Friday, 26 April 2019

Colwyn Bay..Dumped Pram Still Awaits clearance at St Pauls Church 3 months later!

This pram started it's life off being dumped in the street on Woodland road, it was then left for weeks before being thrown on the lawn of St Paul's Vicarage and has stayed there ever since! Now the grass is beginning to grow over it!
It follows a similar path to the washing machine that was dumped on the same road some months ago!

Conwy...Farmer 'angry, upset and heartbroken' after Dog Owner Allows 12 lambs to be killed!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...These owners should be jailed and the dogs destroyed, poor animals and poor farmer!

A farmer has been left angry, upset and heartbroken after 12 of his lambs were killed in a savage overnight dog attack.
Euros Jones made the grim discovery this morning in Llangernyw , Conwy.
The North Wales Rural Crime Team confirmed this is the second attack of its kind in the area in the last three weeks.
The incident comes as the RSPCA issued an urgent warning to all dog owners to keep their pets under control over the Easter holidays.
North Wales Police have reported at least 40 livestock attacks since January alone.
The 12 lambs killed in Llangernyw dog attack 
Mr Jones' wife Glesni said her husband found nine dead lambs dead at 7am and one severely injured lamb which was taken to a vet but had to be put down because of the extent of its injuries.
The farmer found two more dead lambs as he carried out further checks on his fields.
Mrs Jones said the way the animals died was heart breaking and upsetting: “This is the second attack in the area which causes a sense of anger.
“It is such as shame for so many conscientious dog walkers, there are so many who walk through the fields and have control of their dogs and cause no harm but are grouped with the few who don't.”
The lambs killed in the Llangernyw dog attack 
RSPCA inspector Keith Hogben said: "Sadly, it appears that some dog owners do not think it is a problem that their canine companions chase livestock."
"Sheep worrying can cause serious, lasting injury to sheep and have horrible impacts, like the loss of unborn lambs.
"Those in charge of dogs worrying livestock can also be prosecuted."
12 lambs killed in Llangernyw from a dog attack 
PC Dave Allen said “80% of livestock attacks are from dogs who have escaped the dwellings, not from dog walkers.
"It's critical dog owners check their boundaries, their fences and ensure that their dogs can’t escape.”
Anyone with information on the attacks should contact 101 with the reference x056251.

Colwyn Bay...Dozens of tyres found dumped in woodland!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...Interesting! Social media picked this up two days before the papers and council! We also published this two days ago after seeing it on facebook!
Dozens of tyres have been dumped in a woodland prompting an investigation.
The tyres, along with several black bin bags, were spotted near Eirias Park on Groes Road in Colwyn Bay by a local resident on Easter Monday who has since reported it to Conwy Council and Natural Resources Wales (NRW).
NWR is now looking into the incident alongside the local authority which has previously described acts of fly-tipping as "dangerous" and "potentially harmful to health".
This incident comes just two months after it was revealed that Conwy county had the second highest number of incidents of fly-tipping across North Wales.
Of the 5,764 instances reported across the region between 2017 and 2018, Conwy had more than 26% of the overall total with an increase of 13% on reported incidents in 2016.
The council was forced to spend more than £81,000 clearing up dumped waste over the space of a year
A spokesman for Natural Resources Wales said: “It’s important that used waste tyres are disposed of properly.
“As well as being unsightly they contain a lot of pollutants which are harmful to the environment.
“We are working with Conwy Council to look into this case.”
The council is now advising residents to report any acts of fly-tipping immediately and to make sure if they are paying someone to remove waste from businesses or homes that the company is a Registered Waste Carrier.
A spokesman for Conwy Council said: "There is no excuse for fly-tipping and local residents should not have to tolerate this type of behaviour by a small minority of irresponsible people who break the law.  
"Cleaning up fly-tipping costs us all money; it’s illegal, dangerous and potentially harmful to health; it spoils our enjoyment of the surroundings and can cause serious pollution of the environment.
If you pay someone to remove waste from your business or home, remember to check that the person or company who’s taking the waste away is a Registered Waste Carrier and always ask for a detailed receipt.
"If you see someone fly-tipping, discreetly try to note the following details:
  • The date, time and the place where the tipping is taking place, or has occurred.
  • What the waste is and how much of it there is. 
  • A description of any vehicles involved and the registration number  
"Then contact Conwy County Borough Council on (01492) 575337 or report it online at  and send any photos that have been taken.

Conwy....Man who had sex with his dogs among Wales' worst animal abusers in North Wales!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says,,,Words fail me! What a depraved, sick man!  To report scum like this and more please contact...

The shocking way animals are treated by some people has been laid bare by new figures from an animal charity, which even highlights the sickening sexual abuse of dogs.
The statistics for 2018 show a five-year high in complaints of animal cruelty as the RSPCA Cymru battles against some shocking and degrading treatment.
In North Wales, Conwy (+17%), Denbighshire (+15%), Wrexham +(5.6%) and Flintshire (+5.8%) have seen rises in the number of cases investigated, while Anglesey (-12%) and Gwynedd (-9.5%) saw decreases.
The trend for successful prosecutions is worryingly upward and the nature of offences no less disturbing. There were 164 convictions across Wales last year, up almost 11% on the previous year. The figures are more than 41% higher than five years ago.
From a cat being flung by a rugby ball by laughing thugs to one man sexually abusing his dogs, justice is being dispensed on an increasingly more frequent basis, because more offending is coming to light.
RSPCA Cymru's superintendent Martyn Hubbard said: "In 2018, our inspectorate dealt with some unimaginable cruelty - with some truly shocking, disturbing and upsetting cases captured on camera.
"These new statistics show a five-year high for RSPCA prosecution activity in Wales - with some of the deliberate, horrifying cruelty, and mindless acts of abuse, dealt with by our dedicated officers frankly unbelievable.
"Our message is clear - we will not tolerate animal cruelty in Wales. There is no excuse and RSPCA Cymru will continue to ensure animal welfare laws are adhered to in all corners of the country."

Man had sex with his dogs

Ben was rehomed after Gwynn's abuse
Ben was rehomed after Gwynn's abuse
Robert Gwynn was convicted last May of having sex with his two dogs.
He was seen abusing one of the Bedlington terriers, Ben and Taff, and an investigation using DNA evidence managed to establish he'd sexually assaulted both animals.
The dogs were sent to a centre in Newport before being successfully re-homed and Gwynn, from Newport, received a three-month prison sentence, suspended for two years, and ordered to pay costs of £500.
He was also made to pay a £115 victim surcharge and banned from keeping animals for 10 years.
At the time RSPCA Inspector Izzi Hignell said: "This was a disgusting and horrific case to investigate, with this man admitting to have forcibly had anal intercourse with two Bedlington Terriers.
"These poor dogs have been subject to such a disturbing act, which would undoubtedly have proven a truly horrendous ordeal for both animals involved.
"Gaining evidence in cases of this nature can be exceptionally difficult. This man was seen penetrating one of the dogs. DNA results were integral to this prosecution. This was a truly shocking and gruesome discovery proving the sexual offence this landmark case relates to.
"People across Wales will be horrified that any individual would think it acceptable to commit a sexual act of any nature on their dogs."
In February last year three men and a juvenile were prosecuted for offences against animals at a farm near Blaenau Ffestiniog .
David Thomas, 52, described as joint owner of Cwm Bowydd Farm, was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to a badger by causing it to fight with dogs.
He was also found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to two foxes by keeping them caged close to dogs, causing the foxes to be terrified, and other animal welfare allegations. Harrowing video footage released by the RSPCA showed the terrified badger being chased by a dog on his land.
RSPCA video surveillance footage of badger baiting taking place at Cwm Bowydd Farm, Blaenau Ffestiniog.
RSPCA video surveillance footage of badger baiting taking place at Cwm Bowydd Farm, Blaenau Ffestiniog.
The court had heard artificial badger setts were found at the farm along with seven skulls, possibly those of foxes or badgers. Pipes were used to hold captive animals and dogs brought to a copse to fight.
District Judge Gwyn Jones said: "Fortunately, we didn’t see how the badger was ultimately killed. But it’s quite clear the death would have been slow and no doubt extremely painful."
A huntsman for 32 years and a master of foxhounds, Thomas was jailed for 22 weeks at LlandudnoMagistrates Court, ordered to pay £5,000 costs and disqualified from owning dogs for eight years.
Jordan Houlston, 25, of Alexandra Road, Llandudno, the hunt terrier man, was convicted of ill-treating a badger, unnecessary suffering by causing a badger to fight with dogs and causing unnecessary suffering to four dogs. He was also convicted of failing to meet the welfare needs of seven dogs.
David William Llwyd Thomas, (in tie with face covered) of Cwm Bowydd Farm, Blaenau Ffestiniog, and Jordan Alexander Houlston, (white coat) of Alexandra Road, Llandudno, arrrive at Llandudno Magistrates Court in a case involving a badger.
David William Llwyd Thomas, (in tie with face covered) of Cwm Bowydd Farm, Blaenau Ffestiniog, and Jordan Alexander Houlston, (white coat) of Alexandra Road, Llandudno, arrrive at Llandudno Magistrates Court in a case involving a badger. 
He was jailed for 20 weeks, banned from owning dogs for eight years, and ordered to pay £715 costs.
Marc Wyn Morris, 26, of Jones Street, Blaenau Ffestiniog, pleaded guilty to wilfully injuring a badger, being present at an animal fight and causing unnecessary suffering to a badger by causing it to fight with a dog.
He received a 10 week suspended sentence, told to carry out 150 hours unpaid work and pay £615 costs. He was banned from owning dogs for four years.
A boy of 17 admitted being present at an animal fight and received a 10-month referral order, told to pay £220 in costs and banned from owning or keeping dogs for four years.

Drunken thugs throw cat 'like a rugby ball'

In July last year drunken thugs Lewis David Brereton, then 26, of Bryntirion Avenue, Rhyl , and Joshua Harvey Weir, also aged 26 at the time, of Linden Drive, Prestatyn , decided to film themselves throwing a defenceless cat through the air.
That gave the RSPCA enough evidence to bring the hapless pair before Llandudno Magistrates in October 2018, where they narrowly avoided an immediate jail term.
The cat, which was filmed being thrown into the air in Wellington Road, Rhyl. Lewis David Brereton, of Bryntirion Avenue, Rhyl, and Joshua Harvey Weir, of Linden Drive, Prestatyn, both age 26, pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary cruelty at Llandudno Magistrates Court.
The cat, which was filmed being thrown into the air in Wellington Road, Rhyl. 
The shocking video , played in court and at the top of this story, showed them laughing and shouting "Hope you have nine lives" and "You have strong limbs".
RSPCA prosecutor Tudur Owen said the ginger and white cat, called Rick, must have been disorientated following the incident in Wellington Road,  Rhyl . Brereton and Weir both pleaded guilty to causing unnecessary cruelty by throwing the cat.
They were given eight-week prison sentences, suspended for six months, banned from keeping animals for three years and must each pay £490 costs. Weir lost his job looking after people with autism the court heard.
An RSPCA Inspector said at the time: "It is awful that the two individuals clearly enjoyed and took pleasure from doing this to a poor defenceless animal, with the laughter in the video telling it's own sick story. Fortunately the cat survived this cruel act but RSPCA Cymru were able to fight to secure some justice for the poor animal involved."
Vicki Gore-Harris said her cat, Rick is now too scared to be around people since he was hauled across the road by Joshua Harvey Weir while his pal, Lewis David Brereton filmed it.
Vicki Gore-Harris said her cat, Rick is now too scared to be around people since he was hauled across the road by Joshua Harvey Weir while his pal, Lewis David Brereton filmed it. 
His owner Vicki Gore-Harris said he was left so traumatised he was too scared to be around people after the attack.

Snowdonia,North Wales ...Dozens of motorists handed fines over parking dangerously!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...And quite rightly so too, they should be clamped and charged more. If there is nowhere to park then move elsewhere. These fools deserve all they get.
A video showing dozens of cars slapped with penalty notices in a popular Snowdonia beauty spot has sparked a huge debate on social media.
It is understood as many as 100 cars had been fined by enforcement officers on the stretch of road, however there was little sympathy for those who returned to find a ticket on their windscreen.
A large majority agreed with the decision to fine, branding the motorists as "careless" and "inconsiderate" and even "dangerous".
Claire Gallimore said: "About time!!! The way the cars are parked long that stretch is an accident waiting to happen, regularly see people with children forced to walk in the road as no way to pass on the footpath due to being blocked with cars."
A sentiment that was echoed throughout the many comments in response to the story:
Drivers on Pen y Pass, Ogwen valley heading towards Gwynant were fined for parking as thousands of people descended on Snowdonia National Park over the Easter bank holiday weekend.
Drivers on Pen y Pass, Ogwen valley heading towards Gwynant were fined for parking as thousands of people descended on Snowdonia National Park over the Easter bank holiday weekend. 
Heather Knight wrote: "It's about time. A fine is what is needed and a tow truck for those causing dangerous parking. People have been parking dangerously and obstructing pathways for many years in these areas of beauty. They know of the safety of others and themselves only they dismiss this by being careless and inconsiderate."
Alan Hunter agreed: " I went passed[sic] there on Friday, so many walkers and probably some from the cars parked were in the road with children and suddenly stepping out from behind the parked cars. I'm glad they have been fined and I hope enforcement is robustly carried out in that area. Sadly there is a lack of parking in what is a popular area but it is what it is and there is a risk caused by inconsiderate parking."
Cheryl Jones said: "Drove past Ogwen lake earlier, cars parked completely on the pavements in some parts, or half on pavements! So dangerous for people trying to walk past, or with children in prams or wheelchair users. They should be fined!"
Nicci Hancock wrote: "Some of the parked vehicles on Pen-y-pass and the road to Ogwen valley were ridiculously parked causing an obstruction for both sides of traffic!!! There are park and ride buses that were running all over the Easter break - yes a further expense but not as much as the parking fine or damage to your vehicles!"
Emma Parry was concerned about the obstruction caused, saying: "I drove up that way Saturday afternoon and cars parked both sides of the road causing obstructions which is dangerous and causing traffic jams. If emergency services had to get through quickly they wouldn’t have been able to ."
Some even thought it was all part of a master plan to avoid high parking charges. 

Dom Faux said: "Some People do it on purpose if they have a car full the split they ticket cost of £35 is only £7 each...not bad for a days parking."
Mark Careless agreed: "Problem is most of them are probably aware and just factor the cost of a parking ticket into the day out. Start towing them then they may think twice. Or provide an adequate car park or park and ride facility.
But there were a few who, although agreed the parking tickets were justified, more should be done by the local authorities to cater for the regular influx of visitors to the area.
Helen Howe said: "All the car parks down in the villages were also completely stuffed full with no spaces either and there are no other car parks. Although selfish and stupid parking is not justified there is not enough parking for that number of tourists."
Richard C Cartwright wrote: "Obviously more legal and safe car parking required so as everyone can enjoy the beautiful area, what are the council doing to accommodate the increasing number of visitors to the area or is it the council do not want tourists visiting?"
Floss Barrett said it's a "no win situation": "I've mixed emotions over this. If it's inconsiderate parking then they deserve to be fined. If it's a lack of car parks then the council should invest. It's a shame that people have come out to these areas, spending their money in the areas to boost the local economy. Will they return though after this? It's a no win situation for such a beautiful part of Wales."
And many were quick to point out that the road is marked as a clearway, which means you can't even stop along the stretch of road, let alone park.
Gerallt Davies said: "Well done Cyngor Gwynedd! It's a clearway and 60mph limit and clearly labelled as such. Fines are just right!"
Kathy Jones agreed: "It was chaos trying to drive past serves them right for ignoring a clearway!"
Rob Lamont even provided a graphic to explain:
It's far from the first time a large number of motorists have been stung with a ticket after parking illegally in Snowdonia.
There was outrage in 2016 when parking wardens ticketed vehicles parked illegally at Pen Y Gwryd near the Gwynedd and Conwy border  with some claiming it was a "bad advert"  for the area as the signage was unclear.

Colwyn Bay...Which window with a view will follow in the footsteps of The Skip at Port Eirias?

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...It won't be hard, there are far better views than looking out from this over hyped, over expensive dump! What about the views from Trump Towers?

The search is on once again to see which window in Wales can follow in the footsteps of Porth Eirias in Colwyn Bay by being crowned the region’s best Window with a View.
Following a successful third year, the competition launched by independent consumer advice website is open for 2019, inviting entries of views from the windows of historical buildings, museums, hotels, skyscrapers, offices, homes and many more. Shining a spotlight on the UK’s thriving tourism industry and with a rise in budding photographers, the competition receives widespread entries from hundreds of locations across the country, all claiming to be home to the UK’s most stunning view.
This year, after entries close, 11 regional winners will be decided by a panel of photography, architecture, travel and tourism professionals. These winners will then go head to head in a public vote to determine the UK’s very best Window with a View.
Previous winners include views from Tower Bridge in London, Liverpool’s Liverpool Museum and The Hopetoun Arms in Scotland. In 2018, Porth Eirias in Colwyn Bay took the title for Wales.
James Lee, MyGlazing’s Director of External Affairs, said: “I’m delighted to announce that the Window with a View competition is back for a fourth year. From city landscapes to rural vistas, the competition is a fantastic way to highlight outstanding architecture and natural beauty can be framed through inspirational glazing. I look forward to seeing more stunning views and backdrops that capture memorable moments though the windows.”
“This year we’ve made the competition even more accessible by allowing people to enter and vote on social media via Instagram and Twitter. We wish everyone who enters the competition the very best of luck. Having already enjoyed a fabulous three years of the competition, we’re keen to see more brilliant entries this year!”
The public can submit their nominations for 2019 now, via, by simply uploading a photo of any Window with a View in the UK or by posting a photo to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #WindowWithAView2019 and tagging @myglazing. Entries are free and are open until the end of June 2019, with the winner announced in September 2019.
In addition to the winning building being named the UK’s best Window with a View, the person who submitted the photo will receive a £200 Amazon voucher. Each person that submits an entry and each person that votes will also be entered into a random prize draw to win a £100 Amazon voucher.
For full rules, prizes and details about the Window with a View competition, visit: