Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Colwyn Bay.....More Bin Black Bags Around The County That The Council "Claim" Are Not A Problem!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says.....Just 1% Fly Tipping are "black bin bags" the council claim! Now I hate to be a spoilsport but this really is not the case! These bags are in every town in the county! 

Colwyn Bay....Litter,Litter,Everywhere!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...Just a walk around Colwyn Bay Yesterday!

Conwy, Colwyn Bay....Clwyd West AM continues push for change to bin collections in Conwy

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...I like Darren Millar, This is total common sense, the whole county is deluged with dumped black bin bags, despite the councils total denial! Well will they ever admit defeat with those egos?  

Clwyd West AM, Darren Millar has called for a change to bin collection schemes.
In the Senedd last week, Mr Millar called for the law to change the required bin collection scheme to every two weeks.
Conwy county residents have raised concerns with bin pick up services since the introduction of a four-weekly collection late last year.
Despite Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) saying there has been no issue, residents and AM's within the area have been calling for change seeing an increase in complaints and fly-tipping.
Mr Millar urged the minister for housing and local government, Julie James, to listen to the concerns of local residents in the Conwy area and take action “to protect local communities by insisting that local councils collect waste on a more frequent basis”.
He said: “You will have read with some concern the reports last week that local authorities in Wales had received 87,000 complaints in relation to missed refuse collections.
"In my own constituency, of course, we have a four-weekly collection regime where a missed refuse collection means that people can go up to eight weeks without having their waste collected, which is clearly unacceptable. Around 10 per cent of the 87,000 complaints were recorded in Conwy.
“Local authorities in Wales have to abide by Welsh Government rules and what many people in my constituency are asking for is, not only a better reflection within the Local Government Funding Formula to make sure that there’s a fair settlement for Conwy, but also for the Welsh Government to protect local communities by insisting that local councils collect waste on a more frequent basis.
“I would therefore be grateful if you could tell me what you’re doing to look at the Funding Formula to make sure that it’s fair to North Wales and to Conwy in particular, and what work you are doing with your officials to look at the timeliness and the frequency of waste collections in order to protect the public from the potential harms that can come about to the environment and their public health?”
In response, Ms James said: “It’s a matter for local authorities in terms of the frequency of their bin collections” and that “the Welsh Government has always been clear that we do need to build on our recycling record”.

Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Llandudno... Foot prints left on Car roof following an incident in Llandudno!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...Maybe the Copious amounts of Drug Users and Drunks are that high In "The Fading Queen Of Welsh Resorts" can't tell the difference from walking on the ground to walking on the roof of a car!
A cars windscreen was damaged and foot prints left on the roof following an incident in Llandudno.
North Wales Police are calling for witnesses of criminal damage done to a black Skoda Rapid parked in Trinity Square, Llandudno, between 11.30pm on February 21 and 10.30am on February 22.
Anyone with information is asked to contact police on 101 quoting reference 19100068142.

Monday, 25 February 2019

Colwyn Bay..How Much Has It Cost Conwy Council To Board Up This Grade II Listed Building?

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...This lovely Grade II Mansion was left to Conwy Council, yet the council have decided that "we" no longer want it! And apparently it has been gifted as a sign of "goodwill" one wonders why, and who made this decision! This building is stunning and should have been a hotel, yet the public have no say in the matter! Also why is it being boarded and not used? This has been planned for years the moving in to the new "Carbuncle" offices Trump Towers  in Colwyn Bay, so why has this listed building been treated in such a way! There was even a window left open, which a Youth could easily climb up to get in! Why can't this town have beautiful buildings instead of new build crap? Also how much has this boarding of the windows cost?
How long before it is torched? Would it not have been better to have occupied it with something for 12 months? Leased it or rented it, even for free? You just give up with this council.

Llandudno...Drunk men's appalling sexual harassment forced female Llandudno taxi driver to quit her job!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says..Shame that this lady had to give up her job because of the many vile perverts in Llandudno!
A woman taxi driver has quit her job in disgust after suffering sexual assault and harassment from drunk male passengers.
Zoe Temple has bravely spoken out about the abuse she had to endure from a minority of men in her two years working as a driver in the Llandudno area.
Zoe, 28, told North Wales Live how she has been touched, stroked and spoken to inappropriately.
But the final straw for her came on Saturday, February 2 when she had to fight off a passenger who was trying to kiss her on the mouth.
On Boxing Day 2017 she was also subjected to a sexual assault by another male passenger which was investigated by police.
Zoe, who also works as a teaching assistant, waived her automatic right to anonymity to highlight the abuse.
Zoe Temple at her home 
She said: "A minority of drunk men seem to think it's ok to touch, kiss, and/or speak inappropriately to female taxi drivers.
"On Boxing Day in 2017 I picked up a man from Llandudno train station who was very drunk.
"He sat in the passenger seat in the front of the car, and whilst I was driving on the A55, he started stroking my thighs and my arm, kissing my arm and stroking my back, and told me how we were going home to have sex with each other.

   'It's not ok to touch or kiss' 

"He said I can't believe I've 'pulled' you, to which I responded that I was his taxi driver."
Zoe Temple has given up being a taxi driver after being sexually harassed by numerous customers. 
She continued: "At one stage he even grabbed the steering wheel of the car and called me a 'bitch' when I tried to push him away.
"I couldn't stop the car, as it was dangerous and I was worried what would happen to him if I threw him out on the hard shoulder as he was so drunk."
Zoe, who is set to study for a master's degree in speech and language therapy, said she dropped the man in a well lit part of Rhyl, and then phoned the police.

  'I felt totally violated'

The force investigated the incident but never managed to track the man down.
She said: "In my opinion the police didn't take it seriously enough. I received a text message from the police saying nothing more could be done to track the man down, a call explaining that would have been better I think.
"No support was offered from the police. Conwy Council could also perhaps review how things are done/the safety of both male and female drivers."
Zoe Temple has given up being a taxi driver after being sexually harassed by numerous customers. 
"The man probably has no idea what he did or any recollection of it, and has no idea what damage he has caused to me personally," said Zoe, who lives in Llandudno Junction.
"After dropping him off I phoned the police and my boyfriend and I couldn't stop crying.
"I didn't go back to work for a long time, and got rid of the jumper I was wearing that night, I felt totally violated."
North Wales Police Sergeant Paul Anderson told : "I am satisfied that the incident was thoroughly investigated, but regrettably we were unable to identify the offender despite numerous lines of inquiry."
But after February incident Zoe has decided enough is enough: "When another passenger tried to kiss me the other day, I had to push him off but he still managed to kiss me on the cheek. I've just had enough and the time has come for me to quit.

'It shouldn't come with the job'

"People tell me being sexually harassed comes with a territory as a female taxi driver but why should this be the case.
Zoe Temple pictured at home 
"Why does it mean just because I am a woman that I should expect to be kissed and groped?"
She added: "I'm angry that I have to quit my job as a taxi driver because as a student the hours worked well for me, it seems unfair that it is me that has to change when this is not my fault."
Zoe said many female passengers would ask her ever since she got her taxi license in 2016, whether she was afraid being a taxi driver as there would be risks as she was a woman.
"It's a predictable question which demonstrates that it is what is expected and accepted as part of the job. I enjoyed breaking that stigma for young female taxi drivers, but then all my experiences have proved the preconceptions to be right-being a female taxi driver can be very scary but this shouldn't be the case," she said.
"Male drivers also get aggression, violence, rudeness, threats, people not paying and so on, it's equally dangerous for them but in a different sense."
A spokesperson for Conwy Council's taxi licensing team said: "It would be inappropriate to comment on an individual case, however we can signpost and offer support to licence holders regardless of gender."

Colwyn Bay...More Black Bin Bags Litter The Town Despite Conwy County Councils Denial!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says....Posted on Twitter Today by Bongo in Colwyn Bay, 1% of fly-tipping is black bin bags only my arse! We have now counted over 40 in just a few days around the town!

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Llandudno...Thug glassed doorman in shocking racist attack!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says... "The Fading Queen Of Welsh Resorts" continues to fall further in to the gutter by the day!

 A thug told a doorman to "go back to the jungle" in a torrent of racial abuse before he hit him in the face with a glass.
Philip Kenny was jailed for six years after he was convicted of racially aggravated wounding with intent following the incident at Fountains in Llandudno .
The 42-year-old, of Charlton Street, Llandudno, had denied the charge but was convicted by a jury at MoldCrown Court on Friday afternoon.
Judge Niclas Parry told him: "You are clearly a violent and aggressive man and a danger to the public, including males and females."
The judge said Kenny had used "vile racial abuse" in the cowardly attack which could be seen "as clear as day" on CCTV footage.
But he said he took into account that the defendant himself suffered serious injuries "by way of summary justice" at the bar.
Fountains Bar in Llandudno
Fountains in Llandudno
Judge Parry said the sentence would have been one of five years, but an additional 12 months had been imposed to reflect the racial element of the offence.
The court heard the defendant had a number of previous convictions for violence, including racially aggravated offences, and had been jailed for robbery in 2004.
In 2007, he had received an indeterminate sentence for GBH upon his then girlfriend, which meant that he was effectively "on life licence" and had been recalled.
Prosecuting barrister Elen Owen said the victim was Sarjo Manneh, a British citizen who was black African by descent and had worked as a licensed doorman for about 13 years.
On April 14, 2018, he was working at Fountains and the defendant was there with a friend of his and the friend’s wife, having been out drinking since mid-afternoon.
Mr Manneh became aware of an argument between the couple inside the pub, and then went outside to man the entrance door
He saw the defendant’s friend come outside with what appeared to be his wife’s handbag, which he placed on a table.
The defendant came out and both men were drinking from glasses which they brought outside with them.
The woman then came out, picked up the bag and walked away, shouting and swearing at her husband.
The court heard this appeared to make her husband angry, and he appeared to want to follow her.
Mr Manneh told him he could not leave with the glass, but the man told him that he couldn’t tell him what to do and racially abused him.\
Kenny then joined in, saying “f*** you", and used the N-word.
He told Mr Manneh: "You can’t f***ing come to my country and tell us what to do. Go back to the jungle."
The defendant said the doorman should Google his name and that he was from Manchester.
When Mr Manneh said he wasn’t interested, the defendant’s response was another torrent of racial abuse, including reference to him being a cannibal.
Mr Manneh was holding a hot drink which he decided at that point to put down.
As he had his face turned away from the defendant, he felt what he described as a spark on the left side of his face, causing his vision to go blurry.
The defendant had used his glass to hit Mr Manneh, and he was then restrained by another doorman, said Miss Owen.
Kenny himself was badly injured during what followed and later made a complaint that he had been unlawfully assaulted, which was investigated but no charges were brought.
Mr Manneh returned to the bar and saw that he had cuts to his left cheek and his left ear.
Police officers went to the scene after CCTV operators informed them of an ongoing disturbance outside the bar.
On arrival, they were told the two men had left and that Mr Manneh had gone after them in the direction of Wetherspoons.
The officers saw Mr Manneh outside the pub and noticed cuts to his cheek and ear.
Shortly afterwards, the defendant and his friend were seen walking further down Madoc Street.
Kenny was arrested and taken to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, where he was said to be extremely abusive to hospital staff and police.
He was described as “shaking with rage” and refused treatment, saying that he would spit in the face of anyone who tried to treat him.
During interview, he denied racially abusing Mr Manneh, and said he had thrown the contents of his glass at him but denied hitting him with the glass.
He said his recollection was affected by the head injury he sustained after the incident when he claimed he was assaulted by the complainant.
Defending barrister Martine Snowdon said that, following the conviction, Kenny had been recalled to prison because of the earlier indeterminate sentence and had served the equivalent of a 20-month sentence, which would not count against the sentence now to be imposed.

Colwyn Bay..Conwy Council "Claim" That Only 1% Fly-tipping Is Household Waste! We are now counting those black bags!

Mrs Colwyn BaySays...Conwy Council "Claim" That Only 1% Fly-tipping Is Household Waste! Hands up who doesn't believe them! Just a few weeks ago the council stated that any bags left outside of black bins were fly-tipping! So that will mean a huge increase in stats of black bin bags, so let's get counting and when the council print next years stats we will be ready with the evidence. We see more evidence of bin bags sent in to us than industrial waste!

Friday, 22 February 2019

Colwyn Bay.Conwy County Council Claim That Only 1% Fly-Tipping Is Black Bag Waste !

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...Interesting how Black Bags are so low, Yet we are seeing a different picture! The Council claimed but a few weeks ago that black bin bags left by bins are fly-tipping, yet now claim this is a meagre 1%, but just walking around the towns a different story unfolds! The Council surely wouldn't be downplaying the problem would they! We here on this blog along with our photographers will now start photographing that "just 1 %!" and see how we get on! Please send in your bin bag photos wherever you are, and lets get counting!
In Conwy, 1,540  instances of fly-tipping were reported to the authorities last year - an increase of 13% from between 2016 and 2017.

The council spent £81,464 removing waste. Not even 1% was used clearing black bag waste (general household refuse), but almost half of the total spend was used removing small van loads of rubbish.

Overall, it carried out 341 investigations, sent 41 warning letters and gave three formal cautions.

Last month, it was reported that a pair of brothers who set up an illegal dump which ended up causing a plague of rats were spared jail.

Raymond Murray and Ian Murray, 53, admitted operating a waste business without permission from their home in Kinmel Bay .

When the dump got out of hand, more than 123 tonnes of rubbish built up.

They each received a 10-month jail sentence suspended for two years and 200 hours of community service.

The council argues increased fly-tipping is a national trend and the biggest problem is not black bin waste but bulky household items such as white goods and furniture.

Colwyn Bay....Interesting Sign Posted On A Shop Window Today!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...Never A Dull Moment in this town!

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

North Wales .Welsh Government wants to fast track capital which will give the public even less power or choice!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says..
Worrying news, all of those slimy property developers will be rubbing their hands with glee! The public will have even less of a say, and more power will go to the developers, yet the article paints a picture that it's for "The Communities" benefit! 
Bless them, not everyone wants super schools or surgeries, or small hospitals closing, but now they will have even more power to force it all through!Shameless, and all because of Wylfa which most locals did not want!

The Welsh Government wants to fast track capital schemes in north west Wales in a bid to mitigate the impact on the economy of the halting of the Wylfa Newydd project.
Hitachi last month announced it was putting the £14bn nuclear plant project on hold after failing to reach a mutually acceptable funding agreement with the UK Government.
This has dealt an economic blow to the island and has been followed by further bad news at plastics firm Rehau in Amlwch, with 100 staff at risk, NR Evans (30 workers) and Vauxhall Slaters in Llangefni.
Wylfa Newydd, latest CGI image of planned nuclear site 
Economy minister Ken Skates said the Government had set up a task-force to support the island.
Steps to boost the economy and create new job opportunities include a plan to fast track public sector schemes.
Mr Skates said: “We are looking at capital projects we can influence and how we can bring those forward in north west Wales.
"These are schemes like the 21st century schools and health related projects, like hospital buildings and health centres.
"We know these projects make a big difference to local economies.”
Ysgol Cybi school at Holyhead 
He said these can help make up for some of the “lost opportunities” at Wylfa Newydd although added they were working together with the UK Government to support getting the nuclear scheme back on track.

Rhos-on-Sea, Llandudno...Deranged Maniac Who Stabbed Man 25 Times Gets Just 6 Years In Jail!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...What A Joke! Stabbed 25 times for no reason, the poor man could have died, and now he has to live with the trauma and scars, and this dangerous man gets 6 years in prison! What a joke!
A man who carried out a “sustained” knife attack on a stranger at a Rhos-on-Sea restaurant has been jailed for six years.
Dalton Morrisey was told he posed a “serious risk” to the public and could serve the full length of his sentence after which he will be on licence for three years following his release from custody.
Gareth Edwards suffered 25 stab wounds after he was attacked by Morrisey wielding a steak knife in the toilets of Hickory’s Smokehouse at the seaside resort.
One of the blows punctured his victim’s lung and Mr Edwards told Mold Court the damage caused had left him breathless. He has been diagnosed with PTSD and had not yet been able to return to work six months after the incident.
Morrisey, 26, of Pen Y Cwm, Llandudno was previously cleared by a jury of attempting to murder Mr Edwards on August 10 last year.
He pleaded guilty to an alternative charge of wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm as well as possession of a bladed article.
Judge Rhys Rowlands told him: “You repeatedly attacked him (Mr Edwards) when drunk on licensed premises for no rational reason.
“He was left with 25 wounds, fortunately only one of them was of significant depth, but that was due to him trying to fend you off.
“If he hadn’t then the injuries would have been far worse, even fatal.
“It was his misfortune that he came across you. You had drunk far too much and became morose. It was a sustained attack in which he was pursued into the toilet cubicle. You were the aggressor from the beginning to the end and the attack has had a very profound effect on Mr Edwards.”
Morrisey’s victim told the court he spent six days in hospital recovering and was receiving counselling. He said: “During the attack and when I was stabilised in hospital I genuinely felt I was going to die - because of the attack I am unable to spend long periods on my own even in my own home.”
Morrisey claimed during the trial that he had little recollection of attacking Mr Edwards in a toilet at the restaurant.
He had spent the evening drinking a large amount of beer and cocktails with two friends and his mood darkened after a man, but not Mr Edwards, warned him off chatting up a woman at the bar. He picked up cutlery from a table with the intention of self-harming.
Mr Edwards said the first he realised he was under attack was when he was stabbed in the back. He sought refuge in the toilet cubicle and eventually fought back, grabbing the knife and stabbing Morrisey in the leg.
When Morrisey was arrested he said: “Some guy has annoyed me”.
He told police he could only remember inflicting “the first couple of blows” with the knife and added: “I don’t like violence or conflict. I was devastated when it happened. I’ve never been in trouble before I just can’t believe that I inflicted these injuries on Mr Edwards.”
Defence barrister Duncan Bould said: “He (Morrisey) has genuine empathy with Mr Edwards’ position and a genuine wish he could turn the clock back.
“He believes he fully deserves a long period in custody.”
Judge Rowlands told Morrisey he was not imposing a determinate sentence and there would be no release on licence at its halfway mark.