Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Colwyn Bay Truck tailgate forced open and tools stolen!

Please be careful what you leave in your vehicle, it is not just what they steal but the damage that they also do breaking in.

A 4X4 has been broken into and tools stolen in Colwyn Bay.

North Wales Police said the incident, in which the tailgate of Ford Ranger was forced open, took place on Victoria Road.

It follows reports of another theft in Penrhyn Bay on Tuesday morning after tools were taken from a van.

Police urged tradespeople to make sure that their property is secure.

A tweet on the NWP Community Safety Central page said: "A Ford Ranger Wildtrak was broken into on Victoria Road in Colwyn Bay. The tailgate of the vehicle was forced open and tools were stolen from within.

"If you keep tools in your vehicle overnight take extra measures to keep them secure from thieves."


Tuesday, 30 March 2021

Colwyn Bay .... Colwyn Bay Library Urgent support needed!

 A lovely library and it should stay where it is!

To sign the petition see the link here

***Urgent support needed***
Conwy Council has launched a consultation to turn libraries into community hubs.
Sadly, their plans for our much-loved Colwyn Bay library include closure and moving a small part of the existing Library into the ground floor of the Coed Pella Offices.
It is shocking that this is even being considered.
Colwyn bay library is a much-loved service, an essential part of our community, and such an important part of Colwyn Bay's history – its loss would be catastrophic.
Colwyn Bay library supports the essential early development of young children, provides social contact for the otherwise isolated, and is a hub of information, offering great social and economic benefits to our town.
We have set up a local campaign group to fight our libraries closure. Please support our campaign by joining our Facebook page to offer your support.
Colwyn Bay’s century-old library building was built with money raised through public subscription. We paid for it, and we want it left where it is.
Thank you.
Joshua Hurst

Llandudno ... Tradespeople urged to secure property after theft from van.

As if things haven't been difficult enough for businesses without people like this stealing. If you can help, please contact NWP on 101. Thanks

VAN owners have been warned to secure their property following a theft in Penrhyn Bay.

North Wales Police said the incident was reported in Penrhyn Beach West on Tuesday morning.

The van had not been damaged during the break-in. Police urged tradespeople to ensure their property is kept safe from thieves.

A tweet on the Community Safety Central page said: "A tradesman from Penryn Beach West in Penrhyn Bay has gone to a job this morning. Upon opening the van he has found that his tools have been stolen.

"There are no physical signs that the van has been tampered with.

"What extra measures have you taken to keep your tools safe?"

From ....


Monday, 29 March 2021

Colwyn Bay .... Open Letter To Conwy County Borough Council Regarding The Skip At Porth Eiriasl!

I don’t know if this will do any good, but below is an open letter to the Conwy County Borough council that I have had access to. It has been sent to a raft of local councilors, MP’s, and even the Senedd and relates to Porth Eirias and questionable actions taken by the council. It’s a little lengthy, but if you truly care about the Bay, our community, and our local businesses, read it to the end and take the time to contact relevant MP’s and councilors yourselves. Get a bit of support behind it and force the council to be open about how they are managing the building and spending our money!;

“Subject: Watersports center at Porth Eirias
Dear Sir/Madam
​I am addressing this email to you, amongst many others, as a person who may in some way be able to influence the outcome in a positive way.
​As a local resident and someone who was born and brought up in Colwyn Bay/Rhos on Sea, I am very concerned as to the situation regarding the Porth Eirias complex. Having seen the adverts asking for watersports business’ to take on the building, in place now for many months, it’s upsetting to see that the building is still unoccupied.
​I am a watersports instructor myself and was actively involved in a number of projects run at Colwyn Bay Watersports when they occupied the building, from providing sailing opportunities to local disadvantaged youngsters to water sessions for visually disabled ex-servicemen. In fact, one of those projects, sailing lessons for disadvantaged youngsters, was so successful that it was adopted by the Royal Yachting Association as an ongoing scheme. Having grown up in Rhos on Sea and been involved in watersports from an early age, it is genuinely upsetting to see the sea so empty of activity, especially in an area trying to reaffirm its position as a seaside resort.
​I have heard “whispers” through the watersports community that there are parties interested in the building and would like to know what stage the local authority is at in relation to housing another watersports business? On the announcement today that travel is reopening within Wales, and the likelihood that foreign holidays are going to be out of the question this Easter and Summer, the 2021 holiday period has the potential to be the area’s best ever and a time when Conwy County should be looking to put itself firmly on the map as a tourist destination. In respect of Colwyn Bay in particular, I do not see a lot of effort being put into this. We are all aware that tourism has suffered greatly throughout the pandemic. Outdoor activities, and employment in those areas, have been hit particularly hard, with very little help for those businesses and next to none for those employed as freelance instructors within the industry. Yet outdoor activities are one of the best selling points for the area in which we live and something Conwy County Council should be actively looking to grow and help.
​I see at the moment that a lot of work is being carried out on reshaping the beach at Porth Eirias, but the area needs something to draw visitors in as well as providing opportunities for locals, young and old alike. Although the kayak and Stand Up Paddleboard rental equipment provided by the old Colwyn Bay Watersports was limited, I know from first-hand experience that people traveled many miles to be able to access those facilities and spend a day on the beach at Colwyn Bay. At present, Stand Up Paddleboarding is probably one of the fastest-growing sports in the UK yet, to my knowledge, the closest place to Colwyn Bay you can get access to such equipment, either for rental or to purchase, is Llanberis. Although it’s great to see the new Evolution Bikes cycle shop operating at Porth Eirias, which I believe will start bike rentals at some time in the future, it is a crying shame that the rest of the building remains empty. More frustratingly, there is a restaurant which has always appeared to be actively supported by the council yet which seems totally inappropriate to the local area. Colwyn Bay desperately needs a hub for outdoor activities! As well as the new cycle business, there is already a thriving community of jet skiers that frequent the area which has been overseen by the Colwyn Bay Jetski club, a club recognized by the Royal Yachting Association as a training provider, for many years. Colwyn Bay urgently needs to build on these facilities! Even Rhyl, whose beach is nowhere near as suitable for day-trippers looking for “a day on the beach” as Colwyn Bay, has an amazing hub at the kitesurfing center on the promenade which draws people in from all over with their kitesurfing lessons and relaxed, hospitable, beach cafĂ©. Porth Eirias could be a similar center for Colwyn Bay.
​I am at present working my way through the bronze and silver Conwy Ambassador awards and, after all the information I am taking in about visitor numbers, benefits to the local community, opportunities for full-time employment, etc., etc., I cannot believe that Conwy County Council has not been able to put together some sort of package to make starting up a successful watersports venue at Porth Eirias an attractive proposition. ​
​I then also hear whispers through the outdoor community that Rydal School is making inquiries about the center and alarm bells have really started to ring for me! I can only assume that Rydal is looking to sell off their existing boat park for yet another unneeded high-end residential development. Certainly, as a watersports instructor, I can see no logical reason for them moving through choice as, for many reasons, Porth Eirias is a much more difficult area to operate their sailing activities from. It would also be a travesty in that Rydal will offer no benefits whatsoever to the local community, young people, or tourism. I say this from experience!
​Over the last few years, I have heard many rumors about how the local authority have bent over backward to appease Bryn Williams and the “white elephant” that is his restaurant, to the extent of paying tens of thousands of public money in a kitchen refurbishment and experienced many examples of miss/poor management of the building in general. There is also the ongoing situation concerning the cost of repairs to the building with wildly varying forecasts of costs from hundreds of thousands to tens of thousands. How can there be such a massive disparity in these proposed costs? That being the case, I would like to know what the local authority is doing as regards the building. I believe that there should be some transparency involved in this process to ensure that the matter is dealt with expeditiously and not, as is so often the case, bogged down in petty local politics and bureaucratic wranglings. We have a fantastic beach with loads of potential, used more and more by open water swimmers, stand-up paddleboarders, and a flourishing local Surf Life Saving Association club. Action needs to be taken NOW to ensure the area can make the best of the expected surge in staycations we will experience this year, NOT leaving the facility empty for yet another season.
​We are about to emerge from an “unprecedented” period of isolation, many people will have lost their livelihoods, mental health issues will come to the fore, the area as a whole has lost millions in tourism revenue and action needs to be taken sooner rather than later to use the assets we already have in the area to the best of their potential. It has been clearly evidenced that outdoor activities, particularly on the water, are beneficial to mindfulness and both physical and mental health. In Colwyn Bay we have a beach, we have a center, we have a struggling tourist-biased business community and we have children that desperately need activities and the ability to mix with others outside school and through school-organized activities. As a person who is passionate about watersports, and inclusivity within it, I implore you, as a person of influence within the local authority, to make the reopening of Porth Eirias as a center for watersports a matter of urgency for the benefit of the local area, NOT a political ping pong ball to be batted backward and forwards. Put to bed mutterings of corruption and mismanagement within the local authority over a public building which we all have a vested interest in as council taxpayers and don’t allow people with absolutely no knowledge of waterborne activities or business operations to sway decisions about prospects for the building.
I look forward to a speedy response.”

I have omitted the name but the writer has given their name on social media and claims the council have failed to respond to him!

Abergele .... Warning Of Man Who Chased Young Girl Through Graveyard

This appeared on Facebook last night and sounds very worrying indeed, the matter has been reported to the police and if you have any information please contact the police on 101. Here is the message below, Thank you, 

"Abergele- Police have been informed. My daughter has been chased by what she thinks is a guy through from the graveyard down this walkway into the town center earlier this evening. Just sending a message to everyone please be careful and stay safe!"

Saturday, 27 March 2021

Colwyn Bay .... Warning Horses Allegedly Being Fed Drugs By Youths In Mochdre!

 A warning on Facebook with the following message 

Does anyone know who is feeding crystals to ponies in mochdre ? Police have been informed and cameras are in place" 

The two males have been named on Facebook and the police informed. If this is true I hope these scum are caught, and quickly. If you know anything please contact Nort Wales Police on 101. Thanks

From Colwyn Bay Notice Board and The Surrounding Towns page

Llandudno .... Two people taken into custody after hotel broken in to for second time!

Worrying news, the owners need to hurry up and get an application in for conversion for flats before it ends up torched!

A HOTEL that has closed 'permanently' in Llandudno has been targeted for a second time.

The Queens Hotel, on the seafront, was broken into on Thursday, March 25 sometimes before 7pm. North Wales Police Community Safety Central says two suspects were found on the property and taken into custody.

In June 2020, bottles of alcohol were stolen from the property.

A spokesperson from North Wales Police said they received a report of a break-in at 6.49pm on March 25.

"The suspects were arrested on site," they added. 

No information was given in terms of what, if anything, had been taken.

The 83-bedroom hotel, which has a large dining area with circa 160 covers and function facilities comprising two large ballrooms, was one of three establishments, owned by Northern Powerhouse Developments, that had been placed in administration.

On Thursday, May 7 2020 it closed its doors after welcoming guests for more than a century.


Snowdonia, North Wales ... Locals Sick Of Tourists Behaviour During Lockdown!

And who can blame them! Illegal parking, blocking roads, litter, human waste everywhere, abuse, trespass, the list is endless. They need to start clamping vehicles and giving out huge fines.

A new documentary will explore the chaotic scenes in Snowdonia when huge numbers of walkers flocked to the beauty spot after the lockdown ended.

After months of being told to stay at home, restrictions began to loosen in July 2020, and freedom to travel around the country was returned.

But thousands of people had the same idea and flocked to the mountains of Snowdonia to enjoy the natural beauty of the national park.

As a result, tourists and locals were faced with traffic chaos as vehicles lined the roads around the peaks.

In one scene in the documentary, a man confronts tourists for apparently ignoring 'no swimming signs'
In one scene in the documentary, a man confronts tourists for apparently ignoring 'no swimming signs' 

In a new S4C documentary, to be shown on Thursday, April 1 at 9pm, viewers will be shown around the Snowdonia National Park and get a very different picture of the place through the eyes of some of the people who live and work there.

The program sees Helen Pye, Snowdonia National Park's head of engagement, preparing for the reopening back in July.

She says: "It's a bit like waiting for a storm. You don't know if the storm is going to arrive or not and all you can do is prepare for the worst and hope for the best."

But things become too much quickly after reopening, with endless rows of cars parked illegally and dangerously on Pen-y-Pass with car parks full at 3am.

Cars parked illegally on the A5 at Llyn Ogwen, Snowdonia
Cars parked illegally on the A5 at Llyn Ogwen, Snowdonia 

By the time staff arrived at 7am, the cars were a hundred yards down the main road, causing serious traffic problems.

Keith Ellis, an assistant warden who directs the cars to the park and ride system, says: "Most people are fine...people have been under great pressure and fear because of the pandemic, everyone wants to come out and get some fresh air.

"It's nice to see people back. We want to welcome people back - we rely on the money coming to the area - but people also want to be sensible when they turn up.

"There has to be plans A, B, and C and if it’s too busy, think if it's safe to be here."

One village where many problems have emerged is Llanberis, at the foot of Snowdon.

While wandering the village, local councilor Kevin Morris Jones says that many visitors park in residents-only sites rather than paying at the local car parks.

Beddgelert is another village that attracts a very large number of tourists to North Wales annually.

Ffion Davies, from the community council, is concerned about how many more people the village can cope with and is feeling more pressure than ever as they now must protect the health, safety, and welfare of the community.

Erynne Watson lives with her two young sons in the village and has seen the impact of overcrowding on her young children.

She says: "They don't want to come out of the house to the village.

"We tried to come down here and one of my kids almost had a panic attack because no one kept the two meters.

"They don't see that it's fair - they want to come down to swim in the river and they can't.”

But as people flock to the village, even though the cafes and pubs are closed, some doubt how much the local community is now benefiting from the tourism trade, as many stay in holiday homes and buy food on their way.

And concerns about the long-term impact of these developments are rising.

Erynne added: "I see in 20 years the community will be lost."

Looking to the future, this program will consider the new challenges for rural communities as a result of the pandemic. Questions and topics that became more prominent than ever during the remarkable summer of 2020.

Travel restrictions are poised to be eased in the coming days in Wales, and traffic bosses have urged people to park responsibly when free to drive around the country again.

Eryri: Croeso Nol? (Snowdonia: Welcome Back?)
Thursday, 1 April, 9.00pm
English subtitles available
On-demand: S4C Clic, iPlayer, and other platforms
A Cwmni Da production for S4C


Colwyn Bay ... Shocking Pictures Emerge Online Of Glass Strewn On Colwyn Bay Beach!

This is very worrying, apparently, the haul above was picked up by the Skip at Porth Eirias, where gangs of Youths hang out in the evenings.

Glass does break down quickly in the sand if the tide reaches it, but if stepped on it can cause a lot of damage so anyone thinking of going barefoot down there, don't! 

Thursday, 25 March 2021

North Wales Thousands of oysters to be placed in harbours across Wales to boost water quality

The Water is filthy so these little Mollusks have their work cut out for them!

A PROJECT to return native oysters to the UK in a bid to improve the health of coastal waters will start thousands of shellfish growing beneath harbor pontoons.

Ecologists consider oysters to be “ocean superheroes” for their ability to filter sediment, nitrates, and other pollutants from the seas.

Nitrate-based fertilizers can end up in the sea as a result of run-off from farmland or sewage spills, causing algal blooms that deprive the water of vital oxygen.

A mature oyster can filter up to 200 liters of water a day, but native oysters are on the brink of extinction, with numbers declining 95 percent since the 1800s.

Around 4,000 mature oysters will be installed in six harbors across the North East of England, Wales, and Scotland as part of the Wild Oyster Project.

Launched by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL), the Blue Marine Foundation (Blue), and the trade association British Marine, it is hoped the oyster beds will become the “maternity ward” to the next generation of shellfish.

The project received a £1.2 million grant from the People’s Postcode Lottery’s Dream Trust.

So far, 47 nurseries with 1,300 oysters have been installed underneath pontoons in Sunderland Marina and Port of Blyth.

The mature oysters should begin reproducing over the spring and summer, releasing millions of larvae into the ocean that will eventually settle on rocks and other hard structures and begin to grow.

As well as Tyne and Wear, oysters will be placed in the River Conwy in Wales, and the Firth of Clyde in Scotland.

Celine Gamble, wild oysters project manager at ZSL, said: “The oysters will almost immediately begin their important work helping to create cleaner water and increase marine biodiversity in the UK.”

The nurseries are also intended to act as an outdoor classroom for schools and communities and will be stewarded by local project officers.

James Scott-Anderson, environment executive of British Marine, said: “It is essential that we allow nature the space to recover and grow once again.

“Using marinas to house oyster nurseries is an innovative use of the space we have available.”

Blue’s senior UK projects manager Morven Robertson said: “It is vital in the current climate emergency and biodiversity crisis that nature receives the help it needs to bounce back.

“The Wild Oysters project will give the marine environment a chance to recover, which is not only important for nature and climate but also the people that rely on it.”

Elsewhere, the UK’s first oyster restoration hatchery opened in Langstone Harbour near Portsmouth in Hampshire earlier this week.

Launched by the University of Portsmouth and Blue, it aims to provide a million oysters a year to restore an industry that collapsed almost a decade ago.

The oyster fishery in the Solent was once the largest in Europe, but a combination of over-extraction, disease, pollution, and invasive species pushed it to the brink and the fishery eventually closed in 2013.

The new hatchery is also expected to transform marine biodiversity and water quality in the Solent.


Colwyn Bay ..... Man found dead after 'gunshot' heard at Housing Estate

Very worrying, Was this suicide or murder? Both are scary and sad, suicide, why was a gun at the house, and murder, a killer is out there with a gun, I hope this is dealt with quickly regardless of the cause. 

A man's body has been found in a quiet, suburban neighborhood amid claims a "gunshot" was heard.

North Wales Police confirmed that the body of a man in his 50’s was discovered at a house in Gwynant, Old Colwyn yesterday.

Locals claimed to have heard what sounded like a "gunshot" shortly before armed police and emergency services arrived at the property around lunchtime.

A witness, who asked not to be named told North Wales Live that at least five marked police cars, one unmarked police car, and a police van arrived at the scene at around 1 pm yesterday after reports of what appeared to be the sound of a gun being fired.

Police responding to a call at an address in Gwynant, Old Colwyn on March 23, 2021 

Forensic teams also attended, as did the Welsh Ambulance Service.

The witness said the emergency services remained in the area for several hours.

A police spokesman confirmed that a man in his 50’s had been found dead.

He said: “We received a call at 12:58 pm yesterday from colleagues at WAST to attend an address in Gwynant, Old Colwyn.

“Sadly the body of a deceased man in his 50’s was discovered. There are no suspicious circumstances and the coroner has been informed.”

Welsh Ambulance Service spokesperson said: “We were called on Tuesday, March 23 at approximately 12.55 pm to reports of a person needing urgent medical help in Old Colwyn.

“We responded with one rapid response vehicle.”


Colwyn Bay ... What Lovely Flowers Are Popping Up In Our Gardens!

 Pulmonaria Dark Vader (Lungwort, Bethlehem Sage) above, 

and Periwinkle below, 

and polyanthus

It has been such a lovely day and it is great to see the flowers peeping through the gloom, but let us hope there are no more hard frosts on the way!

Wednesday, 24 March 2021

Llandudno...Woman Attacked At Former Quarry By Four large dogs Off Leads!

 Angel Bay really is an awful place, it is full of dog muck, litter, and gangs of youths who camp there. The evidence of fires and shopping trolleys thrown on the small beach is everywhere. There are so many beer cans it could be the local recycling center!

And on top of that if you ever go there at dush outcome the boys with guns shooting rabbits, and you will be sure to get a red light from the gun shine on you! It's a really scary place.

A woman has been left with a “deep wound” on her leg after being attacked by a large dog.

The unnamed woman was walking near Angel Bay in Penrhyn Bay in Conwy county on March 20 at around 7.45am.

She was approached by three large black dogs and a large tan-colored dog - all of which were off their leads.

The woman was bitten by the large tan dog and sustained a deep wound to her leg.

North Wales Police are now appealing to anyone who may have been in the area or who may have information about the dogs.

If you believe you may have seen them, you should contact NWP on 101 or via the live chat, quoting reference number 21000177463.


Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Llandudno...Man, 25, admits robbery and attempted robbery icourt hears

 Glad they have caught the lowlife, but will he get off on the mental health Chestnut?

A 25-YEAR-old man admitted robbery and attempted robbery at shops in Llandudno town center last month.

Matthew Ward, of no fixed address, also pleaded guilty (on Monday, March 22) to have a knife at the town on February 17.

He was remanded in custody by Judge Timothy Petts at Caernarfon crown court for psychiatric and probation reports.

Full details of the case weren’t outlined.


Monday, 22 March 2021

Colwyn Bay.... Finding Missing Fishing Boat May Find The Answer To The Tragedy That Touched A Community.

Above is the shrine to the four young men who tragically lost their lives whilst out working. This awful loss has touched the community who have rallied together to find the answer to what happened. Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones at this time and we hope the boat can be found, and that it can give the answers as to what happened.

 THE search for a fishing boat the Nicola Faith will be joined by American oceanographer David Mearns following a major fundraising campaign.

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) said it is continuing its efforts to trace the missing vessel and three crewmen, who went missing off the coast of Conwy at the end of January.

The search will be joined by David Mearns, a specialist in deepwater recovery who helped locate the plane carrying Cardiff City footballer Emiliano Sala, from Saturday, March 20 onwards.

The bodies of three men were recovered from the coastline off the Wirral and Blackpool over the weekend of March 13-14.

North Wales Police have been in contact with colleagues from Merseyside and Lancashire police, and are awaiting the outcome of the Home Office post mortem examinations.

More than £68,000 has been raised in an effort to acquire his expertise and equipment in the hope of recovering the vessel, which could answer questions over the cause of its sinking.

MAIB has shared detailed information with David Mearns about the most likely areas the vessel could be found to ensure the best use of this extra resource.

An MAIB spokesperson said: "With the poor weather forecast in the coming days, additional search assets with enhanced capability will be deployed over the weekend, with plans to continue once the weather improves. In addition, the search area planned to be covered has been expanded."

Natural Resources Wales has volunteered sonar equipment and additional technical expertise to the search.

MAIB is also in discussion with the Welsh Government about the use of the Rhodri Morgan, one of their fishery patrol vessels.

Andrew Moll, chief inspector of MAIB said: “This was a truly tragic accident which has left a community with many unanswered questions. I and my colleagues at the MAIB share their urgent need for answers and to fully understand what went wrong. The search effort continues with renewed vigor this weekend and we are pleased that David Mearns has joined this effort.

“To date, more than 30 square miles of seabed have been searched using specialist equipment. We have been able to identify the vessel’s primary operating area and this has been searched with a considerable amount of overlap. The specialist equipment that is being used is extremely sensitive and the search has been hampered by poor weather in recent weeks.

"We remain hopeful that this immense effort will bring news the families hope for very soon.”

Earlier this month the Nicola Faith's liferaft was found off the coast of Kirkcudbrightshire by HM Coastguard and was identified by the MAIB as being from the Nicola Faith.


Colwyn Bay ... Litter and Broken Glass On Street!

Thanks to Darren W for these pictures taken on Abergele Road in Colwyn Bay this morning. It seems that after dark the town takes on a whole new life as Yobs and Drunks come out to play!