Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Colwyn Bay ... Cartrefi Conwy Slammed By Disabled Pensioner For Failure To Allow Meals To Be Delivered On Table Outside Flat!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...Is this the same Cartrefi Conwy who is trying to demolish the historic Larkfield house for a block of flats despite not owning the building? And also who has refused to speak to the pressure group made up of locals and historians? Yes the same Cartrefi! What a delightful company they are! (not)

A self-isolating former chef with a serious lung problem has blasted a housing association for asking him to have his meals delivered on the floor outside his flat.
Thomas Williamson, who used to work at the Grand Hotel in Llandudno, suffers from COPD and heart failure and is diabetic.
The 71-year-old has been self-isolating at his home in Old Colwyn and getting his meals delivered, and left a stool outside his front door as he didn't want his food to be put on the floor.
However, he's since been told by Cartrefi Conwy that the stool has to go as it poses a hazard.
Mr. Williamson said: "I have acute illnesses, so have been in self-isolation for quite some time.
"The stool didn't pose a risk to anyone, as it was well away from everyone. I don't want my meals going anywhere near the floor. I'm a former chef and so I know all about what germs there are on the floor.
"I know they come on plates and in containers. I still don't want them to go on a dirty floor. I was told to put a tea towel underneath, but I can't see why a metal stool poses any problems."
He added: "I know the rules, but surely at a time like this Cartrefi Conwy could bend the rules a little.
"There are three people living on this floor - one is away and one is in lockdown like me.
"I feel very wronged and penalized, especially for doing 'the right thing', having spent time with social services to get meals delivered, sorting out my pharmacist to deliver, and getting the Sure Hope church people to do my shopping."
Gwynne Jones, managing director at Cartrefi Conwy, said: "We very much appreciate this is a difficult and worrying time for our tenants, but our paramount concern is the safety of all our residents.
"This policy was introduced on the strong advice of our professional fire safety assessors and the North Wales Fire and Rescue Service, with whom we work closely.
"We have been informed by the government that safety and compliance measures must continue even at this time.
"They have advised us that it is important to keep all corridors and communal spaces at our properties with communal areas clear in case of emergency.
"In the meantime, during the current crisis, our well-being team are supporting our more vulnerable tenants with food and medicine deliveries to enable them to self-isolate as safely as possible."

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Colwyn Bay...Homeless Travelodge residents turned out on to street!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...initially, this mess of a hotel in Colwyn Bay used to deny it even took homeless people until a Freedom of Information Request to the Council proved otherwise! It would be interesting to know how many homeless are actually houses at this lower end of the budget hotel chain in Wales and England!

Hundreds of residents of the budget hotel chain Travelodge, including homeless families housed there by local councils, have been turned out on to the street after it closed its premises.
The chain issued letters to all residents on Tuesday asking them to leave as soon as possible as they were “temporarily closing the hotels until further notice” in the light of the UK government’s extended coronavirus physical distancing guidelines issued on Monday.
This appeared to be in defiance of government guidance issued the same day that said that hotels looking after homeless families who had been placed in temporary accommodation in hotels should not close.
The closure led to chaos and dismay among families and local authority homelessness workers.
A Spelthorne council housing worker tweeted: “Travelodge gave us four hours’ notice to find alternative accommodation for our clients. One was 84 years old. Luckily we managed to find other rooms by the skin of our teeth. Now no backup for out of hours or hospital discharge if other hotel chains closed. This is only wk 1!”
In Milton Keynes, reports suggested a dozen homeless people were at the council’s civic offices on Tuesday night after being ejected from rooms at local Travelodge and Jurys Inn hotels. “Nowhere will take anybody in because of the coronavirus risk. It is proving really difficult,” one homelessness worker told the MK Citizen website.
Chains such as Travelodge have made millions of pounds in recent years from local authorities by providing emergency accommodation for homeless families waiting to be placed in more suitable temporary accommodation.
An anonymous local authority housing officer tweeted: “This week/last week has been hell on earth. Housing Advice Services were drowning before coronavirus, now it is actually critical. Illegal evictions, loss of TA and families evicting in numbers I’ve never seen before. Loss of Travelodge is devastating.”
Anthony Morson, who had been self-isolating at Heathrow Travelodge after flying in with his wife to see his father, who has leukemia, told the Guardian he was asked to leave on Tuesday with just two hours’ notice.
Other residents who were turned out on to the streets included an Australian family with three children, contract workers at Heathrow, and an Asian family stuck in transit. Some residents told him they had been staying there for two years.
Morson said there were tense scenes at the reception, with some residents in tears as staff was unable to give any explanation for closing the hotel other than to say it was as a result of government guidance. They offered no advice about where else to go and no refunds were offered.
Morson, who was able to find a room at a nearby hotel, said: “There was no advice, no explanation. They should have given people at least another night to try and find alternative accommodation. The whole thing was very peculiar.”
A spokesperson for Travelodge said: “Travelodge has been obliged to commence the temporary closure of its hotels in line with the instructions from the government on 24 March 2020. We do expect to remain open in selected critical locations across the country to support accommodation for emergency workers and other groups.
“We are reviewing daily which hotels are best positioned to support the needs that arise with the government while ensuring we comply with the new restrictions in place to protect the public.”
There are fears that closures of caravan parks will cause similar problems. A Northamptonshire site typically used by residents who have a second property abroad closed abruptly on Tuesday. Many class the UK caravan as their permanent home and live there for 10 months of the year but now cannot fly out to their second property.
On Tuesday night, the children’s commissioner for England, Anne Longfield, urged ministers to allow councils to requisition empty Airbnb properties as short-term rental blocks and hotels that had rooms with cooking facilities to put up homeless families.
In a letter to the housing secretary, Robert Jenrick, she wrote: “The government needs to provide local authorities with the resources to source these homes and combined with a clear expectation that homes need to be sourced quickly. I would like to see this combined with clear messaging to landlords: co-operate or the government will act.
“It would be a particular disgrace to have closed down apartments – many run by businesses which will be receiving government funds in the next few months – while close by families is homeless.
‘‘I would urge you to commit that any hotel or property business receiving government support, or wage subsidies, in the next few months will have to commit to housing families at cost. If local authorities are supported by the government with both resourcing and clear messaging I believe we can get these families a decent home to call their own – at least for the next four months.”
According to the housing lawyer Giles Peaker, Travelodge originally said it would close on Thursday, giving residents – who also include tourists and key workers – enough time to try to find other accommodation.
On his blog, Peaker said: “This needs urgent national-level intervention. For all that I might criticize councils for putting people into basic hotels and then leaving them there for long periods, we all know the huge pressures on the availability of temporary and emergency accommodation for council homeless units. Past this immediate crisis of today, there will be virtually no emergency accommodation for homeless applicants.”

Colwyn Bay ...A Lonely Morrisons Shopping Trolley Lies Abandoned Amongst The Chaos!!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...Despite all of the mad panic at the shops, this shopping trolley was spotted by a resident of Rhiw Bank Terrace, along with a Larger bottle left on the bin. Maybe the former possessor of the said shopping trolley needed a drink after all of the stress at the store! 

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Colwyn Bay ...Vile Girl Bites and Assaults Emergency Police Officer!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...Despite the current health crisis. the trash in our society still appear to have time to fight, and steal! This vile human being should be given a long stretch inside a nice prison. I hope the officer is alright and not infected.

A POLICE officer was punched and bitten when attending a disturbance in Colwyn Bay.
A spokesperson from North Wales Police said the incident - which involved two females - happened on Coed Pella Road on Monday, March 23.
A girl of 17 was arrested for assaulting an emergency worker.
North Wales Police West Conwy Coast tweeted: "This was an unnecessary and disgusting assault on a police officer."

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Colwyn Bay.. Brain Dead Yobs Leave Their Mark!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...How sad, clearly there is no talent, and a life in and out of prison or death from drugs awaits!

Colwyn Bay... Despite The Coronavirus There Is Always Time For Vandalism!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...Spotted by one of the local dog walkers today, Yobs clearly thought that tearing out this family picnic table and tossing it on to the footpath would be fun! 

Llandudno.... Why Would You Leave A Fridge on Double Yellow Lines?

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...Thank you to Amanda for these photographs! What a cheek to leave it there!

Monday, 23 March 2020

North Wales Snowdon...Idiots Ignore Coronavirus Warning To Go Up Mountain!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says,,, Just look at these idiots, hardly any have gloves or masks on! So everything they touch if they have the virus, could infect another, how stupid and how selfish!

Snowdonia busy as people urged to consider if they should be risking themselves and aiders as the covid-19 outbreak escalates
This was the scene this morning on Snowdon as mountain rescuers warned they cannot guarantee help amid the coronavirus crisis.
The Pen y Pass car park was full of hundreds of cars parked along the roads, as numerous walkers hiked up Wales' biggest mountain.
But they were warned it is putting themselves and mountain rescuers at risk as the covid-19 outbreak escalates.
Thousands gather at Snowdon on Saturday. The scene bottom of the pass going towards Nant Gwynant.
Thousands gather at Snowdon on Saturday. The scene bottom of the pass going towards Nant Gwynant. 
Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already called for an end to unnecessary social contact and travel and yesterday shut down all pubs, bars and restaurants.
The North Wales Mountain Rescue Association - which represents the regions' six teams - has raised serious concerns about walkers taking to mountains, sparking unnecessary call-outs for them, with people urged to stick to familiar routes.
Last week, two call-outs were received, one for the Ogwen team for a young man lightly dressed and with two dogs, cragfast on Tryfan in darkness.
Crowds gather on Snowdon on Saturday at Pen y Pass
Crowds gather on Snowdon on Saturday at Pen y Pass 
The other was for the Llanberis team for another lightly dressed and equipped man who was lost in darkness on Snowdon.
Mountain rescue volunteers were deployed not knowing if either casualty could have symptoms of Covid-19.
A statement has now been released by the national body, Mountain Rescue England and Wales, which says: "Resilience is a priority in order to ensure that as many volunteers are available to provide the rescue service. This is achieved by minimizing exposure of face to face contact by arranging meetings online and postponing physical training.
Thousands gather on Snowdon on Saturday. Walkers make there way up Snowdon from Pen y Pass
Thousands gather on Snowdon on Saturday. Walkers make there way up Snowdon from Pen y Pass 
"People can greatly assist too, by answering honestly when asked about symptoms of Covid-19 by the Mountain Rescue Team Leaders and by not taking unnecessary risks when enjoying the outdoors.
"Anyone who has the symptoms of Covid-19 or is self-isolating because of exposure of Covid-19, should seriously consider the risks that they impose on the volunteers of the mountain rescue teams should they need and call for their assistance.
"These volunteers are well-equipped and well-trained for all the usual hazards that they encounter in the mountains.
"They are not trained or equipped for dealing with the effects of this pandemic. Even if the specialist training was given and the specialist protective equipment was issued, it is for the hospital setting and not in all weathers, daylight, and darkness on a steep mountainside.
"Mountain Rescue team members ask that members of the public who are going to the countryside and mountains do not take added risks. Keep to familiar challenges. Avoid remote places. Ensure that you are self-sufficient and can make a reasonable effort to self-rescue.
"As the British Mountaineering Council (BMC) states in an article on Covid-19, “Don’t assume there will be Mountain Rescue cover.”"

Wednesday, 18 March 2020

Llandudno...Hoteliers are warning 'Winter is Coming' as it braces for coronavirus hit 'ghosts towns'

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...Yes, these are difficult times, but one has to wonder why these people do not have any reserves put away from the profit made? Everyone will be affected by this with few exceptions, Pubs, Clubs, Djs, Shops, Tradesmen, everyone and as for Sell Island, it is only open for part of the year so it is not a major concern, unlike many other businesses, I wonder how people managed in the II World War? These are scary times, but we will come through them. My heart goes out more to Nurses, Doctors, Care Workers, Ambulance Workers The Police and The Army who will be putting their lives at risk on a daily basis to help us.
'Winter is coming'
Those were the words from a Llandudno hotelier that represents the fears of an entire sector as measures to slow the spread of coronavirus are stepped up.
The industry has already seen bookings collapse and cancellations soar - with reports that Llandudno is at 10% of its normal capacity.
This hit another level yesterday when Prime Minister Boris Johnson advised people not to visit "pubs, clubs, and theatres" and avoid unnecessary travel - warnings that could signal the end for many businesses without urgent support.
Boris Johnson laying out the measures Britain faces to combat the coronavirus
Boris Johnson laying out the measures Britain faces to combat the coronavirus
There is anger in the sector that the UK Government has not asked for their closure which some industry experts say would make it possible to claim insurance for their losses in the coming weeks and months.
Welsh Government is also under pressure to act more rapidly to spell out exactly how it will use the additional funding to help companies in Wales.
Some businesses are already closing as they hope to ride out the storm while others like Europe's biggest campsite Shell Island, near Harlech, is putting back its opening date for the season.
Chancellor Rishi Sunak is today set to unveil a raft of additional support and the Welsh Government is under pressure to do the same.
Peter Hibbert, who runs The Evans Hotel in Llandudno, said: "It's like they say in the Game of Thrones 'Winter is Coming'.
Peter Hibbert, who runs The Evans Hotel in Llandudno, fears for his trade. Image: David Powell/North Wales Live 
"We are getting cancellation after cancellation, our demographic is older people, often on coach trips and they are canceling.
"We are down to about 10% of what we would normally be doing. Llandudno will turn into a ghost town over the next few weeks.
"We have bookings going forward but will they come? 
"I have been here a long time and don't owe the bank money so I'm not in the same position as other businesses. I can close and then reopen in a few weeks but what about the staff?
"They have been loyal to me, I don't want to lay people off, but if no one if coming what can I do.
"We need support, we need the Welsh Government to be proactive but they are dragging - we need action now."
UKHospitality CEO Kate Nicholls said: “This is catastrophic for businesses and jobs. 
"The government has effectively shut the hospitality industry without any support, and this announcement will lead to thousands of businesses closing their doors for good, and hundreds of thousands of job losses."
CAMRA's National Chairman Nik Antona said: "Pubs are at the heart of many communities and often provide other vital services.
"The advice from the Government for people to avoid pubs will have a devastating effect on the pub and brewing industry, the many millions of people it employs and the huge contribution it makes to local and national economies.
"The lack of decisive instruction from the Government leaves pubs in a limbo where customers will abandon them, but they’ll be unable to claim insurance or other support to help them survive. The Government has not defined how long people should stay away from pubs, but be in no doubt, within a short time many pubs and breweries will close and never reopen to serve their communities."
Aberconwy AM Janet Finch-Saunders, whose constituency includes Llandudno, has been stepping up pressure on Welsh Government to act.
Welsh ministers have announced some action with Development Bank of Wales offering all it's business customers a three-month capital repayment holiday.
Economy Minister Ken Skates has launched a conversation with companies about what they need to respond to the outbreak.
They now have a £475m coronavirus funding pot from UK Government for businesses and the NHS and UK Government has announced measures like major extra business rates support for firms in England.
Mrs. Finch-Saunders said support in Wales now has to be rapid as businesses are already "hitting rock bottom".
She said: "I know of hotels in the Conwy Valley which, due to flooding, have recorded the worst February on record since foot and mouth, and are now facing serious difficulties due to Covid-19.
Janet Finch-Saunders AM, in the Senedd, Cardiff Bay
Janet Finch-Saunders AM 
“Here in Llandudno, it has been found that future bookings at hotels equate to just 10 percent of the bookings made at the same time last year and that queries about cancellations are increasing.
“Tourists spend around £17 million a day whilst in Wales, amounting to around £6.3 billion a year, but it seems that a significant proportion of this may be lost as a result of the virus.
“Without the usual level of customers, businesses are at threat of going into administration, so urgent action is needed this week to help prop them up.
“We know that the hospitality sector is already struggling, so rather than give assurances that the Welsh Government is monitoring the impact and that Visit Wales will continue to undertake research across the sector to understand the effects on businesses, it is time for urgent action on business rates, grant funding, and for the Welsh Government to ensure that the support available here is at least as generous as that in England."
Edward Hiller, managing director at Llandudno landowner Mostyn Estates, said: "Businesses need clarity now from the Welsh Government.
Edward Hiller, managing director of Mostyn Estates
Edward Hiller, managing director of Mostyn Estates
"They can deal with the detail later but they need an announcement now about how the Welsh Government will help them.
"Businesses will be affected and are already being affected. they are worried about survival and they need to know what help they can get."
Clwyd West MP David Jones said: “The Treasury yesterday confirmed additional funding of £475 million for the Welsh Government (WG) to assist it in addressing the coronavirus epidemic.
“At this worrying time, it is essential that businesses throughout the UK should know that they will have the same level of support.
 “England-only measures already announced include the  £500 million hardship fund, a £3000 support grant for businesses qualifying for 100% rate relief and additional business rates relief measures for pubs and other enterprises within the hospitality and leisure sector.
“More announcements are expected imminently.
“The WG must ease pressure on businesses by confirming that they will immediately adopt all measures announced for business support by Westminster.  They have been given the funding, and there is no reason for delay.”
A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “We will be making further announcements about coronavirus support for businesses, including rates relief. Finance Minister Rebecca Evans wrote to the UK Treasury on Friday seeking urgent clarity about the level of rates relief funding it will guarantee(response sent prior to £475m announcement), recognizing the greater number of small businesses in Wales and their specific needs.
“The Minister for Economy, Transport and North Wales, Ken Skates, has just announced the Development Bank of Wales is offering all its business customers a three-month capital repayment holiday to help them manage the financial fallout from the virus.”

Colwyn Bay...Conwy County are Causing Difficulties With Disposing Of Rubbish Lead to Fly Tipping!

Mrs, Colwyn Bay Says...Sadly no matter how you look at it the difficulties with just taking things to the skip (not Porth Eirias) but the Mochdre one are causing this. You should be able to walk in and leave your rubbish, instead if you are in a van they want to charge you, even if you are not a tradesperson. Also, they go through everything, make you open bin bags and more, no wonder this happens. The council need to start making it easier not harder. The interesting thing is that Conwy Council used to let you report fly-tipping anonymously now it will not let you do that online but forces you to give details and an email before it will accept the referral? I wonder why that is? Well if I now see it I will not report it, you should be able to report it and be happy to remain anonymous if you wish.

Fly-tippers dumped heaps of household rubbish - including an old bath - in the North Wales countryside.
Pictures published by North Wales Police's Rural Crime Team on Twitter showed the shocking amount of items dumped at Bryn y Maen near Colwyn Bay.
The crime team tweeted: "Well someone definitely didn't like their bathroom(s) and decided to dispose of them in our countryside at Bryn Y Maen, Colwyn Bay.
"Needless to say we will be throwing the kitchen sink at it! I would be worried if I was them...as we have clues!!"
Other dumped items included a metal bed frame, plastic bins and building rubble.
Household items including a bedstead and a bath were dumped on Bryn y Maen, Colwyn Bay 
Fly-tipped items on Bryn Y Maen, Colwyn Bay 
A spokesman for Conwy County Council said: "There is no excuse for fly-tipping and local residents should not have to tolerate this type of behavior by a small minority of irresponsible people who break the law. 
"Cleaning up fly-tipping costs us all money; it’s illegal, dangerous and potentially harmful to health; it spoils our enjoyment of the surroundings and can cause serious pollution of the environment.
"If you pay someone to remove waste from your business or home, remember to check that the person or company who’s taking the waste away is a registered waste carrier and always ask for a detailed receipt."
The council's advice on fly-tipping is people should discreetly try to note the date, time and the place where the tipping is taking place or has occurred and taken down a description of any vehicles involved and the registration number.