Saturday, 28 September 2019

Colwyn Bay ..F.O.I, For IT Service ( This is where some of our 12 Million overspend has gone!)

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...Do we really need this service? The offices are apparently open until 7.30pm, yet the lights are always off far earlier than that! I wonder what the response will be? I for one would like to know all of the costs and how many use this service to see if it is cost-efficient or not!


Dear Conwy County Borough Council,
I would like to know the following please,
1, How many staff are employed on the out of hours service?
2, How many staff have other full-time jobs in the authority?
3, How many of the staff working on the out of hours service are managers in their full-time job?
4, What is the rate of pay per hour for the out of hour IT job?
5, What is the total cost for the year for providing this service?
6, Are all of the out of hours staff qualified IT technicians or similar?
7, Apparently some of the out of hours staff are not qualified to do all of the work and are requesting help from non out of hours staff whom have apparently refused unless they are paid, Can you clarify this, please?
Yours faithfully,
Donald Saunders

Llandudno...The Lemon Tree Still Trading Despite Planning Permission Being Refused, F.O,I Request

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..If this is true it is shocking that the council are allowing it! See the request below.

Dear Conwy County Borough Council,
The Lemon Tree St George’s place Llandudno has traded for some 2 years as a Cafe even though planning permission has been refused twice.
Why has there been no enforcement action taken?
What is to stop my son and I doing the same on a property that is due to become available opposite the H Samuel Shop.
Would we be allowed to trade for 2 years without permission?
Or would a payment have to be made to allow to trade ?
Yours faithfully,
Mick Roberts

Colwyn Bay,, Due To Councils 12 Million plus Overspend Residents Warned of Double taxation!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says, A total inept council sets to punish the taxpayers for its own incompetence! Yet we have no power to stop this! This reminds me of the Old Lords and Ladies Landowners taxing the poor so they can live in Luxury! How about cuts within the council from the top down? On Wages, New IT Managers, Lease Cars etc

Fears have been raised that residents of in Conwy could be hit with double taxation as the authority looks to save money.
Conwy County Borough Council could get smaller town and community councils to take up more responsibilities as it tries to deal with its cash crisis.
The local authority is facing a £12.5m budget black hole and has already warned that there will have to be cuts to services.
Now smaller town and community councils could have to take on some of the work currently done by the county council.
Areas listed by Conwy that could be handed over included playgrounds, paddling pools, public toilets, community libraries, CCTV, car parks and local events.
A report to members of the economy and place committee which will consider the issue on Wednesday looked to neighbouring Gwynedd on how the changes could be implemented.
But Colwyn Bay county councillor Chris Hughes slammed the move, saying it would just lead to higher taxes.
He said: “They tried this before but it was knocked back. I just think it’s wrong.
“People are already paying their council tax once and if town and community councils are to take this on then they are going to have to put up their precept for it because it won’t be in the budget.
“Anything they do, they’re going to have to increase taxes or people are going to lose services.
“It will be almost impossible for town and community councils to take on additional services without increasing taxes and people who are already paying their taxes shouldn’t have to pay twice for the same service.”
The report used the example of the Bala area, where community councils work together to commission services such as grass cutting, footpath maintenance, bus shelter upkeep and street furniture by way of tendering the work and jointly funding.
Members of the committee will look into how town and community councils can shoulder some of the services that the county council currently carries out.
Conwy’s deputy leader, Cllr Goronwy Edwards, said: I welcome this report and the work done in its preparation.
“I look forward to the opportunities that may arise from having meaningful conversations, based on accurate financial information and current service costs.”
Cllr Chris Cater, the cabinet member for governance and performance,  said:  “The next town and community council forum is on October 16.
“It is vital that consultation can go forward with our partners so that any financial and practical support from them, which ensures the continuation of certain local services, can be put in place.
“They will want specific costings and full dialogue about the variables and possible alternatives. This should be done in plenty of time before precepts are set.”

Colwyn Bay...Vandals Torch Mail Box Destroying Letters!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...Vile scum, who knows what items were destroyed, I hope they are caught.

VANDALS have torched a Mochdre postbox destroying the majority of letters and packages inside.
Colwyn Bay firefighters were called to put out the flames on Conwy Road, at 11.38pm on Saturday.
Now the Royal Mail is urging anyone who has concerns about mail posted in the box to contact them.
They are also asking anyone who saw or knows anything about the fire to contact the police.
A Royal Mail spokesperson said: "We are aware that a postbox in Conwy Road, Mochdre, was vandalised on Sunday night.
"Unfortunately most of the mail that was in the box has been destroyed.
Any items that we have been able to salvage will be forwarded on to the recipients.
"No structural damage was caused to the postbox, and we are working on repairs as quickly as we are able.
"Anyone who has concerns about their mail should contact Royal Mail customer services on 03457 740 740.
Anyone with any information about what happened should contact the police."
A North Wales Fire and Rescue service spokesperson said: "We were called to Conwy Road, Mochdre, near Colwyn Bay, to a fire in a Royal Mail postbox.
"One crew from Colwyn Bay attended. A quantity of mail was destroyed. It is believed the fire was started deliberately."
A spokesperson from North Wales Police said: "We had a call at 11.52pm on Sunday night reporting a post box being on fire on Conway Road in Mochdre.
"If anyone saw someone acting suspiciously in the vicinity of the post box we would ask them to call 101 ref X139302."

Colwyn Bay,,,Bryn Williams at The Skip Wins Restaurant of the Year" !!!!!!!!!!


Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...I have eaten there once, and that was enough, most local people I know do not speak highly of the place and hate the building. I have still not been able to find what the cost of his rent is, but I in no way agree that is is or should be awarded "

Restaurant of the Year " I wonder how bad the other places were that were nominated???

Colwyn Bay...Yobs Thrown Flare onto A55 causing 'valuable' resources to be tied up in search mission!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says, Yobs and Chavs from the town putting decent people.s lives at risk yet again. Why could they just not fire the flares at each other?

A flare which landed on the A55 could have caused a "catastrophic collision", say emergency services who were called out following sightings in the early hours of this morning.
Two red flare sightings were reported to police just after midnight, with one landing on the A55 near the Conwy Tunnel.
Llandudno coastguard team was called along with Conwy lifeboat, and a search of the river and land was launched.
Three youngsters were found leaving the area and were spoken to by rescuers, who don't believe the distress signal was genuine.
A spokesman for Llandudno Coastguard said: "During our search, three young persons were located leaving the area of the flare sightings and they were asked a few questions to try and gather more information.
Police, Llandudno Coastguard team and Conwy Lifeboat were called
Police, Llandudno Coastguard team and Conwy Lifeboat were called 
"The answers they gave started leading us to believe that this may not have been a genuine distress signal.
"This added another line of inquiry, so as well as searching for a possible vessel in distress, we also began searching for spent flare casings onshore.
"During our search, the police located a hand-held flare on the A55 carriageway, which would have required a person to throw the flare into the road and therefore needed to be close enough to the carriageway to do so, which would be some distance from the water.
"With this information, the lifeboat was stood down as the river had been thoroughly searched with nothing found."
Scorch marks from the hand held smoke flare thrown onto the A55
Scorch marks from the hand held smoke flare thrown onto the A55 
The spokesman added: "As we came to the end of our search area, we discovered parts of a spent flare casing, a flare storage box and scorch marks from a hand-held smoke flare.
"All this information was passed onto Holyhead Coastguard who were happy that the flares had been fired from shore and that there was no genuine distress.
"This incident tied up valuable search and rescue resources, who are all volunteers, as well as a number of police resources.
"If a genuine emergency call had been received, there would have been a significant delay in deploying resources as we were committed to the search.
Conwy Lifeboat was launched in search of a vessel in distress
Conwy Lifeboat was launched in the search 
"Flares are dangerous pyrotechnics that if used incorrectly can lead to serious injury or death.
"The fact they were thrown towards the A55 could potentially have caused a catastrophic collision which could have ended in tragedy.
"We hope those responsible see this post and are able to reflect on their irresponsible behavior. We also hope others see this message in the hope that we can deter any future incidents."

Llandudno Another Retail Nail In The Coffin as H Samuel jewellery store has closes!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says, M & S is also going, the town is looking more like a Ghosttown by the day! And yet rents are still through the roof! Sadly the "Queen Of Welsh Resorts is looking more like Rhyl and Wrexham by the day!

Jewellery brand H Samuel has closed its store in Llandudno.
The shop on Mostyn Street has been open in the town for 25 years.
But today the signs were removed and the store closed.
Llandudno landowner Mostyn Estates confirmed the lease on the store was due to expire and had not been renewed.
H Samuel jewellery shop in Llandudno has closed. Picture by Kathy Orr 
H Samuel has been asked to comment.
Edward Hiller, managing director of Mostyn Estates, said: "It is a shame, particularly for the staff, many of whom were long-standing members of staff.
"The store had been here for 25 years.
"I am though confident that we can find a new tenant.
"This is a good unit in the town and we have demand from other retailers to come to Llandudno.
"The town remains attractive to retailers and it is important for the town's tourism offer that we retain a strong retail sector."

Llandudno...Nightclub's bid for all week 4am licence rejected Due to Flats Objections!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says, sadly for the Club it is surrounded by huge blocks of social housing flats and OAP flats, so they are not happy, sadly the club would give young people a place to go and enjoy themselves. One wonders how these huge blocks of flats got planning in the 1st place. Talk about NIMBY this has been a venue for over 100 years, but if anything people have had to endure these ugly blocks of flats and council estate just up the road destroying Llandudno!

A bid to keep a nightclub open until 4am seven nights a week has failed.
Llandudno ’s Broadway Boulevard, on Mostyn Broadway, met with opposition from residents who said they feared a rise in anti-social behaviour in the early hours of the morning.
Mr Javed Khan, the club’s owner, made the application to the council’s licensing committee.  Members were told by residents who live nearby of sleepless nights and finding rubbish in their gardens from late night revellers.
Dafydd Watkin said: “The sound level we hear until the early hours is unbearable, meaning you can’t sleep, many people have anxiety and it’s a great concern.
“Another issue is anti-social behaviour after the club finishes when people pass by in a drunken state and many times the police have not been present.”
During the hearing the club’s assistant manager Momen Khan agreed to change the application to an extension for Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays on bank holiday weekends.
The club’s manager, Bijan Sharifian, told the committee: “Within our perimeters we do monitor and we do communicate with the police. We also have CCTV outside the venue so we can see anyone being a nuisance. We will try to minimise any disturbance to resident’s sleep.”
Neighbours however said they still feared an increase in rowdy behaviour in the area.
Barry Watkins said: “Although I have some sympathy for the applicant as he is trying to run a business one or two of the things that happen around 3am are not within his control. It would be nice if the security people were able to ensure that drinks are not leaving the club because we are finding drinks in our gardens and in the hedges.”
Broadway Boulevard Llandudno
Another neighbour, Colin Singleton, added: “We totally object to the 4am opening. Yes they do try to control people at the door but 50 yards down the road they have no control.”
Despite the offer to amend the application the sub-committee rejected the plans for 4am opening.
Chair of the sub-committee, Cllr John Roberts, said: “The concerns of the neighbours are specifically related to noise and people leaving the premises at a late hour with the noise and anti-social behaviour that follows.
“Having heard from the applicant that everything in place at present is there to prevent a nuisance and that the neighbours continue to be affected we do not feel that there are any further conditions that can be applied if an additional hour is granted.
“The committee was satisfied when it heard from the neighbours and the committee is concerned that it will only move the problem to a later hour. The committee acknowledges the offer to amend the application but we do not feel this overcomes the concerns of the neighbours. The position of the committee is to refuse the application.”
The applicant can appeal the committee’s decision to the Magistrates Court.

Friday, 27 September 2019

Colwyn Bay... Civic Offices Land Now Up For Sale By Developer!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...I am somewhat confused as this land was gifted to the developer who built the Carbuncle council offices on Coed Pella Road, now they are for sale, or auction by that developer! Just what is going on? Has there been a public consultation on this?

Key features

  • An opportunity to acquire a residential development site in Colwyn Bay.
  • Resolution to grant planning permission for residential development.
  • The site extends to approximately 3.38 gross acres (1.37 ha).
An attractive residential development opportunity, extending to approximately 3.38 acres, which benefits from a resolution to grant outline planning permission

About this property

  • An Outline and Full planning application have been concurrently submitted for the development of the site. The Full application relates to the redevelopment of an existing building into nine residential apartments.

    The Outline application relates to the redevelopment of the wider site for residential use. An indicative scheme layout of the site comprises 19 two storey dwellings; however the final configuration and scale will be determined at the Reserved Matters stage.
An opportunity to acquire an excellent residential development site in an attractive seaside town.
Jay DuffieldProperty agent

Local information

  • The site is located off Abergele Road (A547) in Old Colwyn. Old Colwyn is a town to the east of Colwyn Bay, approximately 6.5 miles south east of Llandudno, 57 miles west of Liverpool, and 39 miles west of Chester.
  • The site is well connected with a number of public transport options available. Colwyn Bay Railway Station is approximately 1 mile north west of the site and offers direct services to Chester, Manchester Piccadilly, Cardiff, Birmingham International and London Euston.

Additional information

  • The marketing brochure is available in both an English and Welsh translation. The Welsh translation can be viewed from Page 5 of the brochure.

Energy performance

As there is an application to demolish the majority of buildings on site, we have not provided the EPC ratings, the exception being the building due to be redeveloped into apartments, known as Glan-y-Don, which we can confirm has a rating of D77.

Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Colwyn Bay...Breaking News, Two Men Arrested on Woodland Road East!

stock photo

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says.....News just in. two well known local men (known to the police) have been arrested as two officers pulled up in an unmarked car at the top of Woodland Road East just across from the Bryn Woodlands Hotel.

Both men were handcuffed and awaiting a vehicle to take them to the custody. suite at St Asaph.As of yet no further information is available for the reason for their arrest.If you have more information please let us know. Thank You 

Monday, 23 September 2019

Llandudno....Another Llandudno Hotel goes into administration!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says... They are falling like flies!

The last six weeks has seen three hotels in North Wales enter administration - Caer Rhun Hall in the Conwy Valley and Llandudno Bay Hotel and Queens Hotel in Llandudno .
These came after a probe was launched into the finances of Northern Powerhouse Developments (NPD) with insolvency practitioners Duff & Phelps appointed interim managers by the High Court
Now the Belmont Hotel on the North Parade in Llandudno - which was bought by NPD in 2015 - has gone into administration.
All the hotels are in the hands of administrators Duff & Phelps and they all remain open and continue to trade in administration.
Buyers are being sought for the sites.
The Belmont had previously been owned by the Royal Blind Society before being sold for £500,000 to NPD.
They carried out a six month redevelopment which was unveiled in 2017 - aiming the revamped hotel at people "with a younger mindset".
NPD opened the Llandudno Bay Hotel in 2015 after a revamp of the former Regency Royal Hotel on the promenade of the seaside resort.
It is understood the Queens was bought the following year as well as Caer Rhun Hall, where they were carrying out a redevelopment into a luxury hotel.
Investors in the NPD hotel schemes fear losing tens of thousands of pounds.
his includes one granddad from Llysfaen near Colwyn Bay who risks losing his £75,000 investment.
Gavin Woodhouse has previously denied doing anything wrong.
He has said: "I am unable to comment in detail on matters that are the subject of ongoing court proceedings.
"I hope to address the issues raised publicly when I am able to do so."

Llandudno...Woman "claims" she had her drink spiked on Tinder date!

Mrs Colwyn Bay Says..She did not report this to the police? Why? CCTV, DNA and Tests in her blood would have all proved it, yet she is giving advice! She is the last person to take advice from. Call the police if it happens to you, DNA and Blood tests will prove it, 

A woman who says she was drugged while on a date has shared her terrifying experience to raise awareness of how easily drink spiking can happen.
The woman, who is in her 20s and from Llandudno, had agreed to go on a date with a man who she'd matched with on dating app Tinder.
After texting him for a few days, she agreed to meet him in person and the pair made plans to go for dinner.
She said the man, who had told her he was six years older than her, looked much older in person than his profile suggested.
The woman said she was a little taken aback but gave the man the benefit of the doubt and sat down to dinner.
During the dinner, they both had soft drinks with their food.
She said: "I really wanted to give him a chance and, honestly, it felt too awkward to leave when we had only just met.
"All through the dinner, he sat very close to me. I just tried to slowly edge down the booth and put some distance between us.
"He didn't really talk much, which was weird. When I wasn't talking, there was just silence between us.
"It was an awkward date, but my gut didn't tell me I was in danger.
"I don't really drink a lot anyway, plus it was a weekday, so I stuck to the soft drinks.
"I didn't think twice about him going up to the bar to get my drink, or leaving it on the table with him while I went to the bathroom.
"He seemed a little odd but harmless. There was no point I felt unsafe or at risk, until all of a sudden I was."
The woman said that, towards the end of the dinner, she began to feel "strange", so she decided to end the date early and go home.
"All of a sudden, I just felt wrong," she said.
"That's the best way I can describe it. I said I wasn't feeling well and he offered to walk me home. I thought he was being nice.
"I suddenly felt so tired, like my eyes weighed a ton. I was fighting to keep them open.
"When we got to my door, I tried to say goodnight and turn away, but he grabbed my wrist and told me to stay and talk longer.
"I told him I didn't feel well but he still didn't let go.
"I started to panic, and I told him to let go of me and tried to pull my wrist from him.
"Eventually, he let go and tried to make a joke about me overreacting.
"I turned and got inside as fast as I could, but I didn't make it far.
"I woke up the next morning half undressed, with half of my body on my bed and the other half on the floor.
"I hadn't taken my makeup off or put my phone on charge. I hadn't even turned my bedroom light off.
"I felt like I had been hit by a truck. My head hurt worse than any hangover I have ever had. My body ached. It felt so sore and heavy.
"I felt so confused, so groggy, but worse than that I felt so vulnerable and embarrassed.
"I wanted to cry, and I didn't really know what to do, so I got dressed for work and kept thinking: 'Just get on with it.'
"The whole day, I couldn't concentrate or shake it. I felt sick to my stomach and everything.
"I considered reporting it but, even though I did nothing wrong, I felt so ashamed. I was so worried about what people would think or say about me.
"I didn't want to be treated like a victim or called a liar, to have people talking about me. I just wanted to move on.
"I googled what to do when you've been spiked, and even the NHS advice just says it'll leave your system in 72 hours and only says go to A&E if you're in immediate danger.
"None of that felt like the right thing, and I didn't know what else I could do, so I deleted the dating app and I got on with my life.
"Part of me still feels ashamed. I wasn't brave enough to report it. I just hope he hasn't done this to someone else."
There are no official statistics for drink spiking, and many incidents are believed to go unreported because of embarrassment or memory loss.
Date rape drugs like Rohypnol and Gamma Hydroxybutyrate (GHB) are usually odourless, colourless and tasteless, so are hard to detect and leave the body very quickly.
The NHS says that most date rape drugs take effect within 30 minutes, but symptoms can last for several hours.
Symptoms are hugely dependent on the substance used, but can include lowered inhibitions, loss of balance, memory loss, visual problems, confusion, nausea, paranoia, hallucinations, vomiting and unconsciousness.
The NHS says: "Drink spiking may be done with the intent of stealing from the victim, assaulting the victim, or as a prank.
"Whatever the reason, drink spiking is illegal and can result in a maximum of 10 years in prison for anyone who's found guilty.
"If an assault, rape or robbery has also taken place, the sentence will be even higher."