Sunday, 31 October 2021

The Destruction of Rhyl Continues Thanks To Denbighshire County Council!

Sad to see a once Grande town destroyed by Denbighshire Council. They should have kept the ballroom and repaired it at all costs, considering all the damage they have done to the town. But the councils always know better and will never listen. For years the community wanted the ballroom saved, now destroyed for flats and a cheap, shitty shed style market! Heartbreaking to see. 
It is always bad news when the council gets their hands on anything, look at Colwyn Bay Pier once Conwy Council bought that! and councils can always get money for their own projects or updates but never for what the community wants! Strange eh! @DenbighshireCC


Saturday, 30 October 2021

Colwyn Bay ... Are Conwy County Council Planning To Stab The Community In The Back?

The issue here is that the community has spoken out and wants the library to stay where it is.

The public hates Coed Pella and doesn't want it there, for over 100 years it has stayed quite happily where it is!

And the council are moaning about paying £175.000 for repairs when they have just spent 1 million on staff computers having Office 365!

The council keeps doing this, asking for public opinions, such as the Skip design at Porth Eirias, and the Public chose the Castle design and the council just ignored it, and then Bin collections, the public chose every three weeks and the council ignored it and went for four!

So basically these surveys are just pure tokenism!

So the fight for the library will now have to go one step higher! Watch this space,

 A LIBRARY could still move to Conwy’s modern Coed Pella building in the future, despite overwhelming public feeling against the move.

Last week Conwy’s economy and place scrutiny committee recommended the library remained on Woodland Road West as a ‘community hub’. 

A public consultation between May 24 and July 18 saw Conwy County Borough Council flooded with appeals from people pleading with the council not to close or move the service.

1,766 people signed the i-petition ‘Conwy Council Please Do Not Close or Move Colwyn Bay Library’.   

But despite the petition, cabinet members voted on Tuesday for the original recommendation, which was to approve the Library and Information Strategy and explore the options for a community hub at Colwyn Bay Library. 

This is slightly different from scrutiny’s recommendation and the amended action of ‘delivering’ the community hub. 

The five-year plan will plot the course for libraries over the coming years and seek to make financial savings. 

Cabinet members argued there was little value in maintaining Colwyn Bay Library, which badly needed repairs when the nearby Coed Pella Building on Conway Road could modernize services.  

Goronwy Edwards said: “I think it would be foolhardy to dismiss moving to Coed Pella myself. Future-proofing the library service is our key role, not maintaining historical buildings. So I do think we need to look at this again. I can understand local members wanting to keep it in their ward.

"The consultation took (place) during the Covid period, and I think there were issues during the consultation because I think many people thought we were closing the library and not relocating it, which is only two streets away from where it currently is.” 

Cllr Chris Carter agreed: “It is sad that the (relocation) plan seems to be resisted so strongly.”  

Conwy chief executive Iwan Davies reminded the cabinet there was a subtle difference between approving the report and the revised strategy and the scrutiny committee’s recommendation.  

“It’s a subtle but important difference because an options study is one thing, to see what is achievable,” said Mr. Davies.

“Whereas the recommendation from scrutiny is crack on and deal with it, so I think as a cabinet you need to turn your minds to that.”

 Cllr Brian Cossey said: “I think the residents of Colwyn Bay who responded have actually missed a trick altogether, and the best thing that could happen to the library would be for it to move into the building in Coed Pella.

“The big issue on the consultation was the fact that within the document there was no clue as to what was going to happen to the existing (library) building.”

He added: “How long does a resolution that includes that a service should stay in a building last for? Is that in perpetuity, for five years? I think we are tying our hands at a time when we could do with the flexibility to decide exactly what will happen with the existing library building.”

The library strategy will also see the continued development of Conwy’s Culture Centre, a feasibility study for a community hub at Abergele, and an evaluation of the community library model across the county.

A new library has already opened at Llanrwst’s Glasdir building in September.

The strategy will also look at how the council can work in partnership to improve health and social care and how resources can help mental health and wellbeing.

The report also said technology can be used to improve information services and look at remote services and mobile libraries.

Cllr Brian Cossey proposed councilors supported the report, and the vote was unanimous.


Colwyn Bay ..... Public Space Protection Order!

It says it all really! From the Dingle all the way down to the Skip at Porth Eirias! 

Colwyn Bay .... Man Arrested For Stalking


Odd that there has been nothing about this in the paper over the last few days!

Posted by North Wales Police 

Officers investigating a series of incidents that occurred in Colwyn Bay and Penmaenmawr last Saturday 23rd October have charged a 38-year-old man with Stalking and two charges of Harassment.
Adam Read of Hesketh Road, Colwyn Bay appeared before magistrates in Llandudno earlier today, where he was remanded in custody.

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Friday, 29 October 2021

North Wales..... Beaches Contaminated by Human Waste and Raw Sewage!

This is shocking, yet they gave many of these beaches a blue flag award! How can this happen?

A North Wales beach has been contaminated by human waste due to a sewage discharge from a nearby sewer overflow.

A pollution alert has been issued for Traeth Benllech on Anglesey in a Surfers Against Sewage map that tracks combined sewer overflows (CSOs) and pollution risk forecasts (PRFs).

The alert states that sewage has been discharged from a sewer overflow at the location within the past 48 hours.

Combined sewer overflows are safety-release valves that pump out human waste from the sewage system into rivers or the sea during periods of heavy rainfall in order to prevent waste from backing up into homes.

A pollution alert has been issued for Traeth Benllech due to sewage discharge from a CSO 

They have been the subject of public debate over the past week after Tory MPs voted against an amendment to the Environment Bill that would have put a legal duty on water companies to stop raw sewage from being dumped into waterways.

Every Conservative MP in north Wales voted against the amendment, apart from Wrexham MP Sarah Atherton who did not register a vote.

Yesterday, however, the UK Government U-turned and announced that legal controls will be placed on water companies that dump raw sewage in rivers and the sea after a significant backlash.

An interactive map by the Rivers Trust shows where the sewerage network discharges and overflows into rivers. The brown spots mark the locations where spills have occurred over the past 24 hours.

The larger spots represent the areas where there have been over 100 spills in that period.

A map produced by the Rivers Trust showing the north Wales rivers containing raw sewage 

They show sewage spills across parts of several major north Wales rivers, including the Afon Dyfrdwy (River Dee) and Afon Conwy.

The Rivers Trust says that people should "avoid entering the water immediately downstream of these discharges and avoid the overflows (brown circles), especially after it has been raining".

Swallowing water contaminated by sewage can make people sick as it can contain risk bacteria such as salmonella and E.coli.

Diseases such as hepatitis A and leptospirosis have also been linked to sewage water.

A Dŵr Cymru spokesperson said: "Our combined storm overflows (CSOs) play an essential role in stopping sewage from backing up into customers’ properties during periods of heavy rain. They are designed to release storm waters into rivers or the sea and their operation is highly regulated and closely monitored by our regulator Natural Resources Wales.

“Due to the heavy rainfall seen in the Benllech area on Wednesday, we had a consented spill from our CSO in Benllech. This is fully compliant with our operating permit from NRW.

“We are committed to being open and transparent with our spill data and provide real-time spill information on identified beaches, which includes Benllech, to interested groups to notify them of a spill”.

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Thursday, 28 October 2021

North Wales ... Sewage dumped into Welsh rivers 100,000 times last year!

And not just rivers either! The West Shore in Llandudno is always littered with waste and has lost its blue flag so many times! This should not be allowed to happen and they should be fined heavily.

UK Government and Conservative MPs have been under fire this week - standing accused of giving the go-ahead for water companies to dump raw sewage in rivers.

A proposed amendment from the Lords to a new Environment Bill would have placed legal duties on companies to reduce discharges - but was defeated by 265 MPs' votes to 202 at Parliament last week.

Critics savaged MPs but in response, they said safeguards already exist and new measures would cost billions of pounds due to the investment that would be needed to meet the standards.

Sewage can be pumped out of the sewerage system and into rivers through combined sewer overflows with water firms saying the alternative following heavy rainfall or a storm would be sewage backing up into homes.

But after failing the turn the tide of public opinion the UK Government back-tracked on Tuesday night and Environment Secretary George Eustice said a new legal duty will be imposed on water firms to "progressively reduce" the amount of sewage pumped into waterways from storm overflows.

In Wales powers over water quality actually, fall under the Labor-run Welsh Government but they have opted to legislate on common areas of policy in the bill through a Legislative Consent Memorandum - by which a devolved legislature indicates that it is content for the UK Parliament to pass a law on a devolved matter.

Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water is in charge of the sewerage system in Wales and last year raw sewage was dumped into Welsh rivers more than 100,000 times - for almost 900,000 hours.

The discharges happened across more than 2,000 water treatment works and sewer overflows across the Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water network in 2020.

The firm was asked what they were doing to improve the situation in Wales.

Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water response

A spokesperson said: "As a not-for-profit company so closely linked to the environment, we are very aware of the impact our operations can have on our surroundings and take our environmental performance very seriously.

"This includes the operation and maintenance of our extensive wastewater network which includes more than 830 wastewater treatment works and over 37,000km of sewers.

“Our network also includes combined storm overflows (CSOs) which play an essential role in stopping sewage from backing up into customers’ properties during periods of heavy rain.

"They usually release storm waters into rivers or the sea and their operation is highly regulated and closely monitored by our regulator Natural Resources Wales.

“Whilst CSOs are mainly operating as designed and permitted, we recognize that with environmental legislation tightening and customer expectations changing, more needs to be done.

"However, this requires significant additional funding and will take many years to deliver.

“We have invested £8.1 million in improving the monitoring of the CSOs since 2015, and now have spill monitors on over 90% of all of our CSOs – more than any other water company. These monitors record the number and duration of spills and this data is published on our website allowing us to develop investment cases to make further improvements and also to provide real-time spill information for key bathing waters to interested bodies, including Surfers Against Sewage.

“As our profits don’t go to shareholders but instead are reinvested to improve our services, over the past 20 years we have invested over £1billion in our entire wastewater network

"We know however that there is still further work to be undertaken and that is why we are investing £765 million between now and 2025 on further improvements to our wastewater system.

"This includes around £100 million programs to improve priority CSOs.

“We would add that testament to our investment to date in our wastewater network is that in 2021, Wales secured 45 Blue Flag beaches and marinas – which is significant as Wales only has around 16% of the UK’s coastline but has around a third of the Blue Flags."

What the Welsh Government said:

Welsh Government said: "Water quality is a devolved matter so too is the regulation of water companies in Wales – these matters, therefore, fall within devolved competence.

"Part of the UK Environment Bill applies in Wales, where we have opted to legislate on common areas of policy – the Senedd recently approved an LCM.

"The clauses within the Bill that would be relevant in Wales are drainage and sewerage management plans. These provide powers for Welsh Ministers to introduce regulations setting the ask from drainage and sewerage management plans."

They added: "Our Programme for Government commitment focuses on improving inland waters and strengthening river water quality monitoring.

"We need to consider all pressures on our waters and take a multi-sector approach to ensure we have sustainable solutions which deliver not only water quality improvements but also on matters such as biodiversity, net-zero, and climate adaptation."

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Tuesday, 26 October 2021

Colwyn Bay .... Colwyn Bay Hospital To Close If £67m Adult and Older Person’s Mental Health Unit Are Approved!

This is very sad news that if the new unit at the already overcrowded Glan Clwyd Hospital is approved this hospital will close.

This is a lovely hospital, we have Dental, X Ray, Bloods, Consultant Appointment, and more but it is all attached to the old hospital.

The Original hospital is a listed building thankfully, but the rest is not, so developers and housing associations will soon be sniffing around like the parasites they are.

If this goes all hospital services will be gone in Colwyn Bay. The A & E here was great, now everyone will have to travel miles to Glan Clwyd for bad parking, and long waiting times!

 AS MEMBERS discussed a £67.7 million replacement for the Ablett mental health unit at Glan Clwyd Hospital, it was revealed that a change of name may be on the cards in the future.

On September 23, members of the Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board (BCUHB) approved the Business Case - for the Adult and Older Person’s Mental Health Unit - ahead of its submission to the Welsh Government.

The facility, which aims to improve the quality of patient care, will not only replace the existing Ablett Unit at the Bodelwddan based hospital but the Older People’s Mental Health inpatient facility at Bryn Hesketh in Colwyn Bay.

Addressing board members, Teresa Owen, executive director of Public Health, said: “This is about the Adult and Older Person’s Mental Health Unit, what we often discuss as Ablett at present. Going forward we have an opportunity with its new face, and maybe change the name and to change the discussion around the unit and have that holistic view of mental health and wellbeing.”

Ms. Owen drew the attention of members to five investment objectives.

“What we are trying to make sure is that we have a clinical model and a care model that aligns with the mental health approach across Wales and of course, is best for our patients,” she explained.

“That we have an environment which is clinically appropriate for our patients in this day and age.

“That it supports our workforce and recruitment activity and it is about improving the quality of the environment of the estate itself, that one is key, those who visited the current unit will know the challenges documented and of course the need for us to be flexible going into the future and for us to future proof our services.”

Ms. Owen revealed her desire to get the build off the ground.

The new build will include a 14-bed Older Person’s Mental Health functional ward that incorporates bedrooms with ensuite facilities, improved circulation and recreational spaces, and improved observation; A 13 bed new fit for purpose dementia care assessment unit with an end of life bedroom [This will include provision for families and carers to stay with their loved ones overnight] and two purpose-built 16 bedded adult wards, which will be designed flexibly to respond to gender split and future models of care.

Lucy Reid, vice chair at BCUHB, said: "There is evidence out there that mental health services should be reducing their number of in-patient beds rather than increasing them."

She asked Ms. Owen how the number of beds had been decided upon and how "transition friendly" its environment was, specifically relating to younger people.

Ms. Owen replied: "I've been having discussions with Jill Timmins [program director for the Ablett Unit Redevelopment] who has been checking out the situation across Wales in terms of the approach for beds. I think, given the current demand, and some of our issues at the moment, there is mixed evidence on the need for the future. We have looked at the bed modeling very carefully, we've considered our requirements and we did touch base with a couple of health boards in the last few weeks to check where they were with some new builds elsewhere being discussed in Wales."

Iain Wilkie, interim director of Mental Health and Learning Disabilities at BCUHB, explained the national picture.

He said: "Beds have been reduced significantly over the last 10 years. The picture is that we have a future requirement for increasing beds, that the current capacity is too low. It would significantly reduce the need for out of area placements, people from North Wales, so we can cope and have significant flex to cope with the significant demand."

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Colwyn Bay ... Delinquents Attack Cars in Town Centre!

Yet again, the second day in a row that Yobs attack decent hard-working residents' property! One wonders where the parents of these lowlifes are?

Below is the message on Facebook

"To the little shits going around Colwyn Bay that have egged mine and my husband's car, you're on camera and to the parents of these little shit doing stuff like this, you should be ashamed and appalled at them and yourselves."

If you did see anything or have been a victim, please contact North Wales Police on 101 or Twitter @NWPolice 

Monday, 25 October 2021

Llandudno .... Petition :Oppose the Flats Plan on Llandudno Pier Pavilion Site!

Please sign and share to stop this awful Carbuncle block of flats from being built, Thank You.

Here is the link ....

Planning permission has been granted for a ten storey apartments development on the site of the old Llandudno Pier Pavilion.  The Llandudno Town Council are opposed, but Conwy County Borough Council have gone ahead with granting permission.  At least 8 requests have been made to the Welsh Government to call in the planning permission.

The reasoning for our opposition:

No "agent of change" has been applied, therefore existing businesses have little protection if residents of the new apartments complain about arcade and tourist noise, along with food smells associated with Llandudno Pier.

If Pier related business is forced to close, the World famous "Grade 2 listed" Pier could follow.  A massive blow for tourism in Llandudno and North Wales.

A solution exists:

Plans exist to rebuild The Pier Pavillion.  Which would see the building's exterior emulate the old Pavilion in style.  Inside would be leisure and tourism facilities, bowling, skating, cafe, restaurant etc.  With the tired Golden Goose Arcade demolished, making way for an outdoor area for markets and fairs.  This project would ensure the Piers survival and create, all year round as well as additional seasonal employment.


Llandudno ..... County Lines: Arrests after firearms and drugs seized in North Wales operation

Well done to the Police, they are always being attacked for one reason or another yet people forget what a good job they do. Thank You.

SEVERAL arrests and a large amount of cash, firearms and class A drugs were seized last week as North Wales Police took part in the national County Lines Intensification Week to target drug dealers across the region.

The operation, which took place between Monday, October 11 and Sunday, October 17, was aimed at disrupting those involved in county lines criminality and safeguarding vulnerable victims, including children.

It included the execution of warrants and joint operations between neighbouring forces including Merseyside Police and Greater Manchester Police.

A joint operation was also carried with the British Transport Police, targeting those who use the railway to transport drugs into North Wales.

North Wales Pioneer:

The operation in North Wales saw four warrants executed, seven arrests made and vulnerable person identified whom police will now aim to protect from further criminal exploitation.

This is in addition to two firearms being seized, cannabis cultivation uncovered and a "significant amount" of cash and Class A and B drugs seized.

North Wales Pioneer:

Chief Superintendent Jason Devonport said: “Last week, officers were in hotspot areas across the force area to target individuals involved in County Lines drug dealing and exploitation, carrying out stop searches and high visibility disruption tactics.

“County Line gangs exploit the most vulnerable people in our communities, including children and young people, to store and sell drugs."

North Wales Pioneer:

He added: “They are intimated, coerced, threatened and often subject to violence.

“As a result, our officers remain absolutely committed to working with neighbouring forces to pursue offenders and safeguard individuals who may be at risk.

“Together we will continue to make North Wales a hostile environment to those who seek to engage in criminal activity.”

North Wales Pioneer:

Since its initial launch in October 2018, County Lines Intensification Week has seen focussed and coordinated action against county line offenders.

This year, the operation was again run in partnership with The Children’s Society and their #LookCloser campaign to spot the signs of exploitation in children and young people.

North Wales Pioneer:

Chief Constable Carl Foulkes said: “A significant amount of cash and class A drugs, as well as two firearms, are now off our streets thanks to the work of those involved.

“Pursuing those who cause harm to our communities is our daily business and our pursuit of those who distribute drugs will continue 24/7.

“If you are abusing vulnerable people and causing misery to our communities, you should expect firm and relentless action to be taken against you. Keeping our communities safe, pursuing offenders, and preventing crime remain our top priorities."


North Wales Pioneer:

Llandudno Campaigners Agains Carbuncle Pier Flats Build Protest Ahead Of Auction For Land!


So sad that this awful development was ever passed, it just goes to show how out of touch Conwy County Council are with the real world!

Opponents of plans to build luxury flats next to Llandudno Pier will hold a protest against the scheme next month.

Campaigners have been attempting to halt the development on the former Pier Pavilion site over concerns of its impact on the pier and neighbouring properties, as well as disruption during the construction period.

The site was earmarked for the building of luxury apartments and restaurants, but has now been placed on the market with Allsop and is due to be auctioned online on November 9, with a guide price of £2.8m.

The aim of the protesters is to ensure that any future developers are thoroughly looked into prior to being approved.

The development of the apartments was granted planning permission, but the developer has since returned with an updated plan which remains with the Welsh Government, who are yet to decide whether to call the scheme in.

The site lays empty with nothing but cast iron structured poles in place
The Pier Pavilion site lies empty 

The site between the Grand Hotel and Leisure Island Amusements has lain empty for 23 years after the old pavilion was destroyed by fire.

Opposition to the scheme has been voiced by Adam Williams, owner of Llandudno Pier, who said that the development could even mean the closure of the pier.

Janet Finch-Saunders, Senedd Member for Aberconwy, recently said: "There is complete uncertainty with the planning application and, as such, I am surprised that the property has been placed on the market before the Welsh Government’s minister for climate change has made a decision.

“According to the local development plan, ‘the council is supportive of the site being redeveloped for a use which enhances the serviced Holiday Accommodation Zone whilst retaining the historic importance of the site’.

"That there was such a close vote in planning committee goes to highlight that this application has been controversial from the start.”

An artist's impression of the proposed luxury-apartment block scale alongside the largest hotel in North Wales
An artist's impression of the proposed apartment block

Campaigners are set to host their protest on Sunday, November 7, and hope to show the Welsh Government and Conwy County Borough Council how they feel about the development.

It comes after more than 1,600 people signed a petition against the development.

The developer has been approached for a comment.

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