Sunday, 31 January 2021

Rhos On Sea Waves Batter Promenade!

For those who are local these high waves are not common at the part of the prom, but lower down they are, 

Some of the sprays were even hitting the houses on the other side of the road! Be careful if you are walking along the front today.


Saturday, 30 January 2021

Colwyn Bay Concerns Raised As Council Employee Tests Positive For Covid19 At Coed Pella Offices!

Worrying news reaches us that a member of Conwy Council staff who works at Coed Pella and Bodlondeb in Conwy has allegedly tested positive for Covid19.

At present this information has come via a member of staff at the authority who has stated that the council is trying to trace all the other staff who have been in contact with this person.

Presently this information has not been confirmed by the council, and once we have more we will update this information. #covid19


Llandudno Patrols stepped up after masked man followed woman on Rhos-on-Sea promenade!

Very worrying indeed, just what next in this crime-ridden area?

A HOODED and masked man followed a woman on Rhos-on-Sea promenade.

North Wales Police has stepped up patrols in the area following the incident just after 9pm on Tuesday.

A woman was walking along the promenade when she was followed by a man, about five foot and eight inches tall, wearing a black mask that covered most of his face.

The force's West Conwy Coastal unit appealed to residents on Facebook for information related to the man, who was described as having a slight build and wearing a black hooded top, black jogging bottoms, and lighter colored trainers.

"Following reports of a male following a lone female along the Rhos on Sea promenade on Tuesday, January 26 at approximately 9.09pm.

"The male was described as about five foot eight inches tall, slight build, wearing plain black hooded top with the hood up, plain black jogging bottoms and lighter coloured trainers.

"He was wearing a plain black facemask which covered his face apart from his eyes.

"Police are conducting regular patrols in the area.

"If anyone has any information please contact 101 quoting Z012308."

The following advice was also issued by officers to residents:

  • Be prepared: Plan your route in advance. Carry a charged mobile phone and some cash, and tell someone where you're going.
  • Be assertive: From the moment you step out onto the street in the morning, look assertive and act and walk with confidence. This will always make you appear in control and much less vulnerable.
  • Be aware: Using a mobile phone, whether making a call or texting, wearing a hood or listening to loud music, all affect your awareness of your surroundings.
  • Trust your instincts: Try to avoid walking alone at night in places such as parks and side streets or any unfamiliar environment. If you do have to walk, stick to busy places where there is a lot of activity, CCTV and good lighting.
  • From


Friday, 29 January 2021

Colwyn Bay....Two men who brandished weapons during pub brawl are sentenced!

We all saw the mass of Police cars but this is the first time we found out what happened!

Such a shame to do this at the Pavilion as they have been trying hard to rebuild the place. But one must say a very lenient sentence indeed! (Judge Jones gave Moxon nine months, suspended for 12 months, and ordered him to carry out 200 hours)

 Two men were sentenced today for their part in a Colwyn Bay pub brawl.

Jamie Simon Hughes and Hadyn John Moxon, used weapons during the fight at The Pavilion in Colwyn Bay, on November 29, 2019.

Caernarfon Crown Court also heard they did not start the fight and were provoked, but they accepted they went too far after.

However, Judge Nicola Jones criticized the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), for not charging the men who started the brawl, which was captured on CCTV.

Caernarfon Crown Court
The two were sentenced at Caernarfon Crown Court 

Prosecuting Dafydd Roberts said it was "an evidential decision taken by the police and Crown Prosecution Service".

Judge Jones said: "It doesn't seem like a sensible decision, having watched the CCTV footage I'm afraid."

She added that Hughes and Moxon were guilty of affray and possession of offensive weapons, but it was started by others who, to any bystander, would also be guilty of affray.

Hughes, 33, of Prince Edward Avenue, Rhyl, and Moxon, 34, of Victor Road, Colwyn Bay, both admitted two charges of affray and having an offensive weapon in a public place.

Mr. Roberts said at one point, Hughes took out an extendable baton from his bag and Moxon picked up a pool cue, to strike a man and swing it at another. Punches were also thrown.

Nobody was seriously hurt during the fracas, the court heard.

Moxon had seven convictions for 12 offenses, including violence and threatening behavior. Hughes 17 convictions for 37 offenses, including violence, threatening behavior, and possessing an offensive weapon.

In Moxon's defense, the court heard he did not start the fight, had not been in trouble since 2015, and had turned his life around, being in a relationship, having his first child, and had taken on an 18-year-old stepdaughter, who'd had two liver transplants.

The court heard in Hughes's defense, he didn't start the brawl, entered an early guilty plea, was sorry for the offense, and was a person willing to undertake hard work.

Judge Jones gave Moxon nine months, suspended for 12 months, and ordered him to carry out 200 hours of unpaid work, and Hughes a 10 months sentence to run concurrent, with the current three-year sentence he is serving in prison.

The judge said, she doubted she would see Moxon again and told Hughes he had a lot to contribute to society and to take a look at himself.

"Things got out of hand, they didn't start it, but there came a point where they gave us good as they got," said Judge Jones.


Colwyn Bay ...Has Anyone Lost Any Gloves!

The things people see when out walking the dogs! But this just looked so funny right in front of The North Wales Police Headquarters.


Colwyn Bay... Bus Stop Sign Thrown Down Litter Strewn Gulley!

A big thank you to Claire for sending us these photographs. This filthy stream ends up at the Skip at Porth Eirias!

This is the bridge on Abergele Road just by Eirias Park. So sad to see it in such a filthy state and also sad to see the vandalism on the carved bridge supports.


Colwyn Bay ... Community Shocked as beloved WHSmith set to close in August 2021

The community and Facebook are buzzing with shock as the much-loved store is to close in August 2021.

It sadly follows Woolworth, Peacocks, Owens, and Eat Easy, which were all very much loved and are all missed.

Some community members may well remember the upstairs at WH Smith that sold Vinyl, Compact Disc, and Videos. It was a great place to brows and they would also order music they had not got in stock.

Also, the store has great quality cards which are hard to find elsewhere. The staff are all lovely and they will be greatly missed. 

Sad that the staff will be losing their jobs, I wish them all the luck in finding something new.


Thursday, 28 January 2021

Rhyl ... Denbighshire Council Destroy Historic Queens Hotel Ballroom!

Very sad news, the people of Rhyl asked only one thing of Denbighshire council and that was to save the ballroom, and now they are tearing it down. There is no way this could not have been restored, but clearly, the council has no interest. It has to be said that all of the councils with the exception of the original council who built Rhyl have been hell-bent on destroying it.

Above the original Hotel before the fire, note that the three bays to the left were untouched by the fire and are still there currently until destroyed by the council.

As it is now, crying out to be restored.

 And the new carbuncle flats that will replace it.

Colwyn Bay .... Wine Drinkers In The Conservation Area!

A big thank you to one of our readers who was walking her dogs this morning and spotted these (empty) wine bottles on Queens Avenue in Colwyn Bay. 

It would appear that the street drinkers in the area are moving up a step in their alcohol tastes as Carling and Budweiser are the usual favorites! 

And also the person submitting was kind enough to give a location photograph as requested by one of our readers, who stated that "this photo could be anywhere!" now we do all we can to make sure the area is identified.


Wednesday, 27 January 2021

Llandudno ....Police descend on town centre after reports of masked man with 'knife'!

We heard all the Police sirens going, very scary for the people who witnessed this and called it in. Llandudno is becoming a very scary place these days, But thank goodness no one was hurt. But imagine seeing a masked man with a knife running towards you! What would you do or think, if you had time too! Well done to the Police for such a speedy response.

Police descended on Llandudno town center after reports of a masked man armed with a 'knife'.

A video shared widely on social media shows officers arriving onto Mostyn Street at around 3pm on Tuesday before confronting a man.

The man, wearing what appears to be a balaclava, is ordered to his knees by officers brandishing stun guns before dropping an item to the ground.

The item discarded by the man is not clearly visible in the video.

Police on Mostyn Street in Llandudno after report of man with knife
Police on Mostyn Street in Llandudno after report of a man with a knife 

The video then shows the male, carrying a backpack and wearing a jacket and jeans, drop onto his front before police run in and handcuff him.

He then begins shouting and screaming as officers tell him to "calm down".

Three more police units then arrive on the scene before the man is taken into custody.

A separate video taken during the incident shows officers after they have detained the male.

North Wales Police spokesman confirmed officers were called to an incident in the area but were unable to provide further details.

Witnesses said the man was carrying a knife, but this was not officially confirmed.


Tuesday, 26 January 2021

Llandudno, Rhos-on-Sea & Colwyn Bay....Five drivers arrested after positive drug tests

Funny things drugs, we are in Lockdown, so how are people still getting a drug supply? So these dealers and addicts are risking spreading infection just to get their fix. And not only that clearly despite these police checks addicts are risking other people's lives and driving. I think it is about time the police and courts gave at least three years in jail per person caught drug driving.

FIVE drug drivers were arrested across Conwy last week.

North Wales Police made the arrests in Rhos-on-Sea, Llandudno, and Colwyn Bay.

The drivers had tested positive for cocaine or cannabis.

"Five arrests in five days for drug driving in West Conwy," police said in a post on the NWP West Conwy Coastal Facebook page.

"Officers from rota one, two, and three have made arrests in Rhos-on-Sea, Llandudno, and Colwyn Bay for drug driving (positive tests for cocaine and cannabis).

"Do not take the risk... The consequences can be fatal."


Friday, 22 January 2021

Colwyn Bay ...Appeal To Help Clear Litter After Huge Litter Haul Collected!

Well done to these people for working so hard, the problem is that it will be the same again in a few weeks, and as the appeal person states "It’s no use telling the council, they won’t want to know" The council sadly only care about enforcing monthly bin collections and not the problem it causes.

If you do have some spare time to help this honorable family please get in touch via the link. Thanks

From facebook see

Good morning! I noticed a post yesterday highlighting the huge pile of rubbish left in the forest to the rear of the golf course. This is a collection of bottles, cans, plastics, etc that my Dad and 8-year-old sister have picked, bagged up, and placed together in one spot. This took them a couple of days, as the woods were absolutely covered in rubbish. They’ve been doing trips on a daily basis to remove bags and take them back home to put in the recycling.

It’s no use telling the council, they won’t want to know. So, if anyone else wants to lend a hand, why not use your daily exercise allowance to walk down, fill a bag, and take it home. Just an idea.
It’s a shame it comes down to us having to do this I know, but if a few people helped out it would be gone in days

#facebook #colwynbay #litter

Colwyn Bay A Vintage Picture Of A Stranded Ship On The Beach!

 A wonderful picture, but hard to date and no known name for the ship. The ship however looks like it is in the cove nearest the Quarry by Llandulas due to the shingle and there being no rocks. It might have survived, who knows? 

If you do have any information please let us know. Thank You

Thursday, 21 January 2021

Colwyn Bay,, Leisure buildings across Conwy face £2.36m maintenance gap yet the council can spend over 6 million on two new builds!

It's very odd all of this, the council has money to build a disability care home, buy the land and demolish the buildings at Bron Y Nant and do the same on Eirias park to build a problem child unit, with a cost of over 7 million. Yet on freedom of information request, the council refused to say where half the money was coming from but stated "private funding"

So now there is no money to repair the sports facilities but there is to blow on buying land and demolishing properties. Why did the council not just use the civic for both uses? They owned the land so why not? Instead, the land was almost given away. 

It is about time someone investigated how this council operates.

And the original story is below from...

CONWY county council is doing away with almost £100,000 of community grant money to help fill a £2.36m repair backlog for its leisure buildings.

Councilors discussed the plans as part of Monday’s finance and resources scrutiny committee meeting.

The Community Enterprise Development Grant Scheme (CEDS) had been running since 2002 but a report presented by principal leisure manager Mally Tidswell said it was now rarely used and there had only been two applications to secure any of the money during 2019/20.

Mr. Tidswell said more than £57,000 of the annual £99,500 grant money would be used to fund repayments in capital financing for the first £739,600 of work, which is considered most vital.

He said the remaining money would be kept as a reserve and used in later years to pay off more capital financing as needed.

Colwyn Bay leisure center needs £1.68m spent on it alone, Abergele swimming pool another £282,000 and Llanrwst swimming pool £254,000 – for immediate, short and long-term repairs.

Llandudno Junction leisure center needs more than £200,000 of work to get it up to scratch and Eirias tennis center more than £94,000.

The report to councilors said: “Visual condition surveys of all our leisure facilities have recently been undertaken, and concluded that many of the facilities require significant investment to bring them up to a fit-for-purpose standard.”

Eirias leisure center, which needs the most money spending on it, has immediate problems with its roof which needs a program of replacement costing £220,000 in total.

Engineers have also recommended removing water storage tanks from the roof area because of concerns about supporting steelwork.

New windows for the building will cost £135,000, a new sports hall floor will need £180,000 and new changing rooms, deemed “dated and less functional in terms of operation and staff ability to keep clean”, will set the council back a further £165,000 overall.

Sorting out the pool will cost £185,000, while new emergency lighting and fire alarm systems will cost £140,000 initially and almost £80,000 to maintain over the longer term.

It said the lack of demand for the CEDS grant was because of duplication with the Social Business Wales grant fund and grants from Gwynt y Mor wind farm had also provided “further funding provision in the county” for third sector initiatives.

Committee member Cllr Anne McCaffrey (Capello ward) remained unconvinced about losing a grant scheme for the voluntary sector, remarking that normally a scrutiny committee would expect to “see evidence” of the lack of take-up, how the scheme had been marketed, and to hear from those affected, about their views on the change.

She was backed up by Cllr Chris Hughes (Glyn ward) who proposed the money be used this year to help finance some work but the remainder should be returned back to council coffers to help with other shortfalls. That proposal was thrown out by 14 votes to three.

Proposals to capitalize the CEDS grant to use as finance repayments to get the work completed were approved by 14 votes to three and the authority’s cabinet will have the final say on the matter at its next meeting.

#colwynbay #conwycouncil #leisure

Llandudno...Patrols to be conducted following reports of man in bushes!

There may be a very rational explanation for a man being in the bushes! There again there may not be! Not in this weather anyway!

A MAN hid in the bushes in Llandudno Junction and tried to approach a member of the public.

Police received reports of an unknown man - dressed in black - hiding in the bushes along Nant Y Coed Path.

The force says this was on January 19 at 9pm.

It is understood the man tried to approach another member of the public before being startled and then ran away from the area.

NWP West Conwy Coastal posted on Facebook: "We are asking residents to be vigilant in the area and to report any sightings of this male to North Wales Police via 101 or 999.

"We urge anyone with any additional information to contact us.

"High Visibility patrols will be conducted in and around the area by local Police teams."


#Llandudno #northwales #crime #police

Wednesday, 20 January 2021

Colwyn Bay.....Weather Warning, Roads in Llysfaen Flooded!

Be very careful when driving out today, lots of the Country roads in Colwyn Bay are flooded. We were off to walk the dogs but decided to turn back! These photographs were taken in Llysfaen by Abergele.


Tuesday, 19 January 2021

Llandudno The Town is Losing A Guesthouse and a Hotel!

The sad news is that the town is losing a lovely guesthouse and hotel near the West End as they are both closed to tourism. 

The good news is that both are to be converted to flats. Which makes a change in Llandudno as most buildings are flattened for social housing these days! Also, guesthouses now have to look to the future with Covid and regular income from flats is far more reliable than tourism at this moment in time.

The planning applications are both now in with the Conwy councils planning department. see below,

 Application No: 0/48031 Grid Reference: 277962,382525

Application Type: Full Case Officer: Ian Gibbons
Determination Level Delegated Team: DC West Team
Received Date: 22/12/2020 Registered Date: 06/01/2021
Development Type(s): Change Build Use
Ward: Gogarth
Community Council: Cyngor Tref Llandudno Town Council
Location: 10 Arvon Avenue Llandudno LL30 2DY
Proposal: Internal alterations to convert the existing guest house to 4 self-contained flats
The Woodlands Trinity Avenue Llandudno LL30 2TQ
Proposal Conversion of an existing hotel into 9 no apartments, much better than demolition.
Application No: Grid
0/48065 278081,381823
Application Type: Full Case Officer: Liz Wood
Determination Level Delegated Team: DC West Team
Received Date: 05/11/2020 Registered Date: 14/01/2021
Development Type(s): Change Build Use
Ward: Mostyn
Community Council: Cyngor Tref Llandudno Town Council
Location: 47-49 The Woodlands Trinity Avenue Llandudno LL30 2TQ
Proposal Conversion of an existing hotel into 9 no apartments

Colwyn Bay ...... Mystery Of Empty Cash Box Found On Private Property!

An appeal has been lodged on Facebook after a shop owner found this empty cashbox that had been left on their property. Apparently whoever it was forced open the back gate and then went into an outbuilding leaving the cash box open and empty! Does anyone know about one being stolen? If so please contact The Police on 101 or message the person who put on the ad who was very helpful when I messaged for details fbid=3661805610580551&set=pcb.1845096562294799


Conwy ... Inside 'toxic' North Wales council hit by bullying claims!

I have to be honest and say that Colwyn Bay Town council are fantastic, lovely people who seem to listen and care about the community of Colwyn Bay. That said I have no idea about Conwy Town Council but have always found Terry James to be a totally decent and honest man, who I remember working for Conwy Council for many years. Sometimes some of these fallouts are just down to personality clashes.

A row that split a "toxic" council cost thousands of pounds, saw resignations, and resulted in two councilors being barred from office.

The remarkable story of unrest within the Conwy town council began almost four years ago amid rivalries, allegations of bullying, and a row over who collected letters for Santa from a local school.

It led to resignations, an Ombudsman's inquiry, thousands of pounds spent on legal fees, and husband and wife councilors, Terry James and ex-town mayor Pat Hart, facing a Standards Committee.

The allegations began with a dispute between Cllr Hart and a council employee.

The Standards Committee ruled Cllr Hart and Cllr James breached the code of conduct by not declaring an interest at seven separate meetings involving discussions about council staffing.

Conwy town councillor Terry James was barred from office for a month by Conwy county council's Standards Committee
Conwy town councilor Terry James was barred from office for a month by Conwy county council's Standards Committee 

Some meetings they attended included discussions about the two employees - former town clerk Helen Barritt and events coordinator Paul Gillbanks - after they issued grievances against the two councilors. It was also found that they failed to leave the room when those meetings took place in 2018.

The Standards Committee hearing also ruled the couple had sought to influence a staff committee on June 14, 2018, which was discussing the outcome of a report into allegations Cllr Hart had bullied Mrs. Barritt.

The committee took a "very serious view of the breaches" and noted both councilors "appeared to have a lack of insight" into their actions and the consequences.

It also said there was "a chaotic atmosphere within the town council where procedures may not have been correctly followed" during the time of the breaches but it was both councilors' responsibility to adhere to the code of conduct.

They were each barred from office by the Standard's Committee for one month, with the suspension ending on January 1 this year. It also ordered all Conwy town councilors to undergo "code of conduct" training.


The dispute began in May 2017, according to Mrs Barritt, when a secret ballot elected new councilor Tracy Hughes as a council governor for Ysgol Awel y Mynydd, over Cllr James.

It was alleged Cllr Hart attempted to see who voted against her husband and, after being challenged by Mrs. Barritt, allegedly said: "I'm the mayor. I can do what I want."

Cllr Hart, an Local Education Authority (LEA) representative on the school's board of governors, said: "There was some query as to whether that vote had been carried out correctly. I was the mayor at that time until the end of May when Cllr Bill Chapman became mayor.

Helen Barritt was a former clerk at Conwy town council and made bullying claims against Cllr Pat Hart which the Ombudsman rejected
Helen Barritt was a former clerk at Conwy town council and made bullying claims against Cllr Pat Hart which the Ombudsman rejected 

"At no time did I say 'I'm the mayor, I can do what I want'. I most certainly have never said anything like that at all during my term of office - this is a complete fabrication."

She also denied trying to find out who had voted on the ballot. Mrs. Barritt claimed she was spoken to in a "bullying" way by Cllr Hart and the member was asked to apologize by then-mayor, the late Cllr Bill Chapman.

Letters to Santa

Former conwy town councillor Tracy Hughes said there was a 'toxic atmosphere'
Former Conwy town councilor Tracy Hughes said there was a 'toxic atmosphere' 

Mediation was arranged between the two women after Cllr Hart refused to apologize. Mrs. Barritt said: "All I ever wanted was an apology for the way she had spoken to me. I wrote to Cllr Hart proposing the mediation. She agreed and I contacted the county council to set it up."

However, the relationship broke down further and Mrs. Barritt pursued a grievance against her instead.

Cllr Hart and Cllr Tracy Hughes clashed over collecting letters to Santa from Ysgol Awel y Mynydd in December 2017. It was customary for the council's representative on the school's board of governors to deal with them.

Cllr Hart said she would do it but was reminded it was Cllr Hughes' responsibility. This, according to Mrs. Barritt and former councilor Hughes, upset Cllr Hart and cemented the rift - a claim Cllr Hart also denies.


Cllr Pat Hart, Conwy town councillor and former mayor, was barred from the council for a month
Cllr Pat Hart, Conwy town councilor and former mayor, was barred from the council for a month 

There were three, conflicting, internal reports conducted into allegations Cllr Hart "bullied" Mrs. Barritt. One alone cost £6,000. Cllr Hart strongly denied the allegations and eventually the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales was called in.

He ruled: "I do not believe there is a case for Cllr Hart to answer and I have decided that this case does not merit further action in the public interest."

Yet Mrs. Barritt also complained Cllr Hart had breached the code of conduct. In addition, Mr. Gillbanks triggered an Ombudsman's inquiry into Cllr James, claiming he had breached it too by not declaring prejudicial interests at staff committee meetings.

About Cllr Hart, the Ombudsman concluded: "Councillor Hart’s statements at interview cannot be reconciled with the other evidence available."

With regard to Cllr James, he said: " interview he maintained that he had not, in his view, breached the code at any of these meetings."

He then directed the matter to the Conwy county council's Standards Committee.


Mayor of Conwy town council Emma Leighton-Jones
School governor and councilor Emma Leighton-Jones 

Cllr Tracy Hughes has left the council, citing the "toxic atmosphere".

Mrs. Barritt took up a part-time finance role with the body but has also now moved on.

Cllrs Hart and Cllr James continue to maintain they were the victims of a "hate campaign" against them and are back as councilors.

The current mayor, Cllr Emma Leighton-Jones, welcomes the recommendation of training for all members and hopes everyone can move on.

She told the Local Democracy Reporting Service (LDRS): "We are just waiting for the training to be put together.

"Speaking as mayor and chair of the council I'm pleased the Standards Committee is taking an interest.

"I'm really happy they're providing training and helping us move forward - I'm more than happy."