Saturday, 29 February 2020

Colwyn Bay..'Vile' men caught on Camera Urinating on car while giving running commentary!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..I doubt this is anything personal, but from what I know men will do it anywhere or up against anything! Also with all this rain, it would have soon washed off!

This is the moment two "vile men" are caught on the doorbell camera urinating on a grandmother's car while giving a running commentary.
The incident happened on Station Road in Colwyn Bay just after 11.30pm on Wednesday night.
Carer, Sarah Lindley, who owns the Renault Kadjar which she uses to transport vulnerable people, shared her disgust on social media.
She also uploaded footage caught on her Ring doorbell camera, which has since been viewed more than 5,700 times.
It shows two men walking up the road having a loud conversation.
One man commentates as he empties his bladder against the car
One man commentates as he empties his bladder against the car 
As they approach the car, one looks at it and says: "I've just seen a red Kadjar now and I wanna p*** on it."
He calls to his friend and says: "You p*** on it XXXX (man's name).
"P*ss on it...go on, p*** on it mate."
The other man walks towards the car and unzips his flies and starts urinating on the vehicle also.
The first man can be heard saying: "Yeaaaahhh" before shouting: "Red Kadjar, "p*****g on it, we love it, all over your handles.
Two men are captured on a doorbell camera urinating on a parked vehicle on Station Road in Colwyn Bay.
Two men are captured on a doorbell camera urinating on a parked vehicle on Station Road in Colwyn Bay. 
"Your kids are gonna f******g open the doors in the morning...p*** all over their hands."
When he's finished, he says: "Sound" and walks off.
Outraged and disgusted, Sarah said she will be reporting the incident to the police.
She wrote on Facebook: "I have a nice car my dad left it me in his will when he died.
"I am a carer and take vulnerable people out in my car.
Two men are captured on a doorbell camera urinating on a parked vehicle on Station Road in Colwyn Bay.
Sarah's video has been viewed 5,700 times 
"My partner is disabled (hence a video doorbell as he can’t get down the stairs to answer the door) and has compromised immune system.
"My grandson who’s five is in my car as much as I can have him.
"These two idiots think it’s funny to pee on my car, but what’s worse is what one of them says my kids will have his 'p** on their hands in the morning.
"WHAT A GUY....and his little friend XXX who obviously pees on command.
"With coronavirus about to hit this country soon, idiots like this need to be shamed into making an apology for their disgusting behavior."

Wednesday, 26 February 2020

Colwyn Bay...St Paul's Church Closed Off This Morning With This On The Gates!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..Thank you to Adam who snapped these pictures on his way to work at 7am this morning! A lot of problems have been occurring at the church, vandalism, drugs, yobs, so this is no great surprise

Conwy Marina...Vandalism Of Tourist Information Board!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..Spray Painted and torn off in the Conwy Marina! 

Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Llandudno...Man attacked homeless person in Llandudno Magistrates hear!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay says...Llandudno seems to attracts all sorts of undesirables these days!

MAGISTRATES were shown CCTV images of a late night attack on a homeless man beside the clock in the main street at Bangor.
In the dock at Llandudno last Friday was 39 year old Jonathan Hallwood, himself now homeless, who admitted common assault last November, shoplifting, stealing a purse form a parked car and fraudulently using a bank card.
Diane Williams, prosecuting, said it was an unprovoked attack in which the man had been pushed to the ground.
Defence solicitor Nia Dawson said that because Hallwood was homeless he couldn’t have a bank account, which meant he couldn’t receive benefit. “He can’t find a way out of it,” she added.
He was given an eight week prison sentence in addition to 14 weeks in custody for breaching a suspended sentence and must pay a £122 victim surcharge. Court chairwoman Ann Dickinson told him: “We feel it was a nasty unprovoked attack on a vulnerable victim causing a head injury which may have had very serious consequences.”

Colwyn Bay...Five youths arrested following affray near Colwyn Bay railway station!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..Sad Times, these delinquents are running riot in Colwyn Bay and Llandudno!

FIVE youths have been arrested and further arrests are planned following an affray near Colwyn Bay railway station.
The incident left a man needing hospital treatment. The arrests have taken place over the past couple of days by the neighbourhood policing team.
In a separate incident, which took place on January 19th, another young person was arrested and charged with a public order offence; he is awaiting his day in court.
Local officer PC Kelly Evans said: “We are working closely with the Youth Justice Service and the Crown Prosecution Service to achieve the best possible outcome in each case.”
“Further suspect interviews are planned in relation to a number of deliberate fires and criminal damages that have taken place in town centre in the early part of this year.”
“Whilst this takes time we want to reassure the public that positive action is being taken to make Colwyn Bay a safer place for everyone to live, work and visit.”
In addition to taking a robust stance against crime and disorder North Wales Police are exploring numerous opportunities to work with partners to provide opportunities and resources for the young people of Colwyn Bay.
If you have been affected by any incidents of antisocial behaviour or crime or have any information that you think may be beneficial to the police, please call 101 or use the live webchat Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111. If you require an urgent response please call 999.

Sunday, 16 February 2020

Colwyn Bay ...And The Damage A Storm Can Bring!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..This picture appeared on Facebook, but in fairness, the tree looked rotten! I think it would be fair to say that apart from the flooding this area has escaped with very little wind damage.

Colwyn Bay ....More Overflowing Bins!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...Again this photograph appeared online from another worried member of the public, concerned that the bins are not being collected on a regular basis, leaving filth and litter all over the town!

Colwyn Bay ...Why are Conwy Council Not Clearing The Drains?

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...This picture appeared on Facebook a few days ago from worried residents in the town, stating that the drains are blocked and have been for months. If of course these pictures were taken prior to any flooding and can be dated and then people's homes flood, they will be able to sue the council!. So always take pictures of things like this in advance, you never know when you will need the evidence!

Colwyn Bay Another Abandoned Shopping Trolley Graces The Town!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...Thank you to one of our new readers Jane M, for sending in this photograph of a lonely shopping trolley. Please send in or let us know via our twitter page, Thank you

Saturday, 15 February 2020

Colwyn Bay...Youths arrested after Colwyn Bay train station attack!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..It is getting bad when you can't even travel by train in safety, I hope these scum are jailed!

Five youths have been arrested after a man was attacked in Colwyn Bay.
The man was assaulted close to the town's train station on Wednesday, February 12.
Police arrested the five youngsters today on suspicion of affray.
Officers from NWP West Conwy Coastal said: "The five youths, who are local to the area, have all been released on conditional bail, which will be monitored by police officers. The conditions also mean that they are excluded from the area of Colwyn Bay town center."
Youngsters have been seen setting fires, abusing passersby, damaging property and causing a nuisance to shop-keepers and shoppers.
Police have issued banning orders stopping a number of youths entering the Bay View shopping center, and patrols have also been carried out.

Colwyn Bay Climate Protesters Led By School Boy Storm Council Offices!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay says, Climate protesters standing outside the Carbuncle Coed Pella offices decided to storm in, lead by a young schoolboy. They demanded to see the head of the Conwy Council, but this was refused. They also handed in an FOI request which demands to know what Conwy Council is doing about climate change and what steps are being put in place. The protest was a peaceful one, however, the council's security quickly popped up on the scene! Photographs from Facebook

Thursday, 13 February 2020

Colwyn Bay...Mayhem in Town Centre as Youths set Fires, Vandalise property & Abuse Shoppers

Mrs, Colwyn Bay says..In fairness, Colwyn Bay is being singles out here but Llandudno is just the same and has had to ban youths from the town with an order.

Anti-social gangs of youths are terrorizing shopkeepers and members of the public in a Conwy town.
Parents in the Colwyn Bay area are being asked by police whether they know what their kids are up to after a wave of loutish behavior in recent weeks.
Youngsters are said to have been seen setting fires, abusing people and damaging property in the town.
In a post on Facebook, North Wales Police's West Conwy Coastal unit said: "Do you know where your children are?
"Over recent weeks there has been an increase in anti-social behavior in and around the Colwyn Bay town center area.
"Reports have been received of youths causing a nuisance to local shop-keepers, staff, shoppers, and members of the public, including the setting of fires, abusive language, refusing to leave areas when asked and causing criminal damage."
Police said they were working to deal with the growing issue.
They said: "A number of youths have this week been issued with banning orders from The Bay View Shopping Centre, and referrals have been made to the local Youth Offending Team.
"Patrols will continue in the area to combat the problems, and offenders identified will be dealt with robustly."

Colwyn Bay New Carbuncle Council Office Fails To Rejuvenate Town Centre!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..A slightly incorrect article, Penrhyn Road has empty shops as does the rest of the town. The huge ugly Carbuncle block of Offices at Coed Pella has done nothing for the town, so what now?

Once at the heart of the shopping district of Colwyn Bay - Station Road has in recent years become the ‘ghost road’ of the town.
It is the first sight for many arriving in the town by train and while some of the grand Victorian buildings still reflect the glory days of the past the units tell a different story.
The pedestrianized street now has around a third of its near 30 units empty and a number of those that are filled are charity shops.
Business Post took a tour of the street and asked shop owners, a letting agent and the chamber of the trade what could be done to help transform its fortunes.
For Colin Flannigan, who runs St David’s Commercial in Colwyn Bay, the answer to the street’s woes is clear - get rid of pedestrianization. There is currently a confused hybrid system with some access to vehicles through automated bollards at certain times.
Colin Flannigan, of St David's Commercial, on Station Road, Colwyn Bay. Image: David Powell/North Wales Live 
He said: “This is a ghost road while the rest of the town is trading well, we desperately need improvement on it.
“They need to open it up one way, that is the easy and cheap solution. They did it in Holywell and it worked and they are doing the same in Buckley.
The new council office has increased footfall in the town in general and Penrhyn Road is trading well but it hasn’t quite worked here.
“Access would solve 90% of the problem if the council reopened this road and let everybody trade as they used to it would make a big difference.
Bollards rise and fall to let traffic onto Station Road, Colwyn Bay at certain times in the day. Image: David Powell/North Wales Live 
“Anything that makes it harder to shop affects trade. If it is raining people want to park up near a shop.”
He added: “Rates are very high because it used to be a prime shopping zone, it isn’t now, it is a secondary now.
Rents need to be lower but more than that is the rates, in some units, they are higher than the rents, that is ridiculous.”
A check on the Valuation Office Agency website shows the rateable value on the now-closed Litten Tree/Factory Warehouse shop is a whopping £43,000 - while for the Boots store it is just over £32,000.
An empty shop unit on Station Road, Colwyn Bay. Image: David Powell/North Wales Live 
He added that planning needed to be relaxed so units could move easily between A1 and A3 use without having to go through the planning process.
Tahir Ahmed Rana, who owns Gatsby Menswear Shop, which has had a closing down sale signs up for a number of years, said rates are the biggest issue.
He said: “It is difficult, we had planned to close down because of the situation but our landlord responded and lowered the rent. My rates are actually now more than my rent although there is rate relief, you never know how long this will last though as it changes every year.
Tahir Ahmed Rana, of Gatsby Menswear shop in Station Road, Colwyn Bay. Image: David Powell/North Wales Live 
“For now I’m staying here but we have to see more done on the rates, that is the main thing that could change this street.
“I would like to see no rates for new businesses coming in for say three years, let them establish themselves and then start paying rates. If we bring new businesses here then more people will come.
“This is better than having a street with lots of charity shops that don’t pay rates. Opening up the street would also help but rates are the biggest issue.”
Gatsby Menswear shop in Station Road, Colwyn Bay. Image: David Powell/North Wales Live 
Mark Clemson, from Colwyn Chamber of Trade, said: “Station Road in the center of Colwyn Bay has suffered like many high streets across the country.
“Large units are left vacant and there appears to be no magic wand to solve the issues created.
“Colwyn Chamber of Trade believes however that there is potential with these larger units but the thinking of how they are used has to change, multi-functional - fit for purpose and affordable are key to their success. Creating areas within these units for ‘new business’ to develop, with pop up opportunities and community spaces, that encourage local patronage usage.
“Business rates should be discounted in order to assist the process and give those engaging, a fighting chance of success.
“We have to have a strategic approach, thinking forwards and investing in our own local entrepreneurs as well as encouraging investment into the area.
“As a legacy, the BID should invest financially in supporting an initiative like this, as I believe it has the potential to create something special now and certainly for the future”
“With regards to the smaller units, there must be a proactive approach to letting or selling.
An empty shop unit on Station Road, Colwyn Bay. Image: David Powell/North Wales Live 
“Colwyn Chamber of Trade has suggested an initiative to Colin Flannigan. This has been well received and discussions are ongoing to identify a suitable date in the near future. The initiative would be to hold an Open Day.
“Following an initial meet and greet, guests, who would include local and further afield business, would be given a tour of the area, focussing on commercial properties that are available. Representatives of those property management companies engaging with the initiative would be present to answer all questions.”
Robert Gaze, the landlord of the Prince Madoc pub on Station Road, said: "The town needs cleaning up, the street is a mess and the side streets off it are terrible with bins overflowing.
"People see a filthy town and they don't want to come so we need to do more to tidy up the town.
Crime and social issues are a problem too and we need the police involved to make the town safer.
"Then there are the rates, they are too high and two years ago ours even went up, from £13,000 to £19,700 - that is a huge increase and it is crippling for us.
"We need investment to bring in footfall and then other brands may come but the council has to work with private businesses to support investment rather than putting everything into the sites they own."
Shopper and supporter of local high streets David Williams said: “With much talking up about the ‘estimated’ fortunes of the new council building being built in the heart of the town there seems to still be a disconnect between such projects ability to improve and area while the reality is that a once-thriving street is now somewhat ghostly.
“The latest Welsh Government high street fund makes reference to local authorities moving operations into town centers maybe they should take a long hard look at Conwy councils office and think ‘is this the best and right thing to focus on’.”
Cllr Goronwy Edwards, the cabinet member for Economic Development, said: “The struggles experienced by high streets across the UK are a well known and on-going concern.
"The regeneration of Colwyn Bay is a Council priority, and we’re currently in the early stages of the next phase that focuses on developing options for the town center.
"This includes the regeneration of Station Road amongst a wider set of options for the whole town center. All of the proposed options will be subject to consultation with stakeholders and the wider public, which we anticipate will take place later this spring.”

Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Llandudno ....Conman, 23, admitted swindling eBay and Gumtree users!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..He sounds like a lovely person!!!!

AN internet conman was ordered to pay £4,603 compensation on Friday when he admitted swindling eBay and Gumtree users.
Ryan Green, 23, of Ormeside, Penrhynside, Llandudno, a self-employed waste remover, pleaded guilty to four frauds in October 2015, in 2016, and May 2018.
Magistrates at Llandudno told him to carry out 260 hours of unpaid work and pay compensation and £235 costs.
Prosecutor Diane Williams said Green failed to deliver two motorbikes, a TV and iPhone.
One victim of the scam was a single mum living on student finance who’d bought a 125cc Pulse Adrenaline Scooter for her son’s birthday.
Chris Dawson, defending, said: "Three of the four offenses are of some quite distinct age, going back to 2015 and 2016.”
He said Green had committed the offenses because of financial difficulty at the time.
“The offenses were readily traceable to Mr. Green,” the solicitor said.
However, he wasn’t quizzed until November 2018 and only received a postal requisition to court from the police last December.

Monday, 10 February 2020

Colwyn Bay Conwy New Facebook Campaign Page "Refuse another council tax rise Conwy 2020"

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says..Well done to whoever set this up, we cannot just let them keep wasting our money and then charging us more to pay off their incompetence! We must fight back, please click the link to vote, thanks.

This is a protest group set up for the people who live in or pay Conwy county council annual council tax. everyone I speak to regarding the Conwy Council and its pathetic service is sick of being mugged off with near 10% annual rises for less service every year, it's legalized extortion, so stop sitting on the fence and get involved and share this group. The idea I have is to gauge what response it gets so that if we get enough of us, we can actually write to the Council informing them that no further increases will be tolerated, but in order for it to be taken seriously, this group needs some serious numbers. Please do not join this group unless you are fully committed to withholding any extra increase from your 2020 council tax bills, said to be around 10% more than this year's bills, and for what? Fewer bin collections, roads are in a dire state in places, verges unkempt, yet council staff gets their pay increases and bonuses, plus brand new £50m + offices in Colwyn Bay to work in. This will only work with huge numbers of members, so share far and wide and get involved by suggesting what we should do about this local council extortion.

Colwyn Bay and Surrounding Areas Hit Hard By Floods!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...I do hope everyone is safe, the picture below shows the water right up to the Cartrefi Conwy Block Of flats by the fire station. Also along that street are OAP bungalows so a lot of potentially vulnerable people. Although it looks bad here in some parts of the Uk the water has risen to 3/4 of the way up the ground-floor windows, similar to what happened in St Asaph a few years ago.

But if you need help please share this,

Conwy Council has set up a Refuge Centre in Colwyn Leisure Centre for anyone flooded out. Please check on any elderly/vulnerable neighbors and ring the Conwy Emergency line if you are concerned about anyone. 03001233079.

Sunday, 9 February 2020

Colwyn Bay....Town Street Has Second highest Rates Of Crime In Wales With 519 Incidents Recorded!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...Very shocked that Llandudno is not up in the top of the list with the mass of crime there! Still, this is based on streets, and the crime is all over Llandudno, but here in Colwyn Bay it is based around the very long Abergele road, which must run nearly a mile.

The North Wales streets where attacks or assaults are most likely to occur have been revealed.
High Street, Bangor, has seen the most attacks over a five year period; followed by Abergele Road, Conwy; Water Street, Rhyl and High Street, Wrexham.
Areas, where there are pubs, clubs, and bars in towns, are more likely to see problems.
The figures for every street were released following a Freedom of Information request (FOI) to North Wales Police (NWP) covering the start of 2015 to the end of 2019.
In total there were 70,985 recorded assaults on the region's highways, roads, and avenues, over that period and they had nearly doubled from 9,665 in 2015 to 17,979 in 2019.
Wrexham had the most with 16,610; Flintshire was second with 12,737; Denbighshire third - 12,693; Conwy fourth - 12,110; Gwynedd fifth -  11,017 and Anglesey sixth with 5,717.
All forms of attacks on a person were in the data, including physical assaults on people and police including actual bodily harm (ABH) and grievous bodily harm (GBH)), racially aggravated attacks, people injured by drivers on purpose and poisoning.
In January North Wales Live revealed where the most dangerous place to be a police officer is.
A North Wales Police spokesman said: "Harassment and anti-social behavior in public places will not be tolerated. Anyone who witnesses any type of assault is urged to contact 101.
"Alternatively use the live webchat or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.”
Here North Wales Live looks at the top 10 streets in North Wales which have seen the most assaults and attacks over the last five years.

1. Bangor High Street - 556

Bangor High Street  

High Street in Bangor was the most violent in North Wales according to the data with more than 550 attacks.
They have almost doubled from 78 in 2015 to 149 in 2019.
In July last year, a police officer's stun gun was stolen after he was set upon.

2. Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay - 519

Abergele Road in Colwyn Bay
Abergele Road in Colwyn Bay 

With nearly 520 attacks over five years, Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay, is the second place in North Wales where an attack is likely to take place.
Again incidents have shown a big rise since 2015 when there was 89. In 2019 there were 155. In both years that was more than Bangor's High Street. But the years in between 2016-18 saw fewer attacks.
In October last year, an assault caused the closure of a shop as part of the road was taped off.

3. Water Street, Rhyl - 426

Water Street, Rhyl 

The levels of violence in Water Street, Rhyl, have remained consistent over the five years with 72 in 2015; 90 in 2016; 95 in 2017; 85 in 2018 and 84 in 2019.
In October 2018, doorman Amor Guerchi was left scarred for life after a man bit his ear in a row over pizza.

4. High Street, Wrexham - 383

High Street in Wrexham. Photo by Ian Cooper
High Street in Wrexham. Photo by Ian Cooper  

With a lot of pubs and bars in a short space, the area has seen a rise in attacks over the five year period.
In 2015 there were 49, but that rose to 96 in 2018. Last year there were 81.
In 2019 magistrates banned Daniel Skimmings from all pubs, clubs, and bars in four counties after he headbutted two men in an unprovoked bar attack.

5. Wellington Road, Rhyl - 380

Police in Rhyl after incident on Wellington Road
Police in Rhyl after the incident on Wellington Road  

Attacks and assaults on this street have more than doubled over the last five years.
In 2015 there were 40, but in 2019 they stood at 97.
During November 2018 armed police swooped on the street after a man with a "handgun" attempted to rob newsagents.

6. Abbot Street, Wrexham - 353.

General view of Abbot Street in Wrexham town centre
General view of Abbot Street in Wrexham town center 

Another small road in the center of Wrexham which has pubs and takeaways.
There has been a rise in attacks from 55 in 2015 to 79 in 2019, peaking in 2017 with 90.
In November 2018, Courtney Jane Taylor-Braithwaite received a ban from every pub in Wrexham after a bar manager was glassed.

7. High Street, Rhyl - 329

The incident happened on Rhyl High Street
Rhyl High Street  

With mostly shops and a few pubs, High Street is one of Rhyl's main thoroughfares.
Incidents have nearly tripled since 2015 which saw 55 incidents, rising to 106 in 2019.
In April 2017 a man was left in hospital in a serious condition after reports of a confrontation between a group of men in a flat.

8. Brook Street, Wrexham - 325

Brook Street in Wrexham is the most crime-ridden street in North Wales
Brook Street in Wrexham

Another town center road near to Wrexham's hub of bars and pubs, Brook Street has also seen a rise in incidents from 48 in 2015 to 75 in 2019.
In November 2017, a man who fractured another’s jaw in two places with a boxer-style punch on the road was locked up.
During October 2016 a young man was left with a head injury following reports of an assault, sparking a police appeal.
9. Bridge Road, Wrexham - 296

HMP Berwyn on Wrexham Industrial Estate 


Bridge Road, Wrexham, has seen a massive rise in incidents recorded since the opening of HMP Berwyn in February 2017.
In 2015 there were 0 incidents and in 2016 just four. But in the three years after, there were 41 in 2017; 131 in 2018 and 120 last year.

10. Town Hill, Wrexham - 268.

Town Hill, Wrexham
Town Hill, Wrexham 

Another town center road in Wrexham on the pub and bar trail, close to Brook Street, High Street and Abbot Street.
Again the street has seen a rise from 39 incidents in 2015 to 56 in 2019.
A drunk joiner was given a community order at the beginning of last year after grabbing an officer's privates.