Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Colwyn Bay..New Super Surgery Bans Patients For 1 Month Due to GP Shortage!

News reaches us that the new surgery in Colwyn Bay is unable to take patients unless they are an emergency due to the fact that there are no Doctors until September!

A number of people have called the surgery and been told clearly the same thing, no appointments unless it is an emergency! This is very worrying indeed, Thank You to Mr. Conway for sending this in. 

AddressWest End Medical Centre, Conway Rd, Colwyn Bay LL29 7LS
Open ⋅ Closes 6:30PM

North Wales...Plan to completely rebuild Colwyn Bay pier!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...Great news, however, the stunning listed building is going to look out of place amongst the Carbunkle Skip aks Porth Eirias and all of those cheap Carbuncle flats on the prom! They all need pulling down.

PLANS are being formulated to rebuild Colwyn Bay pier to its fullest length.
The Colwyn Victoria Pier Trust is preparing a scheme to complement the strategy Conwy County Borough Council is adopting for the regeneration of the seafront and town itself and has started having regular meetings with the authority.
Mark Roberts, chairman of the Trust, said: “The truncated pier is consistent with what would have been phase 1 of our scheme which would have been to restore the pier fully.
“We are currently in the early stages of preparing a scheme to restore the pier to its fullest length before the collapse in the storms of two years ago.
“We are developing a business case to receive funding from various sources. We have an excellent team of experts advising us, some of whom are genuinely world-class.
“When a draft scheme is ready we will be consulting the public to obtain the views of the wider community who would benefit from, the restored pier. The scheme will have to complement the strategies that Conwy County Borough Council is adopting for the regeneration of the seafront and town itself.
“We are having regular meetings with businesses and Conwy County Borough Council. The Trust is no longer a lobby group for the restoration of the pier but is a very serious body engaged in its restoration and we have to evolve from a lobby group to a business orientated organization.”
He added: “All the dismantled elements of the pier have been stored carefully by the council because they are listed in their own right.
“I am not sure of the exact date when work is due to be completed but it is expected to be completed by late Spring or early summer 2020.
A spokesperson for Conwy County Borough Council said the authority agreed on a twin-track approach in 2013 and sought permission to remove the old unsafe pier while the Pier Trust focussed on future restoration.
She added: “In 2017, the Council was given consent to dismantle the old structure, on the condition that we replaced it with a truncated pier. The work to construct the new truncated pier will start on site later this summer and it’s expected to take about 30 weeks.
“We’re looking forward to seeing more details of the Trust's plans for the future.”

Abergele, North Wales,,, Church Warden jailed for sex abuse!

Mrs. Colwyn Bay Says...A bit confused at this, 7 years for a consensual relationship! People with a learning disability have a right to have a sexual relationship! 
However, some might say 7 Years seems far too harsh! but, if the woman has no capacity and the man was in a position of trust then it is abuse, but
The article makes no mention of the woman's capacity, I would, however, like to read more about the case as the information here is limited. 
I remember a friend of ours who worked in the Learning disability team as a CPN told us of a case of a married man and a girl with LD, they used to meet for sex, but it was investigated, and they could do nothing, even though the girl was vulnerable and had an LD! So I have to admit I do find the whole thing confusing. But if he did exploit her he deserves to go to jail.
But we judge on what we read and at times and maybe should not!
Simon Rogers, prosecuting, said Knight had touched her inappropriately and taken intimate photographs.
The matter came to light when the woman, who cannot be named for legal reasons, described Knight to a relative as "my boyfriend".
Police were alerted and Knight was arrested and interviewed.
Mr Rogers said during the interview he denied behaving in an inappropriate way with the woman.
But later paramedics were called to his home after he took an overdose.

Michael Knight from Betws yn Rhos at Caernarfon Crown Court
Michael Knight from Betws yn Rhos at Caernarfon Crown Court 

While being treated he told the ambulance crew he had "done a terrible, terrible thing" and in a later police interview he told officers what he had said earlier was not true.
Knight claimed he had taken the photographs to show the woman "she was not ugly and fat". He believed she had consented to him massaging her and that he was "giving her pleasure".
Defense counsel Simon Killeen said Knight knew imprisonment was inevitable and it would be his first taste of custody.
"Going into custody for a man of his age is a massive fall from grace, albeit he realizes it is self-inflicted," he said.
The barrister pointed out character references spoke highly of Knight and his wife was standing by him.
"He has been a very caring and good member of society. These matters were carried out over a short period of time but he will have a long time to reflect upon them," Mr. Killeen added.
In addition to the jail term, Knight's details will remain on the Sex Offenders Register indefinitely. An indefinite Restraining Order banning him from any contact with the woman or her family was also made.

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

North Wales...OAP punched in face,robbed and found in bushes the following day at Royal Welsh Show!

Mrs. Colwyn Bay Says...Poor man, thank heavens it was not too cold last night, but it was wet. He is lucky to be alive. I hope the coward is caught!
A pensioner was punched in the face during a terrifying late-night robbery at the Royal Welsh Show.
The 76-year-old was attacked while leaving some toilets on the showground at Llanelwedd, Powys, on Tuesday, July 23.
He was found injured in bushes behind the toilets the next day.
Dyfed Powys Police has appealed for information following the shocking incident.
A spokesman said: "Between 11pm and midnight, an elderly man used the toilets of the campsite at Lower North 12, which is near entrance F, located at the far end of the showground near the cattle sheds.
"On leaving the toilets, he reports being punched to the face and having items stolen.
"He was found in the hedgerow behind the toilets the following day.
"Police are continuing to investigate, and are appealing for any witnesses or anyone who might have heard anything between 11pm and midnight on Tuesday, July 23. As a point of reference to anyone who was at the show, it was the night of the thunderstorm."
The Royal Welsh Agricultural Society said they are assisting police with the investigation and CCTV will be studied.

The opening ceremony of the Royal Welsh Show 

A statement on Facebook said: "The RWAS continue to support the police in their investigation into the allegation of assault on a 76-year-old male.
"We are offering support including CCTV and will continue to liaise with those who have conduct of these matters. Our effective initial response led to the quick recovery of the man and we maintain that level of focus behind the scenes.
"We would ask anyone with positive or useful information that might assist this inquiry to contact Dyfed Powys Police."

Prince Charles and Camilla visit the Royal Welsh Show 

If you have any information that could help, please contact police either online at: , by email at: , or by calling 101.
If you are deaf, hard of hearing, or speech impaired text the non-emergency number on 07811 311 908. Quote reference: DPP/2166/24/07/2019/02/C

North Wales...Vandals target 15 vehicles in Conwy county window smashing spree!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says....Summer Holidays again and all of the delinquents within the county whose parents don't give a damn about them, or who are in prison or high on drugs, end up causing misery and mayhem to the rest of us! Sad how other people's children cause so much hurt! I hope they are caught and the parents have to pay the fines and costs out of there benefits!

Vandals embarked on a window smashing rampage overnight, targeting 15 vehicles across Conwy county.
Angry motorists awoke to find their cars had been damaged in Conwy , Penmaenmawr, Dwygyfylchi and Dolgarrog .
North Wales Police have launched and appeal and urged any witnesses or anybody with information to get in touch.
Today NWP Community Safety Central posted a photo of a damaged vehicle on its Facebook and added: "13 Reported incidents of broken car windows overnight. Ranging from #Conwy and #Penmaenmawr to #Dolgarrog.
A North Wales Police spokesman said: "This morning police have received 15 reports of car windows being broken in the county of Conwy.
"The first incident was reported at 4.40am and the latest came in at 9.47am today, (Monday 29 July).
PCSO Murray Taylor of the Central Community Safety Team said: “It seems that all the vehicles have been damaged but no entry has been gained and nothing has been reported stolen.
“Most of these incidents have happened along the B5106 from Dolgarrog with a couple of similar incidents in Dwygyfylchi and Penmaenmawr.”
* Anyone with information is urged to call police on 101 quoting incident reference number  X107693.

Monday, 29 July 2019

Colwyn Bay...Porth Eirias Area, Benches Destroyed By Vandals!

This used to be a lovely walk, now Gangs Of Youths Hang out there smoking weed! You can smell it for miles! And it is no longer safe to walk along the seafront path day or night!

Colwyn Bay...Vandalism At Sea Front Entrance

Mrs. Colwyn Bay Says...Thanks to Amy for these photographs. We have had so many pictures sent in that it is fair to say we have been somewhat overwhelmed! (and not with good news sadly)

Colwyn Bay....Graffiti Vandalism Everywhere In The Town!

Mrs. Colwyn Bay Says...Just what is going on, it's everywhere!

Colwyn Bay...More Shop Windows Smashed In Town!

Mrs. Colwyn Bay Says...Both of these windows have been smashed before, and not only is this distressing for the shop owner, it also puts up insurance! 5 businesses in the town have filed for bankruptcy and there will be more to follow! My heart goes out to them!

Colwyn Bay...Eirias Park Model Boat Club Shelter Vandalised!

Mrs. Colwyn Bay Says....The roof has been smashed with rocks, The inside has been set on fire, Graffiti sprayed on the walls and the signs of drug and alcohol activity inside! A stone's throw away from the Police head office and in a public park and no one bats an eye! Welcome to Colwyn Bay!

Colwyn Bay,,,Tourist Information Signs Vandalised!

Mrs. Colwyn Bay Says,,,, Shocking! All of these around the area have been sprayed with Graffiti!

Friday, 26 July 2019

Colwyn Bay...A former police officer Employed to clean up the streets of fighting crime and litter !

Mrs. Colwyn Bay Says...As the majority of comments say on the Daily Post site, this man has an uphill battle on his hands! Just Like Llandudno, Colwyn Bay has seen better days. Just sticking a huge carbuncle Council office in the town and doing up the beach has not done a thing! The whole area is surrounded by Council Housing and more new-build Social Housing!

All of the wonderful hotels have been bulldozed for flats, and social housing, and in many cases here are where many of the problems lie. The beach area is an OAP Flats area and in town, it's social housing, so what can be done? 

Also, rental rates are high and businesses cannot afford them! Businesses in the town have gone bankrupt, 4 in the last few months.
Shop windows are smashed in the town daily! Look at the windows in the new School Clothing shop on Abergele Road, smashed, replaced then smashed again! 

And what about the gangs of Youths in the town at night, and the gangs of homeless and drug users all around the town!

And finally, the police, when people do report crimes, fail to act or charge! I have to say after a personal incident in my family and the police refused to charge, I now wouldn't bother reporting incidents! What is the point? So good luck to this man, he needs it.

A former police officer of 30 years wants to work with businesses to clean up the streets of Colwyn Bay - fighting crime and litter and giving a voice to firms.
Mark Clemson has set up the Colwyn Business Support Zone and is now engaging with traders across the town as well as the BID group and Conwy council.
His ambition is to first focus on grass-root issues that impact all firms, things like criminal damage and messy streets.
He also wants to provide a voice to the business community before working on the promotion of the area and bringing in extra support for firms and encouraging start-ups.
Mr Clemson, who worked with Merseyside Police for 30 years and later for a BID project on the Wirral, said: “My idea was to set up a members organization that gives the business community a voice and addresses the grass-root issues like crime and disorder, things that affect businesses on a day to day basis.
Mark Clemson has started Colwyn Business Support Zone 
“It is about supporting them in a way I don’t think they are being supported now.
“It is about safe, clean and attractive streets, business support, marketing, and promotion.
“At the moment there are street drinkers, crime, criminal damage.
“This is not good for business, it puts off people coming to use businesses.
“I am trying to get things done, things like clean-ups, like we did on Merseyside.
“We had flash mobs that would go to an area for say two hours and deal with the mess, the council have been supportive of this.
“If we make it safer and cleaner it then encourages more people into the area.
Station Road in Colwyn Bay
Station Road in Colwyn Bay
“The area is on the rise, there is stuff going well. It is a fantastic place to live and work, who wouldn’t want to work in an environment like this.
“But there is stuff not going well and we want to help deal with this.
“I also felt there was no real voice for the business community – very little happening with the Chamber of Trade.
“It is very early days – I am trying to engage with as many businesses as I can, first and foremost in the Colwyn Bay area.”
He says the key will be working collaboratively with everyone.
He said: “I have approached the BID, spoken with the council, you can’t work in a silo.
“I would like to get a regular town center meeting that draws in people from police, council, substance abuse teams so people can all work together, it is the only way this can work.
“I’d also love a business hub here for new young businesses to develop.
“We need to move with the times because the world is changing, Liverpool and Manchester are close by and are developing all the time, we need to be more forward-looking.”

Abergele, North Wales,,,,Therapy cat kicked so hard that the blow 'ruptured his urethra'!

Mrs. Colwyn Bay Says...I hope the scum that did this are found and jailed, they need it doing back to them what they did to this poor animal. On another note as said before, responsible cat owners should not allow their cats outdoors! Period.
A cat has been left with life-threatening injuries after it was "violently assaulted".
Burtie, a 14-month-old cat, was 'kicked so hard' he was left with a ruptured urethra during the incident, which is believed to have happened in the Abergele area last week.
The black and white therapy cat had to be rushed to the vets for emergency surgery after he returned home and his owner discovered his injuries on Tuesday, July 16.
It is believed that Burtie's injuries were caused by being "kicked by a human" in a cruel attack .
It is thought to be the latest in a spate of incidents involving assaults on cats in the Abergele area recently.
A fundraising page has now been set up to raise money for Burtie's vet bills.
According to the crowdfunding page, Burtie has played a vital roll in the rehabilitation of his owner, who suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after witnessing a "horrifically gruesome" road accident.
The RSPCA are now urging anyone with any information about what happened to Burtie to get in touch with them.
An RSPCA spokesperson said: "RSPCA Cymru is very concerned to hear about this shocking incident where it is believed that a cat was kicked.
"We very much hope Burtie recovers from his injuries and our thoughts are with him and his owners.
“We would urge anyone with any information about this to contact the RSPCA’s 24-hour emergency line on 0300 1234 999.”

Colwyn Bay...Millionaire In Court Following allegations of Sexual Abuse involving girl under the age of 14!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says...Yet another one hits the headlines! Still waiting for the former Conwy Council-Manager to hit the headlines, shouldn't be too long now!!
A Guernsey millionaire has been charged with historic sex offenses alleged to have taken place in North Wales.
Edward Allan Hughes-Jones, 68, made his first appearance from custody at Mold today.
Deputy District Judge Huw Edwards, sitting at North East Wales Magistrates' Court at Mold, agreed to bail him once a £100,000 security is paid.
The allegations date back to the 1980s and Hughes-Jones, of La Fosse, Rue Jacquesguille, St Martin, faces 13 counts.
Two of them - indecent assault and gross indecency - involve a complainant then aged under 14 in Cornwall.
The remainder - a charge of rape, four charges of indecent assault and six charges of gross indecency - are said to involve a girl under the age of 14 in the Colwyn Bay area.
Prosecutor Rhian Jackson sought a remand in custody.
An application for bail was made and the court was told that he offered a £100,000 security.
He had sufficient funds to cover it, to the value of more than £4m, the court was told.
Judge Edwards, who was told that the complainants were now adults, agreed to bail him but said he would not be released until the £100,000 had been paid into court.
He was bailed to live at his home address in Guernsey.
The defendant will next appear at a plea and case management hearing at Caernarfon Crown Court on August 27.

Llandudno..Deganwy railway crossing declared a right of way!

Mrs. Colwyn Bay Says...A woman in Pensarn was recently killed on one of these! Let's hope both will take the responsibility of this and any pending deaths into consideration!

THE pedestrian crossing across the railway line at Deganwy has been established as a public right of way following a planning inquiry.
Network Rail closed the crossing, which is close to Warren Drive and Glan y Mor Road, in 2011.
Following representations by residents to local elected representatives: Guto Bebb MP and Conwy County Borough Cllr Mike Priestley joined forces to challenge Network Rail. They were successful in persuading the council to support the call to reopen the crossing.
A planning inquiry was held last May after Network Rail appealed against Conwy planners’ opposition to the closure of the crossing over the line. The Planning Inspectorate has now established the crossing as a public right of way.
The letter outlining the decision taken by Joanne Burston, the Inspector, said: “I am satisfied that talking all the evidence together, it has been demonstrated on the balance of probabilities that there has been a dedication and acceptance of a public right of way at common law.”
Mr Bebb said: “What a result. I am grateful to everyone who contributed; all the elected representatives and residents. It has been terrific to work with Mike in such a constructive manner.
Cllr Priestley said: “I am really pleased with the Inspector’s decision. We presented a lot of evidence at the Inquiry to prove there was access to the shore before the railway was built.
“This is a result for the residents and is an example of what can be achieved when residents and their representatives work together to a common purpose.”
A Network Rail spokesperson said: “We are aware of the decision in relation to the former level crossing on Warren Road in Deganwy. We are considering the implications of the Inspector’s conclusions and will respond in due course. We are looking at the options at the moment.”
The spokesman was unable to confirm at this stage whether Network Rail would reopen the pedestrian crossing.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

Llandudno..Brain Dead Youth Dives Back From Dangerous Cliff Face!

Mrs. Colwyn Bay Says,,, What an idiot! Get the body bags ready I say! Not nice for the poor souls who have to clear up the dead person after this stupid act!

A tombstoner has been pictured doing an incredible backward dive from a cliff on the Great Orme.
The unnamed young man from Llandudno was caught on camera jumping from the ledge at Pigeon's Cove by Craig Dinsdale from Yorkshire.
Mr. Dinsdale told North Wales Live that the diver "looked like he knew what he was doing", although tombstoning can be very dangerous as it involves jumping or diving from a height into water.
The dangers include not knowing the water depth, which can alter with the tide, or knowing exactly what is lurking beneath, such as rocks.
Image from the Facebook page of Craig Dinsdale. Guy Does A Backwards Dive From The Ledge At Pigeon's Cove On The Great Orme In Photos. 
A spokeswoman for the RNLI said: "It is important to understand that it is an unpredictable activity, as there are dangers that might not be clear at first glance.
"Anyone considering jumping into the sea from height should always check for hazards in the water like submerged rocks and check the depth of the water, knowing that, for example, a jump of 10 meters requires a depth of at least five meters.
Image from the Facebook page of Craig Dinsdale. Guy Does A Backwards Dive From The Ledge At Pigeon's Cove On The Great Orme In Photos. 
"The water changes depth with the tide and therefore water can be shallower than you expect.
"Also, it is important to check for access because it may be impossible to get out of the water."
Pigeons’ Cove is a popular haunt with sea anglers. Early in the 19th Century, stone was quarried there for the construction of Conwy Bridge. The wide limestone shelf is easily accessible for anglers and tombstoners.