to come will show the progress made in providing and modernising council services and remind others of local and international history.”
Also in the capsules are a 2018 World Cup wall chart and pieces of Colwyn Bay’s 116-year-old Victorian Pier all the parts equally important records of moments in time.
Cllr Lewis said many people had come forward with suggestions but only so much could be squeezed into the capsules.
The capsules have been buried in a landscaped area at Coed Pella and marked with a plaque sourced from Colwyn Bay’s Matthews & Son Hardware store.
Council staff will begin moving into the Colwyn Bay building from early November.
Constructed by Bowmer & Kirkland, the building has been funded by developer Muse and M&G Investments. The council will lease the offices with an option to buy at the end of the 40-year term.

Llandudno...Serial burglar jailed for four years after break-in at Great Orme property viewed on CCTV

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...The "Fading Queen Of Welsh Resorts" just keeps on falling into the gutter! Crime,Drugs,Murders! And most of it on the Orme!

Alan Cotton, aged 47, of no fixed address, was jailed for four years at Caernarfon crown court, following the latest break-in a fortnight ago.
The court heard he had 15 previous convictions for house burglaries.
He pleaded guilty to three charges relating to a house on the Great Orme, in one burglary having stolen jewellery and watches worth £7,000, stealing a wallet and contents from the staff changing room at the town's Grand Hotel, and theft of a TV from a caravan at Hyde in Cheshire.
Judge Rhys Rowlands was told that after the owner had spotted the burglary on CCTV Cotton had been arrested by police near a cemetery on the Orme, with some stolen items on him, and also pawnbroker tickets for other property.
The judge told Cotton, recently released from prison, that he had an appalling record, the house on the Orme had been targeted, and it had been doubly upsetting for the occupants.

Llandudno....Au pair jailed after stealing £11,000 jewellery from family

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says... What a lovely Au Pair!

An au pair sobbed after being jailed for 14 months when she admitted stealing jewelry of sentimental value and worth more than £11,000 from a family.

Michelle Connelly Black, aged 32, of Hill View Road, Llanrhos, Llandudno, now 16 weeks pregnant, took items from Lava Zeki including her mother's wedding ring and a piece which had belonged to her sister who died in a terrorist attack in Baghdad.
"We as a family feel completely betrayed," Mrs Zeki said in a statement.
Judge Timothy Petts told Connelly Black at Mold Crown Court :"Over a period of a few months in 2017 you stole over £11,000 worth of jewellery from your employer. It's a high degree of trust. This is a family where the husband had tragically died a few years ago."
Judge Petts said the defendant had come across a jewellery box and went back to it repeatedly. Gold items were sold for scrap metal value.
"What you did was a disgraceful breach of trust shown in you by a family in need of your assistance. You repeatedly undermined the trust placed in you."
Connelly Black had become pregnant since.
Jailing her, the judge said :"You have brought this upon yourself and will go to prison as a result."
James Coutts, prosecuting, said Connelly Black had been recruited by a family living in the Wrexham area last year. Shortly after she started work, Mrs Zeki noticed 900 dollars hidden in a wardrobe had vanished.
Mr Coutts said :"There was no evidence and so no investigation carried on."
But in December £450 had gone and the jewellery box had disappeared. Connelly Black was fired and police alerted.
The prosecutor said she had been selling high quality Asian jewellery at Cash Converters at Wrexham. There were eight separate transactions worth £2,692 and at another store jewellery was sold for £800.
Mr Coutts said Mrs Zeki was born in Iraq and her late husband had been a hospital eye consultant at Bangor.
Dafydd Roberts, defending, said the benefit to his client was up to £4,000. Connelly Black had been asked to clean a spare room and came across the jewellery box. "This behaviour is out of character," counsel remarked.
She faced financial hardship and made a poor decision. "She wishes me to publicly apologise to the victim," Mr Roberts added.