Wednesday, 3 November 2021

Colwyn Bay .... Police had to issue Youth Dispersal order in during Halloween!

If it was just innocent childish pranks it would be fine, but arson, criminal damage, and more they have no choice, but one should ask the question, Where are the parents?

A DISPERSAL order was put in place in Colwyn Bay during the Halloween weekend amid continued concerns over anti-social behavior.

North Wales Police carried out the order across the town center from Saturday night to Sunday night following incidents of harassment and property damage in the town center.

A dispersal order gives police officers the power to ask groups of people to leave the area or face arrest or be returned to their home address.

It follows continued efforts to tackle anti-social behavior in Colwyn Bay, which included the assault of two police officers and a teenager suffering a head injury in July, and ongoing reports of harassment and property damage. Children as young as 12 have been arrested in response to the incidents.

Sergeant Daniel Ball said: “We take the harassment of our residents very seriously and we are not prepared to let the actions of an inconsiderate minority impact upon our community.

Dispersal Orders are one of the many options we use to tackle these issues, and I would urge all parents to make their children aware of this particular order.”

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