Thursday, 30 May 2019

Snowdon, North Wales...Queues Of Climbers Blight The Mountain!

Mrs. Colwyn Bay Says....The place is a total joke! Overcrowded, Litter, filth, human waste, and if that is not enough people are always falling off or hurting themselves. Emergency rescue out every five minutes, Land erosion and more! Something needs to be done urgently, it's shameful to see this happening.

The "exponential" rise in visitors climbing Snowdon - often causing long queues to reach the top has been blamed on Welsh Government's "heavy promotion".
The Snowdonia Society says while large visitor numbers are good for the economy, it also causes "implications", including overcrowding, erosion to footpaths and litter up Wales' highest peak.
And while visitor numbers have "at least doubled" over the last 20 years, The National Park says it has half the resources it saw 20 years ago.
The issue was highlighted after a video published on social media by one mountaineer who made it to the top on Sunday shows scores of climbers queuing to get to the summit.
The footage was published on the Proud to be Welsh Facebook group by Ian Drew, from Birmingham, who regularly climbs areas of the National Park.
Scores of climbers queued to get to the summit of Snowdon over the bank holiday weekend 
Writing on Facebook , he commented: "Bank holiday traffic even on Snowdon this weekend, what a shame I have stood on here many times just me & my kids never seen it like this."
Hundreds of people reacted to the post, with some describing the scenes as "ridiculous", while others voiced concerns that large numbers of visitors are "destroying the beautiful mountain".
Speaking to North Wales Live, the campaign group says there is "no easy answer" to tackling the number of visitors it sees each year.
Chair of the Snowdonia Society, David Archer, said: "Snowdon is being quite heavily promoted by the Welsh Government and the tourism board as an adventure location which is great for local businesses and the local economy, but this does create implications.
Scores of climbers queued to get to the summit of Snowdon over the bank holiday weekend 
"People want to go to the most popular places, and Snowdon being the highest mountain in Wales is the key factor.
"But if there are hundreds of people up there at once, it reduces the pleasure you get from being there - and there is also the impact of litter and erosion.
"There's also a limited number of people can get to the very summit at once, which of course creates queues."
Mr. Archer who said the summit welcomes "well over half a million visitors a year" added: "What we do think is important is that the National Park Authority does have adequate resources to manage and maintain the area.
"Resources are being cut, and the National Park Authority don't have the same budget or the number of wardens as they did ten years ago.
"The number of people climbing to the summit is rising exponentially and when the numbers are increasing, but the number of people to maintain the mountain is being reduced, it is going to have an effect."
While large numbers of tourists bring an estimated £69 million to the economy every year, the National Park Authority says it has a "significant impact" on the local community, the mountain and the environment of the area.
A spokeswoman for National Park Authority, said: "We’re increasingly concerned however that the current standard of infrastructure is beginning to affect peoples experience of Snowdonia and of Wales as a destination.
Scores of climbers queued to get to the summit of Snowdon over the bank holiday weekend 
"We and other partners are doing our best with the limited resources we have.
"All revenue from our car parks, for example, are invested back into managing footpaths on the mountain and maintaining facilities.
"But it’s not enough. Snowdonia National Park Authority has half the resources it had 20 years ago, and visitor numbers have at least doubled."
As well as working with Gwynedd and Conwy tourism departments to encourage visitors to come at quieter times of the year, the National Park Authority says it is working in partnership with the Welsh Government to launch the Snowdon Partnership Plan, which aims to protect the area.
Its aim is to encourage visitors to give back to the area, remove litter from the mountain, repair and maintain footpaths, and to fund visitor facilities.
A Welsh Government spokesperson said, “We are committed to growing tourism in a sustainable way across Wales, encouraging visitors to explore new areas and destinations throughout the year. We are currently consulting on our future tourism strategy, looking at ways we can work with the industry in Wales to explore the challenges and opportunities we face.
“Earlier this year we announced £2.2 million to improve our tourism infrastructure, including improvements to parking, cycle paths, and toilets.”

Colwyn Bay...A Resident from Colwyn Bay used Twitter to distribute child porn images!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says....Yet another sex offender! It never ends!

A Twitter user accused of swapping child porn had distributed it to hundreds of “followers,” a court heard when he was jailed for 32 months.
Daniel Hall, 46, who described himself as a “monster,” had advised a novice Twitter user about how to avoid detection in the exchange of indecent images, Caernarfon crown court was told.
The judge, Recorder Simon Mills, said Hall led a “double life.” At one stage he had tried to stream a 15-minute “utterly sadistic and horrific” film depicting a toddler to a large TV.
“At one point your contact says to you ‘the thing is most seem to enjoy it so much, can’t see what all the fuss is about’. You responded, ’I agree.’ That shows the depth to which your mindset had sunk,” the judge declared.
Recorder Mills said Twitter had been vigilant and reported Hall to international authorities. But he then turned to KiK to carry on his activities.
Prosecuting counsel Simon Mintz said police found 1,212 in the worst category of seriousness among a collection of more than 4,000 images. Hall worked at the time for a firm on St Asaph business park and lived at Llys Gwilym, Colwyn Bay.
He admitted seven charges of making and distributing images and encouraging or helping another to obtain them.
Mr. Mintz said Hall told police it felt like an addiction. “He said it was the worst addiction you can have because you can’t disclose it to anyone,” the barrister added.
Michael Gray, defending, said Hall was a father of previous good character. But family members had disowned him. Police had turned up at work to speak to him and he’d “come clean”.
Mr. Gray said Hall, who’d resigned from his job, realized his behavior was “reprehensible” and had described himself as a “monster.”
The lawyer said:” He’s shown insight into his behavior. When he came out of the police station he followed the advice to go to the Lucy Faithfull Foundation immediately.” He’d completed a course with the child protection charity.
Hall now had no contact with his former partner. The judge said it would have been an awful moment when she discovered, from police, his double life.
Recorder Mills imposed a sexual harm prevention order and Hall must register as a sex offender.
“This is a particularly serious case,” the judge said. Hall had collected the images over two-and-a-half years according to the charges. “You were part of a network of like-minded individuals,” Recorder Mills added.

ColwynBay....Dealer brazenly counting drugs cash caught by CCTV!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says.... So dumb it hurts! Colwyn Bay breeds dumb people!

A teenage drug dealer was spotted by an eagle-eyed police officer counting a wad of cash.
Joel Johnson was seen emerging from a house in Seaview Road, Colwyn Bay by the officer who happened to be in the Conwy Council CCTV control room.
Knowing the property to be a suspected drug dealing center she asked the operators to follow him and the 18-year-old, of Carnarvon Road, Liverpool, was seen to be holding a roll of paper money and was counting it.
Joel Johnson
Joel Johnson 
He made his way to the town's railway station and was seen counting the cash again until he became aware the cameras were watching him, prosecutor, Karl Scholz told a judge at Caernarfon Crown Court.
"The officer, PCSO Karen Bennion, had contacted the police control and asked for an officer to make a stop check on the defendant.
"He was seen to place the cash and a package in some bushes and when a British Transport Police officer pulled up he said "you've got nothing on me," the lawyer added.
The cash and the package were recovered and found to contain 23 wraps of heroin and crack cocaine valued at £160 and £920 in cash.
Johnson was arrested and later released under investigation. But before being charged by North Wales Police he was found in possession of more illegal drugs and sentenced to two years in prison by a judge at Chester Crown Court .
Colwyn Bay railway station
Colwyn Bay railway station 
Jailing him for a further two and half years Judge David Hale commented he had an appalling record for one so young.
"Despite all the assistance given to you-you still go out and do all of this," he said.
The judge also ordered the drugs to be forfeited and destroyed and the cash is confiscated.
Commending the police officer he said her "actions went above and beyond the duties expected of her".
Sarah Holt, defending, said Johnson had been under pressure to deal in drugs by others.
She said after his arrest in Colwyn Bay and the loss of the drugs and cash he had been put under even more pressure to deal in illegal drugs.
The barrister urged the judge to be as lenient as possible given Johnson's age and guilty plea at an early stage.

Saturday, 25 May 2019

Snowdonia, North Wales....Lagoon closed to public due to 40 bags of dog mess, used nappies, a tent, beer cans, bottles,disposable BBQs dumped at site!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...Welcome to North Wales! Just in case anyone hasn't noticed it's full of litter and filth, this is nothing new! Go up Snowdon and you will see mounds of litter!
Locals and tourists have spoken of their disappointment after litter problems at a Snowdonia lagoon led the owner to permanently blocking access to the popular site.
Last week alone, more than 40 bags of dog mess, dirty nappies, a tent, leftover beer cans and bottles and six disposable BBQs were said to have been dumped at the beauty spot.
As a result, visitors are now prohibited from using the site for good.

Litter including used condoms, dirty nappies, beer cans and plastic bottles have been found dumped at Blue Lake near Fairbourne 

The only access point to the lake, which was through a narrow tunnel built into the hillside, has been filled with 60 tonnes of soil.
Despite many slamming those leaving litter at the site as "disgusting", Mr Titley's action has been met with an outpouring of support, with many taking to social media to back his decision.
Writing on the North Wales Live Facebook page, Ann Monteith, said she understands why Mr Titley made the decision to close the site.
"Shame on all the people you all know who you all are no respect for anything so sad that everyone has to miss out on such beauty," she said.

Litter including used condoms, dirty nappies, food packaging, beer cans and plastic bottles have been found dumped at Blue Lake in Friog, near Fairbourne in recent months 

"Don’t blame him for closing it up giving it back to nature.
"People should get there act together and learn to respect otherwise this will happen all over then people will not be blessed in seeing such beauty."
Agreeing, Suzanne McKevitt-Harvey, commented: "What a shame, people need to take responsibility for their own rubbish. Who did they think was going to pick it up?! It’s now spoilt for all because of the irresponsible actions of a few."
Others supported Mr Titley's decision to "put the environment first".
Deborah Edwards wrote: "The sad thing is that visitors have spoilt it for the locals... it must have been so frustrating for the owner.
"But on the plus side just think what a beautiful nature reserve it will become."

The only access point to Blue Lake, through a narrow tunnel built into the hillside, has been filled with 60 tonnes of soil to prevent public access 

Anthony Sargent added: "Correct decision Alan Titley, a huge loss for many visitors but great to see people putting the environment first."
"Just look how beautiful it is, people should be ashamed," Mini Mel Dena commented.
Wozzy Morgan said he believes the litter issue at Blue Lake is a "scaled down version of what humans are doing to the planet".
He added: "Soon it will reach a point of no return and the planet will be doomed!
"Never understand that people will happily carry bags of stuff to a place n not take it back with them.. respect the countryside..respect the planet!!"
But Amanda Price said she is "gutted" to hear of the news.

Litter including used condoms, dirty nappies, beer cans, and plastic bottles have been found dumped at Blue Lake near Fairbourne 

She added: "So gutted. I only found out about this place a few months ago and was planning to visit in August with my family. Totally understand why the owner took action though. Disgusting."
One user commenting on the North Wales Live website wrote: "I deplore litter anywhere but I do agree that our land is for all to use. Just take your rubbish home."
There was also a suggestion of having a locked gate at the site, instead of blocking the entrance permanently.
"Good call Mr. Titley, maybe one day have a locked gate there and those who wish to visit must sign in, if they make a mess, you can chase them down," they said.

Llandudno...Rhos on Sea man found with 574 child porn images on computer!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says.....And here with have yet another sex offender in the area!
Police discovered 574 child porn images on computer equipment after searching a Rhos on Sea man’s home because of concerns about his internet browsing, a court heard.
Magistrates at Llandudno were told there had been more than 60,000 images, some “of concern.”
But prosecutor James Neary said: ”They are not saying they are all indecent images.”
John Acton, aged 33, of Cysgod y Bryn, had maintained he “stumbled” upon the images.
He admitted making 574 indecent images in the lowest category of seriousness.
A two-year community order was imposed with rehabilitation and a sex offenders’ course.
Acton was also fined £120 with £170 costs.
He must register as a sex offender for five years and a sexual harm prevention order was made for that period.
Defense lawyer Chris Murphy said Acton, on benefits and of previous good character, was “terrified” by his arrest.
He had mental health issues.

Friday, 24 May 2019

Colwyn Bay...Despite Council's New Carbuncle offices allegedely bringing in investment bailiff’s possession notices placed on shop window yards away!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says.....Very sad news indeed, so what happened to all of the council staff shopping in the town? We all knew it was a red herring, so we will now watch the Dominoes fall 1 by 1! The only way to help is by reducing taxes and capping rents!
THE Get Floored carpet shop in Penrhyn Road, Colwyn Bay has been padlocked and a bailiff’s possession notices have been placed in its windows.
North Wales Pioneer: Get Floored carpet shop. Picture: Allan GeorgeGet Floored carpet shop. Picture: Allan George
The notices posted in the windows by Commercial Rent Bailiffs Limited are addressed to Mr. Dai McCann T/A Get Floored, and state: “Possession Notice Under the terms and conditions of your lease we as acting agents and with the authority of your landlord have today entered these demised premises and have served notice and the forfeiture of lease effected.
North Wales Pioneer: Get Floored carpet shop. Picture: Allan GeorgeGet Floored carpet shop. Picture: Allan George
“No unauthorized persons are permitted entry into these premises and in an attempt to do so will result in criminal proceedings being instigated against you.
North Wales Pioneer: Get Floored carpet shop. Picture: Allan GeorgeGet Floored carpet shop. Picture: Allan George
“All inquiries to be made within 14 days of the date listed below (May 23) to Commercial Rent Bailiffs Limited inquiries 0333 335 9925.”

Llandudno...11 Animal Welfare Charges Presented Against Great Orme Farmer!

Mrs. Colwyn Bay Says...Another nail in the coffin for "The Fading Queen Of Welsh Resorts" To run a competition for £1.00 to find a farmer is just crazy. So the Orme has Drugs, Litter, Homeless, Vandalism, and now Alleged animal Welfare concerns to add to its resume! 
No evidence has been offered by the prosecution on nine of the charges in the case of a farmer who beat 2,500 other applicants to win the tenancy of a £1 million hilltop farm for only £1 a year.
Daniel Jones, aged 40, hit the headlines around the world in 2016 when he was named as the tenant of the National Trust-owned Parc Farm on the Great Orme headland at Llandudno.
The 2,500 applications were eventually whittled down to seven and he was chosen after presenting his business plans and demonstrating his shepherding skills.
But he has appeared before Llandudno magistrates’ court on 20 charges, some relating to alleged offences soon after he moved into the 145-acre farm.
Now nearly half the charges have been dropped including allegations of failing to notify the authorities of sheep he had received on the farm from various other locations– charges brought
under the Animal Health Act 1981 – and failing to keep an up-to-date register and inventory of the animals.
He had pleaded not guilty to all the charges.
Jones’s solicitor David Kirwan told district judge Gwyn Jones at a pre-trial hearing held this week: “My client is a man who is deeply upset by this whole case.
“He was “law-abiding," Mr Kirwan told Tuesday's hearing.
Mr Kirwan said the prosecution after trading standards visited the farm, had “morphed” from animal carcasses into a series of regulatory matters.

Colwyn Bay....Crazed Knife Wielding School Boy Denies Attempted Murder!

Mrs. Colwyn Bay Says...How can you deny attempted murder if you carry and knife and then try to stab someone? Even if it was a case of bullying, a knife can kill, Very sad case indeed, but if there are no reasons ie self-defense then this boy needs to be locked up for a long time.
A 16-year-old schoolboy has today (Wednesday) denied attempted murder amid allegations that a teenager was stabbed at a high school.
The defendant also denied an alternative charge of wounding with intent to inflict GBH.
His trial will take place on August 12 at Mold Crown Court before High Court Judge Mr Justice Picken.
The boy, who was 15 at the time of the allegations, appeared in the dock at Mold Crown Court today and pleaded not guilty to attempted murder and wounding with intent following an incident on February 11.
But he admitted two charges of possessing a pen knife as an offensive weapon at Eirias High School in Colwyn Bay on February 11 and two days earlier.
Judge Rhys Rowlands made various orders in readiness for the trial.
Another schoolboy was taken to hospital with injuries "not thought to be life-changing" following the incident and he was later discharged from hospital.

Llandudno...Customer viciously attacked at Fountains Bar in town!

Mrs. Colwyn Bay Says...What a nasty, vile insecure little man.
A 34-year-old man accused of an unprovoked attack on another customer at a Llandudno bar, causing a black eye and concussion, failed to go on a “victim awareness course” to avoid prosecution, a court heard on Monday.
Daniel Adams, of Kings Road, Llandudno, had been offered a conditional caution by police and wrote a letter of apology, complying with requirements in part, a district judge at the town’s court was told.
Adams was ordered to carry out 120 hours unpaid work and pay £300 compensation by district judge Gwyn Jones. He must also pay £170 costs and was excluded from Fountains Bar for a year.
Judge Jones said to Adams: "This was an unpleasant incident. You assaulted a gentleman in that bar, having just accepted the view of your partner he had been trying to chat her up.
“It was an unprovoked assault upon this victim who didn’t know what had hit him.”
Adams admitted common assault in November.
Prosecutor James Neary said Lee Evans had been with friends at the bar. Later on that night he was at home feeling dizzy with his eye hurting.
Police had obtained CCTV footage of what happened. He’d been punched suddenly from the side by the defendant.
Mr Neary said: "The victim fell to the floor and the defendant is pulled away by other people.”
Mr Neary said Mr Evans went to work the following day but his vision became blurred. He was taken to hospital and had a concussion. He had no idea why he was attacked.
The prosecutor added that Adams’s excuse was he thought the victim may have kissed his girlfriend, and he was offered a conditional caution by the police. “This young man had absolutely no chance to defend himself from the assault,” Mr Neary declared.
Huw Roberts, defending, said Adams was involved in cable laying. It was a single punch when the defendant had been “trying to be gallant”.
Mr Roberts said Adams had prioritized his job over his conditional caution obligations.

Sunday, 19 May 2019

North Wales ....Moment police officer is left seriously injured trying to stop car at Anglesey petrol station!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...Terrible, this person needs a good long stretch behind bars. This poor chap could have been damaged for life.
This is the moment a police officer is left unconscious on a petrol station forecourt after being run over by a motorist.
PC Mark Lee, an officer with North Wales Police , was left with serious injuries after being hit by a car at the Heron Services Petrol Station in Llangefni .
The officer had attempted to stop a black Volkswagen Polo at a petrol station in Glanhwfa Road but was driven into and left motionless on the floor.
The shocking incident was shown as part of Channel 5's Police Code Zero: Officer Under Attack series on Monday evening.
Speaking on the show, the plain-clothes officer said the car had come to his attention after driving aggressively behind him.
He pulled over to let it pass and then followed it, reports WalesOnline.
PC Mark Lee speaking on Channel 5's Police Code Zero: Officer Under Attack
PC Mark Lee speaking on Channel 5's Police Code Zero: Officer Under Attack 
The Volkswagen pulled into a petrol station and PC Lee followed behind while his colleague PC Debbie Moore conducted checks on the car.
PC Lee said: "I remember setting off around the back of the car. I drove round to the front of his vehicle and as I stopped in front of him to stop him from driving away I saw him reach to try and get in reverse.
"I got out of the car, I was wearing a police vest, my Taser and radio, my spray, everything was on show. I shouted 'stop, police' and I believe he hit me with the car."
The footage shows the driver hesitate as PC Lee steps out in front of the car before accelerating forward, carrying the officer on the bonnet before he falls to the floor and the Volkswagen speeds off.
PC Moore told Channel 5: "It was like something from an action movie. Mark is struck, got up on to the bonnet, hit the windscreen and is carried."

PC Mark Lee is shown being hit by a Volkswagen Polo at a petrol station in Llangefni
PC Mark Lee is shown being hit by a Volkswagen Polo at a petrol station in Llangefni 
PC Lee added: "I remember banging my head on the floor and there was a sharp pain. It was really intense and everything went white."
When PC Moore came over to assist her colleague she saw PC Lee lying on the concrete floor unconscious.
She said: "I remember looking at him thinking 'he'll get up because that's what Mark does' but of course he didn't get up and it was at that point I knew something really serious had happened to him.
"Mark's on the floor and he's lifeless. He was deathly white and he didn't talk initially so I feared the worst at that point."
Eventually he regained consciousness and began speaking to PC Moore, describing seeing white lights and saying he couldn't move or open his eyes.
PC Debbie Moore on Channel 5's Police Code Zero: Officer Under Attack
PC Debbie Moore on Channel 5's Police Code Zero: Officer Under Attack 
An ambulance was called and PC Lee was taken to hospital. He had damaged his shoulder and was suffering from a concussion but he hadn't broken any bones.
The driver, whose identity is not disclosed in the program, was arrested shortly after the incident.
He later pleaded guilty to dangerous driving and other motoring offenses and was sentenced to a 12-month community order, 200 hours unpaid work, and was disqualified from driving for 12 months.
As a result of being hit PC Lee received regular physiotherapy and has not returned to his full duties having been office-bound since the incident.
Police investigate after man hit by car at Heron Garage in Llangefni on September 25. Image: Eryl Crump
Police investigate after man hit by car at Heron Garage in Llangefni on September 25. Image: Eryl Crump 
He said: "The part that bothers me the most is definitely the way. I understand people have a dislike for the police and I know that people will do pretty much anything to get away from the police if they feel threatened but I never expected someone to run me over.
"Why didn't he stop afterward? His windscreen was completely shattered and he couldn't see where he was going. He didn't stop and he didn't ask if I was okay because he didn't care.
"It's not okay to just run over the police. Our role is to protect the public but it would be nice if we felt protected ourselves."
Police Code Zero: Officer Under Attack is broadcast on Channel 5 at 10pm on Mondays.