Saturday, 31 July 2021

Snowdon, North Wales ... Is The Mountain Becoming a Tacky Tourist Destination?

It is now beyond a joke, a que at the top, no toilets which sees any walls or trees the dumping ground for human waste, and so much litter!

On top of that you have people getting lost or falling every few hours and parking nightmares! No wonder locals keep well away!

A Snowdon climber compared the mountain to a "carnival" after filming huge line of walkers queuing up to reach the summit.

Tik Tok user Northernexotics shared the clip yesterday (July 29), and captioned it “anyone planning a trip up Snowdon? #snowdon #gonewrong”.

In the video, the user pans around the summit of Eryri, revealing breathtaking views across the national park.

However, what came as a surprise to many was the massive queue of people waiting to take a picture at the marker at the mountain's summit.

Speaking in the short clip, the compares the shocking crowds to that of a ‘carnival’.

He said: “After seeing this you’ not want to go up Snowdon this summer."

“Have you ever seen a carnival just like this?

“I mean check it out, this many people on a Monday. On a Monday!”

In March of last year, similar crowds were pictured gathering at the top of the mountain, sparking warning from rescue that they couldn’t guarantee help amid the risk of coronavirus.

People claimed to have seen tourists queuing for as far as 300m up the mountain and concern was raised over the 'dangerous' parking situation caused by illegally parked cars near the mountain.

Snowdonia National Park Authority says it has taken steps to try and stop the paths leading up and down the mountain from becoming congested.

A spokesperson for Snowdonia National Park said: “Over the past year we have been planning accordingly and have been developing plans to manage the predicted challenges facing the National Park this season and have anticipated a significantly high number of visitors due to the relaxing of Covid-19 restrictions.

“As part of our communication strategy for the summer we have been encouraging people to pre-plan their visits to Snowdonia; to come at different times of the week or year and encourage visiting alternatives to the usual honey pot sites where suitable infrastructure and capacity is available.

“Following last year’s successful pilot we have introduced a new customer-friendly pre-booking service for Pen y Pass and with our partners, we have increased the Sherpa service around the foothills of Snowdon.

“Our staff, partners, volunteer wardens and volunteers are working tirelessly to make sure that everyone enjoys themselves in a safe way when they visit Snowdonia, all we ask in return is that people respect the communities, the landscapes, the biodiversity and each other when they are here.”


Friday, 30 July 2021

Colwyn Bay ‘Special’ behind closed doors meeting about children’s centre!

I love the word flagship, which basically means new but we had Cedar Court which was demolished foir a block of flats in Colwyn Bay, and we also have the unit at Abergele Hospital, so hardly flagship!

But everything about this has been behind closed doors, no public consultation, no discussion with the community about the demolition of a 300 year old welsh cottage, or the loss of green space and the cutting down of trees!

And then there are the children, the units which these children are sent to out of county is due to the fact that fostering and care facilities cannot cope with their behaviour, so  they are sent to expensive placements out of county.

But should the public not have had the chance to know the histories of the children that will be placed there and the risk? Some will be violent, some will have a criminal history, Some will have a sexual/preditory history, and to my understanding this will not be a locked unit!

And on top of this there is the cost, just like Bron Y Nant and the disability care home there, the council have been some grants but the council have borrowed the rest of the money! When did the tax payers agree to this? So this has always been behind closed door like most things our council do!

A council has held a “special” behind-closed-doors meeting after plans to build a flagship children’s assessment centre were left in chaos when the builder went bust.

Conwy county council held the cabinet meeting to try and thrash out what happens now with Bwthyn y Ddôl, next to Eirias Park in Colwyn Bay.

The facility was supposed to stop vulnerable children being sent hundreds of miles away to specialist private providers.

The centre is a first-of-its-kind venture in Wales between Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board, Conwy county and Denbighshire councils.

Within three weeks of contractor WRW Construction officially breaking ground on the pioneering scheme it announced it told staff it was moving into administration.

Two weeks ago Denbighshire council’s social services chief Nicola Stubbins told councillors they would look for “alternative temporary venues” for vulnerable children while the mess was sorted out.

Conwy county council’s meeting today (Wednesday) was believed to surround the legal position of how it can engage another contractor, although it is believed no money had been paid to WRW prior to it entering administration.

The authority has restricted access to the meeting, meaning neither press nor public are allowed in, because it involved sensitive commercial and legal issues related to WRW and possible replacement contractors.

In a note to the agenda for today’s meeting it said: “Disclosure may prejudice the Authority’s and the potential tenderer(s) position and basis of trust in a confidential procurement process.

“The report includes financial details in terms of the expected project build costs and award of WG ICF grant monies.”

The total cost of Bwthyn y Ddôl has already been reported as £2,687,524, which will be funded through the Welsh Government Integrated Care Fund (ICF).

The multi-disciplinary unit will house vulnerable children needing assessment for up to 12 weeks at a time and stop kids with complex needs being sent hundreds of miles away for care.

It will also have respite beds for emergency cases where children have to be removed from their situation for a short time.

Llanelli-based WRW Construction Ltd, announced it would be entering administration earlier this month because it was experiencing “significant financial stress” despite having orders for work in excess of £60m.


Llandudno ... Driver caught without license or insurance!

Sometimes people can genuienly forget insurance for a variety of reasons, but not a licence! But I am shocked they were not carrying drugs which is usually the case in the area!

A MOTORIST was caught on the road without a driving license Llandudno Junction.

North Wales Police said the incident, in which the driver neither had insurance, took place on Thursday morning.

Officers from the force's Roads Policing Unit seized the car. The person has been summoned to court.

In a social media post, police said: "What are the two main things you need to be able to drive...?

"Well it would help if you had a valid driving licence and insurance....which the driver of this car didn't have.

"It's thanks to information passed to us by a member of the public that we stopped this car in Llandudno Junction earlier today.

"The driver has been reported for the offence so will have to explain their actions to the Court. Car also seized."

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Colwyn Bay .... A Small Collection Of Litter!

 It seems that the beach is a dumping ground for anything these days! As soon as the kind people pick it up and clear it, it is all back the next day!

Colwyn Bay .... Police Seek Information On Rubbish Dumped On The Side Of The Road!

Shocked locals have reported this matter to the police. The post originally from Facebook asks if anyuone can identify any of the rubbish to get in touch with North Wales Police on 101.

I do feel that the recycling centre in Mochdre is a very difficult place to take rubbish, but maybe if the council relaxed some of the rules, even brough back community skips it might help?


Thursday, 29 July 2021

Colwyn Bay ... Conwy Council FOI Request Question Staff Pay Rises Within The Authority!

Will we get the truth? The community have suffered with covid, yet have all of the council staff had a payrise and back pay? Staff say yes, but what will the councils answer be!

The Request!

Dear Conwy County Borough Council,

It has come to my attention that all of the staff within Conwy council have recently recieved a pay rise.
Could you please clarify the following...
1, What was the perecentage of the pay rise, ie 1%, 2% etc
2, What was the total payout of back pay for the payrise?
3,Why did this payrise happen?
4,Was this payrise discussed in any public consultation?
4, How much in total will the pay rise cost in a one year period of 12 months , which means the total increas of expenditure due to the pay increase of whatever %?
Thank you

Yours faithfully,

Dyffed Rowlands

Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Abergele ... The Grade II Listed Train Station That Time Forgot!

These pictures were taken a few years ago when the building was up for rent. This stunning booking office has been at risk for a number of years, now thankfully it is being restored with all of the other buildings on the station, and they are looking lovely!


The Stunning Pond at The Rhuddlan Nature Reserve!

Lovely colours on the pond, and the Ducks are just gorgious, a lovely place to visit and have a picnic.

Sad to see that the railway station was demolished and is now part of the nature reserve!


Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Colwyn Bay ... Bin Full Of Rubbish Thrown Onto Beach At Porth Eirias (The Skip)

Thank you to Jenny for the picture who states that other people were also taking pictures of this.

The fact is that at night the area around The Skip (Porth Eirias) attracts gangs of Yobs and this is why dispersal orders have been put in place, due to assaults, fighting, rinking and large gangs of Youths.

Locals are now calling for security cameras to be put in place on the prom!Will that help?

Colwyn Bay .... Sofa and children's toys dumped in lay-by!

Should it not be the council who are appealing? Anyway getting into the Skip these day is difficult and they are so rude there. It should be far easier  to get risd of rubbish, and dumping it is wrong.

I remember that the council used to put community skips in area so people could take rubbish, these days it is so difficult to take bin bags to the tip, they demand you open them!

POLICE have appealed for information after a sofa and children’s toys were dumped in a lay-by in Colwyn Bay.

North Wales Police and Conwy County Borough Council are investigating the incident which took place overnight near Bryn y Maen.

“We are saddened to report an incident of fly-tipping overnight in a lay-by at Bryn y Maen, Colwyn Bay,” police said.

“A joint investigation with Conwy Council has been launched.

“Anyone with information is urged to contact us on 101, or via the live web chat service.”

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Conwy .... Police Officers Driven At by Motorcyclist Drivers Who Fail To Stop When Requested!

A shocking disregard for our police, I hope these scum will be caught and quickly. Luckily the officers were not hurt.

OFF-ROAD motorcyclists kicked out and attempted to headbutt police and Natural Resources Wales (NRW) officers in Conwy. 

North Wales Police's Rural Crime team said the incident occurred near Llyn Geirionydd, Trefriw on Friday evening while its officers were on a joint foot patrol with NRW. 

At around 5.30pm, three off-road motorbikes came towards the officers along a footpath and were asked to stop.

However, all three are reported to have driven past the officers, with one kicking out and another driving towards an officer, before quickly swerving out of the way.

The third off-road motorcyclist is said to have attempted to headbutt the same officer, while in a helmet, as he drove past.

Anyone who witnessed the incident, or anyone with information, is asked to contact North Wales Police on 101, or via the live web chat, quoting reference number Z106795.


Sunday, 25 July 2021

Llandudno ... Childs Blow Up Pink Flamingo Stolen From Outside Fundraising Charity Shop For Children!

"Standing in the doors of the Pink Flamingo" as the famous song once said! Well here in Rhos On Sea near Llandudno two vile girls stole a very large blow up Pink Flamingo from outside The Fundraising Kiosk!

The child who it was stolen from was very distressed and the owners and family are asking for it to be returned as soon as possible.

The Flamingo had only just been purchased and inflated.

The matter has been reported to the police and also there is CCTV footage from the theft.

The Charity it was stolen from raises money for Sick, Disabled Children!

The item was very expensive, and they would like the item back, if it is returned no further action will be taken.

(Happy Faces children's charity)

"The Aim Of Happy Faces is to Raise funds in the area of North Wales, with the sole purpose of spending funds on sick, disabled and disadvantaged children who live in North Wales. Funds are raised by Bucket collections Jumble sales and Car Boots Cabaret Shows in clubs and Pubs Sponsored walks A Team in the London Marathon Outdoor music shows Collections in shops Theatre Shows Donations from the public Our Retail shop in Rhos On sea."

What vile people to do this, I hope the item is returned and if not these horrid teens charged with theft.

If you saw anything please get in touch with the charity. Thank you



Colwyn Bay ... Used Condoms At The Skip (Porth Eirias)!

Lots of people taking poictures of the filth at Porth Eirias this morning! 

It seems Litter, Nappies, Glass, Dog Muck, Human Waste and now Used Condoms are some of the delights that will greet visitors heading down to the beach by the skip! Nice eh?

An Apology ...... Comments On Posts!

The comments section under the articles has sadly had to be removed due to abuse by a member of the public.

I am unsure if the person may be unwell or just malicious so until further notice comments cannot be left, although this will be reviewed.

And thank you to the people who leave nice messages.


Colwyn Bay ... Dangerous Driving Burglar Escaped Prison Sentence By Claiming Bearkdown!

One must ask how a Breakdown causes dangerous driving and robbery? Is prison not full of people with Mental Health Problems?

But here the presented case with its apparent reason has led to a non custodial sentence! So over 10 offenses and no prison sentence! Wow, you just have to love our court sysyem, and I must add that so many people who have breakdowns never commit crimes, but if they ever do they need to remember to use it to get them off a prison sentence!

A UNIVERSITY student who drove dangerously in Wrexham and committed numerous other offences across North Wales had suffered a 'breakdown,' a court heard.

David Keegan, of no fixed abode, appeared at Caernarfon Crown Court on Friday via video link from HMP Berwyn.

The 25-year-old had previously admitted 10 offences, all of which took place between the end of May and mid-June this year.

His offences included two burglaries with thefts at dwellings in Prince's Road in Bangor, theft of a motor vehicle and use of a vehicle without insurance in Bangor, theft from a shop and dangerous driving in Colwyn Bay, dangerous driving, failing to stop and using a motor vehicle without insurance in Llay and making off without paying for £50 of fuel in Llandudno.

The court heard the items stolen in the burglaries were speakers and an Xbox controller and the complainants were fellow Bangor University students who had been away when the offences were committed.

They returned and realised the items were missing, later discovering they had been exchanged at a local electronics store by a man matching the defendant's description.

The Ford Focus was stolen from Bangor Tyre Service after Keegan asked if he could test drive it.

In Colwyn Bay he took two iPhones and cables without paying.

The owner of the business was so desperate to get the stock back, the court heard, he clung onto Keegan's bonnet as he drove away, eventually falling off.

James Coutts, defending, told the court prior to moving to North Wales from the Republic of Ireland to pursue a degree in sport science at Bangor University, Keegan had been an inpatient at a psychiatric unit for almost two months after having difficulties with his mental health.

Once released as an outpatient, his proposed treatment having a one year waiting list, he decided to make a fresh start by applying for the sport science degree.

When he was successful, he moved over early in order to 'settle in' - but things become "too much for him."

Mr Coutts said: "He went off the rails, committing a number of criminal offences.

"Your honour described it as a breakdown - that's probably what it was.

"He very much wants to return to his family and he wants help.

"He knows he can't go on like this."

He told the court the defendant's family were prepared to take him home and arrange help and support for his difficulties.

The court heard Keegan had never been in trouble before, and had already secured one degree in business.

Judge Nicola Jones handed down consecutive sentences of six months and 12 months for the two offences of dangerous driving - but suspended them for 18 months.

Further concurrent sentences of two months were passed on each count of burglary, and no separate penalty was passed on the remaining offences.

Keegan was ordered to pay compensation of £700 in respect of the theft of the phones and £600 for the stolen car, as well as a £128 victim surcharge.

The Judge said: "I order no requirements because I know your parents will take you straight back to Ireland and you will receive the treatment you clearly need."

From .....

Saturday, 24 July 2021

Colwyn Bay ... Mass Of Litter Left Under New Pier!

Well done to the lady who took the time and trouble in cleaning up this mess.
It is sad with so many bins on the beach that this mess is left daily.
It would seem that there does need to be more bins on the beach and maybe to bring back litter wardens.
One of the worries here is that the litter might end up in the sea at high tide and damage wildlife.
Sadly the lady who posted this article online has had verbal abuse but also praise.
Again well done to her.
Also we have to be clear that all ages have been leaving rubbish, however the rubbish in the evening around The Skip (Porth Eirias) is youths who meet in mass there in the evening and have been subject to a police dispersal order following fighting, assaults, broken glass etc.

Below is the original post.
So this huge group of teenagers decided it was a great idea to leave all their rubbish behind and a trolley.

The rubbish including clothing, plastic and sooo many smashed beer bottles. My friends and Ipicked up as much as we could and filled the trolley.
All of this rubbish was just from the one group. Unfortunately we couldn’t get the trolley off the beach but atleast it’s off the sand.
There’s still quite a lot of smashed glass under the new pier, we tried our hardest to clean up their mess.


Friday, 23 July 2021

Colwyn Bay .... Cat found shot by air rifle in town!

A cat has been shot in Colwyn Bay above.

We posted an appeal to find the person who shot this cat a few weeks ago and ended up having abuse from the owner because we stated that people need to keep their cats indoors due to the high risk and she did not like that!

Well people may not like it but the truthy hurts, a cat shot, dozens of cats poisoned, run over, killed by dogs and missing in the area, 

If people care about their pets they need to know where they are at all times.

You would not let your Rabbit, Pony, Dog, or any other pets out unsupervised in case they get hurt but people do with cats and then get upset when things happen to them.

Cats are domestic and can be trained from a young age to be a house cat, but I guess if people are prepared to take the chance that is up to them.

Recently someone found a cat that had been run over and was dead, no collar or tag, a picture was posted on facebook so the owners could collect it, and people who saw it were very distressed.

There is no excuse for not having a collar and tag, regardless of this it is all very sad indeed.

Who killed our cats?

It is going on everywhere! 

Cat found with 20 shotgun pellets inside her 'used as target practice' owner fears

Cats Shot In Prestatyn

Conwy, Cat killed by dogs! 

And the article

A CAT was severely injured after being shot through the stomach by an air riffle.

Obi, a one-year-old grey cat, was found in a very bad way at his Cysgod-Y-Bryn home in Colwyn Bay.

Vets found that Obi had been shot through his stomach with a pellet gun, and the bullet had gone onto snap the cat's left back leg.

The shooting took place on either the evening of June 13, or the morning of June 14. Obi was later transferred to a veterinary surgeon in Runcorn for an operation where his broken leg was held into place with an external frame and pins.

Obi has since recovered well from his surgery but his owners have been fearful to let him out in case a repeat incident occurs.

His leg has also become infected, so his treatment continues with a course of antibiotics.

The RSPCA, who were contacted, said it "beggars belief" that someone would target an innocent animal in this way - and continue to call for more regulation linked to the use of air weapons and rifles.

RSPCA inspector Mike Pugh said: "It's been a really tough year for so many of us - but with communities rallying around one another, it beggars belief to think someone has been spending their time taking pot shots at innocent pets like poor Obi.

"We're relieved to hear his surgery was a success and he has made good progress in recent weeks - but this has been a horrible experience for Obi's owner Hayley.

"Sadly, RSPCA officers all too often deal with incidents where cats and other pets have been shot by air weapons and rifles. We continue to support better education and a thorough explanation of the law for users.

"The RSPCA is really eager to find out what happened to poor Obi - and would urge anyone with information about a cat shooting in the local area to contact our inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018."

Hayley, Obi's owner, added: "Obi came home at 8.30am on June 14 in a really bad way - so we know something happened to him that morning or, more likely, the night before.

"Amazingly, Obi had somehow got over our fence and in through a back window, and made his way upstairs. He was crying in pain - and his leg looked like it was hanging off. I was so worried - and initially thought he had been run over. It was obvious his leg was badly broken.

"When vets told us they had found a metal bullet embedded in his thigh, I just couldn't believe it; it doesn't make any sense why anybody would want to do that to an animal. Sadly, the bullet had caused a large amount of damage.

"Obi has recovered really well from his operation - though we've been very worried about letting him out again after what happened. His mobility and balance have gradually returned, but his leg recently became infected, so his treatment is ongoing through antibiotics. But we are just so relieved he is going to be okay."

Anyone with information about the shooting has been urged to contact the RSPCA's From ins

Thursday, 22 July 2021

Colwyn Bay .... Council Leader Claims Authority Could be 'world leader' in Wave Energy Despite Appauling Track Record on Environmental Issues!

They really do live on another Planet some people in the council, suddenly they care about green energy!

Yet they are happy to cut down trees, demolish building rather than convert them, and build buildings such as Coed Pella that are not enviromntally friendly!

This is why members of the public are writing to the UK City Of Culture 2025 team because people are so disgusted at how the council behave, 

A COUNCIL boss claims his authority could be a “world leader” in wave energy after backing a motion to support a large scale tidal lagoon off the North Wales coast.

Cllr Charlie McCoubrey, leader of Conwy county council, made the remark at last week’s full council meeting.

Members backed a motion brought by veteran councillor and former leader Ronnie Hughes to “support in principle the development of a large scale tidal project off the coast of Conwy county”.

It also called for the cabinet and elected members to lobby Welsh and UK governments to advance the idea, as well as set up a council working group on the subject.

Cllr McCoubrey said: “I’m very happy to take member suggestions and those from senior officers on how to push this forward.

“I think it will make a massive difference and I think we can be world leaders if we push this forward for our residents.”

It’s not the first time council members have voiced their approval for a tidal lagoon scheme, which would not only provide clean energy but could have potential benefits in controlling rising seas.

Former leader Cllr Sam Rowlands was a staunch advocate of the tidal lagoon idea and cabinet member for housing Cllr Goronwy Edwards, formerly in charge of economic development has also championed the move.

However this is the first time the authority has made any official declaration of intent towards pushing the idea of a tidal lagoon forwards.

Cllr Edwards had previously declared he would prefer a tidal lagoon to seeing more wind turbines out to sea, after meeting with RWE Renewables who are proposing to more than double the number off the Conwy coast.

Cllr Hughes, who tabled the motion, said it was important it was considered after reports in the media highlighted where Conwy would be in 50 years time if seas rose unchecked and nothing was done to mitigate it.

He said: “Some of the details coming out last week were frightening. There will be a lot of areas of Conwy disappearing if we don’t do something.

“I understand money (on sea defences) is going to be spent on Colwyn Bay and Llandudno but that’s a sticking plaster compared to what we are going to go through.”

Cllr Greg Robbins seconded the motion and said it was important feasibility stuies and environmental impact reports were done as soon as possible.

He added: “It’s going to take a very long time so let’s give it as big a push as possible.”

Dr Stuart Anderson was instrumental in forming a plan to build a tidal lagoon, as part of North Wales Tidal Energy and Coastal Protection Co Ltd, but he resigned from the board in November 2016.

Former leader Cllr Rowlands and Henry Dixon, chairman of North Wales Tidal Energy and Coastal Protection, presented proposals for a North Wales tidal lagoon at at local area meeting of councillors in February.

The plans would not only generate power for up to 1.1m homes but claim they could solve some of the North Wales coastal strip’s issues with rising sea levels.

It is thought advancing feasibility and environmental impact studies could cost at least £1m.

From ....