Thursday, 30 January 2020

Llandudno..Arson At Great Orme Public Toilets!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...Do Toilet Rolls Normally Combust on their own? The answer is clearly no, so this was Arson, and it was either Yobs or One of The Many Druggies that hand around at the foot of The one "Great" Orme!
PUBLIC toilets were set on fire 'deliberately' in Llandudno. 
North Wales Fire and Rescue Service sent one crew to the incident on Alex Munro Way at about 12pm on Tuesday, January 28.
The crew found toilet roll had been set on fire, which had spread to the toilet cubicle.
"We were called at approximately 12.05pm to report a fire at public toilets in Llandudno," a spokesperson for the fire service said.
"We sent one crew from Llandudno. A toilet roll had been set on fire and caused five square meters of damage to the toilet block.
"The fire is believed to have been started deliberately."

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Llandudno... Dogs Off Leads At Risk as Palm Oil Washes up on Beach!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...Simple, keep the doggies on a lead and they won't eat any, no need for hysteria!

Dog owners are being warned by vets to keep their pets away from the potentially deadly palm oil masses that have washed up in Penrhyn Bay.
Vets4Pets Llandudno issued the warning after receiving several reports of the toxic lumps on beaches in the area.
There have been several incidents where dogs have become incredibly ill after consuming, chewing or even just licking a mass of palm oil.
The lumps of palm oil give off a "very noxious smell" that dogs are often drawn to, but the toxic substance can cause vomiting and diarrhea when ingested.
It can also lead to kidney and liver failure, or blockages of the gut.
Dog owners in the area are advised to keep their dogs on a lead to protect them from accidental ingestion, or to avoid the area.
The warning, published on their Facebook page reads: "We have heard today that palm oil has been washed up on the beach in Penrhyn Bay .
"Palm oil is potentially toxic so be extremely vigilant while walking your pooches in this area and call us if you suspect ingestion."
Palm oil is a natural substance that is legally allowed to be released into the sea by ships as long as they are more than 12 miles offshore.
It can become contaminated by fuel waste, bacteria and other toxins, which makes it incredibly dangerous for dogs to consume.

North Wales ...Caravans could be driving up insurance premiums for residents on 'most burgled street'

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says ..Caravans should be banned along with Camper Vans, awful things, clog up the roads and pump out vast amounts of pollution.
People living on North Wales' 'most burgled street' said they believe caravans are the key to the shock figures.
Recent figures revealed in a North Wales Police Freedom of Information (FOI) response showed Towyn Road, Abergele, to be the street with the most break-ins. There were 50 burglaries between 2015 and 2019.
But despite these figures, residents of the street claim they "feel completely safe".
Some even admitted leaving their car or home unlocked without worrying.
A sign warning potential burglars that valuables have been 'removed' from these caravans at Harts caravan park off Towyn Road in Towyn near Abergele. 
Towyn Road stretches from Abergele to Towyn and appeared on the data twice - in first and seventh place.
Altogether, the street had 80 burglaries. But every resident North Wales Live spoke to said they were shocked and “couldn't believe the statistics”.
Many claimed that they had not only never heard of any burglaries in the area, but would leave their doors and cars unlocked "all the time" without any worry.
One resident, who asked not to be named, said that they believed the statistics were only so high because of how many caravan parks are on the road.
A change to the police reporting system means that static caravans are classed as a dwelling like a house, flat or bungalow. Previously they had their own category.
The woman, who previously lived in a caravan full time, claimed they were a huge target for thieves who steal valuables left behind in winter months.
Another resident, David Clarke, has lived on the street for more than 12 years. He said that he has never had any concerns or felt unsafe on the road.
He claims everyone on the street knows each other and that they keep an eye out for one another.
Resident David Clarke, of Towyn Road, Belgrano near Abergele, believes his area is safe from burglars. Image: David Powell/North Wales Live 
He said: “I have my grandchildren over, and they play about in the street without me worrying. I’ve never heard of anyone being burgled the whole time I’ve lived here.
“After around 8pm it's actually very rare you see anyone here, even the main road is quiet.”
Conwy County Cllr Alen Hunter said: "These figures paint a bad picture of the area. We have our problems like anywhere but it is not as bad as it is being made out.
"This is giving the area a bad reputation and residents are concerned over insurance impacts."
Cllr Hunter claims the figures misrepresent the area and it is due to static caravans being included in the dwellings reports.
He said: "It's an issue with how it is reported to the police.
"I'd like to see the figures which show static caravans versus homes.
"We have a fantastic community neighborhood team who work hard to make this a safer and better place for residents."
In total there were 9,771 burglaries across North Wales in 2019, which rose from 1,404 in 2015 to 2,556 in 2018. This year's results so far show there have been 2,247 recorded.

Sunday, 26 January 2020

Colwyn Bay ..Incident At Ysgol Babanod T Gwynn Jones 3 Police Cars and Gangs Of Delinquents

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...Trouble with delinquents in Old Colwyn up by the school, if anyone knows any more please drop us a line. Thanks

Colwyn Bay ..Two men arrested on suspicion of drugs offences at Colwyn Bay Train Station.

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..It is sad to see that there is a major police presence at all stations and even on the trains these days.

TWO Conwy men were arrested on Colwyn Bay railway station on suspicion of possession class A drugs.
British Transport Police arrested the two men last Monday evening. A police spokesman said officers at Colwyn Bay station arrested the two men on suspicion of possession with intent to supply class A drugs. One is aged 44 and the other 42. They remain in custody as inquiries continue.”

Llandudno..Sudden closure of Llandudno store after several decades in business!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..Very sad news, this shop has been there years, but Llandudno is a dying town, so expect more of this.

A prominent retailer that has been trading in Llandudno for several decades has closed suddenly - with customers left in the dark about what is happening.
Gimberts - which stocked luxury jewelry and watches and had been well known for its fine china - has been in the seaside town for more than 40 years.
But the Mostyn Street store failed to reopen after the New Year break.
The store has stayed closed since then but there has been no message on the door or on social media for customers.
Gimberts in Llandudno. Image: David Powell/North Wales Live 
North Wales Live has been unable to contact the owners.
Cllr Greg Robbins, who represents the Mostyn ward in Llandudno, said: "I wasn't aware of any issues so it was a surprise to see it close.
"It is always a shame to see a shop close in Llandudno but this is a very good location so hopefully it will not be vacant for long."
Llandudno cllr Ronnie Hughes said more needed to be done to support high street shops.
Gimberts in Llandudno. Image: David Powell/North Wales Live 
He said: "We have to do more - the rates on Mostyn Street are high and then people have staff costs, rent, gas, it is a lot before you even start trading and trying to make any sort of profit.
"This is the way it is going unless we do more.
"There are good things happening in Llandudno but we need good shops here, it is all part of the tourism offer in the town."
Aberconwy AM Janet Finch-Saunders said: "It is extremely sad news that one of our town’s most popular jewelers and fancy goods stores has closed down, and that more local jobs have been lost.
"Whilst I have not been advised why the shop has closed, the decision to cease trading on Mostyn Street should set alarm bells ringing.
"Recently, following my criticism of the ineffectiveness of Business Wales in Aberconwy, the Minister for Economy and Transport has agreed that a member of staff will be based at the Conwy Business Centre to support business start-ups.
"However, more action is needed to help what is one of Wales’s leading high streets. As I said in the Senedd earlier this month, it is time for Llandudno to have a seaside town fund."

Llandudno..Probe into claims man was punched in face by police during arrest for Criminal Damage!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..Poor thing, did he get hurt during the course of being arrested for a crime? Well done to those Officers, we salute you!

Police are investigating claims a man was punched in the face by officers as he was arrested.
It follows an incident in Mostyn Street, Llandudno, on December 1 during which 34-year-old Mark Edwards of Penrhyn Avenue, Rhos-on-Sea, was detained.
Edwards admitted at Caernarfon crown court last week to smashing a stained glass panel in the Town House pub when drunk and was ordered to pay £300 compensation.
He also pleaded guilty to resisting arrest and was given a three months conditional discharge.
“You shouldn’t have kicked out whatever the provocation,” Judge Huw Rees told him. 
A charge of assaulting an emergency worker was dropped.
The Judge, who was shown CCTV footage of the incident, said during the hearing the sentence he had given was “the most lenient that can be passed”.
“I am not going to say any more about the behavior of the police,” he remarked.
But he said he wanted the attention of the area police commander to be drawn to the incident.
Barrister Elen Owen defending Edwards said a complaint was being made to the Independent Office for Police Conduct and the defendant would take matters further.
He had a scar on his face and was receiving treatment from an ophthalmologist for what could be a lasting injury.
Miss Owen said a police statement “made very disturbing reading”.
In a statement, North Wales Police confirmed the matter has been referred to the Independent Office for Police Conduct.
The IOPC said the incident had been deemed suitable for investigation by the force itself, and a North Wales Police spokesman said a "local investigation is now ongoing."

North Wales ..Japanese Knotweed is knocking down house prices - and the amount is staggering

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..House prices are far too high in some areas, might be a good idea to go around planting it to get prices reduced! Just joking! Now, where is my spade?

Japanese Knotweed - dubbed a homeowner's worst nightmare - is impacting the price of thousands of properties across Wales.
The invasive plant affects at least 5% of homes across the UK knocking 10%, or £23,530, off the average UK property’s value according to Tradesperson comparison site,
With 29 million homes across the nation, that’s 1,450,000 properties impacted with a huge £34.12bn wiped off in value.
In just two months the Japanese housing horror will start to rear its ugly head again and by June it will have grown to over three metres. The cost of dealing with knotweed is hefty and can run into tens of thousands of pounds for even a modest size garden taking as long as five years to treat fully.
Japanese Knotweed has shield-shaped leaves and grows into dense thickets
Japanese Knotweed has shield-shaped leaves and grows into dense thickets 
Founder of Purdie, said: "Knotweed is a homeowner’s worst nightmare and there really is no DIY fix for this aggressive backyard vandal.
"It can take months on end to ensure it has been properly disposed of but can be more costly should you decide to turn a blind eye."
He added: "The quicker you can get on top of the problem, the better, as a house with knotweed will not only drop in value but will also struggle to find a buyer."
In Wales the current average house price is £172,574, but if Knotweed is found £17, 257 is wiped off the price, reducing its final valuation to £155, 316.
Japanese Knotweed Heatmap showing the hotspots in North Wales. 
In North Wales, a village in Conwy has been named the worst place in Wales for the invasive Japanese knotweed plant.
Capel Garmon near Betws-y-Coed came top of the list in Wales and fifth on the list for Wales and England, with 395 infestations in a four-kilometer radius.
Bala in Gwynedd is in seventh place for Wales with 220 infestations, while Holyhead made 10th place with 64 reported incidents.
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Llandudno..Finger print on Jewel Case Traps Juvenile Delinquent Intruder!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..I hope they lock away the little piece of scum for a good 12 months or more!

A 16-year-old boy intruder’s fingerprint was discovered on a jewelry case at a Llandudno shop whose owner had suffered five break-ins, a youth court heard on Tuesday.
The teenager was ordered to pay £617 compensation and received a twelve months youth rehabilitation order with supervision, 60 hours unpaid work and a 7pm to 7am curfew on two nights every week for three months.
He admitted a burglary.
Court chairman David Subacchi told him at Llandudno: "The place was trashed. I hope you think very carefully about the effect of your activities on other people.”
Prosecutor James Neary said following last Valentine’s Day the owner of Moon Crafts on Bodafon Farm Park found her business had been targeted again. Cash, watches, rings, and bracelets were among the haul.
Defense solicitor Graham Parry said the “easily-led” boy had been with others last February and accepted going to the farm and playing a part in the burglary.
“He tells me it wasn’t his idea but accepts he went along,” Mr Parry added.

Llandudno..Scammer posing as fake postman prompts police to issue warning!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..Very worrying indeed, although there are also 

A scammer posing as a postman has prompted police to issue a warning.
A man wearing impersonating a Royal Mail worker has been knocking on doors in the Rhos on Sea area. 
North Wales Police issued the warning through its community safety central team warning residents of a “suspicious man”.
They say he ran away when a concerned resident asked for ID.
In a post on Facebook, the force said: "A suspicious male has been reported claiming to be from #RoyalMail in the #RhosOnSea area.
When asked for ID, he ran away.
“Anyone who is genuine will ALWAYS be happy to provide ID and wait if you wish to verify it. Be #ScamAware.”
If you witness any suspicious behavior, you can report it to police on their non-emergency number 101.

Llandudno..'Brain dead' drink driver reached speeds of more than 100mph while trying to escape police!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..Another delightful Llandudno resident who is off to jail!

A drunk driver who sped away from police lost control and the vehicle ended up on its roof.
Lee Joseph Sumner was assisted by the Mazda vehicle by police officers after the three and a half-mile journey between Abergele and Llanddulas and taken to hospital.
A blood test showed he was just over the drink-drive limit a judge at Caernarfon Crown Court heard.
The 41-year-old, of Rosebery Avenue, Llandudno, was seen by a police officer emerging from a side road at Abergele in the early hours of June 20 last year and narrowly missing another vehicle.
Signaled to stop, Sumner drove away through Abergele at speeds of up to 60mph.
Heading towards Llanddulas, he switched off the headlights and reached speeds of more than 100mph.
Entering Llanddulas he lost control of the vehicle and it overturned.
Police found Sumner slumped and unconscious and was helped out of the vehicle.
He regained consciousness and officers realized they could smell alcohol on his breath.
Interviewed later, he described himself as "brain dead" and hadn't stopped because he realized he was over the drink-drive limit.
He admitted charges of dangerous driving, drink driving and failing to stop.
Lee Joseph Sumner
Lee Joseph Sumner 
Defense counsel Sion ap Mihangel said he had panicked when signaled to stop.
"He reacted in a wholly inappropriate way for a relatively short period of driving. It was through good fortune no one else was injured.
"He has shown genuine remorse and regret," he said.
The court heard Sumner had five previous convictions for drink driving and had a similar conviction for dangerous driving in 2007.
Judge Huw Rees said: "It doesn't need me to tell you you could have killed yourself or someone else. With your record, you should have realized the game was up and stopped."
Sumner was jailed for 12 months and banned from driving for 42 months. He must take an extended retest at the end of the ban.

Llandudno..Man's face cut in Llandudno knife incident!


A MAN has suffered lacerations to his face in a knife incident in Llandudno
Police were called to McDonald’s in Llandudno following a report that a man had injured been on Thursday, January 23 evening.
The 39-year-old male, from the Bangor area, is understood to have walked over from the Conwy Road direction to get help. The man is currently receiving treatment in the hospital, his injuries are not considered life-threatening.
Chief Inspector Andrew Williams, North Wales Police, said: “An incident, involving the use of a knife, is believed to have happened in the car park of the Links Hotel on Conwy Road, whereby the male has received lacerations to his face.
"An investigation is taking place and detectives are with the man and are also speaking with witnesses. Two people are suspected to have been involved in the assault and inquiries are currently centered on tracing them.
“I would appeal to anyone who saw or heard anything in the area between approximately 7.50pm and 8.15pm to speak to us directly via 101, or by using the webchat facility quoting incident number Y010548, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111”.

North Wales ...More criminals are being cautioned or convicted for knife and offensive weapons crimes !

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...Sadly The scum are not being jailed, even when caught, with so many cushy sentences!

More criminals are being cautioned or convicted for knife and offensive weapons crimes in North Wales, as the number of offenses dealt with nationally hit a record high last year.
Shadow home secretary Diane Abbott says there is little chance of tackling rising knife crime across the country until the Government deals with a crisis created by cuts to policing, schools and health services.
Ministry of Justice statistics show that criminals were cautioned or sentenced for knife and offensive weapons offenses in North Wales on 225 occasions in the year to September 2019 – significantly up from 174 the previous year.
But this was still much lower than the 293 cautions and convictions in 2009 when records began.
Across England and Wales, the number of cautions and convictions for such offenses hit a record high of almost 22,300.
The figure includes possession of or threatening with, a knife or other offensive weapon.
Diane Abbott said the rising level of knife crime “undermines all the Tory claims on law and order”.
She added: “Unfortunately until they tackle the crises they created through cuts to policing, schools, to mental health and drug services, there can be little confidence of any major improvement.”
In North Wales, under-18s accounted for 14% of sentences or cautions for knife and offensive weapon crime in the year to September 2019.
Across England and Wales, they made up 21% of cases.
Barnardo’s chief executive Javed Khan said the Government urgently needs to find long-term solutions to turn vulnerable children away from crime before they reach for a knife.
“Increasing the number and length of sentences can only be part of the solution, as this may not deter young people who are suffering a poverty of hope,” he added.
“Often they have no qualifications, no job prospects, and no role models, making them vulnerable to criminal gangs who force them to deliver drugs and carry knives to protect themselves.”
Across England and Wales, 38% of the knife and offensive weapon offenses ended with someone going straight to jail in the year to September 2019 – a record high.
The average time spend behind bars also increased over the period, from six to eight months.
Justice minister Chris Philp said the Government is recruiting 20,000 more police officers, extending stop and search and making sure the most violent offenders spend longer behind bars.
He added: “These figures should serve as a stark warning to those carrying knives – you are more likely to be jailed, and for longer, than at any point in the last decade.”

Llandudno... A shocking 66 Crimes reported at McDonalds In Llandudno

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...No shock here, these places are where all the lowlife scum hang out!

Hundreds of crimes have been reported at McDonald's, Burger King and KFC fast food outlets over the past three years.
Freedom of Information (FOI) figures from North Wales Police (NWP) have shown there were 647 incidents that they were called to since 2017.
The largest number of crimes reported were for violence against a person (252), public order offenses (143), theft (111) and arson and criminal damage (65). Other crimes included sex offenses, burglary, and drugs.
People were more likely to see trouble in and around McDonald's according to the figures, which included a branch in Chester.
Footage shared on Facebook of two teens attacking police car outside KFC in Caernarfon.
Footage shared on Facebook of two teens attacking police cars outside KFC in Caernarfon. 
Ten of 14 McDonald's restaurants had 457 crimes reported at their locations, with Wrexham's town center joint having by far the most - 234. Rhyl's branch was second with 68 and Llandudno's 66.
Wrexham's McDonalds, on Regent Street, was the scene of an incident that saw a woman jailed for eight months. CCTV footage captured a woman's shocking unprovoked attack on a customer using high heels.
Kay Marie Brown's boyfriend Luke Anthony Bednarek was locked up for 10 months.
The outlet has also seen suspected trouble with drugs outside and North Wales Live reported in August last year, on another disturbance outside as children ate nearby.

Crimes at McDonalds, KFC and Burger King

According to North Wales Police FOI figures, 647 crimes have been reported at McDonalds, KFC and Burger King across the region since 2017, which the force was involved with.
Here is a breakdown of how many and where.
1 McDonalds, Wrexham: 234
2. McDonald's, Rhyl:  68
3,: McDonald's llandudno 66.
4. KFC, Rhyl: 50
5. KFC, Wrexham: 33
6. McDonalds, Bangor: 26
7. KFC Caernarfon: 23
8. KFC, Bangor: 22
8. KFC, Llandudno: 22
10. KFC, Colwyn Bay: 20
11. McDonalds, Holyhead: 18
12. McDonalds, Caernarfon: 17
13. McDonalds, Mold: 10
14. KFC, Holyhead: 9
15. McDonalds, Chester: 8
16. McDonalds, Holywell: 7
17. Burger King, Wrexham: 5
18. Burger King, Bangor: 3
18. McDonalds, Deeside: 3
20. KFC, Deeside: 2
21. KFC Llandudno Junction: 1
Nine of 10 KFC outlets saw 182 incidents. Caernarfon had the most -23 and is now being axed following loutish and anti-social behavior over Christmas.  Bangor and Llandudno both had 22 incidents, with Colwyn Bay seeing 20.
In June 2019, "out of control" Gethin Owen, who punched a till after being refused service at KFC in Bangor, was jailed for 10 months.
Owen, of North Road, Caernarfon, was said to have become abusive during the incident and was found by police to have a lock knife when arrested.
For Burger King, five crimes were reported at Wrexham and two at Bangor.
In total, police made 120 arrests at McDonald's restaurants, 34 at KFC, but none at Burger King.
Warnings and cautions were also issued in some cases and in others action weren't taken or the perpetrators weren't identified.
A McDonald's spokesman said: “The safety and security of our people and our customers is our absolute priority and we have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to crime and anti-social behavior both in and around our restaurants.
"We maintain positive working relationships with the police and invest in CCTV and door staff as necessary.”
A KFC spokesman said: "We always want to be a good neighbor in our local community, so work with the local police to make sure any incidents are reported and actions are put in place to make sure our team members and guests are safe."