Thursday, 31 December 2020

Colwyn Bay ....Yobs Smash Boots The Chemist Window!

Poor shop keepers, this is why they all want shutters so that the windows will not be smashed by scum!

The cost of these windows is huge! CCTV should be picking up these scum that keeps doing this in Colwyn Bay and Llandudno. Thank you to one of our readers for sending in these pictures.


Wednesday, 30 December 2020

Colwyn Bay....Thank Goodness Our Monthly Bin Collections Are This Week!

Lockdown or not the County is still swimming in black bin bags and litter! We need to go back to the fortnightly bin collections.


Colwyn Bay......The Things People put out for the recycling!

I think these items could have been given to a local charity rather than just left there!


Thursday, 24 December 2020

Llandudno....Please Warn Community as another vehicle is broken in to!

 Clearly these criminal scum never take a break, not even for Christmas!

A CAR has been broken into in Rhos-on-Sea.

North Wales Police Community Safety Central took to Twitter saying: "We have had a report of a car being broken into in Elwy Road, Rhos-on-Sea.

"Please be vigilant and remember to lock your car doors and remove all valuables that way we can stop any further instances.

"Let your neighbors know and share with anyone who lives in the area."

Tuesday, 22 December 2020

Llandudno...Inquest opens into death of man found on Llandudno beach!

The initial press coverage stated they were seeking a man seen at the scene! What has happened with this as it was initially reported as being unexplained.

THE man whose body was found on the beach in Llandudno has been named as 76-year-old David Allan Williams, of Elizabeth Way, Ebbw Vale.

A passer-by raised the alarm after finding his body on the shore at Craigside on December 9.

At the opening of an inquest in Ruthin John Gittins, coroner for North Wales East and Central said that Mr. Williams had been in the water as his clothes were wet.

A post-mortem examination has been carried out but the decision on the cause of death has been deferred, pending toxicology tests.

The inquest was adjourned to a date to be fixed.


Friday, 18 December 2020

Llandudno....Armed police swoop on suspected stolen car near Rhos-on-Sea

 Well done to the police on catching this lowlife!

ARMED police swooped on a car near Rhos-on-Sea which is suspected stolen from the southeast of England.

Cheshire and North Wales Alliance Armed Policing Unit said its officers stopped the car, which is suspected stolen from the Thames Valley area, overnight near Rhos-on-Sea.

One suspect is now in police custody. 

A spokesperson for the unit said the stop was made with help from the North Wales Police control room and the force's Roads Policing and dog units. 


Thursday, 17 December 2020

Llandudno... Following Unexplained Death On Beach Police Seek Man Believed to be in His 40’s!

So if the man's death is unexplained that it is not via natural causes! The odd thing is why cameras in this area have not shown anything? Time will tell in this case!

Police have identified a man who found dead on a Llandudno beach.

An investigation was launched on December 9 after the body of a man was discovered near the Little Orme.

The public were urged to help identify who the man was.

On Wednesday, police confirmed they have now identified the man, and his family have been told. His name has not been released.

Police on the beach at Llandudno after the body of a man was found 

In a short statement, they said: "Following our appeal for information the body of a man found on the beach near to Craigside, Llandudno, on December 9 has been identified.

"He is local to the area and his family have been informed."

Following the discovery of his body, police said the man’s death was being treated as unexplained, and officers were seen on the beach the following day carrying out enquiries.

Police deploy a drone over the beach in Llandudno, near to where a man's body was found 

The force also deployed a drone to capture aerial footage of the scene.

They also asked anyone who saw anybody acting “in an unusual manner” at around the time his body was found to contact police.

Detective Sergeant Rob Mahoney added: "He is a white male believed to be in his 40’s and is about 5’7” tall."

The coroner has been informed of the man’s death.


Wednesday, 16 December 2020

Colwyn Bay...Charity Shop Window Smashed By Yobs!

Sadly Yobs in Colwyn Bay And Llandudno think nothing of doing this to a Charity shop. Here Barnados is the victim. To replace these windows costs 400 to 500 pounds a time if not more and the insurance goes up every time!

It is sad that these people give so much of their time to raise funds yet they are treated like this by lowlife scum no one would miss.

Sunday, 13 December 2020

Llandudno....Search for man linked to indecent exposure incident near to Llandrillo College!

One does wonder what people get from doing this! It does appear to be quite a common thing in North Wales, but for the victim, it can be a terrifying experience. The problem is that now with Covid and everyone wearing a mask is now seen as normal identifying criminals like this will be very difficult.

A HUNT is on for a man who has been linked to an indecent exposure incident in Rhos-on- Sea.

The incident happened in a field that connects between Llandrillo College and the Cysgod Y Bryn estate at around 4pm on Wednesday, December 9.

The suspect is described as a white man of slim build, aged between his late ’20s and early 30’s and about 5ft 10ins tall. He had dark hair and was wearing a black face mask, dark trousers, and a dark coat with a yellow stripe across the chest.

He was also carrying a dark-colored backpack.

Officers will be carrying out extra reassurance patrols in the area.

If anyone has information that could assist the investigation, call 101. Reference number: 20000748323.


Llandudno....The Town has highest rate of drink and drug driving convictions in UK!

No shock here what so ever, it is about time people started to open their eyes and see the social, drug, and alcohol problems Llandudno has. It is no longer what it used to be!

A North Wales town has the highest rate of drink and drug driving convictions in the UK, a new survey has revealed.

Llandudno topped the list with 1.58 drink and drug driving convictions for every 1,000 drivers in the coastal town.

The data comes from analysis based on over six million car insurance quotes by MoneySuperMarket over the last 12 months.

Blackpool comes behind with 1.57 convictions for every 1,000 drivers, followed by Liverpool (1.57), Darlington (1.48), and Newport (1.44), Hull Live reports.

North Wales Police officers on Llandudno promenade 

However, the research reveals drink-related offenses have continued to decline year-on-year, from 1.02 per 1,000 drivers in 2018 to 0.86 in 2019, to 0.79 this year.

At the other end of the scale, Ilford and Barking have the fewest convictions (0.57 per 1,000), followed by the West End of London (0.58), North London (0.58), North West London (0.59), and Perth (0.59).

Men (1.32) are more than twice as likely as women (0.50) to be convicted of a drink or drug driving offense.

When it comes to age, drivers between the age of 20 and 24 (2.35) are the most likely to be convicted, while drivers over the age of 65 (0.10) are the least likely.

Looking at the data by profession, roofers have the highest level of drink and drug driving convictions, at 6.1 convictions per 1,000 drivers.

Dave Merrick, the car insurance spokesperson at MoneySuperMarket, commented: “It’s positive to see an ongoing fall in drink and drug driving rates.

“We know that rates have been on a downward trajectory for some time and it’s likely that lockdown has had a further impact, with people driving less and greater restrictions on where alcohol can be consumed.

“With a quieter Christmas and New Year period ahead of us than usual, I’d be hopeful that seasonal drink and drug driving rates will also be down this year due to fewer opportunities to socialize as a result of government restrictions.

“Nevertheless, it’s important to be vigilant. This time of year always presents an increased chance that people will drive while over the limit – and often without realizing because it can be tricky to know when you’ve stepped over the legal threshold.

“To avoid any uncertainty, if you think you’re over the limit, don’t take the chance. Not only are you putting yourself and others at risk, but a drink or drug driving conviction can also result in a long time off the road and sky-high car insurance premiums.”


Friday, 11 December 2020

Colwyn Bay....A New Delivery Service Has Been Launched! Drugs Deliveries on Wheels To Your Door!

 Well, nothing is ever a shock in Llandudno or Colwyn Bay! Now a motorcycle/scooter driver dressed in the above attire will deliver to your door.

He has been filmed driving near to homes in need of drugs and messaging them that he is there on his mobile phone! 

The drug user then walks to the Alley just behind their home and hands over cash for a small packet!

The dealer then drives out of the alley the other way, and both are happy! 

How lovely, maybe this new service is due to covid! Who knows, but let us know if you see them.

Oh, and the dealer had a lovely white suit as above with matching cycle boots!

The person who filmed all this has the person's number plate and also the user's address, so I am not sure if this is going off the police or already has done!

Thursday, 10 December 2020

Llandudno....Man's body found on Llandudno beach sparking police investigation!

 Unexplained suggests he didn't drown or die accidentally, but we will have to wait and see!

The body of a man has been found on a North Wales beach.

North Wales Police confirmed that a man's body was discovered on the beach at Llandudno on Wednesday morning.

His death is being treated as unexplained.

A police spokesman said: "We were called at 8.40am today, December 9, to reports of a body of a man being found on the beach near to Craigside, Llandudno.

"An investigation is underway and the death is currently being treated as unexplained.

"The coroner has been informed."


Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Colwyn Bay....Has Bryn Williams Left "The Skip" At Porth Eirias?

Apparently, this is just hearsay, but a very reliable person has informed us that Bryn Williams has left the skip due to it not being financially viable! 

I am not shocked if it is true as it always appears half empty, but I have just been reading Companies house for Shel, and Mr. Williams is still on there, so If anyone knows what is happening please get in touch. 

It would be nice to know one way or the other.

Llandudno....Police appeal to car owners following overnight break-ins in Rhos-on-Sea!

Rhos on sea is easy pickings for criminals with such a high older population.

CAR owners have been urged to lock their vehicles following a number of break-ins in Rhos-on-Sea on Monday night.

Police tweeted on the NWP Community Safety Central that two vehicles had been broken into on Everard Road.

Officers urged residents "to be vigilant" and ensure neighbors are aware of the incidents.

"We have had further reports that vehicles are being broken into in RhosOnSea," police tweeted. "Two vehicles were broken into on Everard Road overnight.

"If you know anyone in the area please let them know to be vigilant and keep all vehicle doors closed."


Colwyn Bay....Has Anyone Lost A Hoover?

 An Interesting Place to find black bin bags and a hoover, on a bend with double yellow lines!

Saturday, 5 December 2020

Colwyn Bay....Half Naked Man And Drunken Garden Brawl!

There is never a dull moment in Colwyn Bay! Wednesday night saw quite a display of fighting between three men at a flat on the above-mentioned road.

Elderly neighbors starred out of their windows behind net curtains shaking in terror! Garden furniture flew, swearing, punches, recycling bins went everywhere, apparently, they were drunk and stoned, and this was admitted.

The police appear to not have been called, and after about an hour of fighting the flat owner told them to p@ss off and locked them out.

The man's clothes were apparently inside and they banged on the door and rang but he would not let them back in.

Then the two men hugged and made up, the one went off on his bike and the other walked home half-naked!

Sadly the lady who passed this on did not have her camera at hand!

Colwyn Bay....Idiot Drives Over Rising Bollards!

Well, tonight in Colwyn Bay an idiot drove down the street but failed to wait for the bollards to clear. The whole street filled with the crunching of the underneath of his car!

All of the Pizza staff stood staring, the car stopped briefly at the bottom of town and then drove off.

The bollard was badly damaged and was unable to retract up and down, leaving a few inches above the ground and the red light is continuously on!

And subsequent vehicles passing down the street are scrapping their cars with this damaged bollard!

It was too dark to get a picture, luckily our car is a 4 by 4 so it is raised much higher off the ground than most cars so it was no problem. But please be careful.

Monday, 30 November 2020

Colwyn Bay.....Police issue another dispersal order in North Wales after more anti-social behaviour!

These low life scum bags plaguing Colwyn Bay and Llandudno appear to be unaware of what a covid bubble is! The sad thing is it won't wipe them all out but innocent family or relatives!

Police have been granted dispersal powers in Colwyn Bay town center following a spate of antisocial behavior.

The 48-hour dispersal order means that anyone who is asked to leave the area by a police officer must do so.

It started at 5pm on Sunday and runs until 4.59pm on Tuesday.

The dispersal order is the second to be imposed by North Wales Police in recent days.

Over the weekend, similar powers were granted to officers in Pwllheli following reports of under-age drinking at parties that breached Covid rules on mass gatherings.

North Wales Police has not specified the incidents which led to Colwyn Bay’s dispersal order.

In recent days, the area’s police team has investigated cases of vandalism, although not in the town itself.

Damage to coastal path fencing was reported next to North Wales Golf Club in Llandudno, and officers appealed for information after English words on road signs in the area were daubed with graffiti.

A pro-independence slogan was also painted on a wall.

In a statement, the West Conwy Coastal policing team said: “Due to the recent increase in anti-social related incidents, North Wales Police have now put dispersal powers in place in Colwyn Bay town center.

"These powers are now in place from 17:00 hours today Sunday 29/11/20 until 16:59 hours on Tuesday 01/12/20.”


Colwyn Bay... Pedestrian Who Was Hit By Car Makes Appeal For Information!

This is shocking but in the victim's own words below, I hope the driver is caught. This appeal appears on Facebook. If anyone saw anything please get in touch on 101 or contact Barry Andrew Wareing on Facebook. Thank you.

 I've resisted for two weeks to make it public knowledge. But at 17.05pm on November 14th, I was hit by a car (Silver Vauxhall Zafira) outside the Conwy council building in Colwyn Bay whilst crossing the road. I was walking to meet my Dad, and Benjamin who was dropping my sister to her car further uptown, and we were all going for a meal in Llandudno.

I still don't know how it happened as I'm normally very cautious crossing roads. All of a sudden I looked left and saw headlights coming towards me and the next thing was flying through the air.

The man who hit me got out and helped me to the pavement. He then moved his car into a bus stop a little further on and came back to see me. My initial reaction was to get to my feet as I didn't want Benjamin to see me injured on the floor.

I told the man I was fine and that he could go. In hindsight, I should've got his details and called an ambulance as I was in a lot of pain a short time later.

My sister then took me to Glan Clwyd Hospital where I underwent numerous X-rays and a CT scan. Long story short I suffered heavy bruising and a double fracture to my right leg. Police would like to speak to the driver but unfortunately, CCTV can't make out the registration as it was dark at that time!!

Llandudno....Body found on Seafront, Police confirm!

 Sad news, Another murder, accident, or suicide? We will have to wait and see.

A body has been found on the seafront at Llandudno, say police.

North Wales Police said the discovery was made on the town's North Shore on Sunday morning but said it was too early in the investigation to confirm any additional information.

A section of the North Shore promenade was cordoned off for several hours by officers while emergency services were at the scene.

Police, paramedics, and crews from the coastguard search and rescue teams all attended the scene.

A witness said that crews from the coastguard search and rescue teams were seen searching in the water earlier on Sunday.

Emergency services left the scene at about 1pm.

A spokesperson for North Wales Police said: "I can confirm that a body was discovered earlier this morning in Llandudno.

“There are no further details are available at this time and investigations are ongoing."


Saturday, 28 November 2020

Llandudno.... Man scammed thousands of pounds out of victims including an 87-year-old man!

Llandudno seems to have a wide variety of criminals, Fraudsters, Drug Dealers, Murderers, Sexual Abusers, Rapists, Arsonists, Vandals, it just seems never-ending!

Daniel Lee Jones, 36, sold fake concert and football tickets and other items using Twitter and Gumtree

Daniel Lee Jones, 36, sold fake concert and football tickets and other items using Twitter and Gumtree

 A con artist scammed several people out of thousands of pounds by pretending to sell tickets and other items to fund his gambling addiction.

Daniel Lee Jones, 36, appeared at Caernarfon Crown Court charged with fraud by false representation after scamming 34 individuals out of money over a 12 month period.

The court heard how Jones, of Flat 5, 5 Howard Road, Llandudno, claimed he had football tickets, concert tickets, and various items to sell on Twitter and Gumtree.

One of his victims was an 87-year-old man who believed he was buying a table tennis set and a tennis table robot from Jones on Gumtree but when he sent him the £525 he never received the items.

Jones also scammed single mum Carrie Hustler by claiming he had Pink concert tickets to sell.

In a statement read out by Miss Hustler, she said that she had bought the tickets as a surprise for her daughter who is a massive fan of the singer but the tickets never arrived.

Another one of his victims put out a tweet asking for tickets to the UEFA Champions League semi-final in April and Jones responded offering to sell him tickets.

Despite being initially nervous about the situation, the victim eventually paid Jones £225 via Paypal but never received the tickets.

Another individual also tweeted asking for football tickets to watch Liverpool play Barcelona in the champions league and Jones offered to sell tickets to him but no tickets were ever received.

One woman traveled from Sweden to London after Jones sold her non-existent tickets for a Coldplay concert.

Each victim said that when they contacted Jones to enquire about their items he became "hostile" and "unpleasant".

Jones was caught out when one of the victims who lives up in Scotland contacted the police there and Jones was arrested at his home in July.

Caernarfon Crown Court. Photo by Ian Cooper
Caernarfon Crown Court. Photo by Ian Cooper 

During his interview with police Jones admitted what he had done and said it was "easy" to do and that he "needed the money" after losing his job.

Representing Jones Simon Kileen made the court aware that Jones had been taking part in the fraudulent activity to fund his gambling addiction.

Sentencing Jones to 21 months in prison and praising North Wales Police for handling the case quickly, Judge Rowlands said: "You have behaved in a thoroughly dishonest fashion tricking a large number of people into parting with their money in the expectation of receiving tickets and the like.

"You had absolutely no intention or the means of providing those items.

"Sadly it's not out of character, you have been to prison in the past for very similar behavior.

"You have either learned nothing from that or you are determined to ignore the law and try to take advantage of others in the hope that you could get away with it.

"With your past history, you will know just how serious these matters are.

"These were repeated acts of dishonesty over a long period of time and you had a very high number of victims.

"To some of those individuals, the loss of £200 or £400 is likely to have been a significant blow.

"Miss Hustler is a single working mother who was let down and you took all her available money for the tickets to a concert where she intended to go as a treat for her child.

"You display what can only be viewed as brazen arrogance, the hallmark of a conman."


Llandudno....Police appeal for witnesses after Golf Course is damaged by vandals!

 Is nothing sacred to the gangs of marauding yobs in Llandudno? It would seem not!

A GOLF course has been repeatedly targeted by vandals who tore off its wire fencing.

North Wales Police has appealed to witnesses of several incidents in which damage was caused to the North Wales Golf Course in Llandudno.

A tweet on the NWP West Conwy Coastal page said: "Between August and November North Wales Golf Club #Llandudno has reported several incidents of damage to the fencing between the boundary of the golf course and the coastal path.

"If you know who responsible for the damage please contact PCSO Pam Hayers at Llandudno Police Station." 

NWP West Conwy Coastal
Between August and November North Wales Golf Club #Llandudno has reported several incidents of damage to the fencing between the boundary of the golf course and the coastal path If you know who responsible for the damage please contact PCSO Pam Hayers at Llandudno Police Station