Saturday, 31 October 2020

Colwyn Bay....Shopping Trolleys Abandoned in Mass!

 Thank you to Mark for sending in this photograph of these trolleys dumped outside the old church on Abergele Road. 

One does wonder why Morrissons never missed all of these trolleys, or are they just written off!

Llandudno....Police appeal after man urinated at train station and threatened worker with a bottle!

This could only happen in Llandudno! But one wonders how CCTV this bad can possibly help identify anyone?

Police are investigating after a man threatened a security guard with a bottle at Llandudno Junction railway station.

They released this CCTV image today as part of their probe into the incident on Tuesday, October 6.

Police say the man on CCTV could have information to help the investigation.

A BTP spokesman said: "At around 9.25pm on Tuesday 6 October, an intoxicated man entered the station and urinated on the overbridge.

"When asked to leave by a member of security staff, the man became verbally abusive and threatened the security staff with a bottle, before being removed from the station."

Anyone who recognizes the man on CCTV, or has any information about the incident, is asked to contact BTP by texting 61016 or ringing 0800 40 50 40, quoting reference 2000069319 Or people can call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.



Saturday, 24 October 2020

Colwyn Bay .....Gangs of youths banned from Colwyn Bay ahead of tonight's firebreak lockdown!

The Gangs of yobs in Llandudno and Colwyn Bay are out of control, even at the Skip on the prom (Porth Eirias) there are loads of problems, and now with this school or unit for problem children in the town, it is going to get even worse.

Police have issued a "dispersal notice" in Colwyn Bay to stop badly behaved youths, amid the coronavirus outbreak.

It came into effect at 6pm last night and lasts until 6pm tomorrow (Saturday) and will ban unruly youngsters from the designated areas.

Parents and guardians in Flintshire have also been told to take responsibility for their children by local police, after reports they were climbing on roofs and vandalizing trees, around Mold town center and Penyffordd.

The warnings come as Wales prepares to enter a two-week firebreak lockdown at 6pm tonight with staying at home, a key rule to stop the spread of the virus.

A statement by North Wales Police West Conwy Coastal said: "Due to the recent increase in reports to the police by innocent members of the public regarding the behavior and actions of young persons in the Colwyn Bay town center and surrounding areas, authorization has been given for a Dispersal Power (under Section 34 ASB Crime and policing Act 2014) to be put in place.

Colwyn Bay town centre
Colwyn Bay town center

"The power will start at 18:00 hours this evening (22/10/2020) and will be in force until 18:00 hours on the 24/10/2020.

"Anyone behaving in an unacceptable manner will be asked to leave the nominated area immediately and will not be able to return until the period of the power has ended.

"Failure to comply with the direction to leave will result in arrest.

The nominated area includes Colwyn Bay town center, Ivy Street car park, The Bay View Centre, and The Dingle.

"Anti-Social Behaviour is not OK and will not be tolerated."

A statement by South Flintshire police said: "We have seen an increase in antisocial behavior involving youths in Mold town center and Penyffordd.

"Reports of youths on roofs of business premises and damaging trees.

"Parents and guardians are reminded to take responsibility for where their children are and to make sure Covid regulations are followed.

"From tomorrow evening people must stay at home, except for very limited purposes, and must not meet other people they do not live with."

"May we remind parents of their responsibilities to ensure children are being kept safe during a lockdown and they are not to meet up with friends, even outdoors. Please lets all help one another during these difficult times."

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Llandudno....Man told young girl she'd 'end up in a grave' if she told of sexual abuse!

A medical condition should not be a reason to avoid prison. But one wonders how this can be proven in court with such a long gap in the incident and court nearly 40 years later? 

A man who sexually assaulted a child in the 1970s told her she would "end up in an early grave" if she told anyone.

Peter Cheshire from Rhos-on-Sea was sentenced to six years in prison at Mold Crown Court today, having been found guilty of seven counts of indecent assault on a girl under the age of 14.

Cheshire, now 77, sexually assaulted the girl several times and touched her inappropriately.

The court also heard how he told the victim not to tell anyone or she would "end up in an early grave".

Cheshire's defense barrister made it clear that he still maintains his innocence, and spoke of how a lengthy sentence would impact his serious medical conditions involving incontinence and mobility issues.

Sentencing him to six years behind bars, Judge Timothy Petts acknowledged that Cheshire had no previous convictions but told him that he had caused his victim "years of serious psychological harm".

He has also been added to the sex offenders' register for life.


Friday, 23 October 2020

Colwyn Bay...Zone Graffiti Idiot Is Back In Town!

It seems that the sad man who does this criminal damage is back in town. This childish mess is all along the north wales coast, along cycle paths and in towns. The police have informed us that they are now keeping an eye on this as the cost of criminal damage is vast. Here above he has damaged Colwyn Bay Theatre, sad he can't just go and do it to his own home if he has one!


Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Rhyl....Proposed New Carbuncle Already Hated By Locals Laughably Hailed New Liverpool's Baltic Triangle!

Sadly Rhyl has had it's fair share of destruction and Carbuncles built. Each one is worse than the last! Now the Historic Ballroom and Balconies are to be torn down for a Carbuncle block of Flats, and this the council believe will turn Rhyl's fortunes around!!!

So here are a few other things the council thought was a good idea!

Demolishing the Pier!

Demolishing The Pavilion Theatre!

Demolishing The Butterfly Gardens!

The Children's Village

Building a car park that obscured the view of the sea!

Building The Sun Centre obscuring the view to the sea

Building the sports center obscuring the view of the sea

Demolishing the Fun Fair!

Demolishing The Grange rather than leaving the Facade!

Demolishing Key Historic Buildings!

Compulsory Purchasing and demolishing Victorian Houses in the town!

Allowing Large Blocks of social housing flats to be built on the Prom!

And those are just a few that I can think of! The Ballroom should have just been re-roofed, but no, it has to be demolished just like everything in this once Grand Town! Very sad indeed.

This is the first look at plans to breathe new life into a site that has been the "centerpiece of Rhyl" for over a century.

The Queens Buildings on West Parade have been home to an indoor skating rink, ballroom, theatre, hotel, and nightclub over the decades.

Now the derelict site will be transformed into a hub for market stalls, a food court, event space, and residential units.

However, most of the original structure, which planners had hoped to save, will have to be demolished as surveys revealed parts are teetering on the brink of collapse.

Despite this, a report into the plans states: "...the new designs aim to encapsulate the atmospheric qualities of the old market hall, whilst providing a contemporary and sustainable structure to house the new market.

The development aims to rival Liverpool's Baltic Triangle 

"A variety of spaces and programs are created with the new design, providing a mixture of internal and external environments to be used by the community and tourists alike.

"The site offers an exciting opportunity to reconnect the shopping district of Rhyl with the seaside visitors, providing a new destination within the town center.

"Through the proposed mix of uses, including residential, commercial, community and public realm, it is intended that the development will act as a catalyst for wider regeneration within the town center, along with creating employment and new services and facilities for the local community."

The new proposals will "create a lively neighborhood of restaurants, bars, and caf├ęs," combined with a public library, outdoor courtyards, and residential units that overlook the waterfront, the report adds.

"At the centerpiece of the development, the Queen’s Market will be reinvented for the 21st Century with a food and market hall, combined with a multi-use function room.

"The proposals allow direct connections between the High Street and Queen Street, linking the transport routes with the pedestrian highways."

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The market hall will host 16 permanent market stalls with the added potential of six further units to the central space and could rival the similar Baltic Triangle set-up in Liverpool.

There will also be a new library, office space, and a "multi-use event hall" with seating which could be used for musical events, community gatherings, and Christmas markets.

The Queens Indoor Market in Rhyl. Photo by Ian Cooper
The Queens Indoor Market in Rhyl. Photo by Ian Cooper 

It could even host restaurants and cafes above which will be residential apartments, and the main square offers space for outdoor events, it is proposed.

The report adds: "The Queen’s Market has been designed to create a dynamic and intimate market environment despite the large and impressive volumetric spaces.

"The aim is to provide an active and lively environment which combines the industrial aesthetic within a sharp and contemporary market hall."

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Colwyn Bay...Someone Has Seven Years Bad Luck On The Way!

 Another abandoned mirror is shattered in the town!

Colwyn Bay...Breaking News Another High Street Shop Vandalised!

Sadly another attack on shop keepers in the town, despite the damage that Covid has done it would seem delinquents or drunks are adding more to those desperately trying to make a living! Very sad news indeed, and this happened on Abergele Road just Opposite St Pauls Church in the early hours. If you saw anything please contact 101. Thanks


Monday, 19 October 2020

Colwyn Bay....Conwy Council’s outstanding loans now at over £177 million, figures show!

Above the new Carbuncle to be built in the conservation area!

So let me get this clear, who has to pay this debt back? We do! So the Care Facility above is being built in the conservation area at the expense and destruction of two historic buildings and the Disability Care Home at Bron y Nant which is at the cost of destroying the Historic Hospital, neither buildings will be converted or were even considered for conversion.

A freedom of information request revealed that half the cost was coming from grants and the rest privately funded, also the council refused to answer where this private funding was coming from!

The NHS refused to give the costs of the purchase of the site as did the council!

Now the new Children's care facility in Eirias Park is funded the same, so where is the money coming from? The council owes over £177 million in debt, so why is this allowed to happen?

The Mochdre fiasco of renting a building that could not be used has cost nearly a million, and the building is now a Covid Hospital! 

The Civic Offices above, were virtually given away, why could this building not have been used for the children's facility?

And the new council scheme for the town shows the planting of trees all around, which a few years ago had existing trees but despite an outcry were all cut down!, so why not have just left them the 1st time rather than waste money?

The bottom line is this is our money being wasted and we will be paying to bring down this debt with extra council tax, and the sad thing is with these developments is even if we wanted to stop them the council decide their own planning applications so we have no say at all, they will just go ahead! Who in the council is going to object against their own developments???

We live in a corrupt world, and it is an awful feeling to be so powerless! And it leaves people angry at the way these things are done!

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Sunday, 18 October 2020

Colwyn Bay....Jokers Place Masks On Beachfront Sculptures!

The funny things you see during lockdown! And how things have changed since this virus! Now litter includes surgical gloves and masks! And people step off pavements to avoid people walking without masks, and a smile these days is a rare thing!


Colwyn Bay....More Abandoned Black Bin Bags Blight The County!

A big thank you to Simon for sending us these photographs this morning. Despite monthly bin collections failing badly leaving the county knee-deep in waste and filth, the Council won't budge! Very sad indeed!


Friday, 16 October 2020

Llandudno ...St John’s Methodist Church Garden Attacked by Vandals In Town Centre!

I wonder if this was smackheads or Yobs? It's hard to know in Llandudno!

MEMBERS of St John’s Methodist Church, Llandudno will be working hard to repair damage caused by vandals.

A number of pots outside the church in Mostyn Street, which had recently been planted to bring winter cheer, were destroyed.

Rev Beverley Ramsden said: “Several of our members spend a lot of time making sure the garden and the pots are beautiful. The pots were recently planted up to give a cheer in the winter months to everyone who passes by. They have been destroyed. But we will not be defeated. Look again in a few days' time and we will have resited and replanted them.”


Tuesday, 13 October 2020

Llandudno .....Coronavirus safety signs 'torn down from Pier and hurled into sea' By Vandals!

Llandudno really is becoming rough these days, what brain dead fool tears down Covid safety signs? Well, this one is out on bail now, but was he off his head on drugs or drink, or maybe just one of the locals?

Coronavirus safety signs installed on Llandudno pier have been torn down by an intruder and hurled into the sea, says the angry owner.

Adam Williams said the man pulled down about 20 signs from the pier during the incident on Friday night.

He said: "It’s needless vandalism. It’s annoying, especially as it happened during the lockdown.

“It’s unreasonable and stupid behavior because they’re there to help people for their protection.”

The signs are believed to have cost more than £1,000.

Mr. Williams said that in a separate incident between 4am and 5am on Sunday, someone broke into three buildings on the pier, including the bar and an ice cream kiosk, causing damage worth £5,000.

North Wales Police said a man was arrested on suspicion of theft and criminal damage in connection with Sunday's incident and has been released with bail conditions.

A spokesperson said the investigation is ongoing.

From The Daily Post at

Friday, 9 October 2020

Colwyn Bay...Residents Raise Concerns As Gangs Of Children Are Reported Drinking In Alleys Behind People's Homes.

Thank you to Sharron for these photographs, apparently, it has been passed on to the police, but it is suggested that the yobs are school age! I wonder how they get the alcohol?


Colwyn Bay...Another Morrisons Shopping Trolley Abandoned Up By The Old Highway!

 I wonder how much these Trolleys cost? They seem to get taken and dumped all the time so it must cost someone somewhere. There used to be one on the beach at Angel Bay, just thrown down the cliff! Any thoughts?

Llandudno...Such Lovely Colours On The Pyracantha In Our Garden!

 And yes I know this has nothing to do with crime or the council, but despite all of the rain and cold this lovely shrub always bears such colourful fruits, it really is a delight, and the birds love it too!

Thursday, 8 October 2020

Llandudno...Three boys aged From 16 to 18 have been arrested following the incidents in Rhos-on-Sea

 Well done to the police for catching these two lowlifes. Let us hope they are sent off swiftly to a secure unit.

THREE teenagers have been arrested after a number of items were stolen from vehicles in Conwy County.

North Wales Police say that, after obtaining evidence, they arrested two 16-year-old boys and an 18-year-old male on October 7.

This was in relation to a number of thefts from motor vehicle offenses in the Rhos-on-Sea area.

A spokesperson for North Wales Police's West Conwy Coastal team said: "Local officers were assisted by the Central Targeted Activity Team and a number of items, which are believed to have been stolen including a designer coat, have been recovered.

"One of the 16-year-olds has been released on conditional bail with a nighttime curfew and the other two currently remain in custody.

"Please remember to remove valuables from your vehicle and take a couple of seconds to make sure your vehicle is secure."


Wednesday, 7 October 2020

Colwyn Bay...Nothing Like Wasting Electric eh?

Some time ago this blog ran a story about the blazing lights at the skip (Porth Eirias) and the Carbuncle offices at Coed Pella all with lights blazing. A Freedom Of Information request was submitted asking how much the bill was for all of the new lights at the Skip and they refused to give the answer! But look how many lights there are down the road, most of these are not needed, but it is the taxpayers who will foot the bill!

Colwyn Bay..Rhos on Sea...Three cars were broken into in Colwyn Bay and Rhos-on-Sea areas last night

The lowlifes strike again!

THREE cars were broken into in an area within Conwy county last night.

North Wales Police's Conwy West Conwy Coastal team says the incidents took place in the West end of Colwyn Bay and Rhos on Sea, at Victoria Park, Whitehall Road, and Penrhyn Avenue.

A spokesperson for the force said: "The offender must have tried many cars before finding unlocked ones. If you have CCTV please review overnight from Sunday to Monday".

Anyone with information which could assist Police officers should call 101.


Thursday, 1 October 2020

Llandudno....Rhos On Sea Crime Wave Of Arson And Car Theft Continues!

 Yesterday saw Arson of a local landmark and today a car crime spree, all in a few days, what is next for this soaring crime area?

THREE cars had items stolen from them in Rhos on Sea.

This happened overnight Monday into Tuesday.

North Wales Police Community Safety Central took to Twitter on September 30 to say: "Thieves are looking for unlocked cars and sadly they're still finding them.

"Please check that your car is locked and any valuables removed."

Anyone who has information is asked to telephone 101 and quote reference Y143814.