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Colwyn Bay ..Graffiti Crimewave Continues!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says,, The Police caught one of the scum bags doing this, but more has now appeared. These lowlifes when caught should be made to clear every are up that they have damaged.

Colwyn Bay ..Residents Complain About Litter Filled Streets Due to Enforced Monthly Bin Collections!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..Thank you to Mrs. R Roberts for these photographs, of litter around her home and the town. Mrs. Roberts claims that some of the litter has been there so long that grass is growing around it! Sadly the council care little and seen garden waste will be littering the towns in Conwy as they force a charge for collection, despite the fact that they compost the waste and then sell it!

Colwyn Bay, Denbighshire Council Manager Named Publicly for Sexual Abuse but Jailed Former Conwy Manger Had Media Silence, Why?

Mrs, Colwyn Bay States, Odd that Denbighshire Council names a manager who got 16 months for child issues, yet Conwy County Council Flood Defence Manager Dyfed Rowlands who got 11 years for historical child abuse was not named, but his sacking was admitted in an f.o.i request, very odd indeed and The Daily Post and all of the other local papers also failed to run the story despite requests to do so. When asked by one individual (the person has proof via email) The paper stated that "We don't report every crime, only those that are in the public interest" Wow! But far lesser crimes are being reported daily and clearly, Denbighshire is honest about what happens to its staff than Conwy Council is with its staff, but we all knew that anyway, right?  

Mr Dyfed Rowlands the former head Manager of Floods and Environment has just been jailed for over 10 years at Caernarfon crown court. see (Plea and Trial Preparation - Case Started 10/04/2019 10:44
Court 1
For Trial - Case Started 12/08/2019 14:46
For Trial - Case adjourned until 15:25 12/08/2019 15:13
For Trial - Resume 12/08/2019 15:23
For Trial - Jury Sworn In 12/08/2019 15:45
For Trial - Case adjourned until 10:15 12/08/2019 15:59
Trial (Part Heard) - Resume 13/08/2019 11:41
Trial (Part Heard) - Jury Sworn In 13/08/2019 12:00
Trial (Part Heard) - Prosecution Opening 13/08/2019 12:11
Trial (Part Heard) - Case adjourned until 13:50 13/08/2019 12:51
Trial (Part Heard) - Prosecution Case 13/08/2019 13:54
Trial (Part Heard) - No Event 13/08/2019 14:43
Trial (Part Heard) - Legal Submissions 13/08/2019 15:40
Trial (Part Heard) - Case adjourned until 10:15 13/08/2019 16:16
Trial (Part Heard) - Witness Number 2 Sworn 14/08/2019 10:21
Trial (Part Heard) - Defendant Sworn 14/08/2019 11:29
Trial (Part Heard) - Case adjourned until 14:00 14/08/2019 13:08
Trial (Part Heard) - Summing Up 14/08/2019 14:04
Trial (Part Heard) - Case adjourned until 10:00 14/08/2019 14:31
Trial (Part Heard) - Prosecution Closing Speech 15/08/2019 10:05
Trial (Part Heard) - DYFED FON ROWLANDS; Defence Closing Speech 15/08/2019 10:27
Trial (Part Heard) - Jury retire to consider verdict 15/08/2019 12:01
Trial (Part Heard) - Verdict to be taken 15/08/2019 15:32
Trial (Part Heard) - Hearing finished for DYFED FON ROWLANDS 15/08/2019 15:44
For Sentence - Case Started 16/08/2019 10:50)
However in April Mr Rowlands was placed on bail, can the authority please clarify how long he worked until it came to light that he was in fact on bail, and on what date was he dismissed?
As this is a criminal case and has now been settled by a prison sentence, it is in the public interest to know the above facts.
Also can the Authority please clarify why there has been a complete media blackout on reporting the case?

A council official who covertly filmed women and girls changing or showering and viewed indecent images of children has been jailed.
Voyeur John Cameron, a former compliance and contracts manager with Denbighshire County Council led a secret life and got sexual kicks out of viewing sick images of kids and secretly filming women
Mold Crown Court heard that Cameron, 34, had built up a stash of thousands of indecent images and videos over a 14 year period which police found when they raided his then Denbigh home in the summer.
There were so many that more than 14,000 stills and videos had yet to be categorized, the court was told.
The homemade movies were taken at public toilets, a swimming pool at Flamingo Land, and under the doors of changing rooms.
A downloaded image showed a young girl being sexually abused who appeared to have been drugged.

John Cameron had indecent images of children and secretly filmed women and girls showering and changing 

Cameron also set up spy cameras in other places and secretly filmed a teenage girl showering.
Cameron, of Ty'n y Ffordd, Derwen near Corwen admitted six charges of voyeurism downloading indecent images of children, and possessing extreme images.
He was jailed for 16 months.
A 10-year sexual harm prevention order was made and he was ordered to register with the police as a sex offender for 10 years.
An indefinite restraining order was made not to contact some of his victims.
Cameron admitted that he obtained sexual gratification from looking at images of child sex abuse, and was seeking help.
Judge Niclas Parry told him the case "was awash with aggravating features".

Ex Denbighshire Council manager John Cameron has been jailed for 14 months 

He had involved himself in images of child sex abuse for his own sexual gratification over 14 years.
The unusually long period of offending was a seriously aggravating
feature together with the number of images and videos, he said.
Children involved in the images which had been downloaded were as young as five and one children aged about six was clearly unconscious and was apparently drugged.
Cameron, the court heard, made his own covert movies and would film people in public toilets, in changing rooms, and would follow women and children into shops filming them.
Judge Parry said his greatest mitigation was his early guilty pleas and immediate remorse.

Former Denbighshire Council manager John Cameron outside Mold Crown Court 

He had no previous convictions, he was a hard-working and highly
a regarded employee who as a result of his offending had lost his employment.
Cameron had taken voluntary steps at a not insignificant cost to
address his problems and had completed a "Safer Lives" program and was registered to follow a course with The Lucy Faithful Foundation.
Prosecuting barrister Jade Tufail said Cameron's dark secret was uncovered shortly after 7am on August 22 when police executed a search warrant at his then Denbigh home.
A computer and phone equipment was seized together with a box containing a spike end camera.
He made admissions, told how he had a strong desire to look at images of child pornography and was "unable to control it".
Cameron admitted making 10 indecent images which were regarded as holding charges while a full investigation took place.
His haul was discovered as a result of intelligence that an indecent image had been downloaded on an IP address at his former home.
Police found 194 videos and images at the most serious category A, 135 at category B and 2,352 at category C - together with 91 extreme images.
Mainly the files had been deleted and software had been used to hide his internet search history.
But there had been systematic searches for indecent images of children, the prosecutor said.
An app on his phone appeared to show the screen was off when the camera was running.
Miss Tufail said that a total of 14, 285 still and movie images had not been categorized.
Films were found of naked women and girls changing - taken from under changing room doors - and dry.
They had been taken during a family holiday at Flamingo Land in Yorkshire.
Other images were found which had been taken covertly in shops or
supermarkets and he had set up a secret camera to film a teenage girl showering without her knowledge.
Interviewed a second time he accepted responsibility and said he obtained gratification from what he had done.
Miss Tufail said that there had clearly been a significant degree of
Defending barrister Simon Rogers said: "He acknowledges his sexual interest in young children."
He wanted to understand the reason behind his offending which had a significant impact upon his life, Mr. Rogers added.
He had lost his employment and his relationship.
References had been written by his mother and brother, he was seeking assistance, he wished to change and understand why he had behaved in such away.
He accepted his wrongdoing and wanted to be rehabilitated.
The impact of custody on him would be significant, Mr. Rogers said.
Following the case today a spokesman for Denbighshire County Council said: "John Cameron does not work for us anymore. He resigned from his post in recent months."

Llandudno..A motorist was arrested on suspicion of dangerous driving, failing to stop and drug driving

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..I hope they lock them up for a while, but if they give a bleeding heart story, they will get just a telling off!
A motorist has been arrested following a police chase through a town.
North Wales Police's Roads Policing Unit said they made an arrest following a pursuit through Llandudno on Boxing Day.
In a post on social media, they said: "Boxing Day pursuit in Llandudno.
"Vehicle failed to stop and was driven dangerously.
"Driver arrested for dangerous driving, failing to stop and drug driving."
Driver arrested following Boxing Day pursuit in Llandudno
Driver arrested following Boxing Day pursuit in Llandudno 
The unit also released images from the scene of the incident, which showed the pursuit has come to an end on a residential street within the town.
The vehicle appears to have come to a stop next to the wall of a house.
Police did not release any further details about whether the person arrested was male or female.

Snowdon, North Wales ...Drunk walkers found on Snowdon path had to be led to safety by mountain rescuers

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...This mountain is becoming a joke, litter, rescues every five seconds, overcrowding at the top, it is a place to avoid.
Two men were led to safety from the slopes of Wales' highest mountain after being found drunk by a group of walkers.
Police alerted the Llanberis Mountain Rescue team just before dusk on December 23 after the two men were found by the other group.
A Llanberis team spokesman said the two men, who have not been named, were "heavily intoxicated" and unable to move on the PYG Track just above the intersection with the Miners track, about two-thirds of the way up the mountain.
"The informants were doing their best to advise the two that it was going dark and they should accept help but were concerned that they were uncooperative and not in a fit state to make their way unaided off the mountain.
"The team was asked by North Wales Police to see if we could provide help in this (thankfully) unusual situation.
"A hill party was tasked with locating the group, gathering some more medical information on the two males and then bringing them down to Pen Y Pass where their intentions for onward travel could be discussed with police officers.
"The team were stood down just after 8pm."
Snowdon Pyg & Miners Tracks: Zig Zags, just below the summit of Carnedd Ugain.
Snowdon Pyg & Miners Tracks: Zig Zags, just below the summit of Carnedd Ugain.
The call was the 225th request for assistance to the team this year.
The spokesman added: "It's worth remembering that only members who have some free time and are willing to go out onto the hill respond to the callout from North Wales Police.
"Our main concern was for the well-being of the four passers-by and to offer our assistance to them."

Colwyn Bay ...Conwy council to force extra payment for garden waste collections despite Council Tax Increase!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..This is awful, council tax increases, the council wastes money on a shed load of things but we get fewer services and now have to pay for more! This is so wrong!
Conwy council is to suspend garden waste collections for two months - before introducing charges to residents.
As of March next year, the cash-strapped council will charge £35 a year for fortnightly collections, people were told in a letter from the local authority.
As a result, it will suspend all garden waste collections from January 20 until March 27 while the council "process subscriptions and deliver new bins".
The new subscription service will begin three days later on March 30, and those who do not pay will lose the service.
The letter opened by residents across the county on Friday morning says: "A new garden waste collection service starts on March 30, 2020.
"While we process subscriptions and deliver new bins, there will be a pause in collections from January 20 to March 27, 2020."
The leaflet informs those who have garden waste to dispose of during that time to use household recycling centers or the free Saturday morning mobile recycling centers at Cerrigydrudion, Llanrwst or Llangernyw.
Those who do not pay for garden waste collections in Conwy will lose the service 
It also suggests buying a composter to use at home for £18.
The leaflet says: "It costs £35 for 12 months including one 240L wheelie bin delivered to your door. You can get extra bins (maximum of 3) at a cost of £20 each."
The local authority, which increased council tax by 9.6% in February as it struggled with a £15.2m budget shortfall, said the waste collection service cost £620,000 a year and is no longer affordable.
As a result, it was considering either stopping the service or charging to cover some or all of the costs.
Conwy is now the fourth local authority to introduce charges for garden waste collections after GwyneddDenbighshire, and Flintshire.
It follows its decision to introduce four-weekly bin collections in 2018, making it the first local council in Wales to do so.
Residents can now sign up for the new service online from Monday, January 6.
Conwy Council was contacted for comment.

Friday, 27 December 2019

Colwyn Bay''Listed Building designed by renowned architect Sidney Colwyn Foulkes now nearly restored!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..On the Daily, Post comments thread a lot of people are being nasty about this claiming Colwyn Bay is not a Tourist town and Llandudno is, Llandudno, as pointed out by a number of readers, is now a crime and drugs capital and has more social problems than Llandudno. Llandudno is losing hotels almost weekly and blocks of flats are being built at an alarming rate. I don't say this often but well done to Conwy Council on this one, restoration should always be the first option, such a shame they have allowed so many other buildings in the town to be destroyed.

A building whose decline modeled that of the town around it is being restored to its former glory.
The iconic Longman property was designed by Sidney Colwyn Foulkes in the heart of Colwyn Bay in 1930.
After opening as a stationer it became stylish department store Dando's at a time Colwyn Bay was booming thanks to the holiday trade.
But the Grade-II listed building later became AA Cash and Carry and the property’s decline reflected the downward spiral of the seaside town.
A look at the work that taking part in the Colwyn Bay Townscape Heritage Initiative
A look at the work that taking part in the Colwyn Bay Townscape Heritage Initiative 
Now though it is in the middle of a major transformation in a regeneration project by Colwyn Bay Townscape Heritage Initiative - backed by Conwy council, Welsh Government and EU cash.
This has seen the life returned to the property at a time the town itself is regenerating.
The facade - which some say is based on ‘The Library’ in Petra, Jordan - is gleaming again.
Inside the builders have uncovered gems like the original Longman sign and stunning dome roof windows which bring natural light into the whole building.
It is being changed into office hub space for people running small businesses in the area - with a drop-in area with small food providers and longer-term desks on the first floor. There is also a meeting room on the top floor.
A look at the work that taking part in the Colwyn Bay Townscape Heritage Initiative
A look at the work that taking part in the Colwyn Bay Townscape Heritage Initiative 
Judi Greenwood, project manager at Colwyn Bay Townscape Heritage Initiative, said: "There were a lot of wonderful buildings standing empty in Colwyn Bay and this was a target site.
"We secured Welsh Government funding to buy the site and a development trust was set up.
"It took three years to get Welsh Government and EU funding and during this time the building was deteriorating.
"This has now been transformed and we are creating co-working spaces with a food provider. It will feel like a working space rather than a cafe.
"People can come with a laptop and sit here all day and work.
"Upstairs there will be desk space which people can rent.
"There are a lot of people working on a one person basis and I think people are leaving their home because they want to be around other people and network."
The development work is expected to be completed in January but with a full fit-out to take place the property is not expected to be fully open until the summer.
It will then be run by the trust who will use the money made from people using the space to fund ongoing maintenance.
A look at the work that taking part in the Colwyn Bay Townscape Heritage Initiative
A look at the work that taking part in the Colwyn Bay Townscape Heritage Initiative 
Ms. Greenwood added: "I believe this will be good for this part of Colwyn Bay. I think it is on the up people need to stop talking the town down, there is a lot going on here and private businesses coming in."
Sidney Colwyn Foulkes was a renowned architect who won praise during his career from the great American architect Frank Lloyd Wright and Portmeirion architect Sir Clough Williams-Ellis.

Llandudno..Soldier who saw 'cold blooded murder' ended up living in Great Orme cave!

Above the caves at Llandudno with a mattress already there!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..Those caves must get pretty crowded at times, but well done to him for turning his life around.

After serving for 15 years in the Royal Welsh Fusiliers and then caring to his mother for more than a decade, Michael Davies found himself living in a cave on the Great Orme in Llandudno.
He joined the army as an 18-year-old and on his first tour of duty was sent to Northern Ireland. And it turned out to be the most harrowing out of his four and a half tours of the very troubled region.
"I saw my friends being shot at, people were being murdered in cold blood," said Michael, who was a full corporal in the Welsh Fusiliers.
"We were stationed on the perimeter of the Maze Prison, and it was during the hunger strikes so there were riots going on outside.
"I still have bad dreams about it. I've never had a civilian dream since I've left the army."
Michael, who has a 27-year-old son, added: "I'm always dreaming that I've left my rifle and helmet because that's the worst thing a soldier can do when under fire, and in my dreams, I've aged but my comrades haven't."
Mike Davies, a former Royal Welsh Fusilier, is hoping to help other veterans with the Alabare/Homes for Veterans Cymru charity. Image: North Wales Live/David Powell
Mike Davies, a former Royal Welsh Fusilier, is hoping to help other veterans with the Alabare/Homes for Veterans Cymru charity. Image: North Wales Live/David Powell 
The now 59-year-old has become one of the army veterans learning to cook and serve food and helping to run the Field Kitchen from a specially converted horsebox.
He and other veterans will soon be spotted at food events across the region serving up street food.
Field Kitchen will work to build on the skills that the veterans already have, and make them more employable. In turn, it is hoped this will then enable the veterans to pursue careers in the tourism, catering and hospitality sector.
Michael lives in an Alabaré Homes for Veterans, in Glan Conwy, with nine other veterans, and says because of his age-he's the 'Dad' of the house.
A tasty menu is served up for the public in Conwy by the Alabare/Homes for Veterans Cymru to raise fund for the charity. Image: North Wales Live/David Powell
A tasty menu is served up for the public in Conwy by the Alabare/Homes for Veterans Cymru to raise fund for the charity. Image: North Wales Live/David Powell 
Michael suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder, and despite regular therapy, he believes he will always suffer from mental health issues. But he enjoyed life in the army for the friendships he formed and for the comradeship he found there.
"I got to travel the world.
"I was there when the Berlin Wall came down and I'll never forget how the people who lived in East Berlin looked so different from those from the West.
"They were so much thinner, and dressed all the same and they couldn't get over how much food there was in the West."
He said his mental health problems started years after leaving the army, and after caring for his mother he found himself homeless living on the Great Orme.
"My army survival instincts kicked in. I survived in what I'd describe in a bunker, as it's where I felt safe," he said.
"I drank from a fountain in town, and I remember finding a can of Coke and being so ill after it as my stomach had shrunk so much."
Paul Almond, who served with the Forces on various tours including in Hong Kong, serves a lentil soup. He is hoping to help other veterans with the Alabare/Homes for Veterans Cymru charity. Image: North Wales Live/David Powell
Paul Almond, who served with the Forces on various tours including in Hong Kong, serves a lentil soup. He is hoping to help other veterans with the Alabare/Homes for Veterans Cymru charity. Image: North Wales Live/David Powell 
Luckily a fellow veteran spotted him walking in Llandudno, and put him up for a month. And he slowly started to recover.
"It was my son who contacted Alabare Homes for Veterans, and they gave me a home and now I'm working with them on the Field Kitchen," said Michael.
"I've joined the local choir in Glan Conwy, and I'm best mates with my son. Although I'll always have mental health issues, I'm so much better."
Mike Davies, a former Royal Welsh Fusilier, is hoping to help other veterans with the Alabare/Homes for Veterans Cymru charity. Image: North Wales Live/David Powell
Mike Davies, a former Royal Welsh Fusilier, is hoping to help other veterans with the Alabare/Homes for Veterans Cymru charity. Image: North Wales Live/David Powell 
The development of the Field Kitchen social enterprise scheme has been made possible thanks to the financial support of a number of organizations including Gwynt Y Mor Community Fund, Rhyl Flats Community Fund. Conwy Council, National Lottery Community Fund and ABF The Soldiers’ Charity.