Saturday, 30 March 2019

Llandudno.... Delinquent teen jailed for Facebook friend request and sending threatening message to ex-partner

A 19-year-old Llandudno man who admitted breaching a non-molestation order by making a Facebook friend request and also sending a threatening message was locked up for 20 weeks.
Matthew Hughes, unemployed, of Bodhyfryd Road, was also under a suspended sentence.
District judge Gwyn Jones at Caernarfon court said he had failed to comply with a community order.
Eilian Williams, defending, said Hughes had mental health issues and he was sorry for the “emotional outburst.”
He had been in a relationship with a young woman but the court order had been issued at Prestatyn.
Judge Jones made a new two-year restraining order.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

Colwyn Bay..Black Bin Bags and Overflowing Bins Everywhere!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...Conwy and the surrounding towns are drowning in filth and litter! But according to the council at Trump towers it's all going well!

Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Llandudno...Woman jailed for 28 days after admitting breaching domestic violence protection!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says....Sounds a delightful Lady!

A 50 YEAR old woman who admitted breaching a domestic violence protection was jailed for 28 days on Friday.
Emma Pritchard had been found in bed inside a house in Queen’s Gardens, Craig y Don, Llandudno, despite being banned from the address.
She was told at Llandudno court that it was such a blatant disregard of the order that only custody was appropriate.
Gareth Preston, for North Wales Police, said she had an alcohol reading of 155 in breath. The limit for driving is 35.

Saturday, 23 March 2019

Llandudno...Drunk jailed over choking schoolgirl and racially abusing her friend!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says..It's all going on in "The Fading Queen Of Welsh Resorts!" Some lovely people appear to live there, and a high percentage of them criminals!
A drunk who gripped a terrified schoolgirl by the throat has been jailed.
Peter West's assault on the youngster was his 18th breach of a court order designed to encourage him to stay him out of trouble.
Peter West, 54, said to have alcohol issues, was warned that he could have received a three year sentence but for his guilty plea.

He also admitted a racially aggravated public order offence and common assault.

Prosecuting at Mold crown court, barrister Mark Connor said that in February a girl aged 16 was with friends at Llandudno railway station when West sat on a bench next to her.

He had a can of lager in his hand, his speech was slurred and he began to tell her that a member of his family had died.

She started to choke on a sweet - and he asked her if she was disrespecting his family?

When she explained she was choking, he said "I will f...... show you what choking is like" and he grabbed her around the throat and squeezed.

She was scared, and was able to slap him to get him to release his grip.

As she walked away the defendant said "that's right, take you f******.P*** mate with you."

She got on a train and she could hear him swearing as he walked away.

The whole incident had lasted some 20 minutes and left the victim shaken and she feared seeing him in the town.

Interviewed, he said that he had drunk two pints of cider and did not recall grabbing her or making a racist remark.

But West - who had previous convictions for 69 offences - pleaded guilty at the local magistrates' court and his case was committed to the crown court for sentence.

Mr Connor said that the victim was a vulnerable schoolgirl who had been grabbed by a drunken, mature man, and she feared injury.

Defending barrister Simon Rogers said that it was conceded that it was a deeply unpleasant incident in a public place and the complainant was a 16-year-old.
West had an extremely poor criminal record, although there had been a gap between 1997 and 2009.

Sadly, in February his brother committed suicide.

That day, he had been to his brother's flat.

He had a drink to sort himself out and sadly went on to commit the offences.

West did regret what he had done, and felt that he had let himself and his family down, the court heard.

Mr Rogers said it would be truly exceptional if the court was able to follow the probation service suggestion of rehabilitation, but it would mean that he would get the help he needed.

The sad truth was that if he could not control his drinking then he was likely to reoffend.

He said that the other blunt truth was that unless he had control his drinking his life expectancy would be cut short.

Judge Merfyn Hughes QC said that West had been drinking heavily and was under the influence of alcohol when he approached the girl and tried to talk to her about his problems.

He clearly had a very serious alcohol problem and had ten previous convictions for being drunk and disorderly and he had a previous conviction for a racially aggravated public order offence.

Quite apart from that he had 17 previous convictions for breaching court orders, either ASBO or a criminal behaviour order.

"You still minimise the seriousness of your offending behaviour," he said.

Friday, 22 March 2019

North Wales ..Evil Nurse who kicked pet cat to death Career hanging in the balance!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says.. This sick b.....d need to lose his job, period. He is not fit to be in a caring profession, What a vile human being.

Paul Patton kicked the cat three times after it scratched him, but couldn't revive it
A nurse who kicked his pet cat to death after it scratched him has been banned from keeping animals for ten years.
Paul Patton booted the animal three times. It ran off and when Patton went to find it he tried to resuscitate it.
But the cat, Brody, died of its injuries, and Patton, 43, will now face a hearing by his professional body to establish whether he's fit to continue working as a nurse.
He had been due to stand trial in Llandudno next week on animal cruelty charges, but changed his plea today and was sentenced at Mold magistrates court on Wednesday.
District Judge Gwyn Jones said he understood Patton was suffering stress because of the breakdown of his marriage at the time he kicked Brody.
And he said he had received a number of references that made clear he was well thought of by people who knew him.
The judge added that Patton did extremely important work which should not be put in jeopardy, but added: "I understand there may be other steps you have to face with regard to your own professional body in due course."
Patton accepted in his basis of plea that the boot was used, and that was a significant aggravating feature, the use of a weapon.
A full investigation was carried out by the RSPCA  and a postmortem examination was held.
"This is a matter that could and should have been dealt with earlier," the judge said.
Patton, of Morfa View in Bodelwyddan , had initially pleaded not guilty but had indicated in the last few days that he intended to change his plea and admit his guilt.
"This was a deliberate and gratuitous use of unlawful force, causing suffering," Judge Jones said.
"As a result of that harm was caused to the animal which led to its untimely death."
The judge said that the starting point for sentence was 18 weeks but warned the sentence could go up to 26 weeks.
But he had no previous convictions and he had shown remorse.
"You were coming to terms with the break of a marriage," the judge said.
"That would no doubt have been an extremely stressful time for you."
Dafydd Roberts, defending, said that it was conceded that the case did pass the custody threshold but urged that in the circumstances that it be suspended.
In the basis of plea put forward by the defence, Patton accepted three kicks to the cat after he had been scratched to the hand and leg by the animal.
When he found the cat in a distressed state the defendant had tried to revive the animal but it had passed away.
Jones was given a 10-week sentence suspended for two-years and ordered to pay £3,500 costs to the RSPCA with a £115 surcharge.

North Wales...Heartbroken farmers call for tougher laws after 'horrific' dog attacks kill 20 sheep

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says,,,Someone must know who these lowlife dog owners are! They need to be caught and charged and the dogs put to sleep.As well as being named and shamed.

Couple, who say 'what we found was like a horror movie' want tougher laws after ewes and lambs were savaged in three separate attacks

A couple want tougher penalties for dog owners after "horrific" dog attacks claimed the lives of 20 sheep in just 36 hours across North Wales.
Rob Jones and his partner Marie, from Rhosybol, Anglesey , lost four ewes and four lambs at their holding on Saturday afternoon, while their neighbour Huw Jones lost three ewes and six lambs. Both attacks are believed to be linked.
In a separate onslaught on his farm at Groes , near Denbigh, farmer Dyfan Jones lost three ewes in what he described as an "horrendous" attack. All of the farmers said they were the worst instances they had ever witnessed.
Some of the pictures sent to North Wales Live are too distressing to publish but all of the victims wanted dog owners to see the effects of uncontrolled animals on their livestock.
North Wales Police has confirmed enquiries were "ongoing" for all three incidents.
Rob Jones says he is prepared to take the matter all the way to Parliament to get a law change if necessary, and his partner Marie revealed the trauma of what happened.
She said: "It's horrendous. I've been to the doctor's getting sleeping tablets after what I saw. What we found was like a horror movie. The vet confirmed it was a dog attack.
"There are things that need to be done sooner rather than later and we need to change the laws because this just can't keep happening. We are going to campaign for that change.
"The other issue is, if these dogs get the taste for blood, how safe are they going to be around children?"
Lamb killed by dog attack in Rhosybol
Lamb killed by dog attack in Rhosybol 
She said the emotional impact on the couple, and on the lambs who witnessed the violence, had left them traumatised.
Her partner Rob Jones, whose family has had the farm for five generations, said: "We have been lambing for the last six weeks and watching them all the time.
"We had been watching the rugby, then came out to feed them, only to discover the worse thing we have ever seen. It was carnage - I nearly fainted.
"I've seen a lot of things in my time but this is the worst and to see animals suffering like this is wrong."
He added the police should be given more powers and resources to take DNA and put offending dogs down if their owners cannot control them.
Whatever livestock survived the attack had to be put down, with one surviving lamb in particular put to sleep because the dog had bitten through its skull causing brain damage.
Neighbour Huw Jones, who discovered his flock had been attacked the next morning, said: "It is unbelievable. We have never had anything on the farm like that before. It was horrendous.
"There were some still alive and we had to get the vet here to put them down. It's the owners' responsibility to look after the dog and it shouldn't happen to begin with. People just haven't got respect."
He described how a half-dead sheep was "staggering and crawling along with it's throat open". "It was horrific," he added.
Ruthin -based farmer Dyfan Jones said three ewes at his holding at Groes, near Denbigh , had also been killed. He found them at around 10pm on Sunday evening.
Mr Jones, who said he lost 20 sheep in an attack three years ago, said: "It must have been a strong dog because they were fit and big ewes. It was definitely a vicious attack."
He added: "I am appealing for information. These were big dogs and someone must know something as it must have gone home covered in blood.
"We blame the dog but it's the owners who are supposed to have control."
Mr Jones, who lambs around 2,000 sheep, said aside from the emotional and financial impact it was the "last thing we want to happen" in the middle of their busiest time.
Plaid Cymru AM for Anglesey, Rhun ap Iorwerth, said: "These are appalling attacks. I fully support calls by party colleagues, including Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Agriculture Minister Llyr Gruffydd, for new legislation giving more protection for livestock.
"The police need more powers to respond to attacks more effectively. Remember, if it’s your dog, it’s your responsibility."
PC Heledd Wynne-Evans from North Wales Police's Rural Crime Team said: "We have received several reports of dogs attacking sheep in the Denbigh and Anglesey areas over the last few days.
"Incidents of this nature increase at this time of year, with pregnant ewes and new born lambs in fields.
"We would ask that dog owners remain vigilant and do not let their pets roam unattended, even when letting them out for a toilet last thing at night."
Anyone with information about any attacks to livestock should report them by calling 101.

Llandudno...Deranged Girl, 16, accused of deliberately setting fire to house while mother was inside

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says..If found guilty this "child" needs to go away for a very long time and to be let out on licence!

A girl of 16 is accused of deliberating setting fire to her house while her mum was inside.
The girl, who can't be named because of her age, appeared at Llandudno magistrates court charged with arson with intent to endanger her mother's life.
The court heard the mother escaped the house but the home was badly damaged.
The girl appeared in the dock and prosecutor Sheyanne Lee asked for the case to be transferred to crown court due to its seriousness.
Magistrates agreed and the girl was remanded into youth detention custody.
Her solicitor, Liz Jones, said an expert medical report was being obtained.

Colwyn Bay...Bungling Conwy Council to fork out £600,000 for bin wagon depot with floor 'too weak' for lorries

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says... And no wonder our beloved council is increasing the council tax to pay of their debt not ours!

As well as paying £400,000 for the lease the authority is on the hook for more than £200,000 worth of rates for the site
A council has forked out more than £600,000 to lease a bin wagon depot that can’t use because the floor isn’t strong enough.
Bungling Conwy Council paid £391,500 in rent for the building at Mochdre Commerce Park, Colwyn Bay , after signing a lease in May 2016.
Eventually the landlord agreed to stop collecting rent until the issue of the floor being too weak for lorries was resolved.   
But today at a meeting of a council scrutiny committee the bombshell revelation was made that there was also the liability of non-domestic rates of £234,800 for the site.
Wrexham is set to get a fleet of new bin lorries
A Conwy Council bin lorry
Councillor Sam Rowlands, cabinet member for finance, said: "We have an appeal in place to claw back this (rates) money as we have been unable to make use of the site. We are hopeful it will be successful.”
The authority, which has its own team of lawyers, is also paying for external solicitors to review how it entered into the lease and report on lessons to be learned
Officials and councillors went into secret session about the ongoing problem.
“The public interest in protecting the authority’s position in dealing with this matter outweighs the public interest in event of disclosure,”  officials maintained.
Asked previously about any disciplinary action taken, the council stated: "We don’t comment on disciplinary issues.”
Householders face a 9.6 per cent council tax increase – the biggest ever and the authority was the first in Wales and England to introduce monthly bin collections.  

Tuesday, 19 March 2019

Colwyn Bay...40-year-old man admits taking indecent photographs of 16-year-old partner!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says... I don't really understand why he is in court? If he did not know her age and ended it when he found out and she was consenting? Some "young" girls these days are done up like dogs dinners, shaved eyebrows, make up etc, it is not always easy to tell. A very interesting case. Maybe people should always ask for proof of age prior to any "dating activity"!
A TEENAGE girl in a relationship with a 40-year-old man encouraged him to take indecent photographs of her, a court was told.
Darren Flynn sent the pictures to the girl by phone but when he realised how young she was he broke off the relationship.
James Neary, prosecuting at Llandudno magistrates’ court, said it was an unusual case but the images were found on Flynn’s phone.
When interviewed, the 16-year-old girl said she didn’t want to make a complaint.
“They had a brief sexual relationship and he took them with her consent but when he realised the age gap be ended it,” said Mr Neary.
Flynn, of Trem y Don, Llysfaen, Colwyn Bay, pleaded guilty to two charges of taking indecent photographs of a child.
Nia Dawson, defending, told the court: “She was a very willing participant: she asked him to take them.”
She stressed that the photographs had not been shown to anyone else.
District Judge Gwyn Jones bailed Flynn to appear at Caernarfon crown court for sentence on April 12.

Llandudno.....Alleged Paedophile pensioner facing jail over live sex abuse Skype viewing

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...At 74 and with ill health you would think that his secx drive would be long gone! Very worrying indeed, yet more proof of the murky underbelly in Llandudno!

A PAEDOPHILE pensioner from Llandudno admitted paying to view the live sexual abuse of children nearly 7,000 miles away in the Philippines, via Skype.
Peter Booth, 74, of St Andrew’s Avenue, was warned by Caernarfon crown court Judge Timothy Petts he faced a lengthy prison term “even with your age and medical history.”
He was bailed with an overnight tagged curfew until April 11 for a pre-sentence report to address his danger.
Defence barrister Matthew Curtis said Booth also wanted “to put his affairs in order.”
Booth admitted causing or inciting the sexual exploitation of children aged six and nine.
He also pleaded guilty to distributing child porn, taking an indecent video of a child, and making hundreds of indecent images and videos.

Colwyn Bay...Man on trial accused of forcing woman into prostitution!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...I see this man around town a lot, is this the same man? Same age, name? Very worrying if it is and also that following this he should have been kept an eye on!

Gary Spencer Hughes is on trial for allegedly making a woman work as a prostitute

A man is on trial accused of forcing a woman into prostitution.
Gary Spencer Hughes is alleged to have placed an advert in a newspaper, offering a female massage service.
The woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told Caernarfon crown court she had never done anything like it before.
In video evidence shown to the jury at Hughes' trial, the woman, frequently in tears, said she felt "ashamed and embarrassed" by what she had done.
The 58-year-old, of Greenfield Road, Colwyn Bay, is alleged to asked the woman to have sex with men in the autumn of 2015.
Outlining the prosecution case, Anna Pope said the woman refused, but agreed after Hughes repeated the request several times.
Hughes is said to have placed the advert in the North Wales Pioneer newspaper in December 2015.
"He gave the woman an old Samsung handset with a new SIM card. The number matched the number in the advert which stated no withheld numbers or text messages.
"The advert appeared in the paper and calls were received and arrangements were made for men to visit the woman and sexual activity took place," the barrister said.
She told the jury of six men and six women that it was Hughes who set the price, bought items for the woman and took the cash she received from the men.

Gary Spencer Hughes

The activity lasted for about two weeks, and ended after a man asked the woman to perform a particular sex act.
The matters came to light in early 2016 when the woman made a complaint to police.
The woman told police she became friends with one of the men who had visited her. He had wanted to help her get out of the situation and encouraged her to tell someone about what happened.
Describing her as "vulnerable", Ms Pope said it was not possible to interview her properly for some time.
"But the defendant was arrested the day after the woman made the initial complaint in January 2016.
"He told police he knew nothing of the allegations and made clear he did not place the advert in the paper," she added.
The trial continues.

Friday, 15 March 2019

Colwyn Bay...Woman campaigns against "horrendous" playgrounds in Conwy county including Eirias Park!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...Personally I think they should get rid of most of them. The Playground in Eirias park is usually full of gangs of Youths drinking and such, why should the council keep paying to repair these places, in these difficult times they are a cost we just don't need anymore.  
An Old Colwyn mother has began campaigning against the "horrendous" nature of playgrounds within the county.
Zoe Davies, 42, has lived in the area her whole life and said play grounds, particularly in the Colwyn Bay area, have been left to deteriorate.
She singled out Min-y-Don and Eirias Park playgrounds as the main issues saying they were full of rubbish, graffiti and empty alcohol bottles.
North Wales Pioneer:
The Min-y-Don playground. Picture: Kerry Roberts
Mrs Davies, speaking to the Pioneer, said: "There is just rubbish everywhere, everything is tatty and there is graffiti on all the equipment - it's horrendous.
"Eirias Park is supposed to be a tourist attraction but there is graffiti all over that lot of equipment as well. It's jut not a 'wow'' factor that attracts people to a playground."
Councillor Carol Marubbi, Llandudno Town Council and former mayor, has been campaigning for more to be done to playgrounds in the county for some time now.
North Wales Pioneer:
Cllr Carol Marubbi at the West Shore playground. Picture: Patrick Glover
She added: "Conwy County Borough Council have let the playgrounds fall into disrepair, it's absolutely horrific some of it.
"I'm glad this lady has brought it up as well. We need more people to fight against this because it is unacceptable.
"They've (Conwy County Borough Council) got to wake up and start working with the public at getting it right."
Last year Conwy County Borough Council (CCBC) rejected an application to have money put aside in the budget to put towards play equipment and its maintenance.
However, this year CCBC have allocated £214,300 towards the cost of replacing and repairing playground equipment and safety surfacing, as capital funding in the 2019/20 budget.
North Wales Pioneer:
Play equipment at the West Shore playground seems to be missing from the frames. Picture: Patrick Glover
A CCBC spokesperson said: "The Service is also looking for other options for funding playgrounds and liaising closely with Town and Community Councils and community groups to identify ways in which we can work together to support play areas."
Earlier this year playgrounds were amongst a group of services CCBC attempted to pass off to town councils.
CCBC said they had identified a range of services that were "at risk" with a lack of funding available and had decided to try and pass them off to town councils.
While they held a meeting with the relevant parties in September last year, town councils were only informed at the eleventh hour of creating their budgets that these services were to be their's to deal with.
A number of town council's, including Llandudno and Conwy, told CCBC there budgets were completed and could not take on these services at this stage.
A CCBC spokesperson said the timing of the decision couldn't be helped, as the county budget hadn't been finalised at that stage.