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Llandudno .... NIMBY Reaction after Homeless People Placed in Empty Hotel Beds!

"a person who objects to the siting of something perceived as unpleasant or hazardous in the area where they live, especially while raising no such objections to similar developments elsewhere." NIMBY!

And that brings us on nicely to Llandudno! Who for some reason seem to think they are a cut above the rest and they are not!

Colwyn Bay has been taking homeless at the Travelodge and other hotels for years, as has Llandudno, (quietly) 

The local authority has a legal duty to accommodate people in need and thus empty hotel beds are the answer.

But it seems our precious Llandudno does not like new builds on fields which everywhere else has to put up with, it also does not like blocks of flats being built in tourist areas, which Colwyn Bay and Rhos On Sea have suffered for years.

So why does Llandudno think it is above everyone else? It has a huge social housing population, OAP population, a massive drug problem, and a crime problem, so what makes it so special! The answer is nothing, and this storm in a teacup response to the homeless shows how out of touch the town is with reality.

Some interesting crime stats, at the end of the article, shows that Llandudno has the largest crime rate above Colwyn Bay! So all of this noise is pointless, homeless people in Llandudno need accommodating, period!

The article, A 'ghost town' warning has been issued over concerns about holiday accommodation in Llandudno being repurposed to house homeless people.

The resort has a Holiday Accommodation Zone which usually prevents hotels, guest houses, and B&Bs from being changed from tourism use.

But Welsh Government introduced emergency planning legislation at the height of the pandemic so homeless people could be housed in holiday accommodation.

That remains in place and the Llandudno Hospitality Association has criticized Conwy council for recently putting homeless people in a property in the town that had been a guest house.

They warn that this could start a decline in holiday accommodation and lead to the economic and social problems seen in other holiday resorts like Rhyl and Colwyn Bay in recent decades.

Aberconwy MS Janet Finch-Saunders wants Welsh Government to close the emergency legislation loophole while the LHA has asked the council to stop using holiday accommodation for this purpose.

North Wales Tourism leader Jim Jones warned they did not want Llandudno ending up as a "ghost town" with the key economic sector damaged.

Welsh Government minister Julie James said the permitted development rights have eased considerable pressure on local authorities but that it was up to councils to decide the balance between the interests of stakeholders.

She added that as these changes were temporary then if an authority wished to retain the change of use for a longer period then planning permission must be obtained.

In a letter to the LHA, Conwy council's leader Charlie McCoubrey said homelessness was a highly "detrimental and seemingly intractable problem in Llandudno" and because of council actions there were no longer any street homeless individuals in Conwy.

He added that he understood the "need to protect and sustain the vitality and uniqueness of Llandudno as a key driver of our economy".

The council added that the property had not been used as a guest house since being taken over by the current owner and wasn't in use when they took out the temporary lease.

North Wales Live is not naming the property to protect the privacy of tenants.

In a letter to the council leader, Berin Jones, chairman of the LHA, said: "There is a whole raft of evidence from across the UK that demonstrates that the using of holiday accommodation for the homing of those in need of support; especially those who are homeless or vulnerable; results in a significant and lasting decline to the economy of the resort, which becomes impossible to recover despite millions of pounds of public money being pumped into the areas to try and raise the tourism economy once again.

"In essence, once the golden goose is shot, it will never return to life. This can be a one-shot pellet or it can be a barrage of shotgun shells, but ultimately, the economy is irretrievable once it has happened."

He said that in the midst of the crisis the association had not opposed using holiday accommodation for this purpose but in the longer-term people requiring support needed to be placed in appropriate locations "which is not holiday accommodation and especially not with hoteliers who do not have the skills to support these tenants".

He added: "This can easily be prevented by your officers committing to not attempting to contract with hoteliers within the Holiday Accommodation Zone for the locating of those who require the support of the local authority, whatever the legislation permits."

Aberconwy MS Janet Finch-Saunders said: "Whilst I appreciate the exceptional circumstances which brought about the legislative change which enables hotels to change the use to temporary accommodation without applying for permission and that there is considerable demand for emergency housing, it is wrong that holiday accommodation in the heart of the sector is being lost despite the clear protection included in the Local Development Plan.

“The tourism sector is booming in Llandudno. The demand goes to prove that our local planning policy is right to protect the Holiday Accommodation Zone and that the Welsh Government is now wrong to continue to allow its legislation to undermine it.

“Circumstances have changed. The law should now change.

“What we are also seeing the 2020 Order achieve is potential unfairness to the residents of temporary accommodation because living in busy tourist areas is not necessarily conducive to the relaxed and supported location some individuals may require.

“The local authority has legal duties to meet including the provision of temporary accommodation where appropriate, and none of us wish to see anyone homeless, but the demand should not continue to be met through the use of Welsh Government legislation which enables the undermining of the adopted Local Development Plan for the area."

Jim Jones, the chief executive of North Wales Tourism, said: "Llandudno is one of the top holiday destinations in Wales and has been rightly crowned as the Queen of Welsh resorts.

"One of the many reasons people go there is the quality of the plentiful supply of bed stock available for the visitor, not just to stay in the town but also to use as a base to explore the rest of North Wales.

"In order to retain this status and popularity of the resort, it's imperative that the holiday accommodation zones are protected.

"There is a reason that county councils spend so much time developing Local Development Plans and putting policies to ensure we have the right infrastructure in place to meet our future needs.

"Having enough beds to accommodate visitors is one of the key building blocks that we need to make sure the tourism and hospitality industry can thrive and play its part in securing a prosperous future for the region.

"Let's hope the measures by Welsh Government are temporary, otherwise we will witness Llandudno ending up - as has been the case with many other tourism resorts - as a ghost town.

"We cannot and should not let this happen."

In a letter to the LHA, Cllr McCoubrey said: "Having worked in Rhyl for 25 years and witnessed its decline I totally understand and support your concerns however I do not think that your email is entirely fair.

"There is no escaping the fact that during this pandemic we have had a 300% increase in the number of households in emergency accommodation.

"Of these 50% require housing within Llandudno. I am very proud to say that we no longer have any street homeless individuals in Conwy. This was a highly detrimental and seemingly intractable problem in Llandudno in particular.

"Our officers are well aware of the anger this proposal would cause and I am confident that they will have explored all other avenues before bringing forward this proposal.

"As the leader and formally cabinet member for housing I take full responsibility for this situation. I totally understand the need to protect and sustain the vitality and uniqueness of Llandudno as a key driver of our economy."

Conwy council said: "Homelessness can occur to any one of us for a variety of reasons, such as relationship breakdown, rent or mortgage arrears, flood, fire, or a private tenancy coming to an end.

"Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, Welsh Government and Local Authorities have taken unprecedented steps to support people experiencing homelessness to ensure they have been able to access accommodation together with the support they need. Across Wales over 10,000 people, including families with children, have been brought into accommodation since March 2020.

"The past 18 months has been a very difficult time for many families. Conwy Housing Services currently has over 500 people in need of accommodation, many of them from Llandudno, and we have a statutory duty to ensure we can place any homeless household into temporary accommodation.

"We have been encouraged to source accommodation to ensure we can meet the inclusive policy of ‘no-one left out and this property was one such option and the funding is from Welsh Government.

"Prior to taking on the lease, this property had not been used as a B&B or hotel since the current owner bought it.

"We, therefore, have not removed property from holiday accommodation, as it was not being used as such. We are leasing the property for a short period (from July 2021) to use as temporary accommodation to help us meet the high demand for placements and people in housing needs in Conwy. "

Summary of Crimes in Llandudno This Year

CrimeCountRateCountRateRate Difference
Anti-Social Behaviour83940.5713,23926.2235% more dangerous
Bicycle Theft211.022820.5645% more dangerous
Burglary813.921,7143.3914% more dangerous
Criminal Damage and Arson30614.804,7809.4736% more dangerous
Drugs803.871,1812.3440% more dangerous
Other Crime411.989331.857% more dangerous
Other Theft1376.622,7535.4518% more dangerous
Possession of Weapons241.162240.4462% more dangerous
Public Order27713.394,7079.3230% more dangerous
Robbery70.341550.319% more dangerous
Shoplifting1798.662,4034.7645% more dangerous
Theft From the Person110.531020.2062% more dangerous
Vehicle Crime361.749711.9210% safer
Violence and Sexual Offences1,16756.4320,57640.7528% more dangerous

And Colwyn Bay as a comparison!

Summary of Crimes in Colwyn Bay This Year

 Colwyn BayClwyd 
CrimeCountRateCountRateRate Difference
Anti-Social Behaviour63559.9013,23926.2256% more dangerous
Bicycle Theft90.852820.5634% more dangerous
Burglary555.191,7143.3935% more dangerous
Criminal Damage and Arson18817.734,7809.4747% more dangerous
Drugs686.411,1812.3463% more dangerous
Other Crime312.929331.8537% more dangerous
Other Theft898.402,7535.4535% more dangerous
Possession of Weapons100.942240.4453% more dangerous
Public Order17516.514,7079.3244% more dangerous
Robbery40.381550.3118% more dangerous
Shoplifting868.112,4034.7641% more dangerous
Theft From the Person20.191020.205% safer
Vehicle Crime333.119711.9238% more dangerous
Violence and Sexual Offences72668.4820,57640.7540% more dangerous


Friday, 27 August 2021

Llandudno... Questions Raised Over Speed Of Driver That Crashed Through Family Home!

For locals, they know that this area is a 30mph Zone and there is no way that this could happen if you were following the speed limits.

Thankfully the family was unhurt, but they could have been killed had they been in the garden or that room.

Hopefully, we will hear more shortly from the Police.

A woman has been taken to hospital after a car plowed through a wall and into a house.

North Wales Police (NWP) and ambulance crews were called shortly before 7.30pm to the incident on Churchill Close, Llandudno.

A car had come off the roundabout, demolished part of a wall, before smashing through into the kitchen of the property.

Although the family inside were shaken by the incident, thankfully nobody in the house was seriously injured.

However the driver of the vehicle was taken to Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, Bodelwyddan, for treatment.

The car which crashed into a house on Churchill Close, Llandudno
The car which crashed into a house on Churchill Close, Llandudno 

Two police cars were at the scene, as officers conducted investigations.

At 9.15pm a truck turned up to recover the vehicle from the grounds.

Welsh Ambulance Service (WAS) spokeswoman said: "We were called by North Wales Police at 9.27pm to reports of a road traffic collision and attended Churchill Close, Llandudno.

"We sent one rapid response vehicle and one emergency ambulance to the scene.

"A patient was conveyed to Ysbyty Glan Clywd, for treatment."


Colwyn Bay .... Council Deny Staff Wage Increase in FOI Request, But Authority Staff State This is Untrue!

Oh, what a dilemma, The council denies any wage increase for employees, yet many employees state they have had an increase and back pay!

Just who do you believe? Our beloved, trusted, honest, reliable council or its employees! Either way, I am sure the truth will surface in due course!

From ....

Staff Pay Rises Within The Authority

Dyffed Rowlands made this Freedom of Information request to Conwy County Borough Council

The request was partially successful.

Dyffed Rowlands 25 July 2021

Dear Conwy County Borough Council,
It has come to my attention that all of the staff within Conwy council have recently received a pay rise.
Could you please clarify the following...
1, What was the percentage of the pay rise, ie 1%, 2%, etc
2, What was the total payout of back pay for the pay rise?
3, Why did this pay rise happen?
4, Was this pay rise discussed in any public consultation?
4, How much in total will the pay rise cost in a one-year period of 12 months, which means the total increase of expenditure due to the pay increase of whatever %?
Thank you

Yours faithfully,

Dyffed Rowlands

Uned Llyw-Gwyb / Info-Gov Unit, Conwy County Borough Council 25 July 2021

Diolch am eich neges e-bost. Os ydych yn gofyn am fynediad at wybodaeth
dan delerau Deddf Rhyddid Gwybodaeth 2000 cewch ymateb o fewn ugain
niwrnod gwaith.

Thank you for your email. If you are requesting access to information
under the terms of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 you will receive a
response within twenty working days.

[1]Sefyllfa Bresennol Gwasanaethau'r Cyngor   |   [2]Council Services
Current Situation

Rydym yn croesawu gohebiaeth yn y Gymraeg a’r Saesneg fel ei gilydd. Ni
fydd gohebiaeth yn yr un iaith na’r llall yn arwain at unrhyw oedi. We
welcome correspondence in both Welsh and English. We will respond to
correspondence in either language without delay. [3][USEMAP]

show quoted sections

Uned Llyw-Gwyb / Info-Gov Unit, Conwy County Borough Council 26 July 2021

Dear Requester,

Thank you for your enquiry.

In light of the unprecedented challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic please be aware that we will continue to make every effort to comply with any relevant timescales that might apply to your enquiry, however the safety and security of the public remains the primary concern and it is with this in mind please be aware that some slippage might occur with regards to the timely provision of any response.

This will be kept to a minimum wherever possible and the Council will review its position in line with directions from Government and Public Health organisations as and when required.

Please ensure all email correspondence is sent to the [Conwy Council request email] email address.

Thanking you in advance for your understanding and patience.

Uned Llywodraethu Gwybodaeth/ Information Governance Unit Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol CONWY County Borough Council E-Bost / E-Mail: [Conwy Council request email]

show quoted sections

Uned Llyw-Gwyb / Info-Gov Unit, Conwy County Borough Council 26 August 2021

Dear Sir,

Please find below information in response to your Freedom of Information request.

Other than the statutory and legal obligation of the increase to the minimum wage, no increases have been processed for CCBC employees.

If you are dissatisfied with the handling of your request, you have the right to ask for an internal review. Internal review requests should be submitted within two months of the date of receipt of this response and should be sent to the address below.

Please ensure all email correspondence is sent to the [Conwy Council request email] email address.

If you are not content with the outcome of the internal review, or if you are unhappy with this response you may appeal to the Information Commissioner’s Office – Wales, 2nd Floor, Churchill House, Churchill Way, Cardiff, CF10 2HH.

Uned Llywodraethu Gwybodaeth/ Information Governance Unit
Cyngor Bwrdeistref Sirol CONWY County Borough Council
E-Bost / E-Mail: [Conwy Council request email]

show quoted sections

Colwyn Bay .... Residents Baffled As To Why English Speakers Have Longer Free Parking, Than Welsh Speakers!

This popped up on The Colwyn Bay Notice board today, and to be honest, this is shocking!

Here is a council attempting to apply for the city of culture 2025, and it can't even get its signage correct!

This embarrassing sign was spotted on Colwyn Bay promanade by a shocked individual! 

In a more light-hearted thought, one could suggest discrimination if such clear differences are present due to language, and the delivery of services!

Colwyn Bay .... Residents Argue That Arrests of children as 'a last resort' amid anti-social behaviour Crisis Should Not Be Changed!

Residents and taxpayers are furious in the town that delinquent children are not being arrested and charged for crimes in the town.

For victims of these delinquents their age is of no concern but the fact that they have caused damage, theft, abuse, threats, burglary, and more, 

Conwy Council is building a new unit for children and there is one in Abergele so it should not be an issue not to arrest the young delinquent criminals, they should be every time and charged, it is also about the victims of this crime ravaged town!

ARRESTING children aged as young as 12 is being used as "a last resort" to tackle a spike in anti-social behavior in Colwyn Bay.

North Wales Police has carried out two dispersal orders in the town center over the last six weeks – the latest across two days this month aimed at tackling harassment and property damage, while last month an order followed the assault of two police officers and a teenager suffering a head injury.

The force has identified three groups, a total of 20 individuals, who are said to mostly be males around the age of 12, and made arrests after earlier engagement efforts were “getting nowhere”.

“The arrests have now stopped the youths and their group of associates, and their behavior has dropped off to almost zero since that happened,” said Sgt Dan Ball, who is managing the response to anti-social behavior in the town, the majority of which takes place in Old Colwyn and the Dingle area.

“The dispersal order served its purpose but there is an awful lot of work going on to address the ongoing problem, and it is a long-term project.

“We have already identified what we are considering to be the core group of offenders and two arrests have been made. These are mostly young males aged around 12 years old.

“The fact is that arresting kids at that age is quite significant and should only be a last resort. The work we have done with them so far seems to be getting nowhere.

“We have been engaging with the groups for a while now and that work will continue, as it is already having some positive effects.”

Sgt Ball said officers had approached the parents of another “group ringleader” to warn them of the consequences of further incidents.

Colwyn Bay has been awarded £246,600 under the Safer Streets Fund, which will be used to find long-term solutions to crimes such as theft and anti-social behavior.

Police and Conwy County Borough Council are expected to engage with community groups and residents to find practical solutions and identify areas of the town that require the most attention.

“This is not a new problem; it was taking place when I worked here in the neighborhood team a number of years ago, but it has spiked this year,” Sgt Ball said.

“There are probably less than 20 kids involved but they are causing a significant problem and affecting a lot of people. It is a cycle that goes on year on year, as the younger kids see what they are doing.

“At the moment the only real solution is a punitive action, which has its place, but there is a bigger issue here. The only way to solve it is by working with the community.”

The force has developed a joint action plan with Conwy County Borough Council to tackle anti-social behavior in the town after a local authority review was prompted by councilors and residents for two years.

Christopher Hughes, county councilor for Glyn ward, who led calls for the anti-social behavior review, said: “I have been lobbying police and the local council’s anti-social behavior team and they have been very active but often people just turn up late at night, and not in the same place every night, so patrols not always effective.

“Police can’t do everything; they can’t be on every street corner 24/7. Parents need an element of responsibility for their children too, and it can be difficult to employ youth workers on the streets late at night.”

From .....