Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Colwyn Bay .... Was Fire Behind Behind Charity Shop Arson?

With all of the anti-social problems caused by Delinquents and Yobs in the town, a wheely bin going on fire at 1am in the morning is very unlikely to have been accidental.

Let us hope the cameras pick up someone in the area at the time.

The charity shop nearly caught fire and today it smells of smoke and fire also the flats all around the shop could have put people's lives at risk.

Firefighters battled a blaze in Colwyn Bay town center during the early hours.

It broke out at the rear of shops on Penrhyn Road in the early hours and was described as "well alight" by the fire service.

The blaze involved a steel bin that spread to a garage building.

Two fire engines from Colwyn Bay were sent to the scene and another from Abergele was dispatched later to carry out further checks.

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service (NWFRS) spokeswoman said: "We were called at 1.09am, to Penrhyn Road, Colwyn Bay.

"Two appliances attended and another appliance and an officer have returned this morning to carry out further checks to adjacent buildings."

Firefighters extinguish blaze in Colwyn Bay town centre
Firefighters extinguish a blaze in Colwyn Bay town center 

The NWFRS spokeswoman added crews used two sets of breathing apparatus, a hose reel jet, and a thermal imaging camera, to extinguish the blaze.

Currently, the cause of the fire is unknown.

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Llandudno .... A New Build Block Of Flats On Whitehall Road, Rhos on Sea LL28 Has Residents Raging!

Passing this huge ugly Carbuncle, one might think that the awful architecture is the problem, yes it is but there is more!

Locals were under the impression that this was a block of social housing flats, however, apparently, they are not! see

But the issue is that work on the flats is still happening and of course the law states that building work cannot take place before 8am!

As stated on Facebook by one of the neighbors it is ALLEDGED

"This morning 29th June, the developers had noisy tipper trucks dumping soil at 6am for two hours, waking everyone up in close proximity. Work should not begin until 8am,"

The community have been advised to record the noise, and send it to the council so that further action can be taken!

Developers should follow the law although many love to break it at any possible opportunity!

No matter how ugly these flats they need to follow the law. If you leave near these flats and see work going on before 8am whip out your phone and record and send it into the council at

Tuesday, 29 June 2021

Colwyn Bay ... KFC Window Smashed By Yobs!

This KFC in Colwyn Bay has caused nothing but trouble, gangs of Yobs, Chavs, Delinquents, and Drunks have seen the police issues dispersal orders, it has also seen criminal damage, assaults, and a vast amount of litter.

Below the church grounds right by the KFC have food wrappers thrown in, as soon as they are all picked up and the area cleaned the litter is back. The church will end up locking the gates again.

What needs to happen is this store needs to shut due to all of the problems it causes, just my opinion of course!


Monday, 28 June 2021

Llandudno ... Drug Dealer driving 'Cannabis Factory on Wheels' stopped by Police

Dear oh dear! #Llandudno "The Fading Queen Of  Welsh Resorts" is in the news more these days for drugs and crime than Tourism! 

And this lowlife, criminal scumbag who has a history of drugs gets only 14 months! He will be out in 7! What a joke!

An off-duty police officer's ability to sniff out crime led to his colleagues stopping a car described as smelling like a "cannabis factory on wheels."

Connor Ellis Hughes from Llandudno was driving along the A470 in the town when the officer traveling behind him got a whiff of something dodgy.

He "called it in" and the 24-year-old was pulled over.

READ MORE: Driver clocked at 149mph with young son next to him leaving traffic cops incredulous

Hughes tested positive for cannabis at the roadside but failed to provide a further sample while in custody.

He originally appeared before Llandudno Magistrates Court, who did not believe their sentencing was strict enough so yesterday (June 24) he appeared before Caernarfon Crown Court.

It was revealed Hughes was already on a suspended sentence after been found guilty of possession of controlled drugs in November 2020.

He was sentenced to 14 months imprisonment and disqualified from driving for 43 months.

A post on Facebook from the Roads Policing Unit said: "Whilst one of our officers was on his way home from duty on December 29, last year, he ended up behind a car he described as 'smelling like a cannabis factory on wheels'..."

After stating the outcome of the court case, the team added: "Another one off the road and streets for a good amount of time."

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Colwyn Bay .... Do you know where your children are this evening?

Above is a stock picture

It would seem that the rampage of the delinquent population in the county of Conwy continues! 

Last night running on the railway line risking lives was the new thrill!

The matter has been reported to the police but if you saw anything please contact North Wales Police on 101. Thanks

Below is from the #Facebook page Residents Of Old Colwyn

Do you know where your children are this evening?

There are two boys running along the train tracks towards the abandoned outhouse.

The train that nearly took them out hooted loudly as it went over the bridge at the end of the prom. It doesn’t usually do it there. Then I saw why!

Friday, 25 June 2021

Llandudno ... Jail for man in 'thrall to drugs' who breached suspended sentence!

And #Llandudno has no drug problem! Please, the poor police and courts can barely cope with arrests and raids!

A 24-year-old man said by his barrister to be “in thrall to drugs” was jailed for 14 months.

Twelve months of the term is for breaching a suspended sentence imposed last November for having drugs with intent to supply.

Connor Hughes, of Lloyd Street, Llandudno, got two months after pleading guilty to failing to provide a blood specimen on December 29 when his car was stopped in the Conwy Valley.

The car, said Ember-Jade Wong, prosecuting at Caernarfon crown court, reeked of cannabis and he appeared half asleep.

He was serving a 15-month sentence imposed the previous month which had been suspended for 18 months.

Elen Owen, defending, said this sentence had been for offenses committed in 2018, the delay apparently due to the time it took police to investigate.

She said Hughes was hoping to start a college course to obtain a bricklaying qualification.

The root of his problem was drugs.

“He’s absolutely in the thrall of drugs, self-medicating for serious depression,” she explained.

Mr. Recorder Duncan Bould said there had been a pattern of driving under the influence of drugs.

“He’s on cannabis, driving a car and barely able to keep awake,” the judge pointed out.

He said that when Hughes was sentenced last year for extremely serious drug offenses it would have been made clear what breaching the suspended term would mean.

“The time has come for you to face the consequences of your actions,” he added.

Hughes was banned from driving for three years and seven months, meaning that he will face a three-year disqualification on his release from prison.

He must also pay a £149 surcharge.

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Llandudno ... Large amounts of Litter have been left scattered across the Great Orme!

 I think The "Great" Orme is less of the great these days. and just like "The Fading Queen Of Welsh Resorts" it has had its day!

Anyone who knows the place locally will know that it is always full of drug needles and litter, and in the evening it is a #Doggin area, and used condoms litter anywhere vehicles can park!

There were picnic benches up there last year that were burnt! And a lorry full of tires dumped as well. yes, #Llandudno is long past its glory days!

Large amounts of rubbish have been left scattered across a popular spot on the Great Orme in Llandudno.

The picnic area at the top of the headland was found in a "disgusting" state on Wednesday afternoon, with enough rubbish to fill several bags left at the site.

Amidst the deluge of discarded food packaging and soft drink, cans were a barbecue and a crumpled camping chair.

Read more Surge in Delta cases sees R rate soar to 8 in parts of North Wales as health bosses issue warning

Scorch marks were also left on the ground, where at least a couple of barbecues appear to have been lit.

Kevin John Williams, who came across the mess at around 6.30pm on Wednesday, said: "If we go up after tea time there’s always rubbish, this amount of waste just flabbergasted me and made me so angry I had to stop and post it to people who appreciate Llandudno."

The mess was discovered on the Great Orme on Wednesday afternoon
The mess was discovered on the Great Orme on Wednesday afternoon 

Pictures of the scene have been met with anger and disgust, with many people questioning why anyone would leave a beauty spot in such a mess.

Responding to his post on the You know you're from Llandudno if... Facebook page Katy Wilson said: "This kind of behavior ruins it for everyone else, why can't people just respect the beautiful area and use a bin, it's not difficult, it's not a good example for the younger generation, they will grow up thinking it's ok to just throw litter all over the the wildlife, the damage this can cause to them...people who do this should be ashamed of themselves."

Rubbish found on the Great Orme on Wednesday, June 23.
Rubbish found on the Great Orme on Wednesday, June 23. 

Gareth Harvey commented: "Sad thing is .....even if the council put bins up there these filthy pigs would still throw the litter everywhere, they're just lazy and disrespectful."

Mark Careless added: "Cameras needed there....happens far too often!"

Sarah Rankin said: "I cannot understand how anyone can walk away and leave this. What is wrong with you?? Leave these places as you find them it's as simple as that. I love this place and I wouldn't dream of doing this or disrespecting the lovely people who live there who always make us feel so welcome."

A spokesperson for Conwy County Borough Council said: “There’s no excuse for littering. Most people dispose of their litter responsibly, so it’s disappointing that there’s a minority of people who don’t. It’s not acceptable - if you carried it there, then you can take it to a bin or take it home.

"The Great Orme Country Park is a unique environment and we urge everyone to respect it by following the Countryside Code and leaving no trace of their visit. Residents and visitors love Conwy county because it is beautiful, and we want to keep it that way.”

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Colwyn Bay ... Community Warning As Delinquents Throw Rocks At Car Windows!

There really is an alarming Yob crime in Llandudno and Colwyn Bay at the moment, and something needs to be done urgently before someone dies!

Only a brain-dead moron would throw a rock at a car window! Below is the message from #Facebook

Can anyone send me the post about the group of teenagers smashing car windows in Colwyn Bay?

as one of them has just thrown a rock or something at our car as we were driving past them.

I would like to find out who his parents so I can speak to them.

It could cause a massive accident, it’s so dangerous. 

If I hadn’t had my little boy and sister in the car I would have stopped and dragged the boy home myself. Disgusting behavior.

Be careful driving through Colwyn Bay.

Thursday, 24 June 2021

Colwyn Bay ... Town Voted Worst High Street In New UK Survey!

So sad to see this, The town is a dumping ground for social housing with Wales & West set to dump another 50 social housing flats there! @WWHA

And on top of this, the council demolished the pier which restored would have brought so much to the town, the council have cut down trees leaving the town center Barron, The only hotel left is boarded up and awaiting conversion to flats, the Civic office is going as offices, Erias park is planned to become a housing estate, the Carbuncle Coed Pella and The Skip at Porth Eirias have done nothing for the town and look a mess,

On top of this shop, rents are high, but windows in the shops are smashed all the time by town drunks and yobs, all from the mass of social housing here.

No doubt the council will come up with some with a plan to demolish more and build even more rubbish in the guise of redevelopment!

It needs the Pier rebuilding, a train from the Pier to the town, tree planting, statues, cafes, there is only one decent one in the town, the one at the top is awful. 

It needs cheaper rents, canopies over the front of the shops, and no more social housing! No more destruction of the conservation area and no more flats.

The best and worst high streets in North Wales have been revealed in a report that ranks 1,000 town centers in the UK.

Real estate consultancy Harper Dennis Hobbs publishes its “vitality index” every two years – looking at various factors.

These include shop vacancy rates, the number of discount stores and ‘low value’ units like bookmakers – and the proportion of essential shops, which have become particularly important since the pandemic started.

When it came to the top performers Prestatyn was top of the Welsh list.

The High Street in Prestatyn 

The seaside resort has successfully blended a new retail park with its high street – meaning both national retailers and local independents are performing well. It has previously been a runner-up in the Great British High Street competition.

Next up was the historic market town of Ruthin – also in Denbighshire. This has also previously been nominated for the Great British High Street Awards – praised for how the council and traders were working together to revive, adapt and diversify the town.

Ruthin town centre.
Ruthin town center. 

At the other end of the scale was Colwyn Bay – bottom in North Wales and in the worst 20 in the UK list.

The already struggling Station Road has been badly impacted by the pandemic – with Peacocks and Trespass closing and WH Smith set to shut next month.

Wrexham and Rhyl are also in the bottom five in North Wales and the lowest 100 in the UK after years of struggling to retain some of the major retail names.

One strange inclusion near the bottom is Conwy, which has thrived in recent years – while Caernarfon makes up the region’s bottom five.

Clwyd West MP David Jones has both Colwyn Bay and Ruthin in his constituency and spoke about the issues facing the seaside town and other high streets.

He said: “At one time, many years ago, Colwyn Bay was arguably the best shopping destination in North Wales. Station Road, in particular, had some exceptionally fine shops, which would not have disgraced a large city center.

Station Road, Colwyn Bay 

“We all know that the construction of the A55 was bad news for the town as a shopping center, bypassing it completely. However, there have been a number of decisions made since then that haven’t helped.

“The development of the Bay View shopping precinct had the effect of pulling the shopping pitch away from the traditional center.

“Colwyn Bay isn’t assisted, either, by the town’s close proximity to Llandudno, which has three purpose-built shopping precincts. Given that Colwyn Bay, Llandudno and Conwy are now, in reality, one relatively large conurbation, it is perhaps unsurprising that one part of it should constitute the center of gravity for shopping purposes.

“Thus, when we have one of the periodic bank closures in Colwyn Bay, we are always told that the branch in Llandudno will remain open. This isn’t to be wondered at; banks obviously will want to be where most of the money is spent.

Clwyd West MP David Jones
Clwyd West MP David Jones

“This isn’t to say that nothing can be done to reverse Colwyn Bay’s ill fortune.”

Conwy county council has launched a Bay Life Masterplan. The proposals aim to create an attractive town center with a more people-friendly environment, according to the council.

MP Mr. Jones added: “One simple measure, for which many have been calling for some time, is to pedestrianized Station Road. Pedestrianization has sterilized the town center and made shops inaccessible to car-borne shoppers. With modern traffic-calming methods and time-limited parking, Station Road could be made accessible again.

“Next, planners should be looking at changing shopping patterns in the light of increased online shopping. The internet isn’t going to go away, so town centers are going to have to adapt. This means looking more favorably at service providers, rather than thinking primarily in terms of retail.

“We should also be doing a lot more to encourage people to live in our High Streets. We need to encourage a vibrancy that isn’t there at the moment.

“I know that Conwy Council is doing a lot of this already. They are also spending money on restoring some of the more prominent town center buildings, for which they deserve huge credit. But the Council can’t do it all. They certainly can’t run the town center. That has to be the role of the private sector. All the Council can do is to make the town center more appealing.”

On Ruthin, he added: “Ruthin is a very different sort of town from Colwyn Bay. It is a small, rural center, fairly distant from other centers. Shoppers therefore naturally gravitate there, particularly for convenience goods. It is an appealing place – arguably the prettiest town in North Wales – and it has a very civically engaged population, who work closely with the Town and County Councils to promote the “Ruthin Brand”.

“This isn’t to say that Ruthin has no problems – it’s experienced a number of bank closures, too – but its particular circumstances have made it more resilient.”

He added: “The two towns are very different, but if Colwyn Bay wants to learn anything from Ruthin, it should be that people are more likely to visit the center if it looks good and feels vibrant. Conwy Council is doing their best to address that problem, but, somehow, more needs to be done, and more quickly.”

Sara Jones, from the Welsh Retail Consortium, said: “We know that the unlocking of the economy alone will not be a silver bullet for our high streets. The cumulative impact of the lockdowns has been immense, and it will take time for retailers to recover, especially while footfall remains depressed.

Sara Jones of the Welsh Retail Consortium 

“From Government we need early sight of a retail recovery plan and a proportionate and pragmatic approach to legislation, alongside some form of consumer stimulus, to support our high streets and entice shoppers back after this bitter winter and slow spring.

"And longer term, for our high streets to have a vibrant future, then we need to address the elephant in the room; our outdated and hugely burdensome business rates system.

"The rates’ relief that businesses have until April is hugely welcomed but the cliff edge position they face next year must be avoided at all costs, with the rates burden reduced and put on a more sustainable basis permanently."

A Welsh Government spokesperson said: “We fully recognize the Covid pandemic has had a big impact on high streets across Wales, which is why we are taking a number of measures to further support the retail sector.

"These include the development of a retail strategy, which will respond to the challenges the sector faces in the short, medium, and long term.

“Welsh businesses in the hardest-hit sectors continue to benefit from a full 12-month business rates holiday package, which goes considerably beyond what is available in England.

“In addition, our Transforming Towns program is providing nearly £110m to help support the economic and social recovery of our town and city centers. We also have ambitious plans to help people work smart and remotely in Wales. We are trialing a series of community-based remote working hubs, encouraging people to work closer to home and driving footfall back into town centers.”

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Wednesday, 23 June 2021

Llandudno .... Delinquents Terrorise Town And Damage Trees!


The above trees just in front of the Rhos Abbey Flats have been damaged!

It seems that the whole area is being besieged by delinquent behavior and a recent dispersal order at the skip just down the road at Porth Eirias, windows smashed at the KFC, vandalism in Llandudno, and the police are struggling to keep up!

The best thing to do is to get pictures or a video and keep sending the info into the police and post on social media, as this has had a good response, or just ring 101 every time.

And below what was written on Facebook!

Shocking behavior witnessed this evening in Rhos. A group of youngsters intimidating others, damaging fruit trees by the gym. They have no respect for adults. And I know the police won’t help either.

Monday, 21 June 2021

Colwyn Bay .... The Destruction Of Eirias Park For Housing!

This is really sad, instead of the listed building becoming a hotel it will just be offices and all around it, the boating lake, pond fields, and gardens will be bulldozed for houses! 

It is heartbreaking when a council no longer cares about a town and favors the town down the road where they would never get away with doing this, here no one bats an eye!

And what does Colwyn Bay get? An ugly building on Coed Pella Road, (new council offices) and all of the Protected Trees cut down, We get the ugly skip at Porth Eirias which locals hate, we get our Pier destroyed, our conservation area destroyed for flats, Our hotels turned into flats or demolished, and a manky new-build hotel!

And now our park is to be destroyed and we are getting even more social housing!

Ask yourself this question, would this happen in Llandudno? The answer is no! But since when have Conwy Council Cared about Colwyn Bay? Never, not in a very long time anyway, now all they care about is taking further down that road of no return. Sad.

Colwyn Bay ... Couple Attacked In Flat With Weapons, Yet Wales & West Want to Build More Social Housing In The Town!

Sad news yet social housing brings problems with it, Colwyn Bay already has a mass of social housing, and the town is suffering because of it, now Wales & West want to dump 50 more social housing flats right next to the already troubled North Wales Housing flats already there.

Colwyn Bay should be on the up not being dragged down with social housing and the problems it brings.

Two people were seriously injured during an aggravated burglary in Colwyn Bay last night.

Police were called to an address on Abergele Road at 11.20pm on Saturday (June 19) following a report that two people had entered a flat and assaulted its two occupants using weapons.

Police are now appealing for witnesses.

Both occupants, a man, and a woman were taken to hospital with serious injuries, which are not deemed to be life-threatening.

Detective Constable Sean Harrison said: “Our inquiries are underway and we are urging anybody who may have witnessed suspicious behavior on Abergele Road, near to the junction of Rhiw Road to contact us.”

Anybody with information is asked to contact officers at Central CID via the website or by calling 101, quoting reference number 21000430272.


Wednesday, 16 June 2021

Llandudno ... Police Appeal Information on Pet Cat Shot In Town!

Awful news, but in fairness, I keep saying to Cat owners to keep their pets indoors unless they are with them, they are always getting poisoned, run over, and now shot! Please keep cats indoors and if they do go out please make sure they have a collar and a bell on.

Please contact the North Wales Police on 101 if you have any information, Thank You.

bizarrely the owner of the cat has complained about the sharing of the story from Facebook, despite the cat owner posting the appeal on social media for further information.

It seems the owner also did not like it is suggested that people allowing cats outdoors should be stopped!
Well if you google cats shot, you will be shocked at how many are and also hit by cars, poisoned and tortured!
If I had a pet I loved the last thing I would do would be to let it roam anywhere, yet people do without a collar or bell, and when they disappear or get hurt they are shocked!

What a strange world we live in!

Sunday, 13 June 2021

Colwyn Bay ... Police Appeal For Witnesses After 17 Year Old Girl Was Viciously Attacked Attempting To Prevent An Assault!

This story has been released on Facebook by the victim and her family, also the police are investigating and if anyone recognizes the individuals from the pictures below please contact North Wales Police on 101 quoting the Police reference number 21000412321

Below is the edited post from the family, OK guys we need help, last night roughly about 12.30am my 17-year-old daughter was beat up by these two lads.

These lads walked with her and her mate up to Dol Du by Colwyn Bay football club.
The victim and her friend sat down on the curb when another lad walked past.
The two lads approached this other young lad and began to beat him for no reason, my daughter tried to help the lad by holding the two lads back from him, so the young lad ran and the two lads gave chase with my daughter and her friend running after them to help the lad.
The lad ran back onto Llanelian Road, they chased him for a good while onto Peuwlys Lane, where they caught him as he ran onto a drive to try to get help, my daughter again tried to stop them when she punched and flung to the floor, she was then punched more and kicked until on one of them grabbed her phone and they both ran back toward the football ground.
My daughter tried to get her phone back, the lad, punched her phone thus breaking the phone.
These lads made threats that they had a knife and they will kill.
Police are involved as she was brought home by them, my daughter has to go for an x-ray for her eye today because of these lovely individuals. 😡 please share this post, get us the names so these vile pieces of criminals can be dealt with!!