Wednesday, 29 April 2020

Rhos On Sea Another Abandoned Shopping Trolley!

It looks like someone has dumped rubbish in the trolley before abandoning it in the alley near the Top Wok Chinese Restaurant!

Colwyn Bay Graffiti At Bryn Euryn Summit Now Removed!

It would seem that Graffiti is a regular feature atop of the summit! I pity the poor soul who has to walk all the way up to repaint it every few weeks! I think it was a bad idea to ever paint it white!

Visit Wales Later and Save Lives!

For now, you must avoid all non-essential travel. Traveling to holiday home or to a second home is not permitted. Police have powers to enforce this. Please stay local for now, and help stop the spread of coronavirus. Stay home. Lives depend on it. #StayHome

North Wales Police seek two men in connection with "mindless spree" around Llanrwst


Well, these two brain dead morons apart from ignoring lockdown could have damaged Nurses or Care workers' care, preventing them from doing life-saving work. Let us hope these scum are found.

THE hunt is on for two vandals following a "mindless spree" in Conwy Valley.
North Wales Police is appealing for information on the two men, who are believed to have slashed car tires throughout the Llanrwst area in the early hours of Tuesday, April 28.
A spokesperson for police tweeted: "We need your help Llanrwst, two males have gone on a mindless spree slashing tyres on numerous cars in the Llanrwst area at about 4am this morning.
"Please check your CCTV If you have any information that may assist, ring 101 or use web chat quoting the reference Y059742."

Llandudno...Opening date for Llandudno drive-through coronavirus testing centre revealed.


At last, this is long overdue!

A drive-through coronavirus testing center in North Wales is ready to open, it has been announced.
Vaughan Gething, the Welsh Government's minister for health and social services, confirmed during today's Welsh Government briefing that the site in Llandudno will open on Wednesday, April 29.
The testing center, located on the Builder Street coach park, will begin by testing critical workers.
Only critical workers displaying symptoms of the virus will be referred for testing, said Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, which includes NHS staff, police, fire and ambulance services, and care home workers.
Those who need to be tested will be able to drive on to the site and self-swab without leaving their vehicles.
Teresa Owen, Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board’s executive director of public health, has led work to set up the center on behalf of the North Wales Resilience Forum.
She said: “The new drive-through testing center in Llandudno will play an integral part in our response to Coronavirus in North Wales.
“The site will greatly increase our regional testing capability and complements several existing Health Board Community Testing Units (CTUs) for critical workers and NHS staff across the region. Together, these facilities will help safeguard the public, provide the best possible outcome for patients, and keep essential services running.”
The Builder Street drive-through testing center is being developed in partnership with the UK Government and Deloitte to deliver the UK-wide coronavirus testing of critical workers.
Key partners on the North Wales facility also include the Welsh Government, Public Health Wales, North Wales Police, Conwy County Borough Council, and other Resilience Forum partners.
North Wales Police's Assistant Chief Constable, Sacha Hatchett, who chairs the North Wales Resilience Forum, added, “The demand for Coronavirus testing amongst our critical workers is growing. The site on Builder Street represents the next phase of our testing response to support critical workers in vital areas of public service.
“We have mobilized quickly with the support of partners and the military to create a suitable drive-through center which increases our testing capacity in North Wales. This new center allows us to provide Coronavirus testing in a convenient, timely, and, above all else, a safe way for all involved in the process.”
The testing center will not pose a risk to the public as stringent infection prevention measures are in place to protect people, staff, and the wider community, said the health board.

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

North Wales ...Rural Crime Team investigating reports of poaching in Conwy Valley

Poor Farmers and Animals, I hope these scum get caught.


NORTH Wales Police's Rural Crime Team say they have been investigating a reported poaching by males in the Conwy Valley.
A tweet posted by the team earlier today said one of their officers has also been dealing with a suspected shot Peregrine Falcon.
A spokesperson said "it seems wildlife offences in the are are increasing during the coronavirus lockdown".
If you think you have information which could help them solve these cases, call 101.

Colwyn Bay ...Further appeal for information after teenager is left with serious injuries in Colwyn Bay

Someone must know or have seen something, please get in touch with North Wales Police on 101
AN APPEAL for information has been re-issued after a teenager was seriously assaulted last month.
The unprovoked attack happened on The Dingle in Colwyn Bay in the early hours of March 23.
The victim was left with potentially life-threatening head injuries which subsequently required emergency surgery.
Detective Constable Charlotte Springett said: “This was a particularly nasty assault which left an 18-year-old boy seriously injured.
"We are appealing for any information which may assist in the investigation.”
Anyone with any information relating to the assault is urged to call DC Spingett at St Asaph CID on 101 quoting reference 20000177711.
Alternatively contact the control room direct via the web live chat or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Sunday, 26 April 2020

Colwyn Bay Guide To Walks Around Colwyn Bay!

This wonderful picture of an original leaflet was recently shared online. Once upon a  time when people cared about Colwyn Bay people flocked to visit here, since the council has been in charge it's a Ghosttown! 

Colwyn Bay Why Won't Dog Walkers Take Their Doggy Bags Home?

This photograph was taken buy and Old Colwyn Resident, since the Coronavirus epidemic, the council sealed all public bins due to the risk of infection to workers emptying the bins. However, the picture above is identical to all around the county, as dog walkers just dump the bags rather than take them home! We have dogs and our dog mess goes in the bin at home, we don.t just dump it! Sadly there are many responsible dog owners and those who are giving everyone else a bad name. It is about time these people cleaned up their act!

Colwyn Bay Fire Brigade Called to Princess Courts Flats For The 3rd Time In A Week!

Apparently a problem with the electric or someone smoking where they should not be smoking! This is the last thing the fire service needs with all of the mountain fires raging. The management company of these flats should sort it out, Pronto!

Coronavirus: Disinfectant Firm Warns Of Grave Concerns after Trump Comments!

If he says it works why not test it on him! Some people are now going to die because of his comments, they will go home and try it!

Coronavirus: Disinfectant firm warns after Trump comments

Trump dangerously suggests sunlight and ingesting disinfectants could help cure coronavirus!

And a whole lot of people will now be trying this, how stupid is this man!
Trump dangerously suggests sunlight and ingesting disinfectants could help cure coronavirus

Colwyn Bay ..How Wonderful The Town Used To Look!

When people cared about how the town looked.

Saturday, 25 April 2020

Colwyn Bay....Police Appeal. Womans Handbag Snatchched In Town!

Very sad news, police are investigating a woman who had her handbag snatched outside Stermats on Abergele Road in Colwyn Bay on Wednesday 22nd of April. If anyone has any information, please ring North Wales Police on 101. Thank You.
You would think at times like this crime would be the last thing on people's minds! I do hope this lady is okay, and also she has on top of the crime the worry of being infected by this piece of criminal scum.

Llandudno ...Police hunt for man who exposed himself to walkers!

Please do not take offense at the humourous picture, but for some, it may be a frightening event, for others they see a sad damaged person, who clearly has some mental health issues. What can anyone from exposing themselves except power, but I would love to know the psychology behind why people do it, and why so many men?
Police have increased patrols in a Conwy village after a man indecently exposed himself to two walkers.
North Wales Police are appealing for information after the man revealed himself to two women in Bryn Pydew, near Llandudno Junction on April 22.
The incident happened at around 2pm on Wednesday when the man exposed himself to the women who walking along a lane.
DC Catherine Blellock said: “We want to speak to anyone who may know a man who was walking in the area at the time, wearing ¾ length shorts with a blue and white pattern on them.

North Wales Police generic. Rear view back of policeman. legs.
“We have increased patrols in the area to reassure the public whilst our enquiries are continuing and I wish to remind members of the public to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to North Wales Police.”
If you have any information please call DC 3235 Blellock at St Asaph CID on 101 or use the live webchat.
Alternatively call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Colwyn Bay Stunning Sunset From Bryn Euryn

 Stunning Sunset, just stunning.

Rhos On Sea Madoc Flats Carbuncle From Bryn Euryn Mountain!

So sad to see Rhos On Sea just one block of Carbuncle flats after another. Here this ugly pile stands out like a sore thumb, blighting houses and views all around. Planning for this should never have been allowed, a thousand people signed a petition to stop this awful development, and with good reason.

And the flats!

Friday, 24 April 2020

North Wales .....Outlaw all second home use in Wales until coronavirus outbreak is over, senior doctors urge

The sooner this happens the better, they should turn off all of the utilities also with very big fines if people break it.


Senior doctors want the Welsh Government to outlaw all second home use until the coronavirus pandemic has subsided.
The open letter, which has been signed by 15 clinicians from across Wales, urging the First Minister to make holiday home use illegal and outlines the danger of non-essential travel "in relation to the current public health emergency".
Mark Drakeford has already hinted that regulations on people traveling to Welsh second homes could be tightened, with an announcement expected by the weekend.
All non-essential travel, including to second homes, is already illegal under the existing coronavirus guidelines.
But according to the open letter, there are concerns that the existing rules contained within The Health Protection (Coronavirus) (Wales) Regulations 2020 are "insufficient" and need bolstering.
According to the senior GP's, covering authorities from Anglesey to Wrexham, Bridgend, and Ceredigion, the Welsh Government should:
  • Make second home use illegal until the risk posed by Covid-19 has abated, even when lockdown restrictions begin to ease in other areas of Wales and the UK, in order to prevent a “second peak”.
  • Prolong lockdown measures in rural tourist hotspot areas of Wales, specifically targeting non-essential travel into these areas.
  • Empower police to enforce the above, with the power to compel those breaching these restrictions without reasonable excuse to return to their primary residence.
The letter adds: "Tourism and holiday home use facilitate non-essential movement into rural areas, increasing the population and thus placing additional pressures on local health and emergency services," states the open letter, warning that north and west Wales could see a "second peak" unless such measures are followed.
"This could happen at the very worst of times - when staff resilience will be at rock-bottom, after weeks and months of pressure, and when global supplies of medical and personal protective equipment have been depleted.
"We appreciate the economic value of tourism, but this cannot be at the cost of the health of our rural population.
"We hope that the Welsh Government will show the value of devolution by being prepared to act in a swift, innovative, agile, and decisive manner to safeguard the people of Wales.
"Where necessary this must diverge from Westminster to meet our nation’s unique needs and challenges. Let history show that the Government of Wales acted when it mattered the most."
Arfon AM, Sian Gwenllian, has added her voice to those calling for stricter guidelines on those using second homes in Wales during the Covid-19 outbreak.
She said: "The Labour Government has said they would be guided by the science. So now they must listen to the clinicians and act quickly to protect local communities in Wales.
Arfon AM Sian Gwenllian has been getting feedback from farmers in her constituency
Arfon AM Sian Gwenllian 
“While the vast majority of people have taken a sensible approach, staying in the primary residences, for weeks we have been calling for tougher measures to stop the few irresponsible individuals who have ignored the rules traveling
"It is a shame that the Labour Welsh Government has taken so long to react that senior doctors now feel it necessary to go public in order for them to be listened to.
“We are asking our front line NHS heroes to work night and day, putting their lives on the line to fight this virus. Mark Drakeford and Vaughan Gething must now listen to them and act quickly to keep them and our constituents safe.”
A Welsh Government spokesperson said: "The regulations currently in force allow people to leave their main home only for a very limited number of reasons – which do not include traveling to a second home.
"We will continue to look in detail at the regulations to see whether there are any areas which need to be tightened or areas where we could make changes.”

Llandudno...Ex-soldier jailed for trying to murder neighbours dies after getting coronavirus!

An ex-soldier who was jailed for life for trying to kill his retired neighbors has died of coronavirus.
Nigel and Marjorie Gibbs from Llandudno, were lucky to survive after being stabbed repeatedly in August 2012, in an attack aimed at "teaching them a lesson".
Tierney had been a prisoner at HMP Altcourse, and the 74-year-old was understood to have had existing health issues before contracting Covid-19.
On April 3, when his condition worsened he was discharged to Aintree Hospital, where he was isolated on ward. He was diagnosed with COVID-19 on April 5 and passed away on April 7.
It is a matter for the coroner to determine the official cause of death. His next of kin had been informed, as well as the police and the Prisons and Probation Ombudsman.
Mr. Gibbs, who was then 66, and living in Llys Dulyn, was using a power saw outside when he was suddenly confronted by Tierney who held a knife to his face and said he was going to teach him a lesson.
Sean Hedley Tierney, 74, who was jailed for life for trying to kill his elderly neighbours, has died of Covid-19.
Sean Hedley Tierney, 74, who was jailed for life for trying to kill his elderly neighbors 
Mr. Gibbs was stabbed in the chest, and as he fled to a neighbor's home to get help Tierney followed and tried to stab him again.
Sean Hedley Tierney was accused of two counts of attempted murder, as he also stabbed Marjorie Gibbs.
Mrs. Gibbs suffered stab wounds to her chest, abdomen, and arm and was in critical care after sustaining damage to her liver.
After it Tierney left a phone message for a friend in which he told how he had “just killed that two b******s downstairs”.
The couple was rushed to the intensive care unit at Ysbyty Glan Clwyd.
Marjorie and Nigel Gibbs of Llandudno
Marjorie and Nigel Gibbs of Llandudno
John Whitwam, Managing Director, G4S Custodial and Detention Services, said: "A prisoner from HMP Altcourse passed away at Aintree Hospital on April 7, 2020.
"The Prison and Probation Ombudsman has been informed, as well as his next of kin, and his family and friends remain in our thoughts at this difficult time."

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Llandudno...Further action taken to deter people flouting lockdown rules at Conwy Nature Reserve!

The gates to the RSPB are locked, I know as I volunteer there. so no one should be on the Nature Reserve unless they are staff or volunteers!

PEOPLE have been spotted breaking lock down rules at a Conwy Nature Reserve.
Despite RSPB North Wales closing down all of their reserves, car parks, toilets and visitor centres on March 24 to follow Government guidelines, a number of people continue to visit the Conwy RSPB near the roundabout in Llandudno Junction.
Linda Jones, of Glan Conwy, raised the alarm after seeing "several people in large groups" pay a visit to the reserve.
She added: "I have walked through the layby on Conwy Road, Glan Conwy, on the way home from my exercise walk three times this past week at different times and each time I've seen at least one person there.
"I have also observed three males, one with dogs, walking from the direction of the information centre.
"As a life member of the RSPB I am concerned the lockdown conditions in force at the reserve and access are being abused, which could be detrimental to the birds, the ponies and the reserve itself".
Since Linda voiced her concerns and sent photographic evidence of people visiting the site to RSPB North Wales, action has been taken.
An RSPB spokesperson confirmed that they have been in touch with North Wales Police, who have been "very helpful" and have since been to the Reserve to put larger signs up on the gates in the hope of deterring people from entering the site.
Conwy Nature Reserve site manager Helen Jowett said: "In accordance with Government restrictions, the RSPB has closed all its reserves to visitors until further notice including RSPB Conwy.
"We have asked and continue to ask that members of the public respect this decision, stick to public rights of away whilst on their daily exercise and observe the reserve signage about no access during this time.
"Dog walkers and cyclists especially should not be accessing the reserve now or at any time please, particularly with ground nesting birds breeding at this time of year. We look forward to welcoming people back once it is safe for us to open RSPB Conwy again."
Linda said: "I am very pleased with the outcome and that action has been taken to safeguard Conwy Nature Reserve.
"But, my question is this; Why didn't the RSPB act sooner after the reserve was closed, why wait for a member to raise the matter?".

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Colwyn Bay ...And A Very Naughty Dog Walker!

One does wonder what is the point in bothering to pick up the dog mess only to leave it hanging in a tree?

Colwyn Bay ...Anyone Lost an Upper Set?

Spotted on Colwyn Bay Beach by a number of walkers this week!

Colwyn Bay ...... The Litter Invasion Of Surgical Gloves!

I think when anyone is going out for walks in these times, they will notice the huge rise in the litter, but with litter bins now sealed, Surgical Gloves and Doggy Bags lie strewn in every town and city across the UK, and surgical masks will soon follow I am sure! From Residents of Old Colwyn past and present


Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Llandudno, Despite Lockdown Llandudno Drug Users Are Still In Need Of Their Drugs!

Well, the poor drug addicts in Llandudno must be in dire need of drugs, with dealers being stopped by the Police! The Dealers are now attempting to post drugs to the town! Llandudno is not known as Brown Town for nothing, and the drug problem is very understated, to say the least!


Large quantities of cash and class A drugs were seized by police last night in Llandudno.
Local policing responded to community concerns around drug dealing in Llandudno, Conwy.
North Wales Police arrested a 26-year-old man from Wavertree, Liverpool on suspicion of possession of class A drugs with the intent to supply.
Police have taken thousands of pounds in banknotes were taken into evidence.
A number of small wraps, and three larger wraps, of an unidentified substance, believed to be class A drugs were also seized by Police Officers.
Insp Daf Curry said: "This is a reminder to those who want to spread their misery that we continue to focus on traditional crime.

North Wales Police arrested a 26-year-old man from Wavertree, Liverpool on suspicion of possession of class A drugs with the intent to supply.
North Wales Police arrested a 26-year-old man from Wavertree, Liverpool on suspicion of possession of class A drugs with the intent to supply. 

"There will be no let-up for them despite the new challenges faced by society."
"We remain committed to going after those involved with County Lines drug dealing, and on protecting the more vulnerable in our communities."
You can report a crime to North Wales Police by calling 999 in an emergency, via the live chat or to their none-emergency line on 101.

North Wales Elderly woman spat on and laughed at by group of cyclists!

What on earth is wrong with these people, now Saliva is a new weapon to terrify people! Disgusting. One also wonders why this group were not socially isolating!


Police are investigating after an elderly woman was spat on and laughed at by a group of young cyclists.
The woman was targeted as she was walking along the Lon Las Cycle Path near Glasinfryn, Bangor at around 6.15pm last Friday, April 17.
Officers say she had to step off the path into the grass to avoid a group of four younger males on their pushbikes.
The first narrowly missed her, the second spat at her, the third laughed and the fourth one clapped and cheered.
All males were wearing dark grey, navy or black clothing, all bicycles were dark in colour.
The males were aged between 12-30 years old. They were coming from the Tregarth area, having just been over the Felin hen bridge.
Police are asking for anyone with any information in relation to the identity of these males, or who has any mobile phone / CCTV / dashcam footage to contact them via their live web chat or via 101, quoting reference Y053990.