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Colwyn Bay, Llandudno among towns hit hardest by crimes involving guns and blades!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...Very worrying indeed, and Llandudno is a quarter the size of Colwyn Bay!
Gun and knife crime has risen dramatically across North Wales over the last five years, figures have revealed.
The number of incidents involving blades has increased from 647 in 2014, to 812 between January and November this year - a 25% rise. In total there were 3,816 crimes over that period.
Meanwhile firearm incidents have almost doubled from 66 in 2014, to 119 between January and November this year, totalling 455.
North Wales Police (NWP) chiefs say there has only been a small increase this year, and campaigns have been launched to get weapons handed in and educate youngsters on the dangers.
The figures revealed under a Freedom of Information request showed, 11 people have been killed since the start of 2014, 10 by blades - seven alone in 2017 - and one by a firearm this year.
Knife assaults with injury or attempt to cause serious harm made up 943 incidents, with a further 10 involving constables injured over the last two years.
Hundreds of knife-related incidents have been reported to police
Hundreds of knife-related incidents have been reported to police 
Damage to vehicles involving sharp objects also featured highly, occurring 748 times.
Worryingly the numbers who were found to be in possession of a knife or blade rose from 55 in 2014 to 167 in 2017.
Other crimes involving knives and guns have included criminal damage, causing public fear, alarm and distress, robbery and threats to kill.
The most knife crimes occurred in Wrexham - 879 over the period, followed by Rhyl - 373, Bangor 196 and Colwyn Bay - 142.
Wrexham accounted for the most firearm crimes with 99, followed by Rhyl - 38, Colwyn Bay - 21 and Llandudno - 20.
Supt Mark Armstrong of NWP said: "We have seen a small increase in the number of reported incidents involving knives and guns this year. These rises are statistically small, however NWP understands the seriousness of offences involving knives and guns.
"In the national and regional media there has been increased focus on incidents in which young people have been killed or injured as a result of knife crime in particular.
A Walther gun that was recovered during Operation Bypassed
A Walther gun that was recovered during a police operation name Bypassed 
“North Wales has seen a small increase in the number of people reported to be carrying knives as a result of County Lines activity and the data shows that both gun and knife crime is focused in our larger towns and city.
“By ensuring proportionate use of Stop and Search , North Wales Police are actively seeking to reduce offences involving weapons.
"The recent Operation Sceptre campaign which encouraged the public to surrender knives was very successful, with over 800 knives handed in.
"In addition more than 1000 pupils were engaged by School Liaison officers across the region to discuss the harm that knife crime can cause and the penalties for being caught in possession of a weapon.
"This operation will be repeated again in 2019.”

Colwyn Bay....More Overflowing Bins due to enforced monthly collections!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...Sent in by one of our Colwyn Bay readers,Thank you. And the council say that the four weekly enforced bin collections are going well! Of course they are!

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

North Wales...Whining Property Developers want even more power!

Above Odstone House Now demolished for block of flats, despite a huge public campaign to stop it.

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says....Sadly these lowlife greed scum are the Leeches of the human world, they just want to make profit, and want the power to bulldoze through whatever they want to make even more money. Sadly the public and councils have very little power as it is, now these scum want to take that small power away too! Look how they have destroyed our towns and historic buildings. Some developers like Beech Developments won't even convert! We the public and tax payers need more power to stop these scum, not less. Look how they cut tree's down illegally, and aid the deterioration of buildings and then claim that they are "no longer financially viable" We all know what they are like, and most of them should be in jail, not given more power to rape our land and history even more!
Thanks to a reader who sent this foreword in with the article. Have to agree totally on this, these vile developers need less power, not more.

The planning system in Wales has come under fire in recent weeks from some of the biggest names in the business – with criticism about delays and additional regulation.
Redrow chairman Steve Morgan said many parts of North Wales were now no-go areas to developers due to extra costs and lower house prices.
Meanwhile, outgoing Watkin Jones chairman Glyn Watkin Jones attacked planners – saying they found working in Wales “difficult”.
Glyn Watkin Jones, Watkin Jones Group 
In response the Welsh Government said it had already launched a review into housing delivery and said currently land allocated for development was not being brought forward.
Business Post has spoken to planning agents, the Welsh Government and councils to get their views on the situation.

'Simpler and quicker' in England

Rhys Davies, director of Cadnant Planning, based in Conwy, said: “The system in England is simpler and quicker. We find that when we are involved in projects around Chester.
“We are not pointing the finger at planning departments in North Wales as on the whole we can sit down and work well with them.
“The problem is with the system in Wales. Any changes brought in at Welsh Government level seem to slow down the system.
“This isn’t good when we are trying to bring investment to North Wales.
Billingtons site at Conwy
Billingtons site at Conwy
“The message from Welsh Government is always very positive but when you get to the nitty-gritty there are issues that slow and complicate the system.”
He cites the example of Pre-Application Consultations (PAC) for major developments. This means a community consultation for projects with more than 10 homes and or commercial developments over 1,000 sq metres before the application is submitted.
Mr Davies said: “This has added time to the planning process and also forward-loaded a lot of the work and the cost.

Under-staffed and over-stretched

"We agree that consultation is a good idea, but it would work better if we could consult on draft schemes or a range of options as opposed to consulting on what is often the finalised application.”
Experienced planning agent Elfed Williams, from Anglesey-based ERW Consulting, said it was a complex system and that departments are under-staffed and over-stretched.
He said: “What first needs to be understood is the divergence of purpose between the private and so-called protective public sector.
“The private sector exists to make development happen at a profit – the public sector, as is believed, exists to protect the public.
“Planning is a hugely complex system, understood only by trained professionals so lay persons have little hope of penetrating its labyrinth.
“Its law is set by Westminster and Cardiff Bay, and the courts – the law volumes on my office shelf extend to over 4ft!
“It has become more complex in recent years, led by Government and EU.
“We have to address issues of flooding, ecology, habitats, highways, drainage, archaeology, environmental and visual impact, heritage intersest and so forth.
“We feel we are faced by a multi-layered army of bureaucrats tasked negatively to stop or at least slow our development aspirations.”
He added: “Planning authorities are stretched, demoralised, overwhelmed, and short-staffed.

'Planning system should be liberalised'

“There are delays in validating applications, there are delays in issuing decisions, there is always negativity.
“Policies are negative and restrictive, there is little to support much-needed economic development.
“Similarly, housing policies, which are aimed at excessive localism, a theoretical theme to exclude anyone if not local.
“The planning system in Wales should be liberalised and be made to fit the true needs of the people, than the abstract theories of career government planners, who are out of touch.”
A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “Our research clearly shows land allocated for housing in Development Plans is not being brought forward for development by landowners and developers.
Possible developments in Flint under Flintshire's proposed Local Development Plan
Possible developments in Flint under Flintshire's proposed Local Development Plan 
“Our forthcoming new Planning Policy, which will be published before the end of the year, will introduce more challenge into the plan-making process for the allocation of housing sites to stop sites which have no prospect of development from being included in Local Development Plans.
“The Cabinet Secretary has also launched a wide-ranging review to look at housing delivery through the planning system.
“An initial call for evidence was issued earlier this year and we are currently analysing the responses received.”

90% of applications are approved

A Gwynedd Council spokesman said: “As a local planning authority, the council has a statutory responsibility to consider applications in accordance with all relevant local and national planning policies.
“We welcome early discussions with developers and have for some time provided a service in which our officers offer pre-application advice to applicants.
“This service offers an early opportunity for developers to receive formal advice on an application in order to try to resolve any relevant issues before an application is submitted.
“This means that once the application is submitted, it can then be dealt with more swiftly.
“The council approves around 90% of all the applications submitted, which is proof of the positive service provided.
“If a developer has specific concerns regarding the process, we would welcome a discussion with them so that we can better understand the exact nature of their concerns.”
On the Welsh Government review on housing delivery, Mr Davies added: “I hope they listen to the sector and make the whole system simpler and bring back a strong presumption in favour of housing where housing delivery targets have not been met.”

Colwyn Bay...Vicar slams poorly babies charity for condemning 'blacked up' fundraisers

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...How sad, these people work really hard every year to raise funds for charity, yet this year it clearly is a crime for white people to pay homage to a black music act by dressing up as them! So what next, your a racist because you use a sunbed! Very sad times indeed. Well done to those who do this for charity.
A vicar has waded into the row over fundraisers who 'blacked up' to take part in an annual charity pub crawl.
Quentin Bellamy hit out at the Cuddles campaign after it condemned those who had made themselves up to look like black people during the event in Old Colwyn at the weekend.
Cuddles, a charity that supports the Ysbyty Glan Clwyd neo-natal unit, said it would not accept any money raised by the event and said the behaviour of those who had donned costumes to look like African beach sellers and the group Run DMC was "deeply offensive".
Cannon Bellamy hit out at the charity on its Facebook page, saying it "needed to examine its conscience".
But others who posted on the page said the incident
Canon Bellamy, the Rector Old Colwyn and Llanelian, posted: "I have to say that I am extremely dismayed to read this. The people involved in this annual charity event are good, kind, sensitive and caring and GENEROUS IN SPIRIT.
"Your lecture above is a huge insult to our community, and there needs to be an examination of conscience on the part of Cuddles, and a swift about-turn."
His comment was 'liked' by 90 people.
He told the Daily Post: "It's extremely sad how all this has turned out, as I don't think anyone meant any offence.
"I know a lot of these people personally and they are fantastic people.
I'm amazed if anyone was offended or have made any complaints.
"The fancy dressers will be mortified that the money they have raised has been rejected by Cuddles.
"I have no time for racism at all, and I don't think these mean should apologise instead the two parties need to come together-Cuddles and the fancy dressers."
The Reverend Canon D Quentin Bellamy, Rector of Colwyn and Llanelian, at St Catherine Church, Old Colwyn
The Reverend Canon D Quentin Bellamy, Rector of Colwyn and Llanelian, at St Catherine Church, Old Colwyn
After it became aware of the photos of the event - which has been going for 10 years - the charity said it was "shocked that anyone would consider this appropriate, and we refuse to be associated with behaviour that is racist, discriminatory or abusive in any way."
It said while it appreciated the "event organisers may not have been involved in this, photographs circulated on social media by the individuals concerned, and their comments accompanying them, have caused considerable distress to the people that have been in touch with us."
Also responding to the Cuddles post, Ugo Eboh posted that to suggest the people who were offended were just "snowflakes" - as some had - was disrespectful as "there are genuine black people who will find this a little offensive."
He said: "I've read a lot of posts today about this and the whole thing us actually very sad for everyone involved... the fundraisers, the lads involved, and the charity.
"To put this kind of response down to the 'PC Brigade' or down to the 'Snowflakes' only is actually a little disrespectful, because there are genuine black people who find this a little offensive.
"It's really difficult to explain to someone who hasn't necessarily been a minority, how it feels to be a minority and take offense to something that a lot of people will see as just a bit of banter.
"What needs to be remembered is that when a black person see a reference to blackfacing or any of those types of imagery, it carries many, many synonyms that are tied in with historic pain... that unfortunately many, many people are still living with in today's society... shocking as that is... institutional racism still affects lots of people, and since Brexit and Trump's office, the voice of the fascist has become a lot louder than it used to be, so that underlying, sometimes hidden racism is now more prominent.
"So when you live in a society where that is the case, then guess what...... more offence is taken to what may be easily deemed as banter!
"I'm sad if Cuddles have taken this stance on this occasion but not on others, but in ways I completely understand why they've done it.
"Do I think it's right? I don't know, but please if you take anything from my post, not everything is black and white (excuse the pun), and it's not one rule for one and one for another.
"Because I would never white up because it would seem to me quite disrespectful too."
"But take this away, the political climate is different now, causing more offence than in the past and as much as the outcome is very, very sad, the reasoning does make sense to me.
"So please just bear that in mind and go easy on both the boys involved and the charity."

Llandudno... Johnny Dough's owner "claims" wind blew sign on to his Mercedes!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says....Interesting, to prove it was the wind, one would have to have cctv or other footage! Yet non appears to be offered! One of the comments below the article, and most are not supportive, suggests that the man above is not well liked in the town and has rubbed up a lot of people the wrong way, and how does he know someone didn't push the sign on to his car? 

Also it's only half hour parking there so why was his car just left there for so long! Also how many people would take this to the press? Sounds very odd to me. Any thoughts? 

When pizza restaurant boss Morgan Austin parked up his Mercedes on the street outside his business back in October he would never have expected the storm that was to follow.
The businessman left his car on Upper Mostyn Street in Llandudno - next to a temporary road sign warning about highway closures for the Wales Rally GB event.
Later that night the region was hit by strong winds which he believes caused the sign to blow over onto the rear of the vehicle.
It caused damage to the Merc and Johnny Dough's owner Mr Morgan approached the Ekult Group, which erected the sign, and asked for them to pay for any repairs.
After debate with the company about whether he should have been parked on the road in the first place, Mr Morgan established with Conwy council that no road closure was in place.

They said their equipment was suitably secure in line with legislation with additional sand bags and that Mr Austin ignored advice on the sign not to park on the highway.
Both sides say they have now contacted their lawyers.
Mr Austin said: "I can't believe this has not been resolved and I'm taking legal advice now on this.
Morgan Austin, of Johnny Dough's pizzeria in Upper Mostyn Street Street, Llandudno
Morgan Austin, of Johnny Dough's pizzeria in Upper Mostyn Street Street, Llandudno 
"If a road closure had been in place then I would say 'fair cop, it's my fault' but there was no road closure in place.
"I won't give up on this."
But the company has said it will not accept liability for the damage - although have offered a "goodwill" gesture towards the repair costs, which Mr Morgan estimates at around £1,000.
The incident happened on October 1 just ahead of the practice event a few days before the Wales Rally GB.
Mr Austin said: "When I parked up the weather had been fine but I later got a phone call from a friend to tell me that a sign was lying on my car.
"I'm not one of those people whose car is my pride and joy but there was denting above the boot and at the very least it needs some bodywork done and a repaint.
"It was their sign, there was no road closure in place so I was perfectly entitled to park where I was.
Johnny Dough's Wood-Fired Pizza, Llandudno
Johnny Dough's Wood-Fired Pizza, Llandudno
"What if this sign had fallen on someone's pride and joy or even worse had fallen on a person, are they saying they are not liable for any of this?"
A spokesman for Ekult said: "Although we understand and are sympathetic to Mr Austin’s frustrations regarding the below claim we unfortunately cannot accept liability for the unfortunate incident.
"However in aid of goodwill and maintaining a good company image we did offer a good will gesture for any inconvenience caused to Mr Morgan Austin, of which he refused."
He added: "Our equipment was suitably secure in line with legislation with additional sand bags added due to the unpredictable time of year.
Dayinsure Wales Rally GB 2018. The finale of the Wales Rally at Llandudno. Pictured: The classic rally cars were also on display to the crowds. Photo by Ian Cooper
Dayinsure Wales Rally GB 2018. The finale of the Wales Rally at Llandudno. Pictured: The classic rally cars were also on display to the crowds. Photo by Ian Cooper 
"The road traffic sign in question clearly detailed dates and times advising members of the public not to park vehicles beyond that point. Mr Austin took it upon himself to negate the advice given on the road traffic sign.
"Despite the windy conditions Mr Austin still decided to park in close proximity to the road traffic sign, common sense would naturally raise caution to this."
While the road closure was not in force they said they had permission for advance notification and warning signs on the road.
The company added that the sign could have been pushed over by a drunken member of the public as other road signs in the vicinity had remained in place.
They added: "All the above was attempted to be explained to Mr Austin whom refused to believe any advice given from our behalf.
"As a result we advised Mr Austin there is no more we can do on this particular item and should he wish to proceed further we would welcome any legal correspondence in relation to this claim."

Llandudno...Mercedes abandoned in Llandudno Junction by men wanted by North Wales Police in connection with commercial burglary

Police are appealing for help in catching two men in connection with a commercial burglary during the early hours of Saturday morning.

The suspects abandoned a black Mercedes on Narrow Lane, Llandudno Junction.
In a post on their Facebook page North Wales Police said: "Appeal for assistance in identifying males responsible for a Commercial Burglary offence that occurred at 02:45hrs 22/12/2018.
"Suspects known to have been driving black Mercedes GLA 220 Sport VRM DE17 VSY which was abandoned on Narrow Lane, Llandudno Junction at 03:10hrs.
"Two males are still outstanding having decamped the vehicle in that area. They are described as being white males, 20 -30 years old. They are likely to have been in the area on foot for some time."
Police added that any dash cam, CCTV or witness reports of the vehicle or males within this time frame would be of assistance. Contact 101 quoting W181413

Rhos on Sea, Llandudno... Drunk who was aggressive towards police and shouted at staff in Glan Clwyd Hospital has been jailed for eight weeks

A drunk who’d self-harmed then been aggressive towards police and shouted at staff in A and E at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd has been jailed for eight weeks.

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...Great news, staff shouldn't have to put up with this.

Andrew Valentine, aged 46, of Dolphin Court, Rhos on Sea, admitted being drunk and disorderly and told magistrates at Llandudno: "I am very embarrassed”.
But he was under a suspended sentence and this was activated. A £120 fine was imposed, too.
Defence solicitor Chris Dawson said alcoholic Valentine had called police in a “cry for help” but his behaviour wasn’t good at the hospital.

Monday, 24 December 2018

Colwyn Bay...Budweiser anyone!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says....Budweiser appears to be the favorite tipple of the evening drinkers in Colwyn Bay, the above named brand appears in a variety of dis-guarded bottles,cans and boxes. Here one of our readers snapped this bottle lodged in between the KFC and The Bank on the main street in the Bay. Thank you to the reader for the email.

Colwyn Bay...Litter,Litter Everywhere!.

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...Thank you to an Eagle Eyed reader who sent in these photos of the filthy streets of Colwyn Bay!

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Snowdon,North Wales ... There Is no such thing as a safe mountain' warns coroner after man dies in 300ft fall

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says....Another Corps another Day, will they ever listen? Something needs to be done where you can't walk up or climb without a leaflet or training, at the very least. And for the idiots who go up unprepared they need to be charged for the costs.
A walker died after falling 300ft from a ridge on Wales’s highest mountain.
Steven Paul Johnston, fell while walking on Crib Goch, part of the Snowdon massif, on July 21.
The 47-year-old solicitor was seen by another walker on the north side of the ridge and the alarm was raised when he did not respond to their shouts.
Mountain rescuers called to the scene said Mr Johnston was well equipped for the treacherous ridge walk which has claimed many lives.
Concluding that death was the result of an accident North Wales senior coroner Dewi Pritchard Jones commented there is "no such thing as a safe mountain".
Crib Goch during the rescue on Saturday afternoon 
"This incident follows a common pattern and I have been handling deaths like this every year since I have been a coroner and that is for a long time now.
"There are no eye witnesses but it appears he intended to walk along the Crib Goch ridge. From previous experience I believe he slipped or tripped and went into a tumbling fall. This would develop into a slide and there is no way to arrest it.
"As mountain rescue teams have said on previous occasions there is no such thing as a safe mountain and even on established paths there is always a risk," he said.
Coastguard helicopter involved with LMRT rescuers to help family of five to safety on Crib Goch
Coastguard helicopter involved with LMRT rescuers to help family of five to safety on Crib Goch 
The Llanberis Mountain Rescue Team was called out about 4.50pm and in poor visibility the Coastguard helicopter airlifted rescuers onto the mountain.
Peter Robertson, of the Llanberis team, said he had reached the casualty but found he had sustained serious injuries and hadn’t survived the fall.
Team members recovered Mr Johnston to Llyn Glas from where he was picked up by the helicopter and flown to Ysbyty Gwynedd.
Pathologist Dr Mark Lord said Mr Johnson, of Hackney, London, had suffered serious head and back injuries and death would have been instantaneous.
He said the cause of death was due to head injuries due to a fall from height.