Thursday, 27 August 2020

Llandudno Woman's Son Films Women At Salon Causing Her Arrest!

 There is something clearly wrong in this household, with one in jail and the son filming! I hope the son will be charged, and one wonders why the police did not do so to start.

A mother with a wax treatment business was told by a judge that she left court “without a stain on your character” after a voyeurism case was dropped against her.

Prosecuting counsel Myles Wilson told Caernarfon crown court the case involved a camera recording Marie Telford, aged 54, of Conwy Road, Llandudno Junction, waxing the legs of two women at her salon.

She denied knowing the camera was there and her son maintained he put it there and footage was on his laptop.

Mr. Wilson added: "Fresh evidence has come to light supporting the fact it’s the son responsible, an email the son sent ordering the camera and software found on his computer which would control the camera.”

No evidence was offered by the prosecutor who said there was no realistic prospect of conviction against her.

Simon Killeen, defending, said £13,000 costs were sought from central funds which Mrs. Telford had paid for her defense.

Judge Nicola Jones ordered that her costs be paid although she didn’t set the amount.

Entering not guilty verdicts, Judge Jones told the mum: "You leave this court without a stain on your character.”

“Upskirter” Andrew Telford, 29, of the same address, previously pleaded guilty to offenses in shops. He got a suspended jail term.

Colwyn Bay ....Bans on under 17s from gathering in Conservation Area is extended!

 They need to do the same thing at The Skip at Porth Eirias (There are more yobs than customers!) and The KFC in Town. It is that bad that the Church Yard now locks its gates permanently due to Yobbs and Drunks. I hear Llandudno is also having the same problems.

A BAN on youth gatherings in parts of Colwyn Bay has been extended for another three years in a bid to tackle anti-social behavior.

Conwy County Borough Council said it will continue the Public Space Protection Orders (PSPO) at The Dingle and Eirias Park Bowling Green which make it a criminal offense for children aged 17 and under to meet in groups of three or more unless supervised by an adult.

They also prohibit causing excessive or unreasonable noise, being in possession of open containers of alcohol, and behaving in a way that causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm, or distress.

Conwy council said the decision comes after discussion with North Wales Police that there is a “continuing need” for the orders, which have been enforced since 2017.

Charlie McCoubrey, Conwy’s cabinet member for regulation said: “It is hoped that these orders will continue to provide an effective deterrent against any anti-social behavior in the area and also enable offenders to be dealt with swiftly both by police officers and council enforcement officers.”

PSPOs were introduced by the UK Government under the Anti-social Behaviour Crime & Policing Act (2014) to give local authorities and police forces more power to prohibit large gatherings in specified areas to prevent anti-social behavior and related crime.

They are valid for three years when they have to be extended.

A breach is a criminal offense and is dealt with by way of Fixed Penalty Notice or prosecution through the Magistrates’ Court.

District inspector Claire Shiland said: “We believe that the extension to the Public Space Protection Orders will continue to make our community safer and help us tackle problems that cause fear, anxiety, and a nuisance to local residents.

“Anti-social behavior will not be tolerated; North Wales Police will work with our partners to ensure robust enforcement of the law to deliver a safer neighborhood for everyone.”

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Llandudno...Yet Another Carbuncle Is Built In The Town!

 It seems the in thing in Llandudno these days to tear down historic buildings to build crap like this. Just across the road, the stunning Police station was destroyed for an awful cheap looking carbuncle, and a massive block of flats has been given permission at the entrance to the pier! Sad that planners and developers have stopped caring about how this town looks. It will soon follow Rhyl and Wrexham.

Llandudno......Have Conwy Council Given Up On Maintaining The Towns Green Spaces?

 Anyone risking venturing into Llandudno these days will not only be greeted by Drug Dealers, Criminals and Antisocial behavior but abandoned gardens and grassed areas! We all know the town has lost its glory but you do not expect the council to help!

Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Colwyn Bay....A Rainbow Over The Skip! (Porth Eirias)


Proving even ugly things such as the Skip at Porth Eirias can have a touch of beauty, it would be even nicer if the awful carbuncle was not there! 

Llandudno ....£8.2m lottery winner hit with historic abuse allegations!


A Guernsey millionaire denied sexually abusing two young girls in court today.

Edward Allan Hughes-Jones of La Fosse, Rue Jacquesguille, St Martin, faces nine charges of historical sex abuse in the 1980s against the two girls. They were aged under 12 and cannot be named for legal reasons.

Two charges of indecent assault and a charge of indecency with a child relate to one of the girls and are alleged to have happened in the Cornwall area.

Four indecent assault charges, two charges of indecency with a child and one count of rape relate to the other girl and are alleged to have happened in Conwy county.

The 69-year-old denies all charges and he gave evidence in his defence today during his trial at Mold Crown Court.

He told the court he was born in Llandudno, previously worked as an electrical engineer who was also involved in building and won £8.2m on the lottery in December 1999.

Hughes-Jones said between 1984 to 1986, he was busy travelling to and from Berlin for work when some of the abuse is alleged to have happened.

When asked whether he committed an act of gross indecency with one of the girls in Cornwall, he replied "no" and insisted he was at another location.

Asked about whether other allegations concerning the second girl happened, he replied "absolutely not".

The court heard during the prosecution's case that two girls were left left feeling “terrified” and “disgusted” after claiming Hughes-Jones had abused them.

The court heard that one woman made a complaint to the police in 2017 and an investigation was launched.

Then in 2019, another other woman made her complaint to the police.

The case continues.


Colwyn Bay ...Idiotic Children Putting Their Lives at Risk At The Skip (Porth Eirias)


If these silly children want to hurt themselves, get on with it I say! The beach is shallow and littered with rocks, but the gangs of yobs hanging down there now ensures that this sort of behavior will happen, and when one of these children is hurt, the neglectful parents will soon be making a noise!

A REMINDER to stay safe has been issued after children were seen jumping off the sea wall by Porth Eirias in Colwyn Bay.

Matthew Forbes, Conwy’s harbour master, is reminding people to be sea safe and avoid the dangers.

He said: “We also have to warn people not to swim in the harbour at Conwy.

"The currents here run up to six miles an hour and there are obstructions under the water, such as ropes and chains, that can snag your feet.

"Boats are moving through the harbour all the time and they may not spot you in the water.”

The public are urged to check an area for warning signs before diving in our walking out too far.

“Sand banks at places like Llandudno West Shore and Llanfairfechan get rapidly submerged by the incoming tide," Mr Forbes added.

"What seems like a pleasant stroll on the beach can quickly turn into a rescue situation.”

Swimmers and paddlers are also advised to be aware of other people enjoying the water, particularly on jet skis and boats.

Jet skis in Conwy county are limited to launching from Beacons slipway at Conwy and Porth Eirias slipway at Colwyn Bay.

Swimmers should always use the area of Porth Eirias beach where jet skis are prohibited.

Mr Forbes said: "We want everyone to enjoy the seaside safely and be respectful of each other.

"We’re reminding parents to keep an eye on their kids and know where they are at all times - please keep your children safe.”


Sunday, 23 August 2020

Colwyn Bay ...Conwy Council Are Taking That Long To Clear Up Fly-Tipping That Trees Are Growing Through It!

For some reason Fly Tipping and Black Bin bags are not being collected by the council, these photographs along with many others show litter just left to rot in residential areas! Any thoughts?


Snowdonia ...Security Firm to Patrol Llanberis Village Where Residents Feel Unsafe Due To Bad Behaviour & Illegal Camping!


Snowdonia and the surrounding areas are getting more and more like a rough Wrexham council estate by the day. It is about time there was a wholistic plan to try and turn around the decline of the area before it is too late. It is a nightmare for people living there!

A security company is being brought in to patrol a Snowdonia village amid concern about bad behavior, illegal camping, and litter says the local MS.

Siân Gwenllian MS said the company will be used to tackle the problems in Llanberis, which has seen a "high level of activity" in recent weeks.

Earlier this week, the Padarn Country Park was left strewn with litter and the ground was scorched by fire after a group camped in the area without permission.

This incident and other examples of bad behavior have left many residents feeling "unsafe in their own village", said Ms. Gwenllian.

She said that, in addition to the security company employed by Gwynedd council, the village will be patrolled by the police, Snowdonia National Park wardens, the National Trust and Natural Resources Wales.

"I am pleased to learn that Gwynedd Council will be employing a security company to ensure responsible behavior in Parc Padarn," she said.

"I am also pleased to learn that, after the wardens' shifts, the security company will be concentrating on the Glyn area due to complaints of wild camping and crews gathering during the evenings."

Ms. Gwenllian said she hoped the company would start working in Llanberis as soon as possible and before the bank holiday weekend.

"I am also pleased to announce that Gwynedd Council has now arranged for the village street bins to be dealt with twice daily," she said.

“I understand that it is a worrying time for Llanberis residents, and many feel unsafe in their own village.

"I know that the authorities thank all the volunteers who have been collecting litter and doing their best to keep the village tidy."


Llandudno....A Trusted Boots Employee Stole £2,499 From Company!


Naughty, Naughty!

A shop assistant who stole to meet mounting debts has been ordered to carry out 120 hours of unpaid work.

Gayna Osborne, aged 37, of St David’s Road, Llandudno, pleaded guilty at the town’s magistrates’ court, to stealing £2,499 from Boots the chemist between December 23 and February 29.

Prosecutor Diane Williams said that although the charge was one of theft there was an element of fraud and of pre-planning.

Deborah Davies, defending, said that Osborne was a woman of good character who had been going through a difficult time, being in debt and worried about her mother, who had since died.

“She is truly sorry for what she did,” said Mrs Davies.

Osborne was given a 12-month community order to include 120 hours of unpaid work. Sh e was also ordered to pay costs of £85 and a £90 surcharge.


Colwyn Bay ....BIke is Stolen Yards from Coed Pella Council Offices!


Worrying that the criminals are now breaking into people sheds in the area, so be vigilant.

A BIKE has been stolen overnight from Colwyn Bay.

This happened in Coed Pella Road.

Community Safety Central took to Twitter on Friday, August 21 to say: "Unfortunately the bike was left in an unsecured shed with no bike lock.

"Please if you keep your bike in a shed, make sure you secure your shed with a decent lock."


Thursday, 20 August 2020

Colwyn Bay ...Car keys taken and wallet in vehicle stolen after burglary


A WALLET was stolen from a car in Colwyn Bay.

This followed a burglary on Victoria Park.

North Wales Police Community Safety Central took to Twitter on Tuesday, August 18, to say: "The suspect broke in and found the car keys.

"They entered the vehicle but thankfully didn't get away with the vehicle.

"But unfortunately the owner's wallet was in the car and the victim now has to cancel all their cards."

Anyone with information is asked to telephone police on 101.


Llandudno...Swan was 'most injured' animal RSPCA officer has ever seen after dog attack!


Dogs are not allowed in this area just outside of Llandudno, so how did this happen? I hope they catch these scum.

FATAL injuries sustained by a swan has prompted a charity to issue a warning about the need to keep canines under control near wildlife.

The bird experienced catastrophic injuries following a dog attack near Conwy.

RSPCA Cymru were alerted to the incident, which happened at the RSPB reserve, on Friday lunchtime on August 14.

During the attack - by a dog being walked off a lead - the swan sustained horrific injuries; the whole back of the bird was ripped off and its entire dorsal musculature was exposed.

The swan did not die following the attack but would have suffered immense pain and suffering.

After a search for the badly-injured bird, which took more than an hour, the swan re-appeared at the busy quayside in the town of Conwy.

The swan was making desperate attempts to swim in full view of many distressed members of the public - before the RSPCA was able to transfer the animal to a veterinary practice, where she had to be put to sleep to prevent further suffering.

RSPCA inspector Andrew Broadbent said: “This was such a sad and distressing incident to deal with.

“This poor swan was undoubtedly the most injured animal I have seen to still be alive in my 10 years working for the RSPCA - and was in complete shock and agony. It was a desperate situation.

“Fortunately, following a long search, we were able to reach the swan and a veterinarian was able to put an end to her suffering. But the injuries, shock, and agony experienced by the bird were utterly devastating and heartbreaking to witness.

“This shocking incident could have been avoided if the dog involved had not been walked so close to wildlife off the lead.

“Dog owners must remember that where there may be wild animals present in an area, a dog must be kept under proper control at all times - as the consequences otherwise can be fatal, like for this swan.”

**Please note we have opted to blur the distressing image**


Llandudno .....Officers were patrolling Llandudno's West Shore car park last night!


Llandudno continues to shine as "The Queen Of Crime", Anti Social Behavior & Drugs in North Wales!

It just keeps on getting worse by the day!

PATROLS have been stepped up in an area of Llandudno following reports of anti-social behavior.

North Wales Police officers patrolled the West Shore car park during their shifts last night.

A spokesperson for NWP West Conwy Coastal said: "You said-we listened! Officers from R4 have been patrolling WestShore Car Park in Llandudno during their shift tonight.

"No anti-social behavior with revving cars on this occasion, but did notice some vehicles parked up, details of cars have been taken to see if there's a pattern".

Anyone with further concerns should contact 101.


Tuesday, 18 August 2020

Colwyn Bay....Residents Warned To Be Vigilant Following Spate Of House & Car Burglaries on Victoria Road!


Worrying news, as Residents Warned To Be Vigilant Following Spate Of House & Car Burglaries On Victoria Road! This is the fourth Robbery on the street in two months. Keep an eye out for anyone not know to the street, take photographs, and keep all windows and doors secure, these scum will stop at nothing. Any issues please ring North Wales Police on 101. 

Caernarfon Heartbreak as rubbish left piled next to Caernarfon Castle !


Caernarfon is a strange place,it used to be lovely years ago then they split it apart by putting a dual carriageway through it! We started going on weekends but stopped due to the gangs of chavs and the fighting in the square just by the castle, The town has also been besieged by Anti-Social Behaviour so litter is one of the least worrying things about the once-popular town.


Caernarfon dispersal order targets antisocial behavior!

'Intimidating, terrifying and bad for business' - Caernarfon people speak out in wake of teen gang trouble!

What you had to say about the youth trouble in Caernarfon town centre!

Snowdonia....From Human Excrement To Broken Tents - The disgusting Mess Tourists Have Left Behind!


To be honest, this area has always been filthy and this has nothing to do with lockdown, There are few bins, and no toilets so the place is full of human waste and litter, and with all the visitors you can imagine the mess.

Swathes of Snowdonia were left in a disgusting state by weekend visitors to the picturesque national park.

Llyn Padarn was strewn with beer bottles, abandoned tents, and barbecues - which are banned in the area.

And it was left to residents to clean up after the litter louts, with dozens of bags filled up by volunteers.

As well as the littering, parking was also an issue, with the road by Llyn Geirionydd blocked, leading to warnings from North Wales Police and the Welsh Ambulance Service about the potential for emergency service vehicles not to be able to get through.

Signs prohibiting the use of barbecues were either unseen or ignored, as scorch marks were found scattered around the edges of Llyn Padarn.

Warning signs on barbecues were ignored 

Camping chairs and tents were left on the scene as well as numerous bin bags' worth of rubbish.

Rubbish collected from around Llyn Padarn 

Eric Baylis, who spent much of the weekend tidying up after people, said: "Locals are well and truly fed up now. We are fast losing our village to people who visit our wonderful area and leave it trashed."

In other parts of Llanberis, nappies and tissues were found discarded close to the Royal Victoria Hotel car park.

Residents likened scenes across the village to a "dumping ground" with several noting how the "general smell of human waste, rubbish and poo bags" was apparent.

Rubbish left in a car park by a lake in Llanberis 

Trina Burgess said: "I've started taking a carrier bag out on my morning dog walks. I've filled it every time! This morning we were at the lagoons. I only got as far as the pontoon and the first picnic bench and my bag were full."

Emmylou Loo commented: "I really feel for the locals in Llanberis and I'm only in Deiniolen. We used to spend most summers down the lagoons, but it's now impossible!"

Similar problems were encountered in other parts of Snowdonia as well, with litter found on mountains such as Crib Goch.

A bag full of rubbish picked from Crib Goch over the weekend 

Ken Latham added: "Thanks for doing this, every little bit helps, unfortunately, this sort of behavior is becoming more and more prevalent, I’m constantly picking up other people’s litter when I’m out on the hills."

North Wales Police issued a warning over the amount of roadside parking over the weekend, writing on social media: "We want everyone to enjoy what our beautiful region has to offer, but please park responsibly and safely and be considerate of others.

"Irresponsible parking endangers yourself, pedestrians, and other motorists.

"If an area is busy, have a Plan B."

A Gwynedd council spokesman said: "Our country park wardens are on-duty at Parc Padarn urging those who do visit the country park to treat it with respect. We continue to monitor the situation and respond to any specific concerns.

"We are working with partners from across public services and tourism sectors urging visitors to the area to play their part in protecting the landscape, the environment, and local communities.

"When visiting Gwynedd we are urging people to act in a responsible and respectful way: adhering to social distancing rules if mixing with people from outside their own household; keeping to high hygiene standards, especially washing hands thoroughly and regularly; and taking their rubbish home.

"Furthermore, those visiting the county in mobile homes or caravans, or individuals who intend to camp, should ensure that they make arrangements to stay at licensed caravan and camping sites before they travel.

Original Article From

Sunday, 16 August 2020

North Wales .....An Investigation Is Underway After Endangered Species Were Found Dead On Land Being Prepared For Housing Estate!


A developer's decision to use tractors to prepare a field earmarked for housing resulted in a number of wild animals being killed, campaigners claim.

An investigation is underway after several hedgehogs were found dead on land in Benllech where tractor was used to cut down high grass.

The field, which contained "an abundance of wildlife", according to locals, is being developed into a housing estate by ClwydAlyn.

The housing association claims that "all work is being carried out in partnership with qualified ecologists."

But after heavy machinery was used to treat the field, a number of hedgehogs were said to have been found dead.

A hedgehog found dead in the field
A hedgehog found dead in the field

People living on the nearby Pont Y Briallu estate claim the developers and Isle of Anglesey County Council did not take adequate steps to protect the wildlife living on the site.

Catharine Roberts says that she was "absolutely fuming" when she saw that the work was being carried out.

"Rather than cutting it by hand, as they should have, to protect the abundance of wildlife in the field, they came in with a massive tractor which mangled up the hedgehogs as predicted."

ClwydAlyn claim that "all work is being carried out in partnership with qualified ecologists." 

Jane Evans, who also lives on Pont Y Briallu, described the incident as "horrifying".

She added: "Anybody interested in the wildlife would have cut it by hand first before ploughing through it with a tractor."

Craig Sparrow, Executive Director of ClwydAlyn, said: "ClwydAlyn was granted planning permission to develop 27 homes on this site in Benllech to provide much-needed affordable homes for local people, in partnership with Welsh government and Anglesey County Council.

The high grass should have been cut by hand, residents claim 

This is so sad, but not unexpected! Those of us monitoring housing associations are fully aware of the fact that housing associations are becoming just as ruthless as other Property Developers. You expect the behavior of money first from scum like them but not housing associations, but look at Cartrefi Conwy with Larkfield house in Rhos On Sea, talk about spit in the eye of the community and want to tear down a historic house against the wishes of residents and historians who want it converted. Anyone clearing and Greenbelt land should have checked this land for wildlife first, but they did not, because they do not care, Watch them all carefully non of them can be trusted and they are coming to our towns to do the same.

"In accordance with planning conditions, we have started pre-construction works to clear vegetation and enable an archaeological dig to take place prior to construction. All work is being carried out in partnership with qualified ecologists."

An Isle of Anglesey County Council spokesperson said: "Our Planning Service is currently looking into this matter after receiving a number of complaints from local residents."

An RSPCA Cymru spokesperson said: "We're very sorry to hear reports that a number of wild animals were allegedly killed during developments at this housing estate.

"The presence of an ecologist is always an important and welcome step in advising on mitigation measures required for development, based on surveying local wildlife. Mitigation for such developments is usually to erect fencing and then to check the area for protected animals prior to clearing the site.

"The RSPCA always recommends checking an area - whether a large field or small garden, for animals prior to carrying out any work.

"We continue to call for animal welfare to be a material consideration in the planning process, and urge developers to plan carefully to minimize or eliminate welfare risks when carrying out work."